Belle Delphine Is The Internet's Greatest Troll

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Gamer Girl Belle Delphine Reveals Why She Disappeared From Instagram After Being The Greatest Troll On The Internet.
Anyone who's been online for five minutes has likely encountered Belle Delphine, whether they know it or not. You might recognize her as the pink-wigged teen who dances across Tik Tok compilation videos and HRvid thumbnails. Only recently has the internet star (This lady has 4.3 million Instagram followers and counting) become a household name, and for the most bizarre reason: She offered to sell her used bathwater for $30 a pop to her online followers. Belle Delphine launched her career on the internet just like many a social media star. There was nothing vaguely scandalous about what she was doing when she posted her first Facebook photo in 2013. Delphine also exploded on Tik Tok, which is what really made her internet-famous. Pretty much anyone who's ever used the app has seen her dancing around in her pink wig. For some mysterious reason, she eventually got banned from the platform, but not before she garnered millions of views across her unique posts and various compilation videos. However, Delphine disappeared from social media in August, leading people to speculate what had happened. She reappeared on Twitter in October of 2019 to say it was because she had been arrested because she had spray painted the car of someone who had stolen her hamster. Unfortunately, the United Kingdom's Metropolitan Police don't release arrest reports, so no one is able to corroborate Delphine's story. Is Belle Delphine some kind of trolling genius, or just another Influencer attempting to use controversy to boost views and likes?
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16. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 80
set up
set up Prije dan
I've honored belle so many times that I lost count.
abdul hussain
abdul hussain Prije dan
Who’s here after 6ix9in troll... lol she need to step up her games, like her body parts or something... lmao just kidding
Id pay her over all those idiot Kardashians
kirby Prije 3 dana
even on pornhub she played with her pussy cat
Bailey Smooth
Bailey Smooth Prije 4 dana
Wait, h3h3 is a comedian? This is news to me.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight Prije 5 dana
Alri boys imma go take a bath and collect the water and sell it ps. I haven't showered for a week now
dick douse
dick douse Prije 6 dana
Art is in the eye of the beholder and I feel she is much more creative than most you tubers she is doing shocking things but most youtubers just regurgitate videos and comment on them while she is creating the content she is a true artist
Dirkschneider Prije 8 dana
That squid vid was hilarious.
dizzychizzy Prije 8 dana
Shes very good looking. and a teen.
Ivy Magaña
Ivy Magaña Prije 9 dana
I actually really love Belle Delphine. I know she had a bunch of haters but they are all either Incels or girls that are major jealous because their boyfriends think she's cute. I find her content unconventional and entertaining and it seems to parody the imaginary type of girlfriend that every gamer guy claims to want. She's very open about her promiscuity and doesn't sugar coat anything.
Der Faktotum
Der Faktotum Prije 10 dana
People like her exist because the world is full of fools.
José Vigil
José Vigil Prije 11 dana
10,000 dollars I could donate to someone that is hungry or to the weird little girl that fuels my fantasies? Neh, goes to little girls (said the pedophile)... that's fucked up.
Xx Rxses xX
Xx Rxses xX Prije 12 dana
Belle: **eats a weird earth cookie thing** Me: now that’s just sick.
Mauro B
Mauro B Prije 13 dana
She is super hot
Tim Apple
Tim Apple Prije 13 dana
simp magnet! Just take my wallet now
neil 225
neil 225 Prije 14 dana
Never heard of her..l
cybermoja Prije 15 dana
I am strangely turned on
StarWarFan Prije 17 dana
*Appears *Freaks people out *Turns people on *Sells bathwater *Makes a fuckton of money *Vanishes Lol what a fucking legend
Gamer TV
Gamer TV Prije 18 dana
Thats called a wasted life.
Vo1d ImaBot
Vo1d ImaBot Prije 19 dana
The thing that makes this even more funny is that a girl is voicing the video so it just sounds like she is jealous
GamernautX Prije 19 dana
Steve Carras
Steve Carras Prije 20 dana
important: 1:45 - 1:51 NOT for drinking. Just for sentimental purposes..
getting my skills better
Thats what you become when ur whole teenage gets depressed
Edmund Cheong
Edmund Cheong Prije 22 dana
She knew the power of the Internet and got away with it. She's like the boss level of every twitch girl doing sexy pose and taking advantage of the simps donating to her. Entertainment comes in many forms like u pay to watch a movie in the cinema. Well u have belle on every social media.
RedneckSpaceMan Prije 24 dana
Belle maybe a demented freak but she is GORGEOUS!!!
Pink Noodle
Pink Noodle Prije 24 dana
Although I admire her hustle, I don’t like being compared to her. Tho maybe no coincidence as we share a bday?
Rae Summers
Rae Summers Prije 24 dana
She's smart and she knows it but u don't or just ignorantly deny it. Call her wahtever u want she is still achieving & earning way more than u. As the saying goes HATERS GONNA HATE.
I am a friggin potato
I am a friggin potato Prije 24 dana
I hate her so much.... Just putting that out there. But you can kinda tell that the mug shot is fake because your technically not supposed to smile on your mugshot also you don't really wear the prison thing when you get your mugshot. One more thing they would have made her wash all the makeup off her face. I know this because my dad is a police office.
bryan spangrud
bryan spangrud Prije 25 dana
OH HELL NO! she's a redcoat!? Thow this is completely horrific news. What a complete disappointment. Up The RA!
Lone Wolf Agent
Lone Wolf Agent Prije 26 dana
waste of air
Kurczak Pieczony
Kurczak Pieczony Prije 26 dana
She's kinda cute
Gamer Z.O.N.E
Gamer Z.O.N.E Prije mjesec
This Is It Real Hero
Woomy Prije mjesec
Hey, raw ramen Is good, ok? Don't judge. 🥺😤
Adelle Prije mjesec
I agree lmao
Cryptic Morgue
Cryptic Morgue Prije mjesec
If someone stole my hamster I’d do the same if you were a true hamster owner you’d understand
Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross Prije mjesec
She has my respect for being this good at trolling her weird fans like that.
WhiteMun Prije mjesec
Cute and mysterious 😍😍
Swamp Monster
Swamp Monster Prije mjesec
Shes hotter than a porno chick, which is almost impossible. Well done weirdo 🤨
Flower Gamer
Flower Gamer Prije mjesec
belle delphine: *has fake pink hair* me: *WUT*
random stranger
random stranger Prije mjesec
She's not a thot She a genius
[][] Prije mjesec
Legit she’s weird and making money doing it so basically if she likes her job it would technically be a dream job because your doing what you love and making huge amount of money out of it
Michael Liotti
Michael Liotti Prije mjesec
call me by Nick Name is BUMBBLEBEE
Mesa Prije mjesec
Are you a drama channel now
rodrik vargas
rodrik vargas Prije mjesec
looy_looy GG
looy_looy GG Prije mjesec
@Gustave Corbet poopy poppa poopa poopie poop
Gustave Corbet
Gustave Corbet Prije mjesec
poopy poopa poop
looy_looy GG
looy_looy GG Prije mjesec
Poopy poop
Emthesage EMM
Emthesage EMM Prije mjesec
crazy girl with no relatives with crazy folowers that's a bad bad combination to be worried about,I hope she is ok, but I don't think she is fine, and it's sad that she act like a lunatic all the time that even if something happened to her people just wont take it seriously becouse she never was a serious person.
Andrew Omeruo
Andrew Omeruo Prije mjesec
I would never want this girl, she crazy
Andrew Omeruo
Andrew Omeruo Prije mjesec
I dislike her that's all I got to say
Vince Tan
Vince Tan Prije mjesec
RMS Mauretania
RMS Mauretania Prije mjesec
XD how did u know
Transnight the knight ,
She got alot of fan because people like her. "Girls have more fans then boys"
Steve Carras
Steve Carras Prije mjesec
What if she had diahrrea in the bathwater and tried to makret THAT? (Or just regular stool or piss or whatever)
Sj Johnson
Sj Johnson Prije mjesec
I dont know how i got here but this is why humans is dying and given this covid 19 virus we are loosing our sh#t really i cant for the life of me understand why or how people follow these types of crap its just insane its as if we havent evolved yet omw.
Wes Derp
Wes Derp Prije mjesec
She looks like an anime girl, the internet's biggest losers are obsessed with anime girls. However this look is temporary after a couple of years she will lose the youthful "anime" look and no one will care.
Ira Bianca Montefalco
Thx tolko
Anthony Soyka
Anthony Soyka Prije mjesec
Belle delphine what is ur psn id
refrigerator refrigerator
That's an octopus 🐙
Richard Levesque
Richard Levesque Prije mjesec
Shes cool. She has to be an artist.
AJ & Maxx A&M
AJ & Maxx A&M Prije mjesec
I think she’s hot...
0IIIIII Prije mjesec
Wait a teen?
parand diba
parand diba Prije mjesec
ew bizarre
y u i i
y u i i Prije mjesec
She’s actually really smart. She made money off simps and losers on social media.
KS - 03CA - Ingleborough PS (1491)
But like I mean is she trying to get guys?
D C Prije mjesec
No lmao, who cares about men ? She's trying to get money
Not The Mandalorian
Not The Mandalorian Prije mjesec
internets greatest weeb
Samurai Worrior
Samurai Worrior Prije mjesec
Maybe She's To cute, That Everyone want follow her or famous
INVADER GS Prije mjesec
Welp idk her either and idk her story
Sebastian Pasker
Sebastian Pasker Prije mjesec
So she got insane
Allie Neesan
Allie Neesan Prije mjesec
troll huh... this is why youre a girl and moron like to give money away...
Fried Cheese
Fried Cheese Prije mjesec
“Where she moved onto tik tok” tik tok wasn’t around in 2016 you fools
Fried Cheese
Fried Cheese Prije mjesec
ash's edits not the same thing
ash's edits
ash's edits Prije mjesec
Yes but musically was around
Kristoff Villena
Kristoff Villena Prije mjesec
4:03 When i saw this photo i realized I needed to Play E-girl - Blayne B
leonidio sssxxx
leonidio sssxxx Prije mjesec
hell nah she is definitely a dollar store of andy warhol but c mon you cant do him that much wrong
Lazy Cupcake
Lazy Cupcake Prije mjesec
Can u re make this
Luciano Vieira
Luciano Vieira Prije mjesec
Va tomar no ku.
Jairah Cammayo
Jairah Cammayo Prije mjesec
Belle being compared to andy warhol That’s a fucking joke
Iavender heartz
Iavender heartz Prije mjesec
ok doki boomer watever u say boomer- ヽ(`⌒´)ノ
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Prije mjesec
She is not a genius or the 2020 Andy Warhol. She's just a girl who knows there's a lot of fucking old and young horny male virgins that just want to throw their money at her.i wouldn't be surprised that after she is no longer popular, she pops out with a sex video and her claiming it was stolen along with her tickling hamsters.
BananaGuy951 Prije mjesec
Everyday we stray further from god...
Asuka Langley
Asuka Langley Prije mjesec
Love her :) lol
Annihilate MAGA Cult
after watching this i think corona is a good way to get rid of humans like that.
Michaelo Enriquez
Michaelo Enriquez Prije mjesec
Her nose is like the it's nose
Blood Hood
Blood Hood Prije mjesec
What the hell man
Blood Hood
Blood Hood Prije mjesec
I never Heard of her
desiguy55 Prije mjesec
why did i watch this piece on this attention seeking gamer girl?
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