Belle Delphine Is The Internet's Greatest Troll

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Gamer Girl Belle Delphine Reveals Why She Disappeared From Instagram After Being The Greatest Troll On The Internet.
Anyone who's been online for five minutes has likely encountered Belle Delphine, whether they know it or not. You might recognize her as the pink-wigged teen who dances across Tik Tok compilation videos and HRvid thumbnails. Only recently has the internet star (This lady has 4.3 million Instagram followers and counting) become a household name, and for the most bizarre reason: She offered to sell her used bathwater for $30 a pop to her online followers. Belle Delphine launched her career on the internet just like many a social media star. There was nothing vaguely scandalous about what she was doing when she posted her first Facebook photo in 2013. Delphine also exploded on Tik Tok, which is what really made her internet-famous. Pretty much anyone who's ever used the app has seen her dancing around in her pink wig. For some mysterious reason, she eventually got banned from the platform, but not before she garnered millions of views across her unique posts and various compilation videos. However, Delphine disappeared from social media in August, leading people to speculate what had happened. She reappeared on Twitter in October of 2019 to say it was because she had been arrested because she had spray painted the car of someone who had stolen her hamster. Unfortunately, the United Kingdom's Metropolitan Police don't release arrest reports, so no one is able to corroborate Delphine's story. Is Belle Delphine some kind of trolling genius, or just another Influencer attempting to use controversy to boost views and likes?
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16. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 476
SkiFi Sk Music
SkiFi Sk Music Prije 11 sati
it does not matter .. she is simply super hot .. she strikes every sense in my body ... no matter how awkward, strange, sick her videos are it make me wanna watch more .. simply love her .. I don´t even know if her videos have music sound or whatever .. I focus on her body talk and man that is like nature talking to me .. :) use her to inspire my wife how to dress home ofc! :D ... :D
Fan Minecraft PAT vs JEN PopularMMOs
She doesn’t have instagram no more lol.
Olivia D'Angelo
Olivia D'Angelo Prije 16 sati
She's smart. She knows how to make money. But at what cost?
Sylvia Campbell
Sylvia Campbell Prije 20 sati
Goes to show all the morons are out there for milking!
airil amsyar zeez
One thing i wanna to say I really hated her soooo much
Roscptalz Prije 2 dana
She has 666k subs rn
Vankruze Prije 2 dana
She's not a troll just a hot and very fuckable young woman that makes a lot of money flaunting what she's got.
Tobias Hölzel
Tobias Hölzel Prije 2 dana
Andy Warhol of 2019 XDD I've just shitted my pants
YehBoi_Tyson Jr
YehBoi_Tyson Jr Prije 3 dana
She’s cute. She has no extreme reason to be hated. She’s a cosplayer...which explains everything I think she deserves less hate
LogicWurx !
LogicWurx ! Prije 3 dana
She is brilliant. This type of exploitation is exactly what the world wants. People spend millions of dollars on the internet for this stuff. She learned to tap it. She’s a toy and everyone knows it. Hell, I made $35,000 per month doing adult shit online. So...yeah. Exploiting people is lucrative.
lonely lover
lonely lover Prije 3 dana
Zubayrr XUKI
Zubayrr XUKI Prije 3 dana
So this is why North Korea keeps the Internet off limits
Itz_ -gacha mioda-_
Itz_ -gacha mioda-_ Prije 3 dana
Naawwwrrrr not delphene
møon. lxght
møon. lxght Prije 3 dana
I think she's not a human
Savage User
Savage User Prije 3 dana
One of the best trolls of the past 10 years
yuri sanchez
yuri sanchez Prije 4 dana
shes super pretty tho
gamer leah
gamer leah Prije 4 dana
Ok so after hearing all this I am going to her channel and unsubscribeing
G a c h a B a g e l
G a c h a B a g e l Prije 4 dana
Wait I thing she got arrested for selling bath water:')
Kosmos Prije 5 dana
Good one TheTalko. definitely this e-thot is the greatest troll......fucking degens.
Britney Gibau
Britney Gibau Prije 5 dana
She's making money off of thirsty dudes. Good for her. She's adorable and is clever to use the gamer girl parody on thirsty awkward gamer dudes that have too high standards for women when they themselves look like a gremlin.
SkiFi Sk Music
SkiFi Sk Music Prije 11 sati
well there you go judge people based on appearance .. I personally know a lot of IT and game guys that are fairly good looking with very good and healthy life style .. and have plenty of opportunities to meet nice girls
My Dick In A Box
My Dick In A Box Prije 5 dana
Lil Tay vs Belle Dalphine? who wins? you decide
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman Prije 5 dana
Is she even a gamer?
G1zm0 abizmo
G1zm0 abizmo Prije 6 dana
The thing is , who wouldnt pump her
Eli Prije 6 dana
TheTalko has obviously never heard of our lord, Nathan For You
DADAROBOTO Prije 6 dana
She’s just a Carbon Copy of Showry. Shes not original. Shes just the English Version.
Ellen Dallas
Ellen Dallas Prije 6 dana
Dont disrespect Andy Warhol like that
tjdm Prije 6 dana
Kids these days have never heard of TheLegend27 ig
Mr. G
Mr. G Prije 6 dana
I think you mean "Andy Kaufman" not "Andy Warhol." Andy Kaufman was the performance artist. Andy Warhol was an abstract artist.
Mr. G
Mr. G Prije 6 dana
People make that mistake a lot.
E-MAN Prije 6 dana
It’s because she pretty
Wonho’s soft tiddy breast
She looks like the most annoying shit ever
Dexzo Baste - Fortnite Mobile god - Mcpe Hacker
Alexander UwU
Alexander UwU Prije 7 dana
She was banned from insta and tik tok
Illona logan
Illona logan Prije 7 dana
She needs help
Anyone surname
Anyone surname Prije 8 dana
I don't even know her..I don't even want to watching videos of her..her look boring to me..nothing new..just Dance infront camera..and make "cute" face..every time she make cute face I felt cringe..
Miffo mupp
Miffo mupp Prije 8 dana
Belle trolled peeps that she got arrested to get atention soooo :/
trevor trapp
trevor trapp Prije 8 dana
I want to sell water for 250$
Brett Gomsrud
Brett Gomsrud Prije 9 dana
I want to smash and all u other guys would to dont lie
Laserpea2003 Prije 9 dana
Okay... This offically declares those people are brainless dimwitted fools. Or they have lost all sanity and meaning to life.
Libby pen
Libby pen Prije 9 dana
Cj Joanna
Cj Joanna Prije 9 dana
I would do the same thing if somebody stole my hamster
Cj Joanna
Cj Joanna Prije 9 dana
She is weird asf put pretty asf like huh
jisoo's daughter
jisoo's daughter Prije 9 dana
She is not a troll or performance artist She is just an internet hoe Not much of a mistery, she just profits from her body and is literally selling people fantasy of cute anime naked girl
Edi Rose
Edi Rose Prije 9 dana
She went to my school
Nick Kuiper
Nick Kuiper Prije 9 dana
So porn actresses are infuencers now.... great...really foking great... and wondering why there are so many degenerates around...
MOONCHILD Prije 9 dana
She actually haves a pornhub account LMAO she troll everybody and she is making money of that too
Idk Ok
Idk Ok Prije 4 dana
Yeah she uplaoded a video called "playing with my p***y" or smth and it was her petting a cat
MOONCHILD Prije 7 dana
Geralt Butthole She has an account but she doesn't upload videos of that type u know
Avi Gee
Avi Gee Prije 7 dana
@Geralt Butthole not surprised tho many uses the filter thing to the videos to have celeb ones
Geralt Butthole
Geralt Butthole Prije 7 dana
I just read it somewhere else and it’s fake she doesn’t have that account
Avi Gee
Avi Gee Prije 8 dana
Oh so that's why she's familiar..
Crippler Agression
Crippler Agression Prije 10 dana
1:57 damn.....EXTREME Gamer Girl Bathwater??? Ohh I rather buy all ECW Supershows and PPVs in VHS
Brie Nebula
Brie Nebula Prije 10 dana
What's happening? Who is she? Y this is in my recommendation but 1 thing that I knw is she is super cute and beautiful that I ever could be in this life of mine.✌
Tyfus ventje ,
Tyfus ventje , Prije 10 dana
Being a man is hard these days🙄 I'd rather have tits and a nice pussy that way you won't have to work won't do nothing just be a ho and let the cash get in, I've never saw a men sell used bathwater🤣
Brooke Hollister
Brooke Hollister Prije 10 dana
gross dudes are literally blaming her for "scamming" them even though they're freely, and pathetically, giving up their money for perverted fantasies. sis is just getting the bag!! i have to stan.
Yx Z
Yx Z Prije 10 dana
i got “blocked by her” well heres some info: - she sold her own nudes while being 16 or 17 - she sold other girl’s nudes to this guy that promised would pay her big money - her patreon’s content is mostly the same thing as what she posts in insta(ive seen the pics) - she does lazy cosplay at times (just put on a wig and careless about the cos) - she has been exposed for being rude in the cos community because she was told that the “wig” doesn’t go well for the love live cos and putting on irrelevant wig - her memes are old and weird - she edits her pics too much - she found a way to leech money off from these 12 year olds - she was emo back then and normal but uses “anime” for attention like most e-girls/thots would in insta -her fanbase has a religiously creepy whiteknights that has inferiority complex (as i commented these things lol they hated me) - she has a bf and they have a secret relationship so these kids would believe they have chances with her - the hit or miss meme of her was basically a copy from @nyannyancosplay - it is said that she uses fake braces because her teeth is already in a good condition (Probably for someone’s fetish) - she onced cosplayed dolores haze from lolita (movie) as she is a part of the ddlg community I don’t really understand the clout she’s given when she’s so problematic. Lol js these things are from some of her “fans” that quitted in following her then was exposed by Aria rose mostly and other youtuber then she was also exposed in the prettylittleliar site. And an experience for being attacked by her so-called “whiteknights” over my opinion of her scamming. (There’s leaks of her patreon). I also had to delete my instagram account from the amount of spam that i get from her whiteknights and to the extent they harassed me in messages. Thank you for atleast being woke.
N C Prije 10 dana
Just an E thot.
Evelyn Martinez
Evelyn Martinez Prije 10 dana
Trisha is laughing
Subscribe to pewdiepie
She kinda looks like Marzia
•HoneyBaby •
•HoneyBaby • Prije 10 dana
Hey I have a question...where tf did her top lip go? 😲
Alexander Paul
Alexander Paul Prije 10 dana
She is a fucking sex doll and we all know it
fallen angel
fallen angel Prije 10 dana
I'm I the only one that thinks she's actually pretty cute 👌🏽😂🤒
Turtles Sunday’s!
Turtles Sunday’s! Prije 8 dana
fallen angel nah
X striker
X striker Prije 10 dana
Belle Dolphin
macatac14 Prije 10 dana
Trolling perverts .
chris smook
chris smook Prije 10 dana
smart girl
popstar 15087
popstar 15087 Prije 10 dana
People could be using that 30$ for feeding a life, but nooooo. They be buying *bath water*
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