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16. Ruj 2019.



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Komentari 6 054
Yashika Johnson
Yashika Johnson Prije 3 dana
The behind the scenes of your music and shows, hair and make up before appearances, your time alone with CJ and Legend, studio talk/life, you watching Clare interact with the kids and how it makes you feel, rehearsals behind the scenes
Jerry Campbell
Jerry Campbell Prije 4 dana
Do your thing don't impress anyone and don't explain to anyone
Tamel Calloway
Tamel Calloway Prije 4 dana
Queen please get back together because cj is stressed from flying back and forth to see his mom and dad
Hymalay Baez Cueto
Hymalay Baez Cueto Prije 5 dana
You can do Boyfriend Tags. You can do things with your sons. You can do a CJ Tag. You can do Story times about your life(for example your relationship with your family, not to bring negativite stuff up cause I know y’all in a good place)
Gesenia Burgos
Gesenia Burgos Prije 7 dana
Cooking videos
Kentrel Hall
Kentrel Hall Prije 7 dana
Queen never stop because girl we love you because you love yourself you will always have good things come to you if you just keep push god will lead you to everything you need I'm on my brother ❤
Sadie Tina
Sadie Tina Prije 7 dana
You should make a video how flex your booty standing up
Golden bb
Golden bb Prije 8 dana
link back up with trey and the taylor girls and do a video with them maybe??
Two Juicy
Two Juicy Prije 9 dana
Do yo prank calls
Amberly S
Amberly S Prije 10 dana
Try doing a challenge of different kinds of pop tarts or any types of food..
nia grahm
nia grahm Prije 10 dana
honestly queen, i think story times would be the best thing for you right now! it doesn’t require much, it’s just you being yourself and re-telling a story (: fans will love to just hear about stuff
Joe K
Joe K Prije 11 dana
You need to stop fuckin with lames and get you a real ass nigga
Nneka Garcia
Nneka Garcia Prije 11 dana
Noooooo i will mess you
I.Castillo Prije 12 dana
To be honest, I thought I was watching all your videos on one channel 😂
I.Castillo Prije 12 dana
Do some vlogs with your friends and family (except the toxic sister).
Smoove Talk
Smoove Talk Prije 12 dana
Dont quit, i love looking at your big fake booty
Char Lene
Char Lene Prije 12 dana
I don't think ppl want to see you goofy. We want you to be you!! So whatever Queen we get that day is long as it's you! #🐝👑 #BeQueen
Chrissy Chris
Chrissy Chris Prije 12 dana
I think you just need to do whatever you feel comfortable with but I think HRvid is not where it’s at for you anymore music seems like your passion so pursue that to the fullest and your fans will support through your music💯
The best of Vanessa Wimes
Don’t me my daughter loves you and come visit us in Guam beach .. we pay for your tickets
Caycee Ricketts
Caycee Ricketts Prije 13 dana
Do storytime or pranks
Will Arroz
Will Arroz Prije 13 dana
QUEEN YOUR MUSIC IS MORE IMPORTANT....PERIOD you’ve been promoted don’t take it with a grain of salt
Mrs Addison
Mrs Addison Prije 14 dana
I don’t think you should quit I can’t wait to hear the new album The fair coming up you could make blog on There’s Halloween coming up you can do a blog on that You can do Halloween costumes or blog haunt house event You could crave a pumpkin or bake cookies/brownies with the babies You can do beach day where you relaxing you could do church blog of you singing different songs I don’t think you ugly I think you very pretty People so mean now a days it’s a shame they take the time to write mess like that Keep your head up
Mrs Addison
Mrs Addison Prije 14 dana
Very pretty 👌🏾😎🙏🏾 Can you do more cooking blogs with different foods or desserts
rodney nicholes
rodney nicholes Prije 14 dana
Mann I think the whole gang should link back up....Trey armon ,iamjuairi ,jazz+tae , Taylor that was the good times pranks back to I still watch them old videos🤦😂💅good memories
SidePce Prije 14 dana
so basically you got money and dont give a fuck anymore
UKCATSFAN Prije 15 dana
I'm thinking bout leaving HRvid BUT....... I'm gonna put as many ads in this vlog as possible. Lol. Not hatin.. just sayin.
Modelbodylee Prije 15 dana
You could do some cooking videos
Malvinder kaur
Malvinder kaur Prije 15 dana
obsession to this level is unhealthy harmful whacked out of mind.
gk10002000 Prije 15 dana
so you think other people should care about your problems? Gosh you speak like a gutter rat
gk10002000 Prije 15 dana
Stupid girl. Fake nails, spending money she can not even earn.
gk10002000 Prije 15 dana
what a bunch of crap? Go get a job. Spoiled brat, no work ethic. Anti social nobody. Thumbs down after 20 seconds out of curiosity watching
Kasheena Arthur
Kasheena Arthur Prije 15 dana
Coldest Heart
Coldest Heart Prije 15 dana
1.mukbangs 2. Try on hauls 3. Studio vibes 4. Behind the scenes 5. Challenges 6. Closet tour 7. Funny reactions
Scott Prije 15 dana
Yes, please quit. Unsubscribed
Justin Lopez
Justin Lopez Prije 15 dana
Hey you look sexy and cute 💋😻🥰😍😍❤️😻😻😻💋😻❤️🥰😍😍🥰❤️😻💋😻❤️🥰🥰❤️😻💋❤️😍❤️😻❤️🥰❤️🥰🥰❤️😍
Crazy Copelands
Crazy Copelands Prije 15 dana
Don’t quit. #Teamqueen
R S Prije 16 dana
try hard
Maya Zuke
Maya Zuke Prije 16 dana
1. nice 2. funny 3. pretty 4. make up
ronnie Lee
ronnie Lee Prije 16 dana
I think You should start a dropshipping shopify e-commerce store called buy the domain and hire a team to setup WordPress have like your pictures on the websites holding the products and stuff then put the website on your HRvid and Twitter ext. Post a video of you wearing it every week. You would make mad money from it I think store would gross $300k a month cuz you already got alot of followers and can profit like $45k a month from it if you if hire the right people should do that then watch the residual passive money come in do that shorty. If you do DM me hit me up wit a Lil bag Queen😁😁💸💸
Mylik Major
Mylik Major Prije 16 dana
please don’t quit we don’t care how much you upload just please keep making videos ❤️❤️
Angel Howard
Angel Howard Prije 16 dana
Queen, your musix has helped me through so muxh and i always love xoming home just to see 1 of my favorite youtubers. You are beautiful and strong so thank you for bringing legend and CJ inito the world, but please PLEASE DON"T EVER STOP DOING HRvid YOU GIVE PEOPLE LIKE ME SO MUXH HOPE< XONFIDENXE, AND SELF ESTEEM muxh love, angel
wget Desa
wget Desa Prije 16 dana
i want to punch you in the face
Timberly Wardlow
Timberly Wardlow Prije 17 dana
Shes not quitting lol youtube money is too good. Every HRvidr does this every once in a while on there channels.
Lil rocfamily
Lil rocfamily Prije 17 dana
i deff understand where your coming from that i was about to do the same ..
Megaladon Omega
Megaladon Omega Prije 17 dana
You need a break. Enjoy yourself. Being a artist, you're always working, and you're doing HRvid. which is genius: building a relationship with your fanbase. You may feel exhausted. The best things are always the worst and are always hard to let go.
frank time
frank time Prije 18 dana
Bye nobody cared
Tyler G
Tyler G Prije 18 dana
We want some vlogs with your old friends, those were fun. Travel vlogs, something along those lines 👍
Loading Loading
Loading Loading Prije 18 dana
saw this in my recommendations. i am not a subscriber, have no idea you existed before writting this and i really dont care to, but the title of your video i didnt bother to watch, just tells me that you just do youtube for attention and youre not getting enough or something so youre giving up but you done this video for attention and to get comments begging you not to stop youtube. i dont care.
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown Prije 18 dana
You should do reaction videos or vlog
ZO AR Prije 18 dana
Please quit as ASAP!
Alexis Gondor
Alexis Gondor Prije 18 dana
Hi everyone I’m a upcoming HRvidr I will love for you guys to check me out. I sing, rap, and you guys will see my my actual growth of everything
Sydelle Líor
Sydelle Líor Prije 18 dana
Just be you . If u wanna make content jus vlog ya day even if u just sitting there
King don Gang
King don Gang Prije 18 dana
Viagra prank on clarence
Miss Blue
Miss Blue Prije 18 dana
Bring back grandma Esther
malasia bradley
malasia bradley Prije 18 dana
I don't want you to quit but I know you need some time all of HRvid
Destiny Lifestyle
Destiny Lifestyle Prije 18 dana
Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!don’t goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!’nnnnnn
Laniyah Williams
Laniyah Williams Prije 18 dana
Noooo don’t give up because u make my day with your crazy self
Niyah Niyah
Niyah Niyah Prije 18 dana
U can look up make up video try to do them in a amount of time as best as u can
BRIONAH’S WORLD Prije 18 dana
Stop getting so attached to niggas sis. Keep up with your shit boo ❤️
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But whyyyyyyyyyyyy tho
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