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In a moving talk, journalist Johann Hari shares fresh insights on the causes of depression and anxiety from experts around the world -- as well as some exciting emerging solutions. "If you're depressed or anxious, you're not weak and you're not crazy -- you're a human being with unmet needs," Hari says.

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11. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 12 116
Eaindra Aung
Eaindra Aung Prije 4 sati
one of my fav Ted talks
J Kim
J Kim Prije 16 sati
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. ~Jiddu Krishnamurti
J Kim
J Kim Prije 16 sati
Psychological needs must be met just like physical needs in order to have sense of balance at least. Makes sense.
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius Prije dan
The unmet needs cause the parts to become broken. You can't separate mood and emotion from biology. I understand the point he's making though, it isn't always just a chemical imbalance that appears out of the blue for no reason.
jia'hong li
jia'hong li Prije dan
wow, I really feel inspired when he said what (1. being along, 2. being away from nature 3. losing the power or control about the job) could cause the depression.
Anetor Berry
Anetor Berry Prije dan
I’m gonna use this great opportunity to thank Dr IGUDIA on his HRvid channel who cured my Type 2 Diabetes disease with his natural herbs medication
Rimba Nur Fauzan
is there anyone here who wants to be friends
numberniine Prije 2 dana
I wish all of you depressed/anxious people reading this come across a person who will care enough about your wellbeing to buy you the cow. Because doing this on your own is hard and we all need a little help sometimes. Just remember not to reject the help
Michelle Stevens
Michelle Stevens Prije 2 dana
Ted talks plugs the corps all the time dont they.
Daniel Wolfman
Daniel Wolfman Prije 2 dana
depresssion he is your friend you don’t wannnt!!
Greg Daniellla
Greg Daniellla Prije 2 dana
If you’re depressed Start micrdosing😬
Nicholas Martinez
Nicholas Martinez Prije 2 dana
Your nation is your tribe. Now explain nationalism in a context without invoking fascism.
inth3pink Prije 3 dana
“I went to the doctor for an antidepressant; she gave me a cow.” 😁
Joel Danei
Joel Danei Prije 3 dana
Very 👍
JEP Prije 4 dana
Sophieee Prije 4 dana
Me thinking that watching one TED talk at 10pm after an anxiety attack is gonna solve all my mental issues
Megxx Prije 5 dana
Sadly, even getting through therapy, positive partners, life choices, family relationships, friends and hobbies some of us still suffer and that’s ok aswell
Alexander Malley
Alexander Malley Prije 5 dana
cool video. people speak of depression and anxiety as if its some mental issue when in reality it's kind of a perfect response to the world we live in. ya people can "beat depression" by finding meaning and getting better relationships, doing things that make them feel empowered etc. - but if you really think about the circumstances of life its totally a legit reaction. We all are here without any say in it, and regardless of how good your life is or can get the world will always be fucked. To have a happy life you have to not focus on that side of existence , but its still there no matter what you do
Joanna Eve
Joanna Eve Prije 7 dana
Covid19 Lockdown is defenitly a trigger to depression and anxiety. 3monthsinlockdown1moretogo3monthsinlockdown1moretogo3monthsinlockdown1moretogo
Ben Bean
Ben Bean Prije 7 dana
‘’Depression is like you’re drowning…except everyone around you is breathing.’’
Ray Walker
Ray Walker Prije 7 dana
The way I prevent depression is by creating a false identity, say "David Rose", and then become a Wikipedia editor so I can change the bios of my opponents to something negative and change my own bio to make exaggerated claims about myself. Works every time.
Johan Pienaar
Johan Pienaar Prije 8 dana
I am 44 years old and live in South Africa. My Depression is worse than ever before and I suspect that I am conflicted with a Midlife Crisis as well. I am now jobless, spouse less, possession less, respect less, love less, lonely, and now and then falling back to drug use (But at least not as bad as the first encounter. Take note that my current predicament is not because of drug use.) I have never ever in my life felt any real joy or sense of purpose and belonging. I don't live a life, I am merely existing and faking my reactions to situations and events to fit in, to be loved, to be respected, to belong. I have abandonment issues, and every one I have ever met has either abandoned me or rejected me eventually ( at this moment I believe that I am the cause of it being ongoing and repetitive). I know where the abandonment and rejection originated. I have attempted suicide in my early 20's. As you can see, it was unsuccessful. It was however a spur of the moment event. My major issue, with every thing in this life I have been given, is that it has been like this since my first moment of awareness of self, as a child. I have always and I am still pleasing with my Creator to come and take me out of this world, that I am clearly not purposed to be. He either does not exist, or their are in fact some purpose to my suffering. The longer He takes to liberate me from life, the more unworthy I become of his Glory and presence. So now I exist ongoingly, never living, always anxiously, tensely, awaiting the end of this meaningless life I have been given. Always wondering how a God, can Knowingly allow such endless suffering and disparity to overcome his Child. Now the biggest hurdle is the finances required to seek medical care. It is not cheep and there are no medical Practitioners that I know of that will offer their services without compensation. I was never able to afford ongoing medical treatment. A penny for your thoughts!
Caleb Sherlock
Caleb Sherlock Prije 9 dana
my gf of three years just left me a month after my dad passed away unexpectedly and i got fired from my job for taking too much time off cause of the loss of my father and my brother moved away to japan, i also recently lost my entire friend group cause they all chose my ex so all the time im completely alone and i dont really talk to anyone unless im delivering them food for doordash ot talking to my mom. i dont even know why im commenting this i just want someone to hear me ig :/
Naturefforts Prije 9 dana
feeling anxious ? having trouble to rest ? check us out and hope it help ❣️
believer Prije 9 dana
Cast all your cares upon God if you are his child, believer in him, for he cares for you, - the best freedom from anxiety and worry
believer Prije 9 dana
"I am the way, the Truth and the life"- Jesus said, whoever believes in him will be saved, because God so loved the world that gave him, Jesus, as a perfect sacrifice for our sins, because we all are imperfect and sinners, and cannot enter to Heaven by our goodness. That's why Jesus, long promised Messiah and external God came to us and he bore our sins, iniquities and transgrettions and infirmities on himself and died on our behalf for us, redeeming us from curse(Galatians 2:13) so that we in him will live as forgiven, redeemed, atoned for, sanctified and cleansed children of God in his love and family, in Heaven where there is no death, no grief, no evil - but all the highest good which spiritual people desire. Just believe, repent and confess to God that you are a sinner and he is faithful to forgive you, all the work of salvation is done by Jesus, just accept it... and live the eternal life in God's love)))) Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and the true Lord of the world who will come and reign.
Jimmy Joe
Jimmy Joe Prije 10 dana
he s right, and wants to sell his book too
A JL Prije 10 dana
I feel like my soul is just running in circles inside my body. I want to get off the rollercoaster in my head. I’m so tired
Naturefforts Prije 9 dana
feeling anxious ? having trouble to rest ? check us out and hope this help ❣️
Louis J Wiese
Louis J Wiese Prije 10 dana
General Systems theorists have been talking about this since the early 50s. But psychiatry as a field ignored it, and pushed the drug/chemical approach to mental health instead. But I'm glad it is getting traction again.
rhstyj Prije 11 dana
This guy just explained how i feel. We’re on our 2nd year of marriage && how i wish my husband could watch this video with PATIENCE & COMPREHENSION 🥺
Andreeva Диана
Andreeva Диана Prije 12 dana
I’m very thankful to those people who are here to improve their life and mental health, you are very meaningful part of our planet, thank you🥲
Naturefforts Prije 9 dana
feeling anxious ? having trouble to rest ? check us out and hope this help ❣️
maison ftm
maison ftm Prije 12 dana
I still don’t understand why i have a family who cared for me, i had a job but i have no friends. I always feel sad and depressed, I’m anxious without reason, all i do is staying home all day and don’t know what to do to create values and happiness…
Naturefforts Prije 9 dana
feeling anxious ? having trouble to rest ? check us out and hope this help ❣️
Those words are really what our society needs to hear instead of tearing apart our tripes and the cow definetly the best part 😂
Joshua Martin Pryce
Joshua Martin Pryce Prije 12 dana
Depression and anxiety usually stems from mental submission to negativity. This is why we need spiritual intervention and guidance. Spirituality is the next step and expanded ability to go beyond the means of focus and determination. Its stepping out of human ability and encountering the nature of God. The creator and sustain-er of the universe.
Kristen :3
Kristen :3 Prije 12 dana
if you are depressed and taking pills to feel better, dont. because your body will be dependant on that pill to feel happy. eventually it will not make u happy and just feel okay. and thats not okay. find the root of your depression, maybe you dont have many friends, or maybe you dont have good grades, anything, try to find the worst thing you have right now that could be the reason why. start trying to demolish it. work out, eat healthy, try to look at things in a different way. our entire reality is based on our perspection of it. and you can always change your perspective, you just havw to put effort and i get that effort is hard to make but think about this, if you slope around depressed all the time, do you really think youll get better? no. and if you really cant find it then its not soemthing you can change outside of you, but inside. try to watch motivation vidoes and if you find yourself doubting it, ask why. thats an easy way to find it too. i know a common thing about depression is that tehy look at aomeone else and think "they have a perfect life",why? why do you think they have a good life? is it something they have that you dont? and id you tried do you think you could achieve it? you begin inside. you begin with perspective.
ashleyy nicole
ashleyy nicole Prije 13 dana
I've come to the point of not talking to anyone for a really long time and I'm so isolated and now when people want to hear me out or I need to be heard my head is so full of so much junk that when I start talking I start to think about something else and stutter and have to pause to think about what I was just saying then I just give up cause the fogginess and all my problems announcing themselves at once is too con-damn-fusing
Debra Batson
Debra Batson Prije 13 dana
This talk really touched me where I live. I have no tribe whatsoever. I need that cow rescue.
KimberlyKay1 Prije 14 dana
Makes a lot of sense . I’m trying to get out of my depression and suicide thoughts. I just have feelings of giving up and being a burden and tired of being alone . It’s hard. Thanks for the video and thoughts of advice.
Elizabeth Golden
Elizabeth Golden Prije 9 dana
Reach out to friends, family, a spiritual community, and people around you.
Awkwardly Rachel
Awkwardly Rachel Prije 10 dana
When I get really depressed, I'll ask myself, "what's the next right thing to do?" Then I start going from thing to thing (e.g., scrub the toilet, scrub the sink, wipe down the counter, etc., when I get stuck whilst cleaning the bathroom). It's a cagey way to get yourself to focus on the present, which is really important for me to stop getting stuck on the past. It's not always easy, especially when you've been stuck for a long time. However, the hardest part is that first "next right thing", and you only have to worry about whatever step you're currently doing.
PORG HUB Prije 13 dana
Keep going i believe in you
Sir Valiant Villian Jr
Mine started when I started high school and life has made sure to progressively make it worse as I got older. One example was stupid power trip Authority figures took my purpose by ripping/stealing (my children)( my heart/will to do better) so yeah I don't see a future where I'm actually not depressed anxious and/or feeling helpless and always misunderstood. Every fucking time I do actually start to feel better somebody has to make sure I'm not happy. Which is sooo fucked up because it's literally true!!!
Ruth Sandra Brown
Ruth Sandra Brown Prije 14 dana
It is a Godsend that I received this message this morning. I am feeling extremely depressed and could not understand why. I thoroughly enjoyed your video clip. God bless you. 🙏
Sony Djuana
Sony Djuana Prije 15 dana
Tbh, our tribe is our family
Jan Shiffer
Jan Shiffer Prije 16 dana
This is a beautiful
Wil Fernandes
Wil Fernandes Prije 16 dana
I live 40 minutes from Oakland, yet can't find a source to buy psilocybin(mushroom). .i got an info it helps for depression and anxiety, i want to try it out..Anyone have any ideas?
Tammy Breden
Tammy Breden Prije 16 dana
@patricia walker alright
Tammy Breden
Tammy Breden Prije 16 dana
@patricia walker thanks..i needed this
patricia walker
patricia walker Prije 16 dana
@Tammy Breden you an also follow up same profile sent earlier {to order} by @stanford richmond..
patricia walker
patricia walker Prije 16 dana
@Tammy Breden Shrooms, you see, are not just a bit of psychedelic fun, they can actually cure depression, anxiety, PTSD, and mental health issues In general are notoriously hard to treat, so why not try psychedelics and see if they worked? they can help you
patricia walker
patricia walker Prije 16 dana
@Tammy Breden yes try some shrooms
Five ByFive
Five ByFive Prije 16 dana
Watching this as I work alone for a few more days. 18 months of working alone took a toll on me. Looking forward to be part of a team again soon.
DJMikeron Prije 17 dana
You are a human being with unmet needs,say no more man,. That sums up life totally.
TodoJorge Prije 17 dana
Ok I need to get a cow then
Pandora Prije 17 dana
I feel so much better when someone simply & genuinely asks how I'm doing. But only happens a few times a year.
Your Papa
Your Papa Prije 17 dana
His book is good but it should have been a short book it's very long it's little bit boring
Annie Dewi
Annie Dewi Prije 17 dana
"If you're lonely, you're more likely to become depressed" - This is so true for me because I always remembered that time when I hadn't met my boyfriend, my life was chaos, I was crying every night, feeling overwhelmed and sad. The world feels like it's falling apart. But since I met my boyfriend, I am much happier, I stop crying every night, life is full of joy even I still got stress and problem at work, but it was much better.
Back_to_the_nineties 02
I don't buy things to make people react. I buy things because I like them. If anyone happens to compliment whatever I buy, it's just a bonus, but never expected. And I don't use social media. It's a waste of my mental energy.
Ciro Abdalla
Ciro Abdalla Prije 17 dana
Who watched the video em x2 speed eating a huge bowl of ice cream?
Helina Michael
Helina Michael Prije 18 dana
This is a very important topic for the youth especially those of us whom are plunged in this condition. He mentioned essential points that took me 10 years to figure out. Thank you so much Sir.
Helina Michael
Helina Michael Prije 18 dana
Imbalances in the way we live is the main problem indeed. I confirm. This makes so much sense!
Kel B
Kel B Prije 19 dana
Gardening is a great way to bring people together.
MarioZOCKLY Prije 19 dana
anyone else say "please tell me" when you read the title?
Akhil Bs
Akhil Bs Prije 19 dana
Some says "Growing up is pain, Childhood was a bliss" even childhood didn't spared me 🙂
Merve Prije 19 dana
Thanks for everything. I have social anxiety and depression since high school. Now im graudateing from university. I use cipralex 10 mg. Im better with it absolutely. But this isnt just solution. I know, I work for be a better person...
עמי שמואלי
עמי שמואלי Prije 19 dana
ed de
ed de Prije 19 dana
you gave me really something to think about the concept of loneliness and trying to be a “we” (the natural tribe) to become the cure of humanity
Celeste K.
Celeste K. Prije 20 dana
I don’t totally agree with this. I spent from around age 5 until I got help at 33 suffering from depression, migraines, anxiety attacks, and insomnia. I wouldn’t give up my antidepressant for anything. I tried to deal with it in many ways. Exercise, friends, changing my attraction to the wrong type of men, improving myself and thoughts. I had a great life, but it just wasn’t helping my depression. I’ve been on my antidepressant now for around 20 years now, and didn’t know that feeling this good, content, and happy existed. My only regret in life is that I didn’t know about what was happening to me, and get help sooner. I encourage people to talk to their doctors if they have been depressed for over 3+ months. This show didn’t change my mind in any way.
Luis E. Granados A.
Luis E. Granados A. Prije 20 dana
I'm sorry to be this guy but... this all reduces to how capitalism is literally destroying us. Way of life nowadays is, almost in a mandatory way, designed by all these neoliberal rules that address nothing but private property. This crafts a horrible conception of "success" that lies on making money, own a house, nice car, family and 9-5 job. This cant be it. I suggest you to look around how other societies have been dealing/hacking with this capitalist trap way of life. Look for Auroville, for example. Theres a documentary on Netflix about it.
Melissa Gonzalez
Melissa Gonzalez Prije 21 dan
Dude this guy just literally gave me chills… he could not have possibly made any more sense… like he said, these are all things we already know and I low key was expecting a talk about the cliche things, get outside, hang out with people more, find a coping skill… and so on but this was so so SO MUCH MORE. In my opinion, everything he just said hit me as things I knew but at the same time, new and brilliant ideas that I got so excited about and can’t wait to start putting into practice. That was the most eye opening and hope giving 20 minutes and 32 seconds of my life so far… I truly needed to hear all of this and I can’t wait to show my daughters when they wake up. Amazing content and even more amazing delivery…
Naseem Elizabeth
Naseem Elizabeth Prije 21 dan
This made me cry at the end.. When you said 'depression is a signal.' Connection is everything. Brene Brown said 'As human beings, we are hard wired for connection.' Thank you for this great talk and insight.
OG Azathoth
OG Azathoth Prije 21 dan
Hey guys, my name is Jose, and I have experienced anxiety as of 8/21/20. Everything was like normal but when it came to the night time for some odd reason I felt like I couldn’t breath when I laid down on my bed and listen to music. I panicked and held my heart and felt this warm sensation run on the sides of my head. For about a month I couldn’t sleep, maybe 2-3hrs a day max. I was scared of losing my love ones for no reason and I would cry and feel like I couldn’t keep going with whatever I felt. I felt like I was going crazy because I kept going to the ER and they wouldn’t know why I was acting in such a way out of the blue. One day, I waited to be seen by a doctor for about 12hrs and for some reason I came to realization that what I was doing was insane; I was using the ER as a safe haven and I couldn’t do it anymore. Day by day I felt a little better and was able to sleep. I would feel some small amount of anxiety here and there but never to the point it was in the beginning. I did question my life as far as being happy and it also affected my relationship with my girlfriend. As of today, 9/4/21, I felt the same scared/anxious feeling and I thought I would have been prepared for this day since I already experienced it, but I was genuinely scared the same amount I was since I first felt this way. I am scared and sad that I felt terrified and I wasn’t able to control it. I don’t know what to do because I don’t want to feel this way anymore. October is around the corner and subconsciously I feel like I am scared of reaching the anniversary of when it all started. I also got a reality check when my grandma passed due to covid this year. I never imagined such tragedy would happen to my family. I always thought happy thoughts but witnessing how my mom felt when her mom passed is just a nail in my head twisting and reminding me that no one is safe when it comes to death. That doesn’t help with how I get before, it makes me more fearful of losing my love ones. I am sharing this story to talk to those who experience such emotions and who feel they are alone. You are not alone, yes it might be hard at times but having people who care for you is more than enough that one could ask for to push forward.
radke jeffry
radke jeffry Prije 21 dan
The panoramic arm elderly melt because passenger neurophysiologically crack despite a aboard arm. bashful, icy john
jon sebastian
jon sebastian Prije 21 dan
I am speechless. Best Ted Talk ever!
Richard Beyer
Richard Beyer Prije 22 dana
This was sounding extremely familiar and then remembered I heard him say this story on Rogan
Leonardo Prije 22 dana
People really love to hate on communism but when it comes to the social aspects. Every brother, sister and worker were a tribe under one nation. Capitalism fundimentaly tells you to be an individual. Maybe not make communism but there has to be a better way. Every person cant follow the way society works because everyones diffrent.
jon sebastian
jon sebastian Prije 21 dan
Mother Earth will fix it. We soon will be forced to depend on each other and accept each other. That's part of her plan. She doesn't want to see us make ourselves extinct (and half the other species too). She just has to beat some sense into us. (And it smarts pretty good already, but she is just getting "warmed up" literally and figuratively.)
Markku Turunen
Markku Turunen Prije 22 dana
In a another word, that rice worker got his problems solved and that doesn't happen if they just throw a bottle of antidepressants at him.
ankita Mukhopadhyay
ankita Mukhopadhyay Prije 22 dana
Currently I'm dealing with anxiety But the sad fact is the more I'm trying to tell my parents about it The more they're saying it's because of your phone get some sleep, I really don't have a friend circle and Due to my anxiety and fear of JUDGEMENTS I deleted all my social media accounts, for some days I was okhay But recently the fear of my future Eating me up I just can't sleep for a bit . I told my friends about it but instead of comforting they're just like the time isn't right, this will pass And one guy even said try for movies Maybe someone will give u the role of a depressed person. Right now I'm feeling like I want to leave all these things and go to some place where there no one to judge no one to pressurise u to do wht u don't like , My parents are really busy , they are both teachers but still in these lockdown either they are in phone, and when they come to my room they just ask one question: how much have u read ? Did u completed the task?? Not even once they asked that how I'm doing, that I'm broken inside, I've no one to listen to I even fear if I tell more the more ppl will think I'm pretending or I'm just having an excuse for sympathy I can't even study right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God please.............. Give me more strength so I can overcome this........
ᴍᴀᴘʟᴇ Prije 22 dana
hey.. im sorry for all the people who you've tried to reach out to but can't wholly sympathize with you, there is always someone who cares for you out there, im writing a comment here because i care and i want to help so you can feel better. maybe seek out for professional help, just to vent out all your emotions and let them help and guide you thru the feelings and emotions you're feeling right now. or to someone else in your life who can understand you better. there are other thing you can try as well, trying to understand what you're going thru right now and how to make you feel better. i got the help from this 'The Psych Show' channel, or other place and channel may help you better. that one channel tell me that the emotions we're feeling right not, they don't last forever. they’re like waves in the ocean -they rise, fall, and then disappear. i want to tell you that too. this thing you're experiencing right now, they won't last forever. once you find the way to get thru this, it will be a memory, it will be an experience when you're all smiling and comfortable with yourself and your life in the future. i believe you can overcome this, friend..! we can. (:
Hellscream Games
Hellscream Games Prije 23 dana
Good video.
Melissa Phelps
Melissa Phelps Prije 23 dana
Mark Koons
Mark Koons Prije 23 dana
Nobathembu Jantjies
Nobathembu Jantjies Prije 23 dana
Oh my God! I didn't know it was this bad, this video has definitely triggered something in me.
Lee Busbybmh it ýğğýììp
I recognise these anxiety issues within myself but my problem is how do you find a support group of like minded people to actually do something about it
Elizabeth Golden
Elizabeth Golden Prije 9 dana
Group therapy. A spiritual community. Neighbors.
nicole prateado
nicole prateado Prije 24 dana
Jesus loves you ♥️
Mirjana Glavan
Mirjana Glavan Prije 24 dana
Chronic Pain causes depression & anxiety, over time it builds up & gets horribly wrong.. currently I'm going thru yet another anti-depression medication that gives me vertigo. Severe Vertigo. & When you have physical debilitating health issue's it makes it that much harder to get better & it's not easy to take away PTSD, & psychological treatment is great help but meds are needed when you have chronic debilitating physical & mental issue's are not easily fixed. Some of us have allergies to certain meds. So no it's not easy to turn a switch off in your head, because it's not just in your head anymore. Yet a viscous cycle of misery. Find a cure to chronic pain & help ppl who suffer from them & it will help us get better. So life is not easy
Sad Boay
Sad Boay Prije 25 dana
Awesome but why you're it's world army go only on my face why study work ✍️🔏😈📌👈
Luuk de Boer
Luuk de Boer Prije 25 dana
The guy is bloody right
Marquetita Prije 25 dana
well to be honest, the drugs i was prescribed 2 years ago made my life incredibly happy. Obviously, I try hard every day - such as socialize, go out, work out, eat healthy and have a regular sleeping regime. I mean im all for drugs, hands down
Kolby Kauffman
Kolby Kauffman Prije 25 dana
What if your depression comes from everyone you love goes away….either move or die. My son died, my mom died, my dad died, my close cousin died, all my aunts died, my brothers moved across the country. It’s just me and my oldest son. We have been living in a hotel for a month because I no longer make enough money to afford a place to live. That last part I can fix but I can’t fix the first part. My heart is broken. That’s it. I stay alive for my oldest son.
Mulberry2000 Prije 25 dana
Good video but it ignores the structural problems of depression, though he vaguely touched upon it. The tribe is important, but it is the family that is the most important tribe. The institution is massively under attack by the state, the left, the right, Marxists trans people, gays, and LGBT. They want their own version of the family, which means the children are brought up by "the village" and not the parents. Fatherhood is laughed out, and motherhood is elevated to god status. Men kill themselves a lot because they are ignored, esp. when they cry for help. Tragically some men kill their children as well. Now the state is turning on women and motherhood as well via transfeminsim. A man has a 50% chance of losing his kids, his wife, his house, his wealth. It is the mother who files for divorce and she gets everything. This is not all if a man has children, and if he wants to see them, he is humiliated, lied about, and every aspect of his life is examined. The best example of this madness is " if a father pays his rent he is selfish and if a father does not pay his rent he is irresponsible" He is selfish because he is spending on himself to pay the rent, and responsible if he does not pay the rent because he is not spending to provide a home for the children to visit and stay with him.
emaculant sky
emaculant sky Prije 25 dana
Video makes me wanna cry
trudi atherton
trudi atherton Prije 25 dana
Great talk x
Jenna Drenth
Jenna Drenth Prije 26 dana
"your depression is telling you something" ehm yes to kms lol
OniZombies Prije 26 dana
Brillant Ted Talk, to everyone out there, stay strong… I’m rooting for you!
Jina S
Jina S Prije 26 dana
I just lost my dream job opportunity, i have been fighting depression for years since teenager, Im still depressed and need help
David Haynes
David Haynes Prije 26 dana
Tremendous Ted Talk. This has been my journey Listened to it many times.
AnbuNinjaXIII Prije 26 dana
"We live in a machine that is designed to get us to forget what is important about life." Yeah, and it's called capitalism.
AnbuNinjaXIII Prije 21 dan
@Peter Marino lol
Peter Marino
Peter Marino Prije 22 dana
Just you wait and see what communism does….
Lana Miller
Lana Miller Prije 26 dana
Jorge Glz.
Jorge Glz. Prije 26 dana
Gracias por eso, acabo de escuchar el video y me cayo como anillo al dedo. Gracias a ti comprendo mejor lo que me pasa y escucharé esas señales para descubrir lo que necesito y descubrirme
Maria Prije 26 dana
By accident I got here... and I have to say that I'm feeling this conversation so much... I feel so lonely and neglected, it's like no one will ever talk to me, like me, stay with me... it's been almost 2 years that I can't see my friends because of the pandemic, I started university at the same time it hit (2020), so I wasn't able to meet my colleagues or professors... it's so exhausting to watch classes online... this is all so meaningless... I feel that I'll be alone forever......... it just hurts too much to handle.... I can't seem to find anything that makes this feeling go away and now, even listening to this, I can't think about an answer... I feel every day that this will never end, because each day something is worse, delta variation, unemployment... I can't live like this anymore... I don't wanna die, but I want this feeling to stop... it was a good talk... I just really needed to say this things to someone, since I don't wanna bother anyone with my feelings...
navyblue311 Prije 17 dana
You are not alone, I’m a stranger but you are not alone, I feel exactly how you feel and I have a wonderful family but for some reason I started to feel anxiety, out of nowhere. Maybe a need to start a hobby and start to focus a little more on me. I’m sure you will find your tribe or make one, remember you are a beautiful soul🌷
Michael Ashby
Michael Ashby Prije 26 dana
We need others in our lives, but it’s also crucial to feel like we can be ourselves with those people
D Prije 25 dana
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez Prije 26 dana
I was anxious ever since I could remember as a kid, when through a very hard hit PTSD moment in my life. Very depressed because of other things happening in my life. God help me I honestly don't want money or anything like that just fix my chemical inbalance so I can be with the people that love me!
Jasmeet Singh
Jasmeet Singh Prije 27 dana
I have recently recovered from depression. I am sure social approach would have been really useful for me.
DINX PE Prije 27 dana
“There is some kind of a still little voice in everybody that constantly convinces them that in the end it’s going to be O.K.” That little voice speaks from a person’s fallen nature, which constantly seeks to justify itself. Sin is a separator. Isaiah wrote, “Behold, the LORD’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; nor His ear heavy, that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear” (Isaiah 59:1-2). Our sins build a wall between ourselves and God. It is a barrier that we are powerless to do anything about without God’s intervention. “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28) _ Jesus Christ There is a street with a retirement home on the one side, and a kindergarten on the opposite side. The speed limit is 40 km/h. You speed down that road going 120 km/h and get caught by a law enforcement officer. The next day you are in court trying to defend yourself. You tell the Judge ‘’Im sorry I will never do it again’’ to which he replies ‘’by keeping the law in the future does not make up for breaking it in the past. There is a penalty that needs to be paid. If I let you go now, the penalty will be unpaid and no justice would be served.’’ The penalty he gives you is massive - you cant pay it because you don’t have that kind of money. You go to prison. Later that night, your 1stnight in prison, the warden comes and open your cell door telling you that you are free to go. Someone paid your fine. Will you accept the payment or will you remain in ‘’prison’’? You asked the prison warden ‘’who paid my fine?’’. He says some guy went and sold all he has in order to pay your penalty. You say ‘’cool thanks, I don’t even know the guy’’. What would you do next? 1. Climb into your car and drive down that very street again @ 120 km/h, knowing or assuming this stranger will pay your penalty again because he might have some other stuff to sell to bail you out again? 2. Try and find out who this person is and get to know him and thank him for what he has done. Also not to do what you did that caused you to land up in prison because it cost this person who paid your penalty a lot - He made a massive sacrifice for you. If the fine was $ 100 000 000 and you took out a loan to pay the penalty (hypothetically speaking), you would still be & 100 000 000 in debt. Only someone without debt can pay your debt. Jesus was without sin. Adam and Eve were naked in the garden before eating the forbidden fruit. They did not notice anything strange of their nakedness - to them it was normal. Once they ate of the forbidden fruit, their eyes opened to their sinfulness - they disobeyed God and realized they were naked. ‘’ The woman saw that the tree was good for food and delightful to look at, and that it was desirable for obtaining wisdom. So she took some of its fruit and ate it; she also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. 7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. ’’ Genesis 3:6-7 The fig leaves they sewed together can also be seen as ‘’self righteous works’’ to cover up their sin - the fig leaves won’t last forever as they will dry out and wither, exposing their nakedness again. God provided proper clothing for them to cover their nakedness properly…….. ‘’The LORD God made clothing from skins for the man and his wife, and he clothed them. ‘’ Genesis 3:21 This is the 1st time anything died / was killed. It was killed so that the skin of the animal could be used as clothing for the 2 naked people instead of them using leaves. During Passover the Jews had to sacrifice a lamb each year to atone for their sins. The lamb had to be spotless and without blemish. Jesus is called THE LAMB OF GOD as He was without sin, YET HE was slaughtered so that his BLOOD could cover our sins. Our good works (fig leaves) wont do. *For you are saved by grace through faith, and this is not from yourselves; it is God’s gift-9 not from works, so that no one can boast* Paul Ephesians 2:8-9 *And just as it is appointed for people to die once-and after this, judgment-28 so also Christ, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him* Heb 2:14-15 *According to the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness* Hebrews 9:22
TdMj Prije 27 dana
I prefer the cow method personally!
Gerald Vaughn
Gerald Vaughn Prije 27 dana
Thanks for this. I always thought being alone was healthy. How wrong I am.
Col of the Wild
Col of the Wild Prije 27 dana
I wonder how a shift towards secularism and away from an acceptance of faith has impacted on this. Faith can and does provide hope, purpose and meaning when set alongside a present day surge in fatalism and nihilism set in our post modern context.
TheMusicalEmpress Prije 27 dana
The more we know, the more we grow, This was neccesary!
Isreal Karrie
Isreal Karrie Prije 27 dana
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