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It is impossible to imagine how we would live if we were all of the same sex. Men and women are from different planets, and this is beautiful! We do the same things in absolutely different ways and this is an important reason for jokes and fun) let's enjoy them right now!
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30. Ožu 2019.

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Komentari 2 385
5-MINUTE MAGIC Prije 3 mjeseci
0:53 LOOOOOOOL!!!! )))))
_Kaio_ Prije 3 dana
Someone knows the music of vídeo ?
talha Baloch
talha Baloch Prije 25 dana
song name plzzzz rep
Snehith Antony
Snehith Antony Prije 25 dana
Do anyone know that guy with long hair name
•Mini Mia•
•Mini Mia• Prije mjesec
Calm down with the 'O's
Evelyn Conceção
Evelyn Conceção Prije 10 sati
Nojo Keith
Videos Fidi
Videos Fidi Prije dan
Like si hablas español
angela troiano
angela troiano Prije dan
Iris souza
Iris souza Prije 2 dana
Michelle Guzman
Michelle Guzman Prije 2 dana
1:00 got me dead! 😂😂👏🏼
Ketinine Machado
Ketinine Machado Prije 3 dana
kalita oliveira sa
kalita oliveira sa Prije 3 dana
what's the name of the first song?
kalita oliveira sa
kalita oliveira sa Prije 3 dana
what's the name of the first song?
Sweet Tea ASMR
Sweet Tea ASMR Prije 4 dana
1. I don’t see people in bathrooms 2. I don’t take that much stuff to trip 3. I don’t do all that in a shower 4. I don’t shed that much hair 5. I don’t wake up at 8 straiten hair 6. It doesn’t take that long for girls
Priya Raj
Priya Raj Prije 6 dana
Song name?
Rey Wascar
Rey Wascar Prije 8 dana
What's The song of The final? Is good
Fabiola Rodrigues
Fabiola Rodrigues Prije 9 dana
MissesKitty Prije 10 dana
Okay Ima tally up what I do just for the lols Just so you know I am a female My hair doesn't fall out eh? 0:38 I legit have one outfit for all these events like the guy Im the girl for the sick one OMG in photos I NEVER DO THE GIRL THING 1:10 The boy haircut Neither but usually the boy one more The girl one but not the selfie thing or makeup thing The girl Not really either but I guess what I do is closer to the boy way in a breakup but not really ask for them back..just regret things 100% the boy way with fashion.. (I legit just slip on a random jacket) Neither..I just do shampoo and conditioner...not all those products..or one The boy one..omg I never wake up that early jesus.. So I do 7 boy ways of doing stuff and 3 girl ways of doing stuff and 3 ways of doing it my own way well damn
MissesKitty Prije 10 dana
I'm a female I do all the male things.. Maybe I am male who tf knows anymore
Rachel Lee Chai Ling
Rachel Lee Chai Ling Prije 22 dana
5:03 5:10 their cloths match 👍
Sudezehra Yürekli
Sudezehra Yürekli Prije 23 dana
Abla saçın yine aynı 500 ne ya
S**** Prije 26 dana
There is a huge physical difference between men and women. Men are physically stronger then women. This is not a opinion, but a fact. It's biologically decided. This is mainly because of the amount of testosteron that is being produced in our bodies. Testosteron increases the muscle mass. and is also the reason why men have bigger hart- and lung volume then women. Look at sports for example. Kickboxing, soccer, basketball, etc. Women and men are seperated for this reason.
TEAM 8803
TEAM 8803 Prije 26 dana
His name is aurthur 3:15
Molly Bong
Molly Bong Prije 26 dana
Love bloopers
Harsita Shrivastava
Harsita Shrivastava Prije 27 dana
Sorry 37 celcius
Harsita Shrivastava
Harsita Shrivastava Prije 27 dana
0:56 why he is so weired he is normal. 36 degree celcius is the normal human body temperature.
our ember still burning inside
I can't take serious a man bun and a channel who comments at his own video so yeah
Jens K
Jens K Prije mjesec
Wasn't there supposed to be a man in this video?
YoutubeRocky 0
YoutubeRocky 0 Prije mjesec
Girls spend all there time on appearance #unless your James Charles
Ramadan Hassan
Ramadan Hassan Prije mjesec
Ramadan Hassan
Ramadan Hassan Prije mjesec
güneş ve yağmur laf sokma
Şarkınin sdi ne
Sanjiv Porwal
Sanjiv Porwal Prije mjesec
can you tell me the name of these stars
shamim kazi
shamim kazi Prije mjesec
This Theme is Also, Available in, Axzyte. - 0:59 to 1:07
Sumita Swain
Sumita Swain Prije mjesec
Pratik Somaiya
Pratik Somaiya Prije mjesec
What's the song ???
Erkekler odun
SOUTHERN REBEL . Prije mjesec
abrar ali
abrar ali Prije mjesec
5:49 the most inappropriate part, please delete that.
Pokey Pickle
Pokey Pickle Prije mjesec
At the start with the girls hair getting into everything was so funny
TheGoldenMinecart // MayasTGM
Am I the only one who thought 5:12 was the end of the video, but when I re-checked the video I kept watching until 10:11
zolboo zorigt
zolboo zorigt Prije mjesec
1:30 haircut false 500$
Pragya Chandra
Pragya Chandra Prije mjesec
Sophie Li
Sophie Li Prije mjesec
The bloopers a so funny 🤣
Justin Peña
Justin Peña Prije mjesec
Title: THIS IS REAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN Finds socks in food, tissue, books, etc…
Ramisha Bhuiyan
Ramisha Bhuiyan Prije mjesec
How many boyfriends does that girl have?
Sapna Singh
Sapna Singh Prije mjesec
Omg.. wow 💞
Evelyns gacha show and series!
Wait,that guy in the beginning when he find a hair in the shower isn't his hair suppost to fall of too?😕
game khanh 1969
game khanh 1969 Prije mjesec
3:20 4:01 5:10 10:12
Deni D Nikolov
Deni D Nikolov Prije mjesec
4:02 Made in China
Sweet Tea ASMR
Sweet Tea ASMR Prije 4 dana
Deni D Nikolov omg that’s so funny I paused the video at 4:02 and read your comment
emanuela ballarino
emanuela ballarino Prije mjesec
RoseInQa Prije mjesec
Lol im boy :D
Cheryl Drews
Cheryl Drews Prije mjesec
I love you 5-minute crafts
4 Ways Not to Use Toilet Paper