Top 15 things to do while quarantined

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Top 15 things to do while quarantined
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Top 15 things to do when in lockdown in your home. No matter if it's bad weather or quarantine. This is list of things I do at home. Here we sit trying to imagine how two weeks of relaxation at home is a bad thing. This video completely made by not leaving home!
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Welcome to the official Life of Boris HRvid channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of Gaming, Cooking, Reviews, Animation and Tutorials content, including Slav games, GTA gameplay, Live gaming, On a Budget recipes, Slav cooking, How to Make guides, Country Reviews, Car Reviews and animated content.
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Komentari 80
Alightbrothers Gears Of War Call Of Duty And More
Boris I no have home blyat I burnt cheburek because anatoli decided to if oven cook then higher heat make it cook faster and I now have to pay 14 million rubles
Fighter 2012
Fighter 2012 Prije 9 sati
Blyat thus quarantine is sh*t and so f*cking (or blyat...-ing?) boring
Sky Vuegen
Sky Vuegen Prije 9 sati
3:40 rip Artyom
Dmitrii Petrov
Dmitrii Petrov Prije 9 sati
Привет мой русский друг.
*DAB GAMING* Prije 9 sati
SasanékPL Prije 10 sati
uhh, is Majonez an instrument? kurwa blyat
stardew valley
stardew valley Prije 10 sati
I know russian and I feel offended by the language you use and why the hell are you so meet to grandma's
Nicholas Bredesen ronning
Boris watches his own content, what a guy.
gert rummo
gert rummo Prije 13 sati
Does Boris has Corona or is he immune to it?
Jannatun Nayeem Shuvra
The accent is so weird 🙄
MrClearme Prije 14 sati
I'm russian and know English. But I don't freakin understand this!!1
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Prije 10 sati
you will never go to Turkey
minorturtle gamer
minorturtle gamer Prije 14 sati
Opaa I should've come here earlier I shall grab my doctors sausage and binge Boris And I shall make my own butterbrod And blyat I better not burn it or Babushka will kill me
Harliv Prije 15 sati
Watching this in 480p
Dingo Dash
Dingo Dash Prije 15 sati
Boris, didn't you know that you can make alcohol out of toilet paper?
Ethan Pigou-Williams
Ethan Pigou-Williams Prije 19 sati
In America you open bottle with bottle opener in Soviet Russia you open bottle with bottle
Jucyf F
Jucyf F Prije 19 sati
Elizabeth Zumwalt
Elizabeth Zumwalt Prije 21 sat
Home Gobnik Workout: Step One: Meat Tenderize (Beat the Meat)
Dont do Drugs
Dont do Drugs Prije 22 sati
Russian joji
dukIzCiken Prije 22 sati
number 16: do homework, cuz thats a thing, blyat
John Daniel Ayes
John Daniel Ayes Prije 23 sati
Potato's the number one meme vegtable for every thing.
Tonya Barker
Tonya Barker Prije 23 sati
This channel got me addicted to mayonaise
stef royale craft
stef royale craft Prije 23 sati
you have the same TV remote as me!
stef royale craft
stef royale craft Prije 23 sati
my englis is gud!
Yeeter Nation
Yeeter Nation Prije 23 sati
And I thought staying home and gaming all day would be a dream! But it’s not as fun as you’d think
Mili Prije 23 sati
I like Boris accent, is funny and cool..
Cassie Prije dan
All you need to do is watch LifeIsBoris and do what he’s done
Merten Super
Merten Super Prije dan
you will never go to Turkey
Zyad Wystan
Zyad Wystan Prije dan
Cat’s can spread corona virus
Pijama time
Pijama time Prije dan
Hola Boris i'm from México, the most spiciest country in the world, i have a doubt, what does cheeki breeki mean?, sorry for not knowing, me encanta tu canal, i have learned to cook to many new stuff
Cassie Prije dan
Boris for president
Galactic Scholar
Will you consider doing a STALKER stream?
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom Prije dan
on god, i would suck the soul out of that man.
Heather Jones
Heather Jones Prije dan
Thank you Boris for the lift of spirits. Sending best to Comrade Cat.🧓🏼
SGRP 270
SGRP 270 Prije dan
"What are your plans for the quarantine?" *The boys: ** 2:26 *
Emerson Adorado
Emerson Adorado Prije dan
semechki in the Philippines is dragon sid :) I will try that kind of seed :)
TotallyTom Prije dan
does anybody know what Boris lit that candle with? it looked like he disassembled his stove or something and removed a hot plate.
Playnyx Gaming
Playnyx Gaming Prije dan
I have lost of semechki i will eat and learn code
Catalina B
Catalina B Prije dan
Send help... and vodka, mayonez, true butter and my babuska...
как зовут вашего котика?))
Yulia meow
Yulia meow Prije dan
Garrett Monie
Garrett Monie Prije dan
Way ahead of you boris, ever since my gym close due to Covid-19 I've been doing Gopnik squats every day.
Fremen On The Sand
I'm going number 1 and squats, done 40 of them whilst carrying bags of soil on my back. But now I watch this and I'm thinking "I wonder if I can hardbass on a microkorg." None of the presets sound like that sound, and I'm pretty sure there's some slav synths that make that noise but, I dunno. Boris, do a tutorial on howto hardbass.
Олег Шаргаев
Никаких карантинов, у нас, в Беларуси все действительно по 'славянски', водка, трактора, бани, вот оно лечение...
AHN The Drunk
AHN The Drunk Prije dan
*lights "candle" of cake on fire* OPAAAA! *moments later* OY- OY BLI- *NOT THE COURTAINS AGAIN!* XD
hamza bannouri
hamza bannouri Prije dan
Boris for president
Gassy Irishman
Gassy Irishman Prije dan
Forecast raining knife and fork and you no want go outside
Layth Prije dan
Ur cooking just like howtobasic
Joseph Fuller
Joseph Fuller Prije dan
Love your videos, but please update your intro
Marcin Prije dan
Ive watched all of his videos and completed every stalker game and metro game what the fuck am i supposed to do now
funk for days
funk for days Prije dan
so, this are the enemies of freedom ?
DeadStar !
DeadStar ! Prije dan
Eu vim para num lugar que nem sabia que existia mds kkkkkkkkk
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije dan
play csgo and rush B
RageXDD Prije dan
Oba blyat
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije dan
That is the way to eat semechki in Turkey
Silva Dos Santos
Teach us cooking skills, like borsch and other vegan atuff thx.
My birthday was 3 days ago
Αντώνης Βαμβακούσης
I'm literally doing the exact same thing you do in 1:06
Ashanti Gonzaga
Ashanti Gonzaga Prije dan
Ahhaha your vids always makes me smile😂😆😆😄
JOE DON Prije dan
Sorry I'm not good at English but blayt
JOE DON Prije dan
I. LL do but if you fat make your self buff when you go outside your friend
Teapot Inc
Teapot Inc Prije dan
Watch a Boris marathon? Whatchu think I'm already doing?
Expacio Ninja
Expacio Ninja Prije dan
Did Boris really upload in 480p?
Just Ivan
Just Ivan Prije dan
Last day goverment add one more week 😐🔫
Zachary Hada
Zachary Hada Prije dan
My birthday is on Easter this year.
Sawyer Williams
Sawyer Williams Prije dan
Nice job comrade
andrey331 Prije dan
Откуда у людей столько денег на бумагу?
GamerGacha Z
GamerGacha Z Prije dan
This randomly popped up in my recommended. I have finally succeeded my goal.
Arda Demir
Arda Demir Prije dan
That is the way to eat semechki in Turkey
chrispro gr
chrispro gr Prije dan
play csgo and rush B
Hiltons peasant
Hiltons peasant Prije dan
Teachers:you can not get past us>:) we knnow every move your doing the kids:mutes teacher>:)
Hiltons peasant
Hiltons peasant Prije dan
Boris:15 ways to do while quirntined. me:ill play some roblox thats better!:P
Spicy Meatball
Spicy Meatball Prije dan
I don’t buy toilet,I have food and I look for violin
xiaospirit Prije dan
Can Boris teach us some programming for free
Error Prije dan
I love his voice
FLESHKA Prije dan
Wow. It's me on quarantine XD
R Fauzi Sultan Genharox
Hey, this is a family friendly video
Midnight Zirconia
"Birthday in 2 months" actually, it is my birthday today
Midnight Zirconia
2 weeks? I'm already at 2 with no end in sight, I'm prolly stuck for over a month
Марко Шкрбић
3:40 а шта да радимо ми који немамо мачке? 😂
Loris Holgado
Loris Holgado Prije dan
In France its not 2 weeks its 6 weeks
tyovo Prije dan
I haven't left vr in about a day now
Artyom The Soviet667
Ive been lifting in quartine and just watching boris videos
DR NOOB Prije 2 dana
Lol, good tips man! 😂😂😂. I lost it at dancing with comrade kitty. 😇
The vodka cooled PC
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