TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 3: “Rock Stars"

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Jenna and Diana face up to problems from their past.
It’s summer time in Millwood and Cassie and her friends are embarking on new jobs, new hobbies, and new romances while they prepare for senior year and the rest of their lives. With knockout performances from Kenzie Ziegler, Emily Skinner, Isaak Presley and Johnny Orlando, the final season of Total Eclipse cannot be missed.
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TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 3: “Rock Stars"


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30. Srp 2020.



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Komentari 100
Brat TV
Brat TV Prije 10 dana
we hope you enjoyed this episode! what do you think will happen next?
Maysi Phoenix Lapierre
Well ii would like if Sam and cassie could me together or else this whole series would be trash . I'm politely speaking.
Maysi Phoenix Lapierre
@Satya Manyou Me too
Sophie Boothman
Sophie Boothman Prije 3 dana
@Christine Lahtaw ik
Christine Lahtaw
Christine Lahtaw Prije 4 dana
We need San and Cassie back together!! They’re so cute!
Evelyn John
Evelyn John Prije 4 dana
@Mia Fajardo Kinda cringy though
Skye Dickinson
Skye Dickinson Prije 11 sati
We need more
Beasapple Tay
Beasapple Tay Prije 17 sati
why's the acting in these shows always sooo bad
Maysi Phoenix Lapierre
We want cassie and Sam together in the next epsiode and season
Madelyn Sanders
Madelyn Sanders Prije dan
is anyone else confused about how the expert on rocks is in summer school retaking and earth science class??
Ashley Holi
Ashley Holi Prije dan
Como si dice subtitulo en español no aparece que estafa 😔🙁😑😟😡👎🏻
It’sAnnalissa Prije dan
Bear Cuddles
Bear Cuddles Prije dan
Makenzie zigler
Amanda Wehrli García
dorjee Yangchen
dorjee Yangchen Prije dan
does anybody know when was this shot
Nails Shop
Nails Shop Prije dan
Prableen cutie girl
Prableen cutie girl Prije 2 dana
Pity axel
Sasha Clausen
Sasha Clausen Prije 2 dana
Is it just me or is there something between the boy who know a lot about stones and Sam?
JUDE Bitar
JUDE Bitar Prije 2 dana
Gabrielle Wise
Gabrielle Wise Prije 2 dana
Yes😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏( who agrees)
Umaiza Ahmad Joiya
Umaiza Ahmad Joiya Prije 2 dana
Who else noticed that at one point Cassie's hair transitioned into dark and then to light?!?!
Addison rae Big fan
Addison rae Big fan Prije 2 dana
Nadeen Elhennawy
Nadeen Elhennawy Prije 2 dana
8:02 lmaooo Cassie just starts doing the renagade
madeline jane
madeline jane Prije 2 dana
IT’S 8:02 FOR ME
Hajrah Khan
Hajrah Khan Prije 2 dana
Shay Shay Aldc
Shay Shay Aldc Prije 2 dana
I can kinda relate to Porsha because my brother kind helped raised me because my mom was working a lot and my dad lived with my step mom and brother
Benemmsha Dossen
Benemmsha Dossen Prije 2 dana
This is the amount of people who like cassie
Zoe Essamba
Zoe Essamba Prije 2 dana
Lol kenzie did TikTok dances
julie McDonnell
julie McDonnell Prije 2 dana
purplehannah19 Prije 2 dana
Im literally rewatching this bc i have nothing better to do
cleoshines Prije 2 dana
*Can people just respect Diana for who she is and not the bully she was in the past? Like sure she shouldn’t of called people names but that was ages ago and she was going through rough times. Instead of holding the past just let go of it, she already said she was sorry for the person she was back then and she doesn’t need to say it again lmao.* *Edit: I understand the victim’s pov though.*
Airis Soraya
Airis Soraya Prije 2 dana
I want Cassie and Sam back together
justnirvyyy 223
justnirvyyy 223 Prije 3 dana
Morgan was wrong to post that and now Kassie has to say sorry
Mace Dalpiaz
Mace Dalpiaz Prije 3 dana
Who are you 1. Morgan 2. Cassie 3. Sam 4. Spencer 5.Dienna 6. Kate 7.Jenna 8. Axel 9. Axels Sister 0. Anyone
Juliana Alreda
Juliana Alreda Prije 3 dana
Who else was like whaaaa when she danced tik tok moves lol
mounira mansour
mounira mansour Prije 3 dana
I know I will get attacked for this but I hat "sassie" I liked Julian more
Valentina Baeza
Valentina Baeza Prije 3 dana
I love Kenz
Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel Prije 3 dana
I want someone to get a puppy
Super Roblox Girl
Super Roblox Girl Prije 3 dana
Is it just me or...s-sam should not be mad at cassie and he is
Lilia Prije 3 dana
Super Roblox Girl There’s nothing wrong with that and people should be themselves without YOUR or anyone else’s approval, unless you have a problem with that? Do you? With all due respect, you should listen before you talk.
mike lopez
mike lopez Prije 3 dana
at 8:00 she looks so much like Maddie! (Her sister)
tula edits
tula edits Prije 3 dana
Thank you for putting us the Arabic translation, but why doesn't it work?
Richard Miller
Richard Miller Prije 3 dana
I like the place cassie works
i love u
i love u Prije 3 dana
So easy watch on good quality
This id one series of youtube? Wow, coooool
river msp
river msp Prije 3 dana
Everyone keeps saying Sam and Cassie better get together but I personally think they shouldn’t end up with anyone I think they would be better off single
Ava Rose
Ava Rose Prije 3 dana
All the comments: WhOs bEeN HeRe sCiNce SeAsOn oNe The reply’s: wHo wOuLd WaTcH hAlF WaY tHrOuGh Me: I started season two and never watched season one 🥺
Ava Rose
Ava Rose Prije 3 dana
All the comments: WhOs bEeN HeRe sCiNce SeAsOn oNe The reply’s: wHo wOuLd WaTcH hAlF WaY tHrOuGh Me: I started season two and never watched season one 🥺
Aya Abdalla
Aya Abdalla Prije 3 dana
Everyone: spencer and Jenna need to get together! And sassie too! Me: BRAT YOU HAVE TO MAKE KENZIE AND JOHNNY KISS AGAIN!!!!!
Bea Esguerra
Bea Esguerra Prije 3 dana
OMG its mackenzie!
strxwberry sunshine
strxwberry sunshine Prije 3 dana
Noreena Lei Tavete
Noreena Lei Tavete Prije 4 dana
In the beggining, why was cassie's hair brown and then in the audition video that kate was editing, her hair changed back to light again?? What? that's very confusing?
Peyton Elliott
Peyton Elliott Prije 4 dana
Okay what are you going to make the next episode I've been waiting for so long 😭
Sprixnq Prije 3 dana
Omg, be patient. They upload on every Friday, smh
jimin you got no jams
Not kenzie doing the renegade 😭
Radhia Badirou
Radhia Badirou Prije 4 dana
I'm confused so they are still doing episodes for total eclipse
Nat Garcia
Nat Garcia Prije 4 dana
Is it just me or is Morgan slightly becoming spiteful ? Like she’s a good friend and all but she seems to have a ton of resentment towards the girls as if she didn’t do anything wrong herself at all
Pratibha Thakur
Pratibha Thakur Prije 4 dana
Ok so now it is enough i want the girls to be always honest with each other and sam and cassie to be together till the end and if it doesn't happen iam gonna....well what can I do just gonna feel bad and start searching something new
Likesh Patgiri
Likesh Patgiri Prije 4 dana
Wait axel is in crown lake then how did he picked up Cassie's phone?
Aaliyah Chastain
Aaliyah Chastain Prije 4 dana
Aaliyah Chastain
Aaliyah Chastain Prije 4 dana
Glory-Angela O
Glory-Angela O Prije 4 dana
I really hope cassie doesent fall on love with axel
Stories By Sanah
Stories By Sanah Prije 4 dana
The last number of likes is who u r: 0. Luca 1. Kate 2. Diana 3. Sam 4. Cassie 5. Morgan 6. Spencer 7. Axel 8. Scott 9. Axel’s sister I love all of their acting skills and this is just free fun quiz but if you get someone who u don’t like then I am really sorry but again this is just a fun quiz 😊😊
knotleo Prije 4 dana
Cassie and Sam better get together by the end of this season or I’m gonna scream until people in Africa hear me.
Brooklyn Queen
Brooklyn Queen Prije 5 dana
Kate: ok do some basic moves. me: she might just do a high kick :P her moves: woah clap e.t.c. me: ._. also me: (does the renegade)
Buk Lyngdoh
Buk Lyngdoh Prije 5 dana
Amazing...hope to see more from you♥️♥️♥️
Nala Washington
Nala Washington Prije 5 dana
This is going to be crazy ! can't wait.
Rachel E.
Rachel E. Prije 5 dana
I need a best friend like Kate 😭❤️
JAYDISELYN Prije 5 dana
👋. Hi
M M Prije 5 dana
I literally love how Kate is always trying to help her friends at the best
Grande Off
Grande Off Prije 5 dana
Please let chase the vimpier and Charli that girl fall in love with this vimpier❤️ everyone is gonna which it really
Grande Off
Grande Off Prije 5 dana
We want chase and Charli please ❤️
Juan Recio
Juan Recio Prije 5 dana
What’s about mani
Alisha Kasasa
Alisha Kasasa Prije 5 dana
Is it only me or are cassie and sam soulmate I mean
Ayanna_03 Prije 5 dana
I am shook Cassie will get with Axel Sam will get with Diana Diana will fall in love with 'marvee' Jenna will get with Axel Morgan will get with Spencer What? AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Azza Abubakr
Azza Abubakr Prije 5 dana
Who hopes axel and cassie don't get together
Ashe Cookiee
Ashe Cookiee Prije 5 dana
JJANG Z3 Prije 5 dana
Korean sub pls
Priya Goveas
Priya Goveas Prije 5 dana
I'm predicting that Morgan didn't edited the video and got published and her cassie's boss is getting angry ... that's what I think I'm not trying to be a spoiler. Who knows what's going to be in the next episode
XxSunshine_ punchxX
XxSunshine_ punchxX Prije 6 dana
the 302 dislikes are from the kids that dont understand teen life
Gisfer Flores
Gisfer Flores Prije 6 dana
Diana and Sam this season 😏
Jazzy C
Jazzy C Prije 6 dana
... Kate: now do a silly move Cassie: does renagade me: RenAgaDe
adoptme girl
adoptme girl Prije 6 dana
Where is Attaway genaral
Olivia Lau
Olivia Lau Prije 6 dana
I want to keep on watching but I also want to stop 😩 nee mee is just SUPER creepy when she smiles and stuff
Kris U.K
Kris U.K Prije 6 dana
When is episode 5 coming, I am addicted, who else😭😭😭
unknown Vibez
unknown Vibez Prije 6 dana
how is Kenzie so amazing tho?!
Kimberly Ndubuisi
Kimberly Ndubuisi Prije 6 dana
I love brat tv 😭
Meryem H
Meryem H Prije 6 dana
I never liked Axel but I'm starting to feel sorry for him, like literally EVERYONE hates him and isn't nice to him
Evelyn John
Evelyn John Prije 6 dana
Brat Awesome!!
Pink element Gaming
Pink element Gaming Prije 6 dana
Not sponsored by tiktok
wi ka
wi ka Prije 6 dana
Why have morgan two other hairstyles? Lmao
Chloe Chen
Chloe Chen Prije 6 dana
Is there gonna be more I hope so I love these series
Kabonmili Rongpharpi
Jenna ❤ Spencer🍀🤞 Sam ❤Cassie 🍀🤞 Just my opinion ✌❤
Edelawit Teferi
Edelawit Teferi Prije 6 dana
Are we gonna ignore that tik tok dance moves done by cassie
Aarabhi Ashok
Aarabhi Ashok Prije 6 dana
Why did I not know her last name was Gordon 😂
Andrea Guerra
Andrea Guerra Prije 7 dana
I'm totally that same about Cassie hating hear her voice lol
Asha Chowdhury
Asha Chowdhury Prije 7 dana
Cas and sam just need to be together
Ava Parsons
Ava Parsons Prije 7 dana
guillermina aguilar
guillermina aguilar Prije 7 dana
Who else thinks that they should do another season because the show is really good
K.lariah Prije 7 dana
Yeeey wow I've been waiting 😍
Aimee M
Aimee M Prije 7 dana
The last seasonnnn :(
Elev en
Elev en Prije 7 dana
8:01 *renegade*
I am A human
I am A human Prije 7 dana
Does anyone know where she got her pants from 2:17
I am A human
I am A human Prije dan
KomalA Hassani whereeee
KomalA Hassani
KomalA Hassani Prije 5 dana
Nyla Liddell
Nyla Liddell Prije 7 dana
Sam and Diana might be a little cute
yohana g
yohana g Prije 7 dana
Idk if anybody noticed but when diana's phone rang she had an iPhone 11 but when she answered the call she had an iphone x
stephen nazzy
stephen nazzy Prije 7 dana
I swear I want Cassie and Sam to get back together plus Sam should let it go anyone else think so.
Sara Apay
Sara Apay Prije 7 dana
Anyone else here who has the same t-shirt as Sam?
lily1820 lily1820
lily1820 lily1820 Prije 7 dana
I’m a bit confused as to why the teacher looks the same age as the students am I missing something