Training My Roomate To Walk Quietly

William Osman
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18. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 13 801
Mega ManMario
Mega ManMario Prije 59 minuta
I would like this trash plox
Kat Chaffin
Kat Chaffin Prije sat
make a robot bunny that hops around and poops
Doggo like Beanz
Doggo like Beanz Prije 11 sati
give him respect he playin minecraft
Mackiedogs Ftw
Mackiedogs Ftw Prije 14 sati
I got *ANGRY* when i saw a bone of a dead man In the *LIVING ROOM*
bosna janje
bosna janje Prije 15 sati
you should take the stronger one
Jo Lilly
Jo Lilly Prije 16 sati
They are the perfect match for each other
Jack Minecraft
Jack Minecraft Prije 17 sati
Make a hard sweet gun to shoot people with and kill everyone in existance
Blagelaglaze Prije 20 sati
Having these two as roommates is like having two mad scientists as roommates. (Or should I say inventors)
duneblythe Prije dan
Keep weight on back foot. Gently place forward foot. Shift weight to forward foot. Carefully bring back foot to your forward foot. Repeat as needed. That's basic sneaking.
I hate everyone equally
"Is Michael reeves a good roommate? Yea he is not bad" Watching Michael Reeves`s videos, I have trouble believing that.
Ruby Aspin
Ruby Aspin Prije dan
When Mac Donald’s say there ice cream machine is broken there actually cleaning it
Kilgore Trout
Kilgore Trout Prije dan
Michael Reeves weighs like, what, 28lbs? How much noise could he make?
Patchwork Prije 2 dana
the whole ice cream machine thing is because the machines are a bitch and a half to clean so no one really wants to do it
Agent 008
Agent 008 Prije 3 dana
Michael Reeves uses Windows Subsystem for Linux confirmed
We are all fish boi
We are all fish boi Prije 3 dana
We need to spam Michaels next video with big hairless dog
Michael Abbott
Michael Abbott Prije 3 dana
If it were Michael doing this he would have used the bigger shocker with no remorse
Mr.Death Prije 3 dana
Yo funny story about the ice cream machine conspiracy theory. It's actually not broken, it's just a bitch to clean and takes like 4 hours, so it's not worth it to actually sell ice cream and clean it at night. McDonald's threatens to replace it's employees with robots yet they can't even replace the ice cream machines with the better ones.
Asian Trash
Asian Trash Prije 3 dana
mastr5135 Prije 4 dana
Gib me trash
Raquel Sanchez
Raquel Sanchez Prije 4 dana
Thats just a SAW trap
Madi Reagan
Madi Reagan Prije 4 dana
Dude that lady probably thought you were a serial killer
Jacob Rivera
Jacob Rivera Prije 4 dana
It’s not lazy employees when they say they gotta clean it cause overnight didn’t do it, they gotta clean it, when they say it’s broken, it’s not broken it’s temporarily down, I worked at McDonald’s for a year it sucked but it’s a process, so is cleaning or fixing that fucking machine
Nanana FuckThat
Nanana FuckThat Prije 4 dana
itll probably b running a few thousand volts, thats a fence unit haha, next time u need one just head to ur local agricultural store
Troy Dale
Troy Dale Prije 4 dana
Nun with Dual Berettas
Micheal turned his invention against him.
NightHawk Prije 5 dana
This is wrong.
Schuyler Warren
Schuyler Warren Prije 5 dana
i once fell balls first on one of those hot wire terminals when i was about 7 years old... one of the most painful experiences of my life
That Individual
That Individual Prije 5 dana
Is no one going to talk about the soul that leaves William's mouth after he shocked himself?
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington Prije 5 dana
“Inhumane for animals” lol well thats sentence doesn’t really make sense now does it? Like, do animals have humanity? When they shit everywhere and ravage other animals is that humanity?
Dondon Prije 2 dana
The inhuman part refers to the humans not acting like a decent human-being. Also humans are the most ravagiest against other animals.
Escher MODER
Escher MODER Prije 5 dana
1:39 “like a troglodyte” lol
kitsune in a box
kitsune in a box Prije 5 dana
How to train your roommate
Midget Martian
Midget Martian Prije 5 dana
Is this how your house burned down
Spookyboi Lars
Spookyboi Lars Prije 5 dana
Stop Furby abuse 2k19
guns,knifes,and reptiles
Sure add me on Instagram and give info
Natalie Stewart
Natalie Stewart Prije 6 dana
6:12 as a former overnight McDonald's employee I can confirm that we don't serve ice cream at night for this purpose but at the same time sometimes other things pop up and we just don't get around to cleaning it. Eso si que es.
12 inchesofworm
12 inchesofworm Prije 6 dana
That skeleton has experienced things that should not be known by the public
Gabriella Marie Ferreira
Gabriella Marie Ferreira
I lost it when he bounced across the floor
Shawn Zulauf
Shawn Zulauf Prije 6 dana
ngl why he have a caretaker
scapegoaaat Prije 2 dana
Thats his gf/wife afaik
Artu Artu
Artu Artu Prije 6 dana
Dud i hit a horse electric fence and that shit is pain and it was on like 50% and i was like 10 but i wasn’t done touching it
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