Trisha: My Thoughts

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Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
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8. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 3 030
Instead of respecting her new gender, you should be admitting her to a rehab/psychiatric hospital.
laleczka1987 Prije 2 sati
Wow Gigi you really don't care about the community, do you...
Kaleb H
Kaleb H Prije 2 sati
"I'm 1000% trans and I'm 1000% 'natural'." Umm... That's not- that's not how it works
Yeah I agree with lots of the comments, its not about being transgendered or not. She has a mental illness. Let's use that power to address this first.
Beckie Ross
Beckie Ross Prije 4 sati
Oh ffs Trisha is not transgender. I would never ever tell someone they aren’t something they identify as but Trisha is just something else.
Taylor Ross
Taylor Ross Prije 5 sati
Thank you for this. Someone in my life came out as transgender and It’s been hard seeing a point of view. I love you!
Ethany Yeah
Ethany Yeah Prije 6 sati
when she said 🤠 i felt that
Roman King
Roman King Prije 10 sati
so easy for you to say "its not about how you look" lol gtfo gigi
Hali Tsotetsi
Hali Tsotetsi Prije 12 sati
What beautiful words!
Krystal Quinto
Krystal Quinto Prije 12 sati
Nya Boyle
Nya Boyle Prije 12 sati
i thought she was identified as a chicken nugget 😳
Skyedem Prije 15 sati
It doesn't matter what we think we know about Trisha, or what we think of Trisha's content. We have no right to decide for someone else that they are or are not trans. You can choose to have an "opinion" on it, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. If someone identifies one way, that's them, weather or not it is believed, that is who they are. And no one can change that. Also, labels aren't permanent. They can change and change until you find one that fits you, or dont. It's all just a label, be who you are. That's all.
Isabella Mendes
Isabella Mendes Prije 16 sati
It's not knowledge is common sense, I support the community but I'm not apart of it specifically and I understand simple common sense and respect concerning these topics
Candy Rain
Candy Rain Prije 17 sati
Damn gigi not expecting this ....
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez Prije 18 sati
Yeah ok you try to ignore drama but then yet you making this nonsense video😑 ugh!
YaGirl_ Royalty
YaGirl_ Royalty Prije 18 sati
Why would you be offended
tylerfrump15 Prije 19 sati
She literally started her HRvid career being a troll and making offensive videos to get attention. You shouldn't take ANYTHING she says seriously tbh
Leah Brandman
Leah Brandman Prije 19 sati
Great video, you beautiful soul (meaning your insides). You get so many compliments (rightly so!) on your physical appearance, but I want to tell you about what truly makes you stunning, a knockout: your heart of gold. Pax et bonum (heard you were Catholic)! 🥰🥰😘😘😘👼👼👼👼👼👼👼🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻🍪🍪🍪🍪❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
Justin Arnstein
Justin Arnstein Prije 19 sati
I just hope Trisha figures it all out.
daisy rose
daisy rose Prije 21 sat
*listens to joanne once*
amylynnbill35 Prije 23 sati
She also said she was black.. and a chicken nugget. I suppose you believe that too?. c'mon Gigi I thought you were smarter than that... Sad
Sarah Love
Sarah Love Prije 23 sati
why does someone need to tell anyone they are transgender or anything really if it’s who they are inside, surely the outside doesn’t change who you are inside. Apologies if this sounds ignorant I just wondered is all
honeyglow Prije dan
So Trisha is transgender 🤣😂🤣😂 I would love to know what Jason thinks🤣😂🤣😂
emily m
emily m Prije dan
but i promise you tmr she finna be a egg or a cat.
Jasveen K Gill
Jasveen K Gill Prije dan
Wow Just wow.
Nicolee Magnusson
Yeeeaaah she is not transgender, i call bullshit.
Nadav Rodas
Nadav Rodas Prije dan
Thank you Gigi for being a great example to our community and the world .. let’s stop the hate ! let’s help an make our community strong ! for all the future children.. adults .. anyone who is to come !
sophia ramalho
sophia ramalho Prije dan
You speak so eloquently and kindly!!! 💕
bea69uty69 Prije dan
FINALLY as a trans person myself , YOU have been the only other transgender woman who has supported T
Chloe H
Chloe H Prije dan
Gigi, how could you be SO DENSE?!? Really?!?!?
Klara Ekman
Klara Ekman Prije dan
I feel like this is such a great way of responding to trishas video, i feel like there were A LOT of hate in ts’ comments because ofc a lot of people in the lgbtq+ communtiy, wich is understandable, trisha made have said some things that were offensive, some words that might have triggered someone. But i struggle a lot with my ”label” in sexuality (i am comfortable in my gender so i can not speak on behalf of transgender people) but i know that a lot is confusing, and even tho im sure what i am and what i wanna label myself, i feel like im afraid because of other lgbtq+ people will be mad at me. But i do believe that u dont HAVE to label yourself, and the way trisha explained this in the video might have come of wrong, but i think if trisha wants to identify as whatever, she is able to. I truly dont think the intention was to hurt anyone. I just know from my own experience that things u plan to say sounds right and makes sense in your head, but it might come out different saying it out loud. There can be things that u say that the other person will think of in another way then u meant it. Wich is something very hard to realise at first. I just think trisha was trying to say what trisha thought but didnt think about how other people could see it. It happens. And im sorry to anyone offended, and this is just my opinion. Trisha has done a lot of mistakes and scandalous things and said things that have been offensive and/or wrong, controversial etc. but i dont think the intention was to hurt anyone else. And im so glad gigi as a transgender woman could give this ”constructive critisism” in a very supportive way and bring up things she didnt agree with but in a very sincere and mature way.
Angela Deschamps
Trisha is so confusing she said she and her pronouns were still okay and that she identifies with her “born gender 1000%”
MelodiieYo Prije dan
Trish needs an intervention forreal shes all about money and mental manipulation to get money ......
sorry_sundays Prije dan
Like you said, the ignorant need to be educated. I think Trisha needs to research more on what makes a person transgender person and what body dysmorphia is. She needs to see a therapists specialized in this field, because it could turn out that she isn’t trans and instead could be unhappy with some other aspect of her life, which may have led her to come to this sudden conclusion
Chilli con Carter
You’re lovely you i’m well proud of you as is everyone else ❤️x
rugbyplayer9100 Prije dan
Of course Trisha isn’t transgender. She’s a huge troll and everyone knows that 😂
Sydney Sovern
Sydney Sovern Prije dan
Six and a half minutes, god bless a short video
Orion Prije dan
Aussie Vlogger
Aussie Vlogger Prije dan
Please shut up and stop enabling this behaviour
Wes Moran
Wes Moran Prije dan
"I've heard it all...and I'm still here." Love that quote.
nikita patel
nikita patel Prije dan
This was such a pure video😭❤️
Megan Marlin
Megan Marlin Prije dan
This video just made me have so much more respect for you. I love how you tried to understand it all before you spoke out or became aggressive. The way you speak about this is so loving and gentle. You’re amazing. We need more people like you in the world
Haley Holbrook
Haley Holbrook Prije dan
What do you use on your inner corners? Your eye makeup is perfect
Beanie Mom
Beanie Mom Prije dan
Athena D
Athena D Prije dan
I’m loving your hat
Tam - My Private Account
Gigi PLEASE don’t fall for her lies! She’s not transgender! She’s said she’s everything from a chicken nugget to a black person. She knows she went too far so she lied to you bc she didn’t want the backlash.
Sarah Pyne316
Sarah Pyne316 Prije dan
Trish literally said that she was born a female..and she still identifies as a female. How is she transgender..
James Bishop
James Bishop Prije dan
Girl you just as stupid as her. She is not transgender. This the same woman who identified herself as a chicken nugget
Tea Sipping
Tea Sipping Prije dan
She isn't trans. She said she's in the middle of gay and a drag queen LMAO. She just needs money for her drugs bro.
Brittany Ofdr
Brittany Ofdr Prije dan
You're both blonde and she's a troll
Kayla Jackson
Kayla Jackson Prije dan
It doesn’t matter what anyone believes other than Trisha. Respect her by using waned pronouns and treat someone as they feel. She is still ignorant to a lot of the LGBTQ+ community. Maybe she’s still figuring a lot out, but we still should give her time, even if we do have a hunch that she isn’t what she says she is
blackjade101 Prije 2 dana
Don't give this energy, it's making her more $$$
HealthyAsAHorse! Prije 2 dana
C’mon GUYS, there is PLENTY of mental illness to go around for everyone. 👍🏻
WunderWaff Prije 2 dana
everyone deserves a peice
Kay Kat
Kay Kat Prije 2 dana
Trisha takes absolutely no responsibility for her actions that she herself creates. She’s a liar and nothing but drama.
Colorless Aurora
Colorless Aurora Prije 2 dana
I hope you’re a true friend and at least tell her in private that she doesn’t need to make videos like that to get views. The only reason she made the video was to get views! You know this! First she thinks she’s actually black. Then a chicken nugget. Now transgender! If she is trans, that’s obviously not an issue, but if she’s not, she needs serious help! She’s chasing clout and views, and just because she told you her video isn’t clickbait DOES NOT MEAN it isn’t. Check your friend please and make sure she’s okay, because everyone knows she isn’t...
Colorless Aurora
Colorless Aurora Prije 2 dana
I never said she isn’t trans. Shutup please🙄 everyone is literally ignoring the fact that she made disgusting and offensive comments about something she obviously knows nothing about. Did y’all see the ads in her videos that I saw? Including her apology video KNOWING she would get the views. Stop covering your eyes willingly. That’s good for her if she finally found who she is, but she’s using it for clout. She claims she never told anyone, but she goes straight to social media where she knows she will get hate right off, instead of going to any close friends to talk about it. Again, I never said she isn’t trans, but I’m also not going to ignore the fact that she’s done videos like this before STRICTLY for the views. It’s ridiculous...
WunderWaff Prije 2 dana
Keep in mind anyone can identify as trans. No need for proof. I, right here, am going to say I am trans. You can't prove me wrong, you have no proof.
Colorless Aurora
Colorless Aurora Prije 2 dana
She needs professional help. Do not enable her disgusting behavior
Katnip Prije 2 dana
We do need to educate the ignorant. So please Gigi, educate Trisha, because she is really ignorant. She really needs to talk to a professional, and dig deep into why she has a problem with being a woman.
LovlinyLadi Prije 2 dana
What does being a woman feel like?
Katrin Murnain
Katrin Murnain Prije 2 dana
Very well said Gigi ....
jetnight 88
jetnight 88 Prije 2 dana
Gigi I’m giving you the side eye because a real friend calls out the bullshit and you didn’t 😒
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