Trump Brings U.S. to Brink of War with Iran | The Daily Show

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President Trump calls off a military strike against Iran minutes before launch, raising questions about when he was briefed on key issues surrounding the decision.
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25. Lip 2019.

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Komentari 4 463
kevin vicente
kevin vicente Prije 5 minuta
Russia has to something to the us in order for them to calm down
Dark flood
Dark flood Prije 5 sati
Dude dosnt go to war for you liberal fucks and you get mad wanting to go
Cell of Green
Cell of Green Prije 10 sati
Donald Trump Big mother fucker new Era
7 دقیقه تا اسرائیل با سجیل
ما لحظه شماری میکنیم برای نابودی اسرائیل!!! مثل بارش آتش روی سرشون فرود خواهیم آمد.اتفاقی که در تاریخ ماندگار خواهد شد.
meera bhargava
meera bhargava Prije dan
what is it with Pence and swinging?
Razee Taushif
Razee Taushif Prije 2 dana
To the last part iran should least try once...
idris aleeyu
idris aleeyu Prije 2 dana
Iran have nukes so attacking them will be bad idea
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Prije 2 dana
Funny as hell , but nail on the dot . That 150 killed in the start will look like chum change with what will come after as the result. Thanks for not pouring taco sauce on your plate , you just saved your self from a regret in the morning
Angela Hofman
Angela Hofman Prije 2 dana
Mr Trump you bring wapons too IRAN too talk...i hope IRAN leurn you a lessen that you never foget Mr Trump...long live IRAN🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷
Kneeger Jim
Kneeger Jim Prije 2 dana
U.S. are pussies, U.S. do not dare to attack another nuclear power.
miathapapaya Prije 3 dana
That split personality evil twin shit is simply because Trump is a Gemini
Arash Kadivarian
Arash Kadivarian Prije 3 dana
Iran 👑
music freak
music freak Prije 3 dana
plz... i feel awfull about this subject . 🙄😕
Águila701 Prije 3 dana
Same bullshit as with North Korea all over again.
nasir soomro
nasir soomro Prije 4 dana
Wow... hahahaha great
Ne W1
Ne W1 Prije 4 dana
hamza mohamed
hamza mohamed Prije 5 dana
Mr trevor you are nice guy. Please bring sudan case some time because we really need peoples areound the world know about what is going on in our country. Thanks
deztro9 DT9S
deztro9 DT9S Prije 5 dana
The end was str8 #facts
Josh Selkovits
Josh Selkovits Prije 5 dana
Trevor own the Trump impression
good _vibes
good _vibes Prije 6 dana
I am middle easter and i love america so much but definitely Not trump , wishing someday my dream can be fulfilled in residing in America the country of freedom and peace and logic
khadim toure Touba senegal
the best tv host in the world
Huz Ib.
Huz Ib. Prije 8 dana
Every US president must have their own war to prove. This is a bad trend. Calling yourself peacekeeper is a joke.
Gudmundur Thor Karlsson
" for any man who changes his principles depending on whom he is dealing, that is not a man who can lead a nation", Nelson Mandela.
Gudmundur Thor Karlsson
Trump needs to fire Pompeo and Bolton.
seekr34 Prije 5 dana
agreed. Those two seem more than ready to make war
Anuar Caca Firus
Anuar Caca Firus Prije 9 dana
American president typical norm when they failed to raise money - they create war with other countries.
Mr. JJ
Mr. JJ Prije 9 dana
sky DilDo!😂😂😂LMFAO😂😂😂😂😂
Mønzurul Hasan
Mønzurul Hasan Prije 9 dana
Taju Olaniyi
Taju Olaniyi Prije 9 dana
You are too blessed😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Syed Sammer Haider
Syed Sammer Haider Prije 10 dana
10 min away? 😂😂😂😂😂 Why don't you try it US? Just do it and they'll tell you what barbarian actually means
Beast Of Pride
Beast Of Pride Prije 10 dana
Trump: *Watches this video* Trump: Looks like we gotta deport a tv show and put it in Iran, Oh yes we should!
Amgha Zhimo
Amgha Zhimo Prije 10 dana
When will democrats ever b happy? If war breaks out trump will b eaten alive and if trump stops a war still they critize him... What do the democrats actually want? Impeach trump? Sorry that's not possible
Ankit Garg
Ankit Garg Prije 10 dana
I love to see the pain in Trevor's eyes thinking that his President is Trump.
Adam Lester
Adam Lester Prije 10 dana
I like how Trevor Noah acts like he is an American democrat when in fact he is not a U.S. citizen. Even if he wanted to vote against Donald Trump, he couldn't.
Nima Panahy
Nima Panahy Prije 10 dana
Just like the Iran's leader predicted
ashraf shaik
ashraf shaik Prije 10 dana
Trump is no idiot he didnt make billions by being an idiot i respect him obama was a idiot bush was an even bigger idiot tge difference between them all u cant buy trump besides being president of US hes also a master of his own universe
Mathilde Bruhn
Mathilde Bruhn Prije 10 dana
Is anyone really surprised that Pence is just agreeing with everything Trump wants to do? I've said it before and I'll say it again, I suspect that Pence is playing the long game; he's keeping his head low, waiting to see what happens, and then when Trump is finished, he's gonna run for president himself. Depending on how Trump's presidency ends, he's either gonna run his campaign as Trump 2.0 or he's gonna claim he worked behind the scenes to stop Trump from doing irreversible damage to the US democracy
Lillianna Statler
Lillianna Statler Prije 10 dana
This dude is a piece of shit. I can't believe people actually think he is funny. He is an Communist scumbag and the world would be better without his stupid show.
Omair Shafiq
Omair Shafiq Prije 10 dana
Imran Khan of America?
ManduloMusic Prije 10 dana
...forget wall....bunch of fence sitters...😏
William WAGENER Prije 10 dana
Forget Bussing. Kamela HARRIS was called out on California TV show for causing millions of BLUE Collar works to Lose their homes via FRAUDULENT Foreclosure documents: Watch, and ask yourself WHY BIDEN has not thrown this in Kam Harris face ! ! !
Garrett Fitzgerald
Garrett Fitzgerald Prije 11 dana
Jesus Christ! Help us all, the whole world is falling around laughing at this madman. It would be hilarious if Trump wasn't so dangerous.
Bater Janjatah
Bater Janjatah Prije 11 dana
It's the carot & the stick!
Wen Tai
Wen Tai Prije 11 dana
POTUS trying to EXPOSE the globalists war criminals!!???
Aleo Prije 12 dana
Turbo Turbo
Turbo Turbo Prije 12 dana
America didn't cause the release of nukes from Iran. Ashplunda rings a bell
Mo Cuishle
Mo Cuishle Prije 12 dana
Buddy Waang
Buddy Waang Prije 12 dana
Dumb Trump
PNV EE Prije 13 dana
Death to the west
Stephanie Prije 13 dana
MIGA 2020
arash karimi
arash karimi Prije 13 dana
Also fyi my government would show a clip of some people burning your flag today again and fox news would show it to u!! Those are not real people!! People weeeee areeee against governments. That's all u should know what ever ourgovernments say is a lie . Come on !! Wake up!!!!!
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