Trump Brings U.S. to Brink of War with Iran | The Daily Show

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President Trump calls off a military strike against Iran minutes before launch, raising questions about when he was briefed on key issues surrounding the decision.
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25. Lip 2019.



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Komentari 4 479
London Beats
London Beats Prije 12 dana
War this, War that ! What's new ? "Target" ryt ? "Target'"... I feel like American's need to see blood on their Streets then maybe war won't be so hot when McDonald's on fire 🤔🇿🇦🇺🇸 🇿🇦
minchow chowmain
minchow chowmain Prije 18 dana
Watch the the movie 'PIMP' beat us down then give us a bandage as if he saved us
ismart genius ismart genius
That general in Twitter is funny 😂😂
David Stoilkovski
David Stoilkovski Prije 21 dan
"IRAQ WAR 2 " and you talk about Iran? 6:01
Acc 1
Acc 1 Prije 21 dan
cmon america.... bring it on cowards
ZV Abner Tim
ZV Abner Tim Prije 21 dan
why did american hated iran so much? forget trump.
peter kinasz
peter kinasz Prije 24 dana
There's a pattern that occurs when unpopular president faces re-election. A war suddenly erupts somewhere and the sitting president always gets re-elected bcuz of it. No candidates want 2 get involved in these pre-meditated messes and we get stuck with a hack for 4 more years.
BOSS DOGIE FAN Prije 27 dana
We support USA From: phillippines🇵🇭🇵🇭
Abdullah ibn Hussein
Abdullah ibn Hussein Prije 27 dana
Trump you idiot , you missed a good opportunity now look what Iran did to the oil in Saudi Arabia.
David Armillie
David Armillie Prije 28 dana
#NIGA "Nevermake Iran Great Again!" LOL!
i automobile
i automobile Prije 29 dana
What if they were 150 Americans that were to die, because it's Iranian people, does it make a difference.
Nazrul Islam
Nazrul Islam Prije mjesec
What I don't understand is that America has a lot of good people. But what's wrong with their president. As if they ellected the worst human in their country. All he know is hate . That's why the China is getting ahead in evrything . Because american are busy chosing dumb president .
dannyrene12 Prije mjesec
Duh there's 2 trumps... He's a Gemini 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we're under the rule of a psychopath. The other trump is a sociopath lol
Jana Catudan
Jana Catudan Prije mjesec
He's a Gemini, no wonder.
Mustafa-szt8 Yousif
Mustafa-szt8 Yousif Prije mjesec
Hiiii I like your videos Can you talk more about sudan please
Verena Steineck
Verena Steineck Prije mjesec
What I don't get about America being in war: Why do they always say that they are at war, but war is never in America? I mean, as European, thanks for assisting in extinguishing the Nazis, but why did the citizens need to be attacked too? Don't you get that dropping a bobm leaves more scars behind than a crater. Just stop killing people this way. In this advanced technological Era there are better ways for solving tensions
stblackpanter02 Prije mjesec
Rp God
Rp God Prije mjesec
Make _________ great again could be a fucking pickup line
Sambath Official
Sambath Official Prije mjesec
What's a joke?
Arman Pars
Arman Pars Prije mjesec
ترامپ نمی داند داره با کی در میفته ایران عراق یا افغانستان نیست Trump doesn't know who he is going with Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan
Karthik B.S
Karthik B.S Prije mjesec
How are u guys hangin up in their man under the administration of this maniac..
Xedaib Prije mjesec
"retaliate on 3 different sights"? Is it because I'm French and I don't understand the sentence or...
Colt Henderson
Colt Henderson Prije mjesec
The truth is trump aborted because our allies said they would not support him in another war in the region.
The Best There Is
The Best There Is Prije mjesec
They are all headless chickens...
Mohammed Warfa
Mohammed Warfa Prije 2 mjeseci
The reality is, Iran is not like the iraq or libiya Afghanistan, iran has powerful military in the middle East, so that USA can't take action against Iran, I'm sure 100%, if USA try, do you think suadi arabia and others will be a Seattle, this can be very critical situation, if the control getting out of hand it will be never return, ww3
Dz-187 Dz-187
Dz-187 Dz-187 Prije 2 mjeseci
Grant Burton
Grant Burton Prije 2 mjeseci
This is trump I stg 😂
Dexin Wang
Dexin Wang Prije 2 mjeseci
Trump is a real Gemini
Y S Prije 2 mjeseci
Spread Peace Not War
L Howry
L Howry Prije 2 mjeseci
That was just fantastic at the end. So bloody true. That's a British bloody not an American one.
Thomas Tamir
Thomas Tamir Prije 2 mjeseci
Why are you blaming president Trump, when it is Iran that is taking the hostile steps? Trevor, I am beginning to wonder, are you a socialist?
Mature Man
Mature Man Prije 2 mjeseci
Thank you Americans (specially american businessmen, military personnels and the politicians) you guys are so generous to the world for restoring world's "Democracy" and understanding commoners' "Pain" and "Suffering" and "Causalities". You guys are the "Savers" of the world.
Mischa Prije 2 mjeseci
so here you got the first president who's trying to not make war - seems like a good thing to me
BobbyKing Prije 2 mjeseci
America’s solution for anything is to bomb the area.
Navid Hajari
Navid Hajari Prije 2 mjeseci
Funny as fuck. Thanks
Mahdi Farhadi
Mahdi Farhadi Prije 2 mjeseci
I am an Iranian and are really happy to see such news 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🤗🤗🤗🤗
alireza eftekhari
alireza eftekhari Prije 2 mjeseci
Hi, im a 24 year old iranian with nothing but respect in my heart for american people. i assure you not even 1 person that i know that isnt inside the gov wants war. what us gov is doing to us is unhuman. i mean with all these sanctions there is no future for us young people. for example if you wanna buy a toyota you must pay 1 billion toman.... let that sink in. if you work for a whole month your salary isnt more than 300 dollars. workes get paid less than 100 dollars in a month. everything is sooooo expensive nowadays. the only people hurting from this conflict are innocent people... please i beg you to start understanding that WE DONT WANT WAR, WE JUST WANNA LIVE , WORK , STUDY , LOVE , ... like the rest of the world and just be HAPPY... may god protect us all... thank u
Jitendra Singh
Jitendra Singh Prije 2 mjeseci
Dear News Anchor you are just are best
Farid Sheikh
Farid Sheikh Prije 2 mjeseci
Your sense of humour is quite nice and unique.
conom Prije 2 mjeseci
I rather die than not to defend my homeland
missy aman
missy aman Prije 2 mjeseci
Ooo edgy 😍
ابو سعد محمود
ابو سعد محمود Prije 2 mjeseci
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La illaha illallah
La illaha illallah Prije 2 mjeseci
U.S U.K and their ALLIES invading Muslim countries killing innocent people stolen natural resources
Allon Adams
Allon Adams Prije 2 mjeseci
Trumps zodiac sign is Gemini thats why hes batsh!t crazy😂😂
Dietmar Bitterlich
Dietmar Bitterlich Prije 2 mjeseci
Until the US will be stopped in its place the world will never be safe.
SS MitAri LvBrd
SS MitAri LvBrd Prije 2 mjeseci
And the Nobel Peace prize of 2k19 goes to #Donald_Trump.... Give a huge round of applause 😂😂
The one who knocks
The one who knocks Prije 2 mjeseci
As an Iranian I thought only our politicians are crazy
PK Avenger
PK Avenger Prije 2 mjeseci
Sky Dildo LMAO :D
kiyanoosh amin
kiyanoosh amin Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm. Iranian, I hope those happen soon going finish between IRAN and USA,
Radan Rt
Radan Rt Prije 2 mjeseci
damn to trump
Greta Prije 2 mjeseci
"Yo, uh, cops? I told these 2 guys to mug everyone they see, but then, at the last second, I told them to stop. SO, you're welcome people."
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly Prije 2 mjeseci
LOL 150 casualties...more like thousands! He only stopped the strike to TRY to look good..didn't work! Presidents are always given facts wayyyyy before a military strike..he was a coward and yes, a liar, once again! LOL So Iran can't have nuclear weapons but America can have as many as she wants!!! Same goes for No Korea, China and every other nation...America being the damn bully once again.
BadBoy Carti
BadBoy Carti Prije 2 mjeseci
as an iranian i fuckin love to be in a show that noah is there
The Black Knight
The Black Knight Prije 2 mjeseci
Arul Stalin
Arul Stalin Prije 2 mjeseci
OMG such a good speaker you are..
madhukar TNV
madhukar TNV Prije 2 mjeseci
Because trump is a gemini....the twins
N M Prije 3 mjeseci
The world should stop america they killed a lot of people in last 20yr... America is bully country
Ethan Powers
Ethan Powers Prije 3 mjeseci
Milania made him pull out
rudy barton
rudy barton Prije 3 mjeseci
A fucking orange pussy riot
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia Prije 3 mjeseci
Amran Sidek
Amran Sidek Prije 3 mjeseci
what if iran could obliterate us? it works both ways i guess..since both of them have nuclear