Trump Pressures Ukraine to Investigate Biden & Impeachment Looms | The Daily Show

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Nancy Pelosi announces a formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump after a whistleblower complaint alleged the president pressured Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter.
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25. Ruj 2019.



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Komentari 7 491
HARI-NG- SABLAY Prije 2 sati
Syndicates are using curropt politicians to impeach the good president. Just like in philippines.
Lax Wave
Lax Wave Prije 16 sati
trump 2020
Ta Neyleme
Ta Neyleme Prije 2 dana
why alabama ? i didnt understand
Deborah Alqanai
Deborah Alqanai Prije 11 dana
Maybe we need check why Nancy Pelosi is fighting so hard to kick President Trump out of office! Paul Pelosi jr. has his hands in the cookie jar in Ukraine like Hunter Biden! Who is the whistleblower you ask? Need to look and investigate all dirty democrats involved in working in gas companies in Ukraine!!!
Yaluobud Werdna
Yaluobud Werdna Prije 12 dana
Oh Shit, I stumbled upon the looney lefty channel where all the Democrat ding bats with Trump Derangement Syndrome hang out... get me out of here suckers...
Yaluobud Werdna
Yaluobud Werdna Prije 12 dana
Trevor Noah is a traitorous disrespectful fag. Go back to South Africa you twerp and do not be disrespectful to the values and status of the POTUS.
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Prije 15 dana
Paolo Rosario
Paolo Rosario Prije 19 dana
just demorats are above the laws of the nation ! as we all can see ! BULL shitf ! lies lies !
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Prije 19 dana
Thatdude 315
Thatdude 315 Prije 20 dana
Stick to comedy me Noah not news you look real stupid now 🤷🏾‍♂️
Gaming Junction
Gaming Junction Prije 22 dana
0:20 music to my ears
jed davies
jed davies Prije 22 dana
The MSM should check back on when Bill Clinton approached Britains PM Tony Blair for help The Democrats cant even raise enough cash to buy Ads and complain that Facebook favors Trump. Facebook gets more Ad revenue from Trump while the Democrats still rely on TV. the younger more media savvy under 35s are streets ahead of the Democrats who are way behind the Conservatives in getting their message out So the Dems take to attacking Facebook for favoring Tru;mp. Real crybaby losers.
natto Prije 25 dana
i saw an orangutan in this video wow 😳 🤩
LORD'S crusader
LORD'S crusader Prije 27 dana
Trevor's news sources are abc and cnn. What does it say about this channel? He's owned by the Democrats. This is sad because Trevor is a talented guy and shouldn't have involved himself with a hypocritical political party.
zjohn Prije 28 dana
The US is 20 trillion in debt and they give hundreds of millions to corrupt foreign Governments. What a bunch of IDIOTS. TOO FUNNY
Kris Kris
Kris Kris Prije 28 dana
No one is above the law, not even the President of USA. Otherwise USA will become a LAWLESS nation.
Nikolai Prije 28 dana
He's the only one who stood up vs. china.. he's securing the boarder for illegal immigration.. leave your president alone! Let him be, who can do better?😷
Slim Klampton
Slim Klampton Prije 29 dana
Trump's head is like a jack-o-lantern,orange, big,full of hot wax,but his candle is burning out
Karen Reed
Karen Reed Prije 29 dana
President Trump did NOT pressure but Joe Biden did.
Blue In red
Blue In red Prije mjesec
Kabir Modi
Kabir Modi Prije mjesec
America is terrorist country. Enemy of human rights
Earths Vibrations
Earths Vibrations Prije mjesec
And the economy plummet agin while now its increasingly rising #facts
Earths Vibrations
Earths Vibrations Prije mjesec
Better prepare for a civil war uprising aginst the government if trump gets impeached #facts
Lovely Dimes
Lovely Dimes Prije mjesec
Why is his vocabulary terrible this is American where is the effort In his communication skills??
Kajenn Duski
Kajenn Duski Prije mjesec
What is whistle blower ???
Michael Antonio Bagley
Why help from ukraine though?
Kvyn Gmbyr
Kvyn Gmbyr Prije mjesec
AMEER ALMUHMD Prije mjesec
Thanks! very beautiful
John Luna
John Luna Prije mjesec
Fake news!! The Democrats are f’d
Andrew Cochrane
Andrew Cochrane Prije mjesec
trevor noah isnt funny hes a cock head. ashamed to call him a South African, biden son was corruptly put on that board of governors for 50 k USD per month whilst his daddy was vice pres, because his daddy was VP...illegal!!! get your facts straight dick head noah! And biden still hasnt given an answer cos hes guilty, simple. protected by all the other guilty assholes of the Establishment trying to hide the truth whove dne same in ukraine. including the media who hire assholes like this one to further their lies. wake up sheep, youre being told lies!
Jenny Shull
Jenny Shull Prije mjesec
Even if Impeached Trump will still be called President
Amina Ahmad
Amina Ahmad Prije mjesec
Pcb is a disgrace.
itszoe easy
itszoe easy Prije mjesec
He was in big trouble too about the Russian collision 😂😂😂😂 you guys just need to accept that he beat your ass in the 2016 election
Thomas Müller
Thomas Müller Prije mjesec
Donald Trump says - American first and mean: Donald FIRST with Help from ---- Russia, North Korea, Türkei, FUCK DONALD TRUMP
Thomas Müller
Thomas Müller Prije mjesec
Please leave Donald .... why ???? you have two Kings ..... King George III until 1774 and King Donald I since 2017 ---- why died so many men in war of indepence ???
In Cognito
In Cognito Prije mjesec
I find it disheartening that the media can so easily manipulate so many people. Stop letting the TV control how you think. if you're as open-minded as you think you are, read the transcript for yourself and form your own opinion.
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez Prije mjesec
A "perfect", phone call? His exaggeration, shows that he's lying.
magdalene adjei
magdalene adjei Prije mjesec
Took y'all too darn long to start these proceedings but kudos for it!
Nikolaus Pluta
Nikolaus Pluta Prije mjesec
America has the best democracy... Money can buy!
roxanneworld11 Prije mjesec
why is anyone applauding *ms.-only-now-that-it's-popular-am-i-for-an-impeachment-inquiry-pelosi??* because NANCY is *still* dragging her stupid feet, *very publicly insisting* on *minimizing* the number of potential charges against that orange nastiness in the White House so, again i ask: why celebrate her weak stance on trump?? and why are more citizens *NOT* asking why she gives him nearly everything he wants, in the end?? and *WHY* is she trying so hard to make sure he doesn't face consequences for his ongoing criminal behavior?? *as she very publicly stated* when she insisted, at a recent press conference, how important she says it is to focus *ONLY* on the most *recent* charges at hand?? *WHY* is nancy so *AFRAID* of trump?? because whatever it is, she's obviously compromised and working for the sake of her own fears and self-interests, *NOT* for what's best for *us,* her constituents! which makes nancy pelosi as much of a danger to the Republic as trump is.
Hugo Fernandes
Hugo Fernandes Prije mjesec
Andrew Yang is so ahead of this ... he will win
John Snow Kumar
John Snow Kumar Prije mjesec
My observations: Hunter Biden was supposedly given a job in an energy company of Ukraine or an oil exploration company of Ukraine while Biden was given leverage to deal with such nations as Ukraine and China on behalf of President Obama and Uncle Sam. Some in the government of Ukraine are in favor of Hillary and the Democrats and preferred that they win elections in 2016: They released, in 2016, all the payment details of lobbying works payments given by Kyiv government to Manafort, so that an important campaigner in the Trump campaign is villified. Past History:::: As Crimea was predominantly Russian speaking, Queen Catherine gave / attached Crimea to Russia kingdom in 1783 after liberating Kyiv of Turkish Ottoman rule. Recent History::: In 1954 a drunken Khrushchev, an ethnic Ukrainian in Soviet Union re-entered his office at night with his personal bodyguard, and wrote an office memo writing that he is personally gifting tiny Crimea to Ukraine, even if it has a Russian speaking majority. Russians say their lawmakers were never given the office memo to ratify it into law. In short the gift was illegal of Crimea from Russian maps to Ukrainian maps . Oil company given verbal promises of oil exploration in Crimea by Kyiv govt in 2013. These oil companies are begging the Democrats and Hillary to do the needful.
whu? . ?
whu? . ? Prije mjesec
drunken Krushchev is an old fake lol. But whatever. Ur just russian troll, nice try
Jean Redman-Roberts
Jean Redman-Roberts Prije mjesec
Melania ecstatic that Trump says he won't turn anything over at Whitehouse.
ST Roth
ST Roth Prije mjesec
Hello I'm from Cambodia 😍
John Quiceno
John Quiceno Prije mjesec
Hey Everyone, a group of friends started a blog and would love to hear what you guys think about it. Pass by and show some love!
D B Prije mjesec
I bet Obama is not sleeping well😱
Lu Cifer
Lu Cifer Prije mjesec
There was no any matter about the 250 Mill Aid for the call, cuz they will come no matter what. The one hasnt to do anything with the other. ANd yes, the call was perfect, BCUZ there arent perfect calls, very extraordinary. WIth ''Respect putten pressure'' is from a distance the observation of corruption dirt that COULD be. Trump 2020 #MAGA
Lito Lambanog
Lito Lambanog Prije mjesec
This is a movie directed by President trumpt... Don't troll us Americans..
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius Prije mjesec
But Russia Russia Russia Russia ? what happened to all that..... are we pretending its a dream ?
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius Prije mjesec
This is the 9th nothing burger ....... when will you learn lol
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius Prije mjesec
Here is the Transcript SHOW ME this illegal crime? the best part ITS FROM CNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius Prije mjesec
NOTICE 2:01 she said to one person ...... who A) was not on the call...... B) there are like 10 people who sit in on the line and C) YOU CAN READ IT YOURSELF ....... what is REALLY funny is THIS is from CNN xD.... then they lie!!!
Bone Z
Bone Z Prije mjesec
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius Prije mjesec
TRUMP 2020!!!!
Rocky Lee
Rocky Lee Prije mjesec
7 billion dollars vanished from Ukraine. The Democrats lie with yet another hoax. The President is looking into criminal activity. You chickens watching this BS need to wake up. Trump has kept this country from war and economic destruction. Vote straight Republican.
Lanky Blackbird
Lanky Blackbird Prije mjesec
I don’t get the Lenny Kravitz joke. Anybody care to explain it please?
ned mcpherson
ned mcpherson Prije mjesec
Biden needs to be INVESTIGATED!
Now Present
Now Present Prije mjesec
Jason Gardner
Jason Gardner Prije mjesec
Remember when Trevor noah posted all that antisimetic shit? I do.... How come all of you act like that's ok?
Ulrike Breytenbach
Ulrike Breytenbach Prije mjesec
Aren't you interested what the dirt is..what were/are Joe and hunter up to in the Ukraine?
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