UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Check out what Tony Ferguson and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone had to say after their fight at UFC 238!
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9. Lip 2019.



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Komentari 7 766
claire nisbet
claire nisbet Prije dan
I love cowboy he’s just such a nice guy. The crowd were shitty for booing tony tho, felt rotten for both of them
khalid 1__
khalid 1__ Prije 2 dana
Respect Tony Ferguson ✊✊
khalid 1__
khalid 1__ Prije 2 dana
Tony Ferguson 🔥🔥👍💪
Ehsen Ehsenov
Ehsen Ehsenov Prije 3 dana
Tofiq Musayev Azerbayjan
AGC425 Prije 8 dana
Fuck this crowd, Thanos should snap them away
Free Prije 11 dana
2 badass motherfuckers
Rob S.
Rob S. Prije 12 dana
good luck against Khabib. Hope it really happens this time. Not sure if he can beat him but it should be a good fight at least
MANU3L TAPIA III Prije 12 dana
Whats new cerrone always losing by giving up and getting his as beat up. N he gets mcgregor nxt wtf lmao. SAD had a point.
ALi Al masheni
ALi Al masheni Prije 13 dana
Fuck you cowboy, you are a quiter
Ass Lover
Ass Lover Prije 14 dana
fuck that stupid cowboy
L.A .
L.A . Prije 14 dana
12 .02.84 🔥🎂🔥
Joe Dillon
Joe Dillon Prije 15 dana
Tony is the type of guy to eat the pips and spit the cherry’s out
M TELYA Prije 15 dana
Tony is the kinda nigga the Continental would hire to assassinate John Wick 🤣🤣
I luv nuts
I luv nuts Prije 17 dana
Trash crowd probably all drunk pricks
Ghostown Tx
Ghostown Tx Prije 19 dana
Why do y'all hate tony ??? He's a beast .gotta love my mexicans 🇲🇽
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez Prije 19 dana
Tony vs khabib, let’s make it happen Dana
Danijel Kenda
Danijel Kenda Prije 20 dana
Why did people boo-ed Tony? Like it is his fault that fight ended this way. Idiots.
Surya Prakash
Surya Prakash Prije 20 dana
Tony... What a humble guy. Seriously... Way too strong on the mental game too.
RISHI Prije 21 dan
How can they boo Tony. Like I get Cowboy is a fan favourite but Tony is just as much a people’s champ in my opinion as Donald is. Has a 12 fight win streak and is the weirdest most unorthodox fighter in the ufc. I really hope he wins against Khabib
c c
c c Prije 12 dana
He will and Tony is a real warrior, he knew he won here but didn't beat him.
Evander HOLYFIELD Prije 21 dan
It's sad to see one of the best if not the best (Tony) not given the credit he deserves
Judah Cochrane
Judah Cochrane Prije 22 dana
Cowboy got fucked up
Raziel Uchiha
Raziel Uchiha Prije 24 dana
Class acts. Both of them.
Tuco Salamanca
Tuco Salamanca Prije 24 dana
Tony Ferguson is the type off guy that is really a good at heart
theja yadav
theja yadav Prije 24 dana
We want fight between Toney vs Conor
Ebvardh Boss
Ebvardh Boss Prije 26 dana
Tony's the type of guy to ask for Khabib for three years straight and get the fight when he doesn't ask for it.
Alex Theone
Alex Theone Prije 27 dana
Cowboy would have had two eyes shut if they continued the fight. Tony is a madman.
Ali BenDV
Ali BenDV Prije 28 dana
Typical cyber warrior crowd, i bet the best fight they had is with a moskito and lost it
clit Moses the 1'$t
clit Moses the 1'$t Prije 29 dana
Ferguson is the shit. Cowboy is the shit.... please let him finally knock khabibs beard up his mouth..
OPPO A5s Prije mjesec
IDK understand why Tony is sad for winning.
b C
b C Prije mjesec
Why are they pissed at tony for cowboys stupid action, hes a vet and blew his nose, dumb thing to do.
Zerg Prije mjesec
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to declare world war 3 and win.
Big man
Big man Prije mjesec
Tony is the type of guy to ask his opponent for a rematch even though he won
Rudra Prije mjesec
Man... Tony turned him Chinese, he was even smiling like an old Chinese guy.. WTF
عابر السبيل
Tony has no chance in front of Habib Normagomidov The level of Tony is very low compared to Habib
wheelmanstan Prije mjesec
People act like the ref screwed up this fight and the BMF fight...when we all know that not only were Cowboy and Diaz getting their butts kicked, but the damage they were taking on is what caused the problem! If they fought better they wouldn't have to worry about cuts and swollen eyes stopping fights. And with this fight especially, it was Cowboy's fault! I don't blame him, he made a mistake, it was a rookie mistake but it's an almost instinctual reaction to having a clogged nose. The ref had to stop it. He had one eye. Can't fight with one eye or one arm or one leg, pointless to continue and sustain more damage with no chance in hell of winning. Dana should have just had the fought again and discounted it off the next PPV out. No one wants to win and lose like that, the fans don't want to pay for that crap, and Dana is a billionaire who should make it right since it's his product.
lion kille19
lion kille19 Prije mjesec
i am crying watching him talk lmfao
Top world Step
Top world Step Prije mjesec
Noob Noob
Noob Noob Prije mjesec
McGregor would beat Tony 100%
Tom S
Tom S Prije mjesec
Fuck this crowd jezus
Jose Flores
Jose Flores Prije mjesec
You need to retired
Daniel Ppa
Daniel Ppa Prije mjesec
Tony great I hope Tony beats khabib. Now with conor don't stand up, like what Conor did in :40 secs wow
Life Coaching
Life Coaching Prije mjesec
Tony will win against Khabib. Although he is a little loko sometimes. Tony is our guy
psychedelic toaster
psychedelic toaster Prije mjesec
This whole crowd is disrespectful pieces of dog shit. What the fuck are you booing tony for? Cowboy is the one who fucked himself. WHY BOO TONY?
MASTER DOAN Prije mjesec
and the crowd fuck you guys. srsly they stand there or sit they take no punches These guys been Training their asses off. im Training everyday and u guys would not survive 1 das of the training These guys do. so stfu
MASTER DOAN Prije mjesec
both their reacgions are great and absolute understandable. and u feel alot of respect from both sides. well tony had won anyway. well it happens. its nothing to be mad about. great fight guys. u both are fighter. there is no sorry needed.
Pain Prije mjesec
I thought khabibs been on a win streak his entire career.
McSkillet Prije mjesec
Lmao cringe cringe cringe cringe
Badass Beast
Badass Beast Prije mjesec
Longest win streak where's khabib.
Rohith Krishna
Rohith Krishna Prije mjesec
Cowboy is really a Gentleman and a warrior
dan dave West
dan dave West Prije mjesec
Ariana Gandhi
Ariana Gandhi Prije mjesec
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to rob his own house
Kalashinkov 47
Kalashinkov 47 Prije mjesec
tony is the type of guy that well beat your ass and call for a rematch
iAryn _
iAryn _ Prije mjesec
Who’s here after Cerrone got destroyed
iAryn _
iAryn _ Prije mjesec
Tony Fergusonxt off Ferguson looks at his eye🙄
Tony Fergusonxt
Tony Fergusonxt Prije mjesec
iAryn _ who do you think hurt cerrone more? Am saying ferguson
m skylar
m skylar Prije mjesec
Donald Cerrone is so likeable
leather Guy
leather Guy Prije mjesec
Shame you couldn’t beat the Rapist McGregor
Bharat Basnet
Bharat Basnet Prije mjesec
Both are winners
Samsung J5
Samsung J5 Prije mjesec
Тони 👌👌🇺🇿
jay smith
jay smith Prije mjesec
now conor destroyed cowboy in 40 secs flat
Luke Carpenter
Luke Carpenter Prije mjesec
Whos here after Cowboy got ran through against McNuggets???