UFC 239: Jorge Masvidal Octagon Interview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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94% 36 558 1 994

After securing the fastest KO in UFC History, Jorge Masvidal spoke with Joe Rogan inside the Octagon.
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7. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 9 928
Justin Lee
Justin Lee Prije 13 sati
Can't stand Usman. Please let Masvidal get his hands on him if Colby doesn't end him.
Tigre101 Prije 3 dana
LATINOS. Gloria a Dios
Mr. Mayhem
Mr. Mayhem Prije 3 dana
Usman 😂 shutuut up
Mr. Mayhem
Mr. Mayhem Prije 3 dana
Jesus is not god Jorge, wake up. You keep it real
Danial Pham
Danial Pham Prije 3 dana
What a G!
Ommi Shankaria
Ommi Shankaria Prije 4 dana
When you realise that the interview is way longer than the fight itself.
the biggest Gaming and giveawaysVEVO
Before the knockout I had it for Askern what a comeback for masvidal
Joe Daniels
Joe Daniels Prije 6 dana
Only way Jorge wins that fight is with a freak ko like that. Definitely a lucky blow. If that fight goes down another 100 times it wouldn't happen again. Fair play to the man through
Kanchi Lama
Kanchi Lama Prije 7 dana
Conor should have done the same thing to khabib
Cooper Prije 9 dana
Best part ? Jorge leaving Rogan hanging 😂
Łukasz Zaorski
Łukasz Zaorski Prije 10 dana
Fuck the Masvidal
Masvidal: " You guys are welcome for ending that dude" ! Lmao!!!!! This dude is funny for real!
Keanu Terrado
Keanu Terrado Prije 12 dana
You guys are welcome for ending that DUDE
VIK S Prije 14 dana
3.2M views = superstar
Joey 3883
Joey 3883 Prije 14 dana
Y didn’t ben askren call out Dana white this time?😂😂😂 “Dana is that really the best u got bring it baby”😂 don’t u ever call out Dana white😂😂😂😂😂
Joey 3883
Joey 3883 Prije 15 dana
Thank u Jorge I fucking I love u
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Prije 16 dana
Do y’all really think this fukin determines he’s better then Askren? Lol I don’t know who’s better but this sure as hell don’t decide it this shit was lucky
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Prije 16 dana
I don’t know who’s the better fighter but that fight for sure doesn’t fukin determine it lol that was lucky period
Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal Prije 16 dana
Mcgregor tried his masvidal moment against Khabib.. Unfortunately missed it
Rob Prije 17 dana
Usman is so annoying
Michael McCormick
Michael McCormick Prije 17 dana
They should add the BMF belt for every weight class so fighters will be able to win 2 belts in the same division. Imagine either Nate or Jorge winning the BMF belt and then go for the world championship blet
HA HA Prije 18 dana
" Cuz he's a bum " 😭
David Zuniga
David Zuniga Prije 18 dana
Masvidal hit him like a Monday after a long vacation 😂
Dead or Fed Entertainment
That shit was brutal 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
sherzod akhmedov
sherzod akhmedov Prije 21 dan
From 1:38 to 1:42 "There's consequences sometimes, There's some BAD MOTHER F###RS you DON'T want to WAKE UP"👹🔥👊👑
mrleeuwarder Prije 21 dan
1:59 what a disrespectful human being. Go back to land where lions are the boss.
chemp Prije 3 dana
Yeah he's a fucking queer with that silly hat on. If you watch the 239: The Thrill and Agony you will see how amazed Marty was with that KO and here he tried to act up for the cameras.
Max 8048
Max 8048 Prije 21 dan
Usman pretending 😂
420 blazin
420 blazin Prije 22 dana
He went from da funk to da fuck?
Dylan Langhel
Dylan Langhel Prije 22 dana
Kamaru is so annoying
Iam komang
Iam komang Prije 22 dana
1,9K is the Askren’s fans 😂🤣
Lil Chaos
Lil Chaos Prije 23 dana
Go and beat Diaz bro
Umar Chowdhury
Umar Chowdhury Prije 23 dana
Anyone know where askren is? I mean I know he's been knocked out but does that mean he hasn't regained consciousness quick enough to be there
Miran Dutch
Miran Dutch Prije 23 dana
Who tf calls his Son macho man
monster2121 Jacobs
monster2121 Jacobs Prije 24 dana
Khabib gonna be out just like that from the knee
AnyColourYouLike Prije 20 dana
Except he isn't stupid
Ilias Maglaras
Ilias Maglaras Prije 24 dana
Masvidal you are not that great.. I hope DIaz put you to sleep..
Костя Дегтерев
Johnnie Morgan
Johnnie Morgan Prije 25 dana
"That dude was talking wild Mayne"!!!!!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Floridaboi to the CORE.
Won Lee
Won Lee Prije 25 dana
This dude is tough and og but he really aint all that.. the record speaks for itself. Usman and Colby would beat this dude in honesty. He and Nate are street goons as they claim not champs.
Saitama Hero
Saitama Hero Prije 25 dana
Dude stfu u dont know shit record dont mean shit and hirge been rob so many fight
Flatulence The Unending
Ben finally gave us the knockout we have been asking for
Aaron Lawson
Aaron Lawson Prije 26 dana
Nate's going to choke this guy out.
NBro Prije 26 dana
Tim Donaghy
Tim Donaghy Prije 27 dana
"You said it best" I don't think people realized he was referring to the "rescued him comment" 😂😂
Six Million
Six Million Prije 27 dana
Khabib vs Usman
Kid Power
Kid Power Prije 27 dana
That definitely deserves a rematch, I mean Ben was clearly winning the fight up till that point.
6god Prije 28 dana
That fight was rigged
oso polar
oso polar Prije 28 dana
lucky knee... that's all
Abdul Rahim
Abdul Rahim Prije 28 dana
Interview is longer than the fight smh
B G.G Prije 29 dana
Whenever I’m having a bad day. I watch this clip. And continue with life with smile.
Gavin Shay
Gavin Shay Prije mjesec
So dope that Masvidal starts every post fight interview by thanking his coaches/camp & showing love to his family 💯
Afleurdepeau L
Afleurdepeau L Prije mjesec
Bravo Jorge👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
DesertFox73 •
DesertFox73 • Prije mjesec
At 0:39 Jorge thanks his dad
Abdulwahab Mohammed
Abdulwahab Mohammed Prije mjesec
Looks at the camera gives a goddamn smile knowing he ended that dudes career...
J Lang
J Lang Prije mjesec
"You guys are welcome for ending that dude" (Gamebred)
The fresh air Sniper
Ben was askren for that
Thanos Prije mjesec
Cos hes a bum
Nico Pillay
Nico Pillay Prije mjesec
"You guys are welcome for ending that dude"
mr gwanson
mr gwanson Prije mjesec
coz hes a bum 😂😂😂😂 thats the most legendary shit ever
Hardik Pahwa
Hardik Pahwa Prije mjesec
He a gangster but he aint no west coast gangster
A T Prije mjesec
Hardik Pahwa we’ll see
Lun Hing
Lun Hing Prije mjesec
Kamaru always ducking what a scrub
Disfatt Bidge
Disfatt Bidge Prije mjesec
Joe: why the flying knee? Jorge: Cuz he's a bum.