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Our most mind-blowing trick shot video EVER!
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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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22. Lip 2020.



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Komentari 80
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Prije 9 dana
Sparky’s LIVE gaming right now!! 🎮 come hang! ⬇️
youtube amazing video
Subscribz in my channel
Muhammad ali Majzoub
@Bananarang Man 1١ز،غكب،ذي يا محسن. 23.+96
Kevin Mosome
Kevin Mosome Prije 9 dana
I'll be right there with yaa
GameBlast Prije 9 dana
Juicy Boy
Juicy Boy Prije 9 dana
How did they do the first one
ادم adam
ادم adam Prije sat
😎😃😆😲 nice
Max Moreno
Max Moreno Prije sat
Soccer stereotypes or soccer trickshots
Shinobu Family
Shinobu Family Prije sat
Dude perfect you are amazing too I love you too
josh bergen
josh bergen Prije 2 sati
At the biggining I thought ty was going to trip ofer the fan :20
kiran banoth
kiran banoth Prije 2 sati
Please include panda in every video. Let DP know this. Hit a like and comment. Our wish will be fulfilled !
hyxles -
hyxles - Prije 2 sati
U realize they dont rly do these stuff its clickbait.. once on a vid they even showed behind the scenes and they missed it all
Tigui Araujo
Tigui Araujo Prije 2 sati
Canal de louco
kiran banoth
kiran banoth Prije 2 sati
No one can really predict, CRAZZZZY ! If u did, comment on it, let's compare with everyone. If u didn't (like me 😊) , hit a like
Brisa Grimenez
Brisa Grimenez Prije 2 sati
Hello !! Greetings from Rosario Argentina .
super killer gamer pro gamer
Is that real you can walk on the cilling
NobleDad Sports
NobleDad Sports Prije 2 sati
if they would have done a normal trick shot at the end that would be very unpredictable
Crispy Wolf
Crispy Wolf Prije 2 sati
I'm just waiting for OT 17 :/
NicoGamer 67
NicoGamer 67 Prije 2 sati
ya tienen el botón de ruby 😱😱😱😱
Garrett Mueller
Garrett Mueller Prije 2 sati
dude perfect is amazing
Pro Duck
Pro Duck Prije 2 sati
BRO. I don't get 0:25
CryptoKnight Prije 2 sati
I bet the last one was a pain bc every time he missed they had to wait for it to sit perfectly still again
its saga
its saga Prije 3 sati
Btw Love dude perfect they r the best
jeremias velazquez
jeremias velazquez Prije 3 sati
Alguien q hable español???
Kehinde Amogbonjaye
Kehinde Amogbonjaye Prije 3 sati
I was thinking ti be it’s you to play
ASN creator
ASN creator Prije 3 sati
Help me hit 1000 subscribers in 1 month You are a legend plsss
Saugat Das
Saugat Das Prije 3 sati
Where is panda
Travelogger Music
Travelogger Music Prije 3 sati
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
I’ll say this right now the string is MEANT TO BE THERE I replied to so many comments saying ur just making them look bad garret said it on there instagram
Noah Schäfer
Noah Schäfer Prije 3 sati
Ist Jemand Deutsch?
алексей мосин
чо за, это круто
Omenisboss Prije 3 sati
When I see the thumbnail Me:clickbait The video starts:hELLO
Mack Kate
Mack Kate Prije 3 sati
Pool trick shot 3
Kaleb Bagby
Kaleb Bagby Prije 3 sati
I saw the string int the first dart sot
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
It’s meant to be there garret said it’s meant to be there on there instagram
what’s up call duty is the best best
what’s up DudePerfect
Satvik 107
Satvik 107 Prije 3 sati
2:28. the string of dart can be seen easily ...try again dude 😂😂
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
So ur the one who’s wrong
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
It’s meant to be there garret from there instagram said that
Abdulaziz Muthana
Abdulaziz Muthana Prije 3 sati
Abdulaziz Muthana
Abdulaziz Muthana Prije 3 sati
There was a string to the dart
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
It’s meant to be there garret from dude perfects instagram said it’s meant to be there
X7shadow42 Prije 4 sati
why at 2:30 there is a line connected to the dart very suspicious
X7shadow42 Prije 3 sati
@Ex Scar oh okay thanks
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
It’s meant to be there garret from dude perfects instagram said it’s meant to be there
Max Johnstone Sk8
Max Johnstone Sk8 Prije 4 sati
2:29 is so fake there is a rope holding the dart U can see it pls don’t fake trick shots it’s so annoying I’m unsubscribing Because of that
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
It’s meant to be there u idiot garret from dude perfects instagram said it’s meant to be there
Lleyton Vanoverbeke
Lleyton Vanoverbeke Prije 4 sati
Vvcdgbnnnnjhhhhdeesssxxxxgbkhjtefbbbbbfdezsddddddddddzezihdnanjjdbczzdnjjcjnjcdz ndjcsanjazcdhnjcazdhubcezddddddhdhefe agae ygyveriagv yuearcygveracgyveagyvggvysxagzdxvydagzvxyaydzgvdza
Nikko Ortega
Nikko Ortega Prije 4 sati
I saw string in the dart shot
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
Garret from dude perfects instagram said it meant to be there
best videos
best videos Prije 4 sati
I can see the wire @2.29 from which the dart is hanging and hitting the target.
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
It’s meant to be there garret from dude perfects instagram said it’s meant to be there
Mamta Singh
Mamta Singh Prije 4 sati
How did he do that first one hanging upside down??
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
On instagram they showed us it’s a room with furniture on the roof
Madjo mask on
Madjo mask on Prije 4 sati
0:41 best ever EVER
Endarl PUBGM
Endarl PUBGM Prije 4 sati
Imagine tyler fell down😏
Big Forehead Gang
Big Forehead Gang Prije 4 sati
0:01 *what*
Bramish Boi
Bramish Boi Prije 4 sati
This is a random stereotypes but you should do a Monday Steryotypes
UNCS Spartan
UNCS Spartan Prije 4 sati
Hey the fiesta dard drow was fake
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
It’s meant to be there garret from dude perfects instagram said it’s meant to be there
Deep hug
Deep hug Prije 4 sati
is a real lamal
Kerem Kara
Kerem Kara Prije 4 sati
Deep hug
Deep hug Prije 4 sati
How was the donut,Tyler
Zap to 1st Bros
Zap to 1st Bros Prije 5 sati
Come check out our channel we also do trick shots. Zap to 1st bros
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
Besides ur trick shots aren’t even difficult
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
I would rather watch the real deal
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
Self promoter
Valery Kojevnikov
Valery Kojevnikov Prije 5 sati
Cool boolwing
Best Price Transmissions & Auto Care
nice trick shot guys
Josh Ozor
Josh Ozor Prije 5 sati
Honestly these trickshots never get old they always improve and get better man respect👏👏👏👏
Kerem Kara
Kerem Kara Prije 5 sati
Thomas Goodall
Thomas Goodall Prije 5 sati
00:7 how did they manage to put the fan on the floor? And also the look at the roof all let ya guess....
Miss Crumpets
Miss Crumpets Prije 5 sati
When you actually pick cup number 5: 😳😳😳 Wah?
Mickey Pedia
Mickey Pedia Prije 5 sati
Anyone Seened A Small Toin in 👉02.29👈
Steven Prije 5 sati
is that an upside down room?????
Danny Nan
Danny Nan Prije 5 sati
The dart one had a string the first dart one 2:21
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
It’s meant to be there garret from dude perfects instagram said it’s meant to be there
Gigil James
Gigil James Prije 6 sati
I've watched a lot of dp videos And I still don't know what they say at the end..
Sport Brohs
Sport Brohs Prije 6 sati
Can you subscribe to sport brohs
Ex Scar
Ex Scar Prije 3 sati
Rachit Sethi
Rachit Sethi Prije 6 sati
# Llamasforlife
# Llamasforlife Prije 6 sati
First one in the intro is fake if he is standing on the ground and every thing is upside down for a illusion. When; he shoots the ball it should go to him because he is on the ground the ball traveled to the real ceiling. But if gravity worked it would go to him because he Is oN the ground The ball defies gravity.
Everett Fincher
Everett Fincher Prije 6 sati
How was the donut,Tyler
Lana Reagor
Lana Reagor Prije 6 sati
is a real lamal
Simon Kuhlmann
Simon Kuhlmann Prije 6 sati
G’day Dude Perfect, could you do AFL and Cricket trick shots please?
Sammy Adams SA
Sammy Adams SA Prije 6 sati
Dude perfect makes the best trick shot videos on HRvid
Selva perumal
Selva perumal Prije 6 sati
2:25 they tied in a rope
Martian Karam
Martian Karam Prije 6 sati
Me: No one: Nobody: Not a soul: Not a single soul: Read More
Peter Condro
Peter Condro Prije 6 sati
Who else still doesn’t get the first trick shot that Tyler did I’m so confused at how he was running on the roof
michael hawkins
michael hawkins Prije 6 sati
hey you guys should do chill trick shots for a woule vid. dont celebrate and do it all like cill. idk i think it might be funny :)
HeldeX Prije 6 sati
hey i have a question on Tyler :what is your favourite trickshot with basketball :D
Dağhan petekkkaya
Dağhan petekkkaya Prije 7 sati
We love Thesee guys
Pablo بابلو
Pablo بابلو Prije 7 sati
My dream brought in 300 subscribers 
fluix Illusions
fluix Illusions Prije 7 sati
Am I the only one who didn’t fall for the optical illusion
SHIFT / شفت
SHIFT / شفت Prije 7 sati
I watch you from saudi arabia 🇸🇦 that time you had 1 million only and now 52 million
Blue Acidball
Blue Acidball Prije 7 sati
Finally Zach King and Dude Perfect have something in common
Filip zasada
Filip zasada Prije 7 sati
Jestem waszym fanem chociaż nie znam angielskiego
Lyrics 360
Lyrics 360 Prije 7 sati
Congrats for 52 million
Landen Young
Landen Young Prije 7 sati
When’s the next video
Perfect Bro
Perfect Bro Prije 7 sati
This is your craziest video I have seen on your channel
amar pfc
amar pfc Prije 7 sati
Man you dudes are so perfect at these things you're all the professionals
Nirisha Sukhraj
Nirisha Sukhraj Prije 7 sati
The third shot blew my mind
N. Bear64
N. Bear64 Prije 7 sati
Did anyone else see the wire holding the dart
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