VINwiki found the missing JR Garage Aventador

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On Friday, VINwiki released this story ( about the guys from JR Garage trying to buy a damaged Lamborghini Aventador from a broker in Nebraska. The VINwiki app community came together to figure out the true story.
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8. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 1 945
hillbilly Prije 10 sati
you will not find a female on this channel... #cashier life
Ken Gutierrez
Ken Gutierrez Prije 2 dana
So the broker used the money to buy his own Lamborghini?
Jim McCormick
Jim McCormick Prije 12 dana
wow..... you gotta have cajones the size of a 72 buick electra to pull off a stunt like that
Damaion Falkner
Damaion Falkner Prije 12 dana
Good ol Preston
Nathan Prije 15 dana
Banker: “we are the only people who will give you a loan” Broker “hold my beer”
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@Ase Morton yes he said they give a loan not money
Ase Morton
Ase Morton Prije dan
Banks don't give money away they loan it out for a price, that being interest.
Nathan Prije 15 dana
Real winner is the truck driver 😂😂😂 $700 for some texts
Roblox Name Is Adrian50352
I live in dallas Edit: i love deep elum
JDRIFTS 95 Prije 16 dana
"No ones that fascinating" the reason i stopped watching dde 🤷‍♂️
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas Prije 16 dana
Lol exactly, don't see y he's so popular still
Coleton Barnes
Coleton Barnes Prije 18 dana
Thats so funny! He lives in omaha ive seen that car around town many times!
No More BS Please
No More BS Please Prije 19 dana
He got a zero interest loan for free. No mystery here.
Thomas Gadsby
Thomas Gadsby Prije 19 dana
The broker is least he gave there money back..he could have screwed dream car is a 70 's full size lincoln...only because i have an image in my head and i want to build a bad ass custome from 1.
QuikestWr450nTheWorld Prije 20 dana
good lord what a story.. vinwiki is the best detective agency on earth!
Black Swan
Black Swan Prije 21 dan
Post the broker's name on your group and blacklist him?
Chris Koustis
Chris Koustis Prije 22 dana
This story blows my mind
Mister Old Skool Ryder
Where's the shop located in Atlanta?
USMC2003 Prije 27 dana
Lucky bastards
Hotep Cicero
Hotep Cicero Prije 28 dana
Ed is the man! Now please never have JR Garage on ever again lol
Briandrum Prije 28 dana
What a truly *bizarre* story!
glen phillips
glen phillips Prije mjesec
Sounds like the seller was Charley Babbitt from rainman
Bas bzb
Bas bzb Prije mjesec
great, fuck jr
tyler durden
tyler durden Prije mjesec
He is talking about you street speed at the beginning
Loui Cruz
Loui Cruz Prije mjesec
He wanted to say “hood” at 4:30
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon Prije mjesec
That car is still at Lambo Dallas VIN: ZHWUC1ZD4GLA04740 in Sept., 2019.
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Prije 29 dana
Huseyin UNKOC
Huseyin UNKOC Prije mjesec
lol wtf
Josh Jackson
Josh Jackson Prije mjesec
This is crazy, why would someone go through all of this
All Things M3
All Things M3 Prije mjesec
That was insane sending the money without a bill of sale or title. I have known that all my life. They could have lost their money so easily. Lucky they got a scammer with a conscience.
Thabiso Makawu
Thabiso Makawu Prije mjesec
What happened to the $700 for transportation?
The Duk Show
The Duk Show Prije mjesec
Is that even illegal?
Stephen  Savage
Stephen Savage Prije mjesec
Tbf thats absolutely genius 😂😂😂
Willie Hargrove
Willie Hargrove Prije mjesec
a car is essentially a piece of furniture without a title. Even a junkyard wont buy without a title
Sean Wilks
Sean Wilks Prije mjesec
Here I am a grown ass man listening to bedtime stories.
chase vogt
chase vogt Prije mjesec
Ed solves mysteries by accident now?
skim milk
skim milk Prije mjesec
Update to the black Performante: it was last seen leaving Nebraska in an uncovered car shipper yesterday. And still no plates, like he still couldn't afford sales tax!
SupraNaturalTT Prije mjesec
If people don't know by now who JRgarage is should stop eating. Good grief use your head's and the internet. I called these soy boi brothers out years ago when they were at 10k subs, now their limp wrists reside in my state only to deceive more people with click bait content.
Rob Pat
Rob Pat Prije mjesec
That’s one heck of a way to get an interest free loan 😂
Master V
Master V Prije mjesec
little late to the party but I have to agree with Ed when he says the daily vlogs are uggggg Over time I just don't care. 1 maybe 3 quick projects maybe. Now if only there was a site/app that listed all the car "give sways" -hint hint Ed...
barry smith
barry smith Prije mjesec
Great stories , I buy and sell classic cars on a small scale , but the stories are sometimes better than the deals . I’m gonna order tee’s for me and my daughter , thanks for the great car stories
Eddie V
Eddie V Prije mjesec
Please interview me guys
Ray Marquina
Ray Marquina Prije mjesec
Lol interest free loan!!! That’s epic
Mohammed Arshad Mahmood
This would be hilarious if it wasn't serious. Amazing SCAM, the Indian IRS & Tech Refund Scammers have nothing on this "Broker" :-)
PMP1337 Prije mjesec
And now it appears that the yellow pirelli Aventador is at RDBLA getting a white wrap. 🤔
Carter Mahoney
Carter Mahoney Prije mjesec
So when they were texting the original owner and adjuster it was probably just the broker on different phones pretending to be them?
R.B. Somers
R.B. Somers Prije mjesec
That is hilarious!
Andrew Pastor
Andrew Pastor Prije mjesec
The story is actually MIND BLOWING.
Mr. Carguy
Mr. Carguy Prije mjesec
If you have the 5T's: 1. Truck 2. Trailer 3. Tools 4. Toll & Fuel money 5. TIME you should pick up your exotic cars yourself! With all the crazy shipping fails and scam stories, if you have the time and skill, it's foolish not to.
6ste6ffy6 Prije mjesec
Hold up, Preston Sheperd or Scheper? Scheper is a very uncommon last name. The person I know would be blown away if this person had the same last name as him
Branded Title Co
Branded Title Co Prije mjesec
No branded title?! LAME!
Promotions Only
Promotions Only Prije mjesec
This is interesting. That said it just goes to show car fax means nothing when it comes car accident and car damage. The fact the yellow lambo had a clean car fax after that much damage shows car fax isn’t worth shit.
tjmone74 Prije mjesec
It's actually brilliant. He got an interest free bridge loan.
Ayawrxsti Prije mjesec
Hahaah took a quick loan lol
Smokeyy Prije mjesec
+ theres lots of lessons to learn imo, one of the better stories around tho
pongespob Prije 2 mjeseci
No matter how you slice it, it's fraud. If there's multiple people involved it's conspiracy. Just giving them their money back doesn't "make them whole"- time, aggravation, potentially interest on the money. The guy should lose whatever licensing he has for being a broker and do some time. Pull that shit on the wrong people and the car isn't the only thing that's going to disappear.
leo b
leo b Prije 2 mjeseci
So who was the broker?
Henry Prije 2 mjeseci
VINWiki is like 4Chan for cars, but with alot less autism and Nazi jokes
John Palmer
John Palmer Prije 2 mjeseci
You said the brothers were made whole; well not really. What about all the $700 to the trucker and the transaction costs (wire transfer fee, banking fees, etc) not to mention opportunity cost of not having the money for other things... would not be surprised if this adds up to several thousand dollars. The only bright side for the brothers and consequently you is opportunity to monetize some videos of this story.
EliteDavid Horne
EliteDavid Horne Prije 2 mjeseci
The broker is in trouble. Do JR garage have to press charges or make a complaint in order for the "agent" to face charges. Lol. To think those JR garage guys were at one point positioning themselves as alt coin experts and giving financial advice on trading. Those pricks sent over $100K without a bill of sale or a VIN. Cant stand them. I expect most of their audience are teen or pre-teen.
Wilms Prije 2 mjeseci
That’s wild 🤣
Hamgergaller Prije 2 mjeseci
Screw the Lambo, I would have kept the Ferrari! @3:14
Chewch Prije 2 mjeseci
That’s so funny
Keith Trussellw
Keith Trussellw Prije 2 mjeseci
I need to hear rabbit everyday
Trailer Park Rhapsody
I found a Miura in a barn