VINwiki found the missing JR Garage Aventador

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On Friday, VINwiki released this story ( about the guys from JR Garage trying to buy a damaged Lamborghini Aventador from a broker in Nebraska. The VINwiki app community came together to figure out the true story.
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8. Srp 2019.

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Komentari 1 791
Kevin Higgins
Kevin Higgins Prije 11 sati
Best story yet Ed!
Chris L
Chris L Prije 12 sati
CHASE caps wire transfers unless you prearrange an alternate amount. Just went through this.
David Rees
David Rees Prije 23 sati
I had a similar thing happen to me when selling my R8. The broker kept telling me that he'd found a buyer and that they were abroad but would pay soon. Eventually I found out he had sold the car, had the money and used it to cover his overheads. He was then waiting for more cars to sell to then give me my money. He obviously had a cash flow problem and a month later was featured on BBC Rogue Traders!
Cristi Angel
Cristi Angel Prije dan
So the guy take the money and he give it back but ! He didn't take the hole payment so they use a part from that money to repair the car work clean title and sell it for the full price and....Boom he repair the car with his money then sell it for a good price givethat guy the part back and kaboom they use his money to fix the car then sell it for more profit
Douglas Hoang
Douglas Hoang Prije dan
He just wanted a small loan of $160,000.
Jacob Scutzlas
Jacob Scutzlas Prije dan
imagine these financial gurus giving crypto advise....
Elvin Delacrur
Elvin Delacrur Prije dan
Great story.
Mitch Williams
Mitch Williams Prije dan
Rob Kenney
Rob Kenney Prije dan
Crazy. Snart people withhin VinWiki!
Jose Medina
Jose Medina Prije dan
That's why you should never trust somebody that walks with their pajamas
Jose Medina
Jose Medina Prije dan
I think that's with every car that that you buy before buying it look at it that happened to me once there was a guy selling a 2001 Ford Mustang and I told him that I wanted to see the car before I bought it and he told me that the car was in great condition it had a new paint job and I told them I didn't care about the paint job I told him I only cared about the engine and he told me to forget about the engine that when I see the car I'm going to fall in love with it and he told me that he wanted $9,000 for a 2001 Ford Mustang and I told him that I wasn't interested the only thing that guy kept on repeating was that the car had a great paint job and the only thing I wanted to know it was if the car was running good
Vitu Prije 2 dana
I'm willing to bet my last penny that these JR doofus are behind the scheme
Bun-n-cheese Prije 2 dana
So Lambo dallas has a crashed aventador and is trying to sell it as clean. That sounds shady
Minami Prije 2 dana
Smart scam
dafirnz Prije 2 dana
Now that the history of the car has been discovered, it should be interesting to see if the person claiming they were defrauded pursues criminal charges. Wire fraud is a federal crime and if that money was used to purchase the black car, that car would then be the proceeds of crime. Considering the very real amount of money (allegedly) involved and the very real federal crime that (allegedly) occurred, the victim willing to let simply 'let it be' says more about the validity of the story than Ed ever could.
N3RDY Hoodlums
N3RDY Hoodlums Prije 2 dana
Man I fucking love this channel
RVing with Andrew Steele
I love what you are saying but we still want to see you and Rabbit everyday 😁
volvowagon70 Prije 2 dana
Does anyone else have a headache after listening to this story. 🤪 Weird. After all that they sold two cars to buy a nonexistent one, oops.
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez Prije 2 dana
I just got the most infuriating ad I have ever seen of two jeeps boxing some random Mercedes in a parking space just to record it, I really hope that was fake
Joe White
Joe White Prije 3 dana
You’re wrong Ed, we do need to hear you and Rabbit everyday.
jax1492 Prije 3 dana
jr dude is an idiot
TheEnterpriseFilmz Prije 3 dana
This is why I only make “IN PERSON TRANSACTIONS” when selling or buying a car f*ck all that online sending money bullsh*t that broker knew what he was doing and did a damn good job at it hate scammers cause you can’t do anything about it
ThatOneRaptor Prije 3 dana
U should put a different brand of tires on that lambo 🤔
DoctaM3 Prije 3 dana
Crazy story. I am surprised they got this lucky!
Noah Dubiel
Noah Dubiel Prije 3 dana
wiring money without any info LOL
Noah Dubiel
Noah Dubiel Prije 3 dana
those kids are dumb they deserve to be scammed
zain Mohammed
zain Mohammed Prije 3 dana
Before he crashed it he knew it was jrs so why did he sell it to someone else after he repaired it
S.M.D DUMB&DUMER Prije 3 dana
How come Ed’s voice doesn’t matches his face🤔
TheRed58Fury Prije 4 dana
My first red flag would have been the wire transfer.
Jaime D. Rios
Jaime D. Rios Prije 4 dana
Does that mean that Aventador valuation is less than the asking price at the Dallas dealer for being in a accident?
Eddy Gonzalez
Eddy Gonzalez Prije 4 dana
Oh yooooou guys found it huh? When they figured it out in a Facebook group? Lol cooooool
Austin Ehm
Austin Ehm Prije 4 dana
Broker is an absolute genius in hindsight.
Th3R4junC4jun Prije 4 dana
I do need to hear from Rabbit every single day though...
Fadi Dagher
Fadi Dagher Prije 4 dana
He took money invest then give back
The Puppet Of Everything
That's just a genius way to get an interest free loan
Android app is still busted. Come on guys!!
Albert Tufillaro
Albert Tufillaro Prije 4 dana
Gas station car washes, and no interest loans, save your pennies and watch your dollars, this is how to get the things you want. major props to this man for exposing these "financially savvy" kids, if I had 160k to make a deposit on a car, im sure not putting it down without any information.. what do i know though, my parents only bought me a miata...
willjam465 Prije 5 dana
May not need to hear you and/or Rabbit every day, but it sure does make for an interesting part of our day when we do, Ed. Keep up the great work!
Jerimiah Lancaster
Jerimiah Lancaster Prije 5 dana
This is unreal.
bLu Prije 5 dana
Now I'm totally lost on this 1
J. Hunter Phillips
J. Hunter Phillips Prije 5 dana
Reminds me of the ebay/paypal issue from a while back. They would hold on to payments forever before releasing funds
Logan Vinson
Logan Vinson Prije 5 dana
This is some dark web shit
m s
m s Prije 5 dana
Lol I live in Lincoln, I will keep my eyes peeled for a lamborghini performante.
Tom Sparks
Tom Sparks Prije 5 dana
Being from Nebraska, I'm a bit ashamed of my fellow citizen's dishonest dealing with JR Garage. However, I am somewhat uncomfortably proud of how clever the scheme was and how in the end everyone was made more or less whole. That's Nebraska Nice®. Even our criminals are considerate. That is, the ones that don't murder and dismember you.
ForexTrader666999 Prije 5 dana
I bet he made a bet. The Non Farm Payroll is a huge event in the Forex community. Play the right side and you can make alot more than your initial investment..or some other scheduled event concerning stocks, futures or forex. It can be risky but it can be done. And you can send as much money as you want to a non US broker. I know, because I do it all the time. Borrow the money, cross your fingers, invest it, make it back and send it right back. NFP moved 600 pips this last month.
Element Sensei
Element Sensei Prije 5 dana
Clever AS FUCK if he actually did the loan thing
dawicked69 Prije 5 dana
The Dutch Texan
The Dutch Texan Prije 5 dana
I started not giving a damn about JR garage when they kept buying cars and continued to show zero real emotion when they did. And then the fact they held on to that "lemonade stand" story. This just shows you why. No understanding and just throwing money everywhere. Without them buying cars left and right they have nothing.
kevinw627 Prije 5 dana
Thanks ED for Finishing up the interview/story and not letting JR back on camera. We all appreciate it!
Nicholas Hernandez
Nicholas Hernandez Prije 5 dana
That's what happened to me when I used a shipper to deliver my truck. $11,000 in damage because the driver wanted to do burnouts in my truck and crash it. Hope progressive gets their asses for it.