WATER Edition Nike Air Max Unboxing

Unbox Therapy
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Some very unique and limited Nike Air Max 97 sneakers featuring WATER filled air bubbles.
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8. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 9 131
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Prije 4 mjeseci
You wanna walk on water?
Diego Pantoja
Diego Pantoja Prije 5 dana
Hell ya
Erik Gutierrez
Erik Gutierrez Prije 8 dana
Sold put
Truth Shockwave
Truth Shockwave Prije 8 dana
James Brubacher
James Brubacher Prije 9 dana
can i get a shoutout please i liked and subscribed
hereafterdeath Prije 16 sati
wouldn’t the water evaporate...
Alecjuhh XD
Alecjuhh XD Prije 19 sati
Moto moto with nike be like
MobileAlabama Prije dan
If u believe that the water really came from Jordan I've got beachfront property in Phoenix for sale
mojo the pupper
mojo the pupper Prije dan
Any idea where his pants are from?
NO ITS PATRICK Prije 2 dana
Wait is that a twin lol
B.M.J. Records
B.M.J. Records Prije 2 dana
Jonnathan Hernandez
Jonnathan Hernandez Prije 3 dana
Every pastor finna have this
Murtaza Ahmadi
Murtaza Ahmadi Prije 3 dana
Ed warren needed these shoes bro
clash of clans social
When it turned exactly 6:00 my phone fell on my face >:(
EN_DUB Prije 3 dana
He smells the shoe 👟 Than says it smells like a sneaker
McVillain Prije 3 dana
These are so dumb lmao
AkSacli Aksacli
AkSacli Aksacli Prije 3 dana
Smells like a sneaker hmmmm yes this floor here is made out of floor
Filippo Prije 3 dana
Water max
gabriel francis castrodes
I mean why,would you put holy water in a shoe and give instructions on how to destroy it stupid no you unbox therapy
D Man
D Man Prije 4 dana
Water cant really compress so this design would be purely for looks.
TUTU vines
TUTU vines Prije 4 dana
looks like a air max from the sea he just picked it up with water inside instead of air and worn out colour LOL
octo2006 l
octo2006 l Prije 4 dana
Nigga if it freeze
Brendan Javadian
Brendan Javadian Prije 4 dana
Lybron Thompson
Lybron Thompson Prije 4 dana
Is should be called water max
rabbit white
rabbit white Prije 4 dana
rabbit white
rabbit white Prije 4 dana
Nonoa Sailo
Nonoa Sailo Prije 4 dana
We need a reboot of 90...
Evan Gorski
Evan Gorski Prije 4 dana
Water doesn’t compress, gasses do. They made the shoes worse for more money😂
Bazoora gamer
Bazoora gamer Prije 4 dana
I’m from Jordan
edon gjeli
edon gjeli Prije 4 dana
Сергей Свиридов
Безумие маркетологов
Alex Bielovich
Alex Bielovich Prije 5 dana
Kanye is eyeing these
Aubin Prije 5 dana
*water max*
daily enter
daily enter Prije 5 dana
Not airmax watermax
Jeong Bae
Jeong Bae Prije 5 dana
holy moly only 15? it's insane. i can't even imagine how much they are in second market
ChargeRaid Prije 5 dana
Everyone gangsta till the water evaporates overnight
This shit better make me hydrated for me to pay that much
JULI4N0 Prije 5 dana
Water max 97
Wratheon 1776
Wratheon 1776 Prije 5 dana
Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except through Jesus.
David Costea
David Costea Prije 5 dana
In 2030 won't be "air max" anymore , it will be "water max")))
CannyBow Prije 6 dana
imagine stepping on a office pin lmao L's
yoricks217 Prije 6 dana
Jesus J's
GAIA KAIA Prije 6 dana
yooo a collab with jesus fire
Jovan Jovanovic
Jovan Jovanovic Prije 6 dana
Now this is what you call a stupid product and pointless video.
Landen Poplawski
Landen Poplawski Prije 6 dana
Teacher: it’s a fact you can’t walk on water Me: puts them on False!!!!
DoPe Prije 6 dana
I think the shoe should be named : Nike Water Max 😂
M1ki Prije 6 dana
WatAir Max 97
Jason Ray
Jason Ray Prije 6 dana
Don't trap water into some pathetic products you morons! It will cause Water scarcity worldwide!
Haashim.510 _
Haashim.510 _ Prije 7 dana
my water leaked...
Bear's Da Boss
Bear's Da Boss Prije 7 dana
Said let’s try these on sneaker heads be like nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ulises carrillo
ulises carrillo Prije 7 dana
I sell.those, I just have one pair left for 4k
Carlos Antonio Alba Fierro
¡¡That shoe is really stupid!!
Arsh Alam
Arsh Alam Prije 7 dana
3:42 "smells like a sneaker" I wonder why😂😂
the network
the network Prije 7 dana
The only thing you got to do is take a needle take some blue food coloring water and injected it in the shoes a much cheaper pair of shoes as a matter of fact any shoes to have see-through bottoms like that. I'm pretty sure it will work..😁😁
Baba ti
Baba ti Prije 7 dana
So if I'm stranded in the middle of the desert can I just cut them open and drink the water?
Archie Vlogs
Archie Vlogs Prije 7 dana
They will be heavy because there is water
xrx YT
xrx YT Prije 7 dana
can i please have it
Corbin Anderson
Corbin Anderson Prije 7 dana
nvm the fact that he just decreased the value of the shoe by a ridiculous amount just by putting them on
Arizona Zervas
Arizona Zervas Prije 8 dana
Will it leak??
David Kökény
David Kökény Prije 8 dana
Are they heavy?
Carl Miara
Carl Miara Prije 8 dana
Eat your cereal
James Irving
James Irving Prije 8 dana
How many pairs of these do you think Kanye bought?
Junior Carlos
Junior Carlos Prije 8 dana
Muito foda
Hailey Yas
Hailey Yas Prije 8 dana
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