We Made Home Alone R-Rated

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The crew takes on their most intense VFX Makeover yet - Home Alone.
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8. Ruj 2019.



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Komentari 80
Zander Anestis
Zander Anestis Prije 3 sati
Productioncrate just did the G-rated Deadpool you guys mentioned here
tom cool
tom cool Prije 4 sati
How about Baby Geniuses R Rated or Spy Kid i love ruined my childhood, seriously gory are needed
slash 007
slash 007 Prije 13 sati
Friday the 13th G rates
Weird-Creations Prije dan
I hope someone said it but I'll say it, 300 G rated
Jona Busselen
Jona Busselen Prije dan
Make the walking dead G-rated
tucciproducer Prije 2 dana
You should make fraggle Rock R rated.
Sean Haines
Sean Haines Prije 2 dana
Make toy story r rated
Tristen Avila
Tristen Avila Prije 2 dana
G rated sin city
sarai ayala
sarai ayala Prije 2 dana
Why Did you turn My Childhood Home Alone Into Gore and Blood
Martin Pollard
Martin Pollard Prije 3 dana
It's like a collection of 'Game Over' screens...
Sodiq Ahmad Fatoni
Sodiq Ahmad Fatoni Prije 3 dana
can you guys remake the movie "the raid", that will look greater with alot of blood or sadism
Ashley Bailey
Ashley Bailey Prije 4 dana
Make Saw G-Rated. If that’s possible. Lol
Postal Bear
Postal Bear Prije 4 dana
G rated hellraiser
GideonGamer Prije 4 dana
G-rated Hard-Boiled. Like good luck with that.
Jacob Shaw
Jacob Shaw Prije 4 dana
G - rated Hannibal Lecter
noah pølle
noah pølle Prije 4 dana
keep making the videos r rated
Shahar Shapira
Shahar Shapira Prije 5 dana
Can you guys do back to the future as a rated R movie?
Sahar Razavi
Sahar Razavi Prije 5 dana
How long did it take you to remake?
Sahar Razavi
Sahar Razavi Prije 5 dana
Omg, that was really cool ha ha
Bangkok Dangerous
Bangkok Dangerous Prije 6 dana
g rated judge dread
JulioAlves julio
JulioAlves julio Prije 6 dana
G-Rated final destination
Gesha_ D
Gesha_ D Prije 6 dana
Their version starts here: 12:25
Speedie Sundae
Speedie Sundae Prije 6 dana
G-rated Final Destination
A Serbian Film: G-Rated
Saurabh Gawande
Saurabh Gawande Prije 7 dana
Insane...!!😝😝😝😝😝 One thing though v The nail went in at 4-5 inches from the front. But the foot is ripped apart several inches more than that.
Braden Reid
Braden Reid Prije 7 dana
Make a g rated final destination
ASEP music production
uhhh that`s all so hurts
MonziTheBonzi Prije 9 dana
The r-rated movie edits that you do OH THERE SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD
Brian Schrock
Brian Schrock Prije 9 dana
You should have made Kevin fall off the zipline
Gerald Windham
Gerald Windham Prije 11 dana
The terrifier but G rated
James E.
James E. Prije 11 dana
G rate kill bill sword fight scene
Alberto Tavarez
Alberto Tavarez Prije 12 dana
R-Rated SpongeBob
PantryMelon Prije 12 dana
G rated Halloween
ZackAttack541 Prije 13 dana
I know I’m 8 months late but make saw g rated
Travis Olander
Travis Olander Prije 13 dana
Make the chest-burster scene from Alien g-rated... You can't. Bet.
Nico :D
Nico :D Prije 13 dana
G rating means General audiences, Or basically all audiences
Jack Aaron Churchill
Jack Aaron Churchill Prije 13 dana
G rated kill bill
Sean The Savage
Sean The Savage Prije 14 dana
6:10 if they were to make Deadpool G-rated they should have they bad guys shooting nerf darts
Sud4rpp Yt
Sud4rpp Yt Prije 14 dana
Make Rambo last blood g rated please
Lachlan Kirk
Lachlan Kirk Prije 15 dana
Do they realise the home alone is meant to be for kids and the avengers are not meant to be like mortal kombat you ruin all of our childhoods
MSA 454
MSA 454 Prije 16 dana
There's a fortune to be made by therapists off these guys.
jacobhunter2005 Prije 16 dana
Do a G rated friday the 13th
Chuckmcwippy Prije 17 dana
12:09 is that a noose in the background?
Shari Richmond
Shari Richmond Prije 18 dana
Hey node
Savage doge
Savage doge Prije 18 dana
G rate saw II
G0D 34T3R
G0D 34T3R Prije 18 dana
When He Said "Shut Up." I Died
Goozer Gozarian
Goozer Gozarian Prije 19 dana
What do you mean "What IF Kevin was a psychopath?". He IS a psychopath!
EvilWeetabix Prije 19 dana
The game express
The game express Prije 19 dana
God... the foot secene. It’s the most grossest.
Pike Sike
Pike Sike Prije 19 dana
They should make a Rated R movie into a G rated
king_ shooter13
king_ shooter13 Prije 20 dana
g rated "dead alive"
YDkay Prije 20 dana
why am i watching this at 2 am?
itchytastyurr Prije 20 dana
should have blown up the house when the cops went in!
Ali Saain
Ali Saain Prije 20 dana
Collin Lea
Collin Lea Prije 20 dana
Love it
Raul D. Velazquez
Raul D. Velazquez Prije 20 dana
Final product: 12:25
comerboy1234 Prije 20 dana
Imagine devils reflects rated g. I dont think that's possible lol
MA 47
MA 47 Prije 21 dan
Imagine Peppa Pig r-rated
MA 47
MA 47 Prije 21 dan
Imagine Peppa Pig r-rated
Mrs Wasim
Mrs Wasim Prije 21 dan
Star Brick
Star Brick Prije 21 dan
I regret this.
Tech The Gamer
Tech The Gamer Prije 22 dana
What If There’s A New Series Making A Movie Pg Rated For Example Pg Rated Saw
Vijendra A. G.
Vijendra A. G. Prije 22 dana
What would've been cool is if the house exploded with all the police officers inside, and it cut to Kevin smiling manically....
Dino Caballero
Dino Caballero Prije 22 dana
G-rated kill bill
GoldenKIDGamer YT
GoldenKIDGamer YT Prije 22 dana
g rated john dick i said dick on puprose
ANGRY BLUE MEN Prije 22 dana
John Wick or Deadpool, I really just want to see Deadpool fighting in a room and hitting people with squeaky katana.
Mad Mat108
Mad Mat108 Prije 22 dana
G-Rated Game Of Thrones The red wedding
VibeChecker 101
VibeChecker 101 Prije 23 dana
For home alone, the gun was a BB gun, it would just leave a scar instead of a head exploding
Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell Prije 23 dana
No country gor old men g rated
Twistin' Mud
Twistin' Mud Prije 23 dana
my favorite movie is ruined. this is so freaking brutal lol, this is so creative tho lol
Brendan Clark
Brendan Clark Prije 23 dana
Watching this ruined my childhood
rapstrumental s
rapstrumental s Prije 23 dana
I like how they criticize other people for bad effects but they can’t do much better than some of them
Luís Guilherme
Luís Guilherme Prije 24 dana
I love that even the ad segment is well done
Luís Guilherme
Luís Guilherme Prije 24 dana
well.. kinda lol
Brett gaming 08 08
Brett gaming 08 08 Prije 24 dana
Chris Upton
Chris Upton Prije 24 dana
But the gun is a air gun tho not an actual firearm
miles norwood
miles norwood Prije 24 dana
And here goes my childhood
Dragon God
Dragon God Prije 24 dana
Do a g-rated version of the final destination
g l i t c h
g l i t c h Prije 24 dana
Link to the movie?
Matthew White
Matthew White Prije 25 dana
G rated IT where he actually gets the boat back and they become friends
Tyler Kutcher
Tyler Kutcher Prije 25 dana
Hey could you do a rated r version of Thomas and the magic railroad.
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