We Played Strip Poker

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It's a risky game as old as time itself: Strip Poker. One Winner. One Loser. One ring to rule them all. One ring to find them. No clothes, all attitude. This summer, two mighty heroes take on their biggest challenge yet. Who will win? Who will die? Yes.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
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20. Svi 2020.



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Komentari 80
Wolverinebomb 13
Wolverinebomb 13 Prije minute
8:21 Mark: (takes off socks) Amy: (blurs so no more wiki feet) Me: How could you!
쀵쀵귀염이 Prije 3 minuta
Ok but what was weirder.. Painting each other naked orrr Strip Poker? ;) LMAO
Random Gameplays
Random Gameplays Prije 13 minuta
7:32 xD
Bird Hoovy
Bird Hoovy Prije 29 minuta
More intense than D'Arby vs. Jotaro
RadioHead Prije 31 minute
Duuuude Ethan's nail polish looks dope!
Ashlie Chatfield
Ashlie Chatfield Prije 41 minute
Every time I've ever played poker you could only discard up to 3 cards.
ohsomuch Prije 46 minuta
alternate title: ethan and mark show off the unus annus summer and winter catalogues
Activity Freak
Activity Freak Prije 2 sati
I love how Ethan is actually clueless but is making mark say he lost as he slowly goes insane
Nat Thunder
Nat Thunder Prije 2 sati
Mark, whenever quarantine is over and you come back to cincinnati to visit, Fiona LOVES taking selfies, if you go to her exhibit at the zoo, it’s be cute if you and ethan got selfies with her
Drew Garber
Drew Garber Prije 2 sati
Why did Ethan paint his nails?
Totally Not A Synth
Totally Not A Synth Prije 3 sati
I love the fact that they didn’t even play Texas Hold em’
Kc Rodriguez
Kc Rodriguez Prije 4 sati
Amy sensed his underwear
Jacob Letson
Jacob Letson Prije 4 sati
Why the hell did I watch this
Zerø- Sama
Zerø- Sama Prije 4 sati
Ethan is awesome at poker, he would be my first decision
Maddi Horsburgh
Maddi Horsburgh Prije 5 sati
I wish they both played with the same amount of clothing.. and that Ethan didn’t cheap out by doing tiny things..
LoftyDaBird Prije 5 sati
Ethan: let's play cards Mark: haha hippo go brrr
robbiewoo Prije 6 sati
ive met fiona when she was playing with her mom it was ADORABLE OMG
Lughoria Kaneki
Lughoria Kaneki Prije 6 sati
16:47 Thank me later😂
05turtleboy Prije 7 sati
Hippos and turtles are my favorite animals
AnnaRoss Prije 9 sati
Ethans nails are everything tbh
Tyler Ho
Tyler Ho Prije 9 sati
Imagine the neighbors popped up and saw Mark jumo in.
Lilac Inkhart
Lilac Inkhart Prije 10 sati
No Thank You
No Thank You Prije 11 sati
I love that Ethan had 4 million layers of clothes on, yet still felt the need to cheat, and attempt to count his hood as a piece of clothing. We Stan a king
Tegan Begg
Tegan Begg Prije 11 sati
So is no one gonna talk about how cute Ethan’s nails are?
DJ Febrezee
DJ Febrezee Prije 12 sati
Ethan is looking more like Jameskii every episode.
Lilly 135
Lilly 135 Prije 12 sati
Ethan doesn’t really know much about poker but he is so good xD
Jessie_ Cat
Jessie_ Cat Prije 13 sati
Chica gettin the chubs 😝
AMthegoat22 Prije 14 sati
Plot twist: mark is trying to get naked to show Ethan he’s better
Nahian Hashmi
Nahian Hashmi Prije 14 sati
Ethan cheating was the best
Kip B.
Kip B. Prije 15 sati
blathers when i bring him a fossil: 2:54
Guin Prije 15 sati
the hippo omg i love it
Raven Prije 15 sati
I don't think Mark ever truly had the heart of the cards after all...
Selah Livingston
Selah Livingston Prije 16 sati
Sometimes I think, Mark is the living example of the warble sound effect
Modesto Perera
Modesto Perera Prije 16 sati
Mark had a stroke with that description
Random Things
Random Things Prije 16 sati
Ethan cheated in 8:33 he was supposed to take off two clothes and took off 1
willsans the skeleton
willsans the skeleton Prije 16 sati
Evilgirl 54
Evilgirl 54 Prije 17 sati
The sheer amount of clothes Ethan was wearing
Freddy's nightmare
Freddy's nightmare Prije 18 sati
Mark was ooga booga caveman
Mackenzie Woloschuk
Mackenzie Woloschuk Prije 19 sati
I wanna see this again but with slightly altered rules. First altered rule: Clothing limit. You're only allowed 8 articles of clothing max. Socks and shoes count as 1 article per pair. 1 Pair of Socks = 1 article of clothing. Second altered rule: Betting higher than two is spread out more to increase the video length. Say if the bet is two in one round,it'll need two rounds before you can bet more than the default again. Third altered rule: A punishment for the loser. Can be jumping into a pool naked,naked ice bucket challenge,things like that. To add more weight behind it. Give it more urgency and risk~. It'll be great,trust me!
Shaggy, Destroyer of Worlds
Basically: mark gets shafted by man in 12 layers of clothes
Yeraida Arroyo
Yeraida Arroyo Prije 19 sati
Unus Annus
Average Rudy
Average Rudy Prije 21 sat
Video: *We Played Strip Poker* Me: Oh- demonetization here we come.
Oscar Prije 21 sat
Can we have an F for the editor as he had to blur that all out
Jason's Outdoor Mischief
Amy must have had fun filming this! Lol
Jason's Outdoor Mischief
Mark is how old and he doesn't have chest hair? Weird
Lillian Centner
Lillian Centner Prije 22 sati
Hello 👋🏻
HimynameisWolf Prije 22 sati
I like that Mark is completely naked but he still man-spreads like there’s no tomorrow
VideoLa - Tamzin Rawle
i don’t think its possible for them to ever do pokerface...
Casey Chan
Casey Chan Prije dan
The funniest and saddest thing was when Mark accepts his fate and just with no hesitation walks into the pool.
jgkronos Prije dan
2:16 Chica
Lilypad2245 Prije dan
Mark should’ve put on a bra or tank top
Soap Prije dan
This is just an excuse so they can flop their dicks around
Speed Active
Speed Active Prije dan
Let me rewrite the title: Mark descends into madness as Ethan strips him for all he's got
Ashley Prije dan
I've been playing two deck video call 5 card draw years before it was cool
Morgan Holien
Morgan Holien Prije dan
Is Fiona the ‘lil Sebastian of LA?
Wolverine Prije dan
14:10 when Mark went all in, Ethan should've called or folded. All in needs a response, and Ethan should be naked
Dualumina Prije dan
12:00 that chest twitch
Holy Spoom Stealer
What if for their last video they got nipple piercings and if people asked them about it they could say it never happened and if they brought up the video Mark and Ethan would be like “What video?”
Bradley Nowatzki
This is the only video where I have hated Ethan as much as Mark does
Bradley Nowatzki
Ethan was totallly cheating the entire time, he had more clothes on to begin with so that's definitely one, and I still don't trust him since the first part.
Liv Hann
Liv Hann Prije dan
proof mark gets off to world of poker
Zac Brady
Zac Brady Prije dan
Mathew Baptista
Mathew Baptista Prije dan
Haynes01623 Prije dan
mark you making my girlfriend little heated now lol i blame you lol XD
Cheyenne Swenson
The one thought that went through my mind when mark was blurred: is his ballsack just THAT. BIG.? Idk whether i should hate myself or not
Tic Tac
Tic Tac Prije dan
ethan was oddly intimidating in this
Reese Callahan
Reese Callahan Prije dan
How did Ethan have a queen every round?
Huskie Eyes
Huskie Eyes Prije dan
Why is he blurring his underwear, you can still see it? Mark has a couple of videos were you see his underwear Actually wait. No. The simps are just gonna go crazy aren't they? ... Fuck
Tiber 49
Tiber 49 Prije dan
Never thought I'd see Mark in his boxers threatening Ethan with a knife
graceadoo Prije dan
Fandom Fanatic
Fandom Fanatic Prije dan
Mark and Ethan being Slavs for an episode.
Az Prije dan
First, why does Mark have a deck of naked men? Second, where do I get it?
Ashley Bittle
Ashley Bittle Prije dan
Amy is one lucky lady lol from all us girls that have loved him before her she better take care of him lol
Desmond Clouds
Desmond Clouds Prije dan
17:34 were you wearing a speedo under your boxers I'm confused
Jayleen Rae Goco
I’m surprised Amy was okay with Mark being bare ass on their couch.
Corixianz Prije dan
Most of the comments: EtHaN iS cHeAtInG!!!! Well that's marks fault for not wearing more so suck it up, you can't change it
Laura Murillo
Laura Murillo Prije dan
Mmmm bare CHEEKS
A.J. Smith
A.J. Smith Prije dan
Amy is just recording a sad naked man drowning
CRAZZYB3AR Prije dan
I dont think Ethan knows how lucky he was
Isaac Hill
Isaac Hill Prije dan
Mark: *actually strips naked* Ethan: n o
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