We Tried SECRET MENU Drive-Thru Items!

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Alright y'all! It’s time for another #DriveThru video, but this time Rylan and I will be trying a bunch of #SecretMenu items from fast food restaurants! Which one would you want to try??
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It turns out that a lot of #fastfood restaurants have different “secret menu” items that are not listed on their normal menus! I’m not really sure how it all got started, but surprisingly, most fast food restaurants are in on this with some wild and/or delicious food and drink items!
Can we all just take a moment to talk about the GRILLED CHEESE that I ordered from McDonalds?? I’m sorry… what?? We ordered a "grilled cheese" from the secret menu, (which in theory should just be a bun with cheese in the middle) and ended up with a container of a hamburger patty, lettuce, and cheese… I’m just…. SO confused about that one! 😂
The secret men u items that we ordered are as follows:
📍 McDonalds: Grilled cheese, Land Sea & Air Burger, & an apple pie McFlurry
📍Chick-Fil-A: Chicken quesadilla, buffalo chicken sandwich, & a blueberry cheesecake milkshake
📍In-N-Out: Animal-style Fries
📍Sonic: The Purple Drink
📍Starbucks: Skittles Frappuccino & Butterbeer Frappuccino
📍Taco Bell: Double-grilled quesadilla & the Incredible Hulk
I think my favorite secret menu item that I tried was the purple drink from sonic! I would definitely order that one again!
Which item that we ordered would you be most likely to try?? Leave a comment below!
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4. Srp 2019.

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Komentari 2 102
Mykah Bryant
Mykah Bryant Prije sat
8:30 rylan sounded like she just got her wisdom teeth pulled 😂
Hailey Keller
Hailey Keller Prije 2 sati
Dry cleaning
Priscilla cruz
Priscilla cruz Prije 3 sati
This is the emoji I saw 🍟
Emily Clymer
Emily Clymer Prije 4 sati
I never knew animal fries were on a secret menu
Alana Young
Alana Young Prije 5 sati
Paige Collins
Paige Collins Prije 5 sati
Paige Collins
Paige Collins Prije 5 sati
Roxy Bell135
Roxy Bell135 Prije 6 sati
Can I get an incredible hulk? I don't know what that is, this is Taco Bell 😂😂😂
P T Prije 8 sati
Also can’t wait for the giveaway!!
Louise Struck
Louise Struck Prije 9 sati
GB2023 JohannaA
GB2023 JohannaA Prije 9 sati
Madelynn Prije 13 sati
DO A DRIVE WITH ME!!! which it’s basically like this but would love to see u in your car!
Kelsey Million
Kelsey Million Prije 14 sati
My favorite sonics drink is strawberry Dr. Pepper. It's Dr pepper but has cut up strawberries it in. Idk if its on the secret menu or not. But it's so good!🍓
Gabby Foglia
Gabby Foglia Prije 16 sati
To funny😂When you ask for a bun and cheese, but they give you a burger salad...
Celeste Marin
Celeste Marin Prije 16 sati
Macy Strozier
Macy Strozier Prije 17 sati
Either I have been watching PLL or I'm just crazy, but I see Hannah Marin (Ashley Benson) in Rylan...
Claire Sim
Claire Sim Prije 23 sati
please do a part two
Mario the Dragon King
Rylan is correct
Kylie Groff
Kylie Groff Prije dan
Sam Caster
Sam Caster Prije dan
I’ve always wanted to try this with my bff!!
Anushka Chougule
Anushka Chougule
Anushka Chougule
Cailyn Pan
Cailyn Pan Prije dan
laughin' my butt off
Mackenzie Zeek
Mackenzie Zeek Prije dan
Cami’s Trip
Cami’s Trip Prije dan
Monae S
Monae S Prije dan
love your channel!!
Janna Sawaya
Janna Sawaya Prije dan
The butter beer frappuccino is so good ❤❤❤❤
Janna Sawaya
Janna Sawaya Prije dan
Those coins are for a free drink at sonic
Janna Sawaya
Janna Sawaya Prije dan
In and out has 3 different options for onions too
Chloe Dresser
Chloe Dresser Prije dan
The apple pie McFlurry is real because I had here in Australia it’s so good
Tashxo Prije 47 minuta
Chloe Dresser yess it is so good
Isabella Lopez
Isabella Lopez Prije dan
🍟 Btw loved the vid
Zeanndrea Brown
Zeanndrea Brown Prije dan
Kamri why don’t you talk to rylan about making a channel?
Felicja davis
Felicja davis Prije dan
Rylan should make her own channel
Sara Lohokare
Sara Lohokare Prije dan
Alexsandra Galvan
Rylan and Kamri should start a car series!
Phoebe Franklin
Phoebe Franklin Prije 2 dana
I am kinda keen to try some of these meals :)
#mackenzie 1
#mackenzie 1 Prije 2 dana
Lol in the thumbnail she has a blue shirt and in the video she has a pink shirt
Audrey Melody
Audrey Melody Prije 2 dana
That guy at sonic looked cute 👀
tehe🍟🍟🍟🍟 i love you guys so muchhhhh😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️😩
Maddie C
Maddie C Prije 2 dana
Ryland needs a channel!!! 😁
Sarah Stone
Sarah Stone Prije 2 dana
I literally had no clue that you and the twins were sisters! I watched one video earlier today and I was like WHAAAA!!
Kendall Nixon
Kendall Nixon Prije 2 dana
Christopher G.
Christopher G. Prije 2 dana
Kendall 10
Kendall 10 Prije 2 dana
Kevin Steagall
Kevin Steagall Prije 2 dana
French fries
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith Prije 2 dana
Hooriya’s World
Hooriya’s World Prije 2 dana
🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟I caught it!!!!!