What Dinosaurs ACTUALLY Looked Like?

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The past is a vast and mysterious land that begins at the big bang and ends in the present, expanding with each passing moment. It is the home of everything that came before, the key to understanding our present. Here we find the most amazing creatures to ever roam our planet, hundreds of millions of species so diverse that our imagination cannot do them justice. Unfortunately the past carefully guards its secrets.

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell As the year 12,021 slowly comes to an end, we present to you the 12,022 Human Era Calendar: Eons Edition. You can get the very shiny, high-quality, limited edition now until we sell out and then never again. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE.
G.A Rosario
G.A Rosario Prije 12 sati
'('IS 2021 NOT 12021''') say Luna (100%)said soglao (Yep)said Lanna (Yes because of BC and bce)said sogalelo
Dipanshu Bajad
Dipanshu Bajad Prije dan
I am Indian and I love your video and i love your book also but I haven't money to get online because I have no bank account to get , I love your " Immune " book but I have no money to get
Jennifer Gleason
Jennifer Gleason Prije 3 dana
Hahaha Scythe lizard
Ata Kemal Tur
Ata Kemal Tur Prije 6 dana
@Storm Singh🥇 lol
Yuval Biron
Yuval Biron Prije 7 dana
I don't know much about dinosaurs, nor even animals that exist today, so i have a question. many of the things that were said here compared dinosaurs to modern day animals, but aren't many living species, such as lions and elephants mammals, while dinosaurs were reptiles? aren't birds the dinosaurs closest "relatives" because of ones such as the pterodactyl, which was very different from other dinosaurs? I might, of course, just be wrong, but wouldn't that mean they're likely to still be very different?
Enderman Prije 8 sati
A dinosaur is a big long neck chicken
TheBeeGod Prije 10 sati
Pure quality animation 👌
Pedro Martins
Pedro Martins Prije 11 sati
We have so many weird animals today. Take octopuses. They are intellengent creatures with 8 arms, have color and pattern changing skin and use ink to ward of predators yet they only have a small beak and the largest octopus has a really small beak. HOW ARE FUTURE SCIENTIS SUPOSED TO KNOW THIS? HOW MANY CREATURES LIKE THIS ARE WE MISSING?
Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Bar Prije 16 sati
You missed the chance to say c’est la vie
IRON MAN Prije 17 sati
''We’ll never know what existed'' Legends- Let's build a Time Machine.
Tyron Hartmann
Tyron Hartmann Prije 18 sati
Sometimes i draw fantasy dinosaurs and think about sudenly this dino was really existing Sometimes
Paula Sulej
Paula Sulej Prije 18 sati
This is one of your most beautiful videos. So far. 'Life, uh, finds a way' ;)
A bottle nosed dolphin
I want to be able to draw in the simplistic like animation. It looks so cool and I need to know how to draw that way
Lonnie Shurtleff
Dinosaurs did not have feathers
DIO Prije dan
Past is history tomorrow is mystery
VedaX Prije dan
I read the comments b4 watching the video and i found a lot of people saying that they got a bit emotional watching this video and i found it kinda absurd like why would someone cry over dinos? Welp after watching the vid i guess i can say yes this vid was indeed an emotional 11 minute journey to past. Whoever wrote the narrator script knows how to make people emotional, for real.
Soooo studio jibly was right extinct animals have crazy colorful designs (from ponyo
Ian Kaleb Gómez
esta chido aunque no entendi nada buen video :D
Thomas Kolbe
Thomas Kolbe Prije dan
there can be mutations that might make similar animals to the dinosaurs
Gothic Octopus
Gothic Octopus Prije dan
Thank you for making the “dinosaurs might have had feathers” idea just... positive
Tony Pelliccio
Tony Pelliccio Prije dan
The one that intrigues me is juvenile tyrannosaur rex had feathers.
Hagedisman Prije dan
Huskar Sven
Huskar Sven Prije dan
有趣的是 最近人們發現時間不會流逝 那只是人們對宇宙的觀感 我覺得 @UCsXVk37bltHxD1rDPwtNM8Q 可以製作時間不會流逝的相關影片
BlackFireFury Prije dan
I really want that calendar but its too expensive here in India
Mr Prije dan
Ancient Chicken
Doos Poes
Doos Poes Prije 2 dana
So dragons might have existed
Tracker Jacker
Tracker Jacker Prije 2 dana
There is still the possibility of time travel.
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala Prije 2 dana
But where is the floppy ears?
Sleepish Prije 2 dana
2:24 you did not…
Cr0sad3r Prije 2 dana
soccer boy
soccer boy Prije 2 dana
Michael Beckett
Michael Beckett Prije 2 dana
100 pounds to anyone who can count the number of times the word maybe was said 😂 Great videos keep it going kurskaste
나롱때롱 Prije 2 dana
Hoot stole your video
gayrider mcfboy
gayrider mcfboy Prije 2 dana
This video was really beautiful to me for some reason
Clau Prije 3 dana
I want to thank kurzgesagt for adding spanish subtitles, I always watch your videos and I wait a couple of days for the subtitles upgrade so I can show them to my parents who are non english speakers, watching kurzgesagt videos is quality time for my family❤️
Populator Prije 3 dana
That book looks absolutely amazing.
- . : Ace Avendale : .-
Xpuc01 Prije 3 dana
Ha! This was Sir David Attenborough there!
Ákos Varga
Ákos Varga Prije 3 dana
Awesome. And probably the first HRvid video I've seen without a single dislike.
Sand Prije dan
the dislike button count was removed
The Man
The Man Prije 3 dana
I saw an interesting article not too long ago with pictures of how aliens would think we and modern day animals looked like based on just our skeletons. Scary stuff. 😂
Vladyvids Prije 3 dana
if they still existed, we would probably make them all extinct anyway
3 L 8 M #1
3 L 8 M #1 Prije 3 dana
Where is the Arabic translation?
Mirwais DeSanchez
Mirwais DeSanchez Prije 4 dana
Germans telling us, that dinosaurs looked like giant chicken, thus declining almost EVERY found fossils to this day. LOOOL. They need to visit museums
anzasquiddles Prije 4 dana
that baby mammoth though 😭
FoxenWulf Prije 4 dana
a fossil cast of t-rex skin shows they had scales and no feathers at all
Richard Blazer
Richard Blazer Prije 3 dana
We have some vwry small patches of scaled skin, although we can't rule out the possibility of feathers completely, and given the developmental conditions of dinosaurian feathers, they could very likely have both as they age or seasonally.
Segerex Prije 4 dana
So f*&%g amazing!!!!!, and the beautiful music only makes so much more dramatic!!!!
Hot Wheels Dad
Hot Wheels Dad Prije 4 dana
is it possible that because fossils can only survive for so long that there was life on earth millions if not billions of years earlier than we may think?
Richard Blazer
Richard Blazer Prije 3 dana
Well, no. We have fossils that go back to single cellular and incredibly simple organisms, there really isn't anything to come before that.
Fab n' Fat
Fab n' Fat Prije 4 dana
What song is it in the background?
N3bulA_ Prije dan
Epic Mountain - Dino Discovery
Gills GreenTalon
Gills GreenTalon Prije 5 dana
Funny that we have new update about how trex should have been, The fact in their fossil doesn’t have feathers at all
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans Prije 5 dana
I like using a walrus for that comparison.
Captain Meow
Captain Meow Prije 5 dana
Lot of misinformation here, after what happened at Mt St Helens, we are seeing fossils, layers and petrified wood that can develop in a very short time, and get the same crazy mix of carbon dating numbers when testing for age. That agenda to leave out God from the equation causes scientists to look foolish and untrustworthy.
Captain Meow
Captain Meow Prije 2 dana
@Richard Blazer lol
Richard Blazer
Richard Blazer Prije 2 dana
@Captain Meow No, not anything with C 14 can be dated, you can’t use it on newly formed zircon crystals, something has to be at least 100 years old for it to be carbon 14 dated, and any instance of dinosaur fossils being dated using radiocarbon dating is monumentally ignorant, it is permineralized, you can’t carbon date a permineralized fossil, it is not the true bone and any instance it has occurred it has been contaminated. Soft tissue in issues is caused by iron from hemaglobin from red blood cells being expelled and causing cross linking, do you fail to understand what that entails as well?
Captain Meow
Captain Meow Prije 2 dana
@Richard Blazer Because you bypassed what I was saying and invented your own argument, I wasn't going to play along and called you on your M.O. Also anything with carbon 14 can be dated, but since the method actually used is flawed you can get more than one number from the same piece...and carbon 14 does have a shelf life like with dino soft tissue! Look it up some time.
Richard Blazer
Richard Blazer Prije 2 dana
@Captain Meow You dodged the question, I’ll ask it again. Why on earth would you carbon date zircon crystals from a volcano? That is what you said, and that the dates came back wrong, of course they would, you can’t carbon date that, the fact that you don’t understand that demonstrates that you do not understand how radiocarbon and radiometric dating methods work.
Captain Meow
Captain Meow Prije 2 dana
@Richard Blazer Predictable approach; *Misdirection to avoid what is being said. *Followed by an Ad Hominem to dismiss something instead of asking questions to understand and learn. *Then concluding with confirmation bias to show you aren't open to a different opinion. >This is why people who deify science can't escape their bubble, their narcissism reinforces the prison walls they hide in.
Nikko Brusola
Nikko Brusola Prije 5 dana
just think about there might be creatures that roamed the surface of the earth even before the dinosaurs did, or might be just a form of extraterrestrial life that just discovered earth as a habitable place then later on become us humans.
Richard Blazer
Richard Blazer Prije 3 dana
There were many groups of animals that lived before the dinosaurs, literally tons. Gorgonopsids, dicynodonts, many other synapsids, many pseudosuchians, pterosaurs, other avemetatarsalians, early amniotes, the list goes on.
YEET Prije 5 dana
Bruh the big bang isn't real
N3bulA_ Prije dan
Since when was that mentioned in the video?
Ice13 Prije 5 dana
Ok, explain
Kashikage Prije 5 dana
Alternative Thumbnail: Dodosaur
♡ cuddlbunny ♡
♡ cuddlbunny ♡ Prije 5 dana
cookie Prije 5 dana
2:24 sheeeeeeeeeeeesh
Angela Garcia
Angela Garcia Prije 5 dana
why would dinosaurs look like chickens
Richard Blazer
Richard Blazer Prije 3 dana
Chickens are a modern species of dinosaur after all.
Clarion Bergland
Clarion Bergland Prije 5 dana
I was looking for brain food not emotional food ;-;
RootedHat Prije 5 dana
Plot twist: their skin behaved like that of a chameleon
gogoguuus AYE
gogoguuus AYE Prije 5 dana
russian pls
Sam Schmit
Sam Schmit Prije 5 dana
That can't be right, can it?
Richard Blazer
Richard Blazer Prije 3 dana
What couldn't be?
GLASBE Prije 5 dana
No, the dinosaurs weren't gay, I am sorry.
Sand Prije dan
rainbow lorikeet
Cr0sad3r Prije 2 dana
Gay dinosaurs near you
Aymen Alameddine
Aymen Alameddine Prije 2 dana
Would love to know how to somehow came to this conclusion
Name in progress
Name in progress Prije 3 dana
He didn't say dinosaurs were gay?
gus Prije 6 dana
ThiskantherGamer Prije 6 dana
random human saying sheeshh.
Mohr Boy17
Mohr Boy17 Prije 6 dana
But once time machines are invented if they are, we’ll find out and see what they look like and what ones were lost In time
Ice13 Prije 5 dana
It's impossible to travel back in time, unfortunately, we currently know that we cannot break the flow of time no matter what But there's something that's possible, seeing back in time, if we can find a reflective surface 125 million light-years away, we can see the universe during the time of the first dinosaurs. Idk how the heck we'd zoom in on earth Here's the calculations for seeing back in time if you're curious reflective surface distance (lightyears)= time x2 (for light to reach the reflective surface and back) ex. We can see what happened on Earth 2 years ago if we installed a mirror 1 light-year away, same applies for the dinosaurs but different proportions ...and this isn't even breaking the rules of the universe, it's just manipulating light
Babypink Skincare Bandung
l fill greater after look at your videos kurzgesagt and the animations are very great
Stephanie Tatum
Stephanie Tatum Prije 6 dana
Yo spino all the way
sarah weikum
sarah weikum Prije 6 dana
Some won copied your video of strongest nuke in mareania trench
Blondeyontherun Prije 6 dana
I just realised how many human fossils there are already. We fossilised them.
Yearning Yiteng (Click here)
9:45 whats he drawing
Sand Prije dan
they're non binary
Yearning Yiteng (Click here)
Amblin Entertainment and universal pictures be like: NEXT TIME TELL US BEFORE WE MAKE A MOVIE!
Yearning Yiteng (Click here)
4:47 time to lose weight
Josh Tulasoi
Josh Tulasoi Prije 6 dana
Wow, your videos are so amazing and beautiful to watch 😍🤯
Yearning Yiteng (Click here)
0:38 is the we don't know paradox
Dr Dapper
Dr Dapper Prije 6 dana
'Boink apparatus' and 'sniffler' are two ideas that gave me an intense wave of seretionin
LaZySuiCiDal Prije 6 dana
Âlchëmy Funtîmë
Âlchëmy Funtîmë Prije 6 dana
I łøve these videos Soooo Much!! Thank you
Christian Guerrero
Christian Guerrero Prije 7 dana
Studies have NOT proven that dinosaurs had have feathers. This assumption is not likely, dinosaurs were more reptile like - and had more scaly skin rather than thick feathers (I’m not getting this from Jurassic Park). The assumption that dinosaurs have feathers is unlikely, and was probably not true.
Richard Blazer
Richard Blazer Prije 3 dana
Just, wrong in every way. Yes, dinosaurs were reptile like, of course they were, they are archosaurian reptiles after all. Although, just highly derived, active, endothermic, social, and feathered reptiles. And that isn't speculation, that is a fact. We have multiple dinosaur specimens with direct evidence of feathers, such as Sinosauropteryx, Zhenyuanlong, Yutyrannus, Psittacosaurus, and many, many more.
Phoebe Echavez
Phoebe Echavez Prije 7 dana
boooooo not tru
Merghani Mohammed
Merghani Mohammed Prije 7 dana
in arabic plllllz.
Diamante Maluco
Diamante Maluco Prije 7 dana
Ok mas onde estão as legendas em português????
Dutch Lawless
Dutch Lawless Prije 7 dana
you should do reptiles
jignesh Prije 7 dana
The Best channel existing on u tube ❤️💝🙌
Yee Prije 7 dana
So you're saying my favorite meme was a lie all this time...
JAGzilla8954 Prije 7 dana
As a lifelong dinosaur enthusiast, this is a topic I'm very familiar with. I've read whole books and watched several videos on it, I know all about it. And you guys still brought a tear to my eye with these beautiful animations, inspiring music, and just the overall sense of wonder in the video. Fantastic work, that was a much more intense eleven minutes than I expected.
anime4ever Prije 7 dana
I think we are living in the best era possible just because we have almost reached the peak of development we know more than anyone will ever know because the world is marching towards it's extinction and we can't do nothing about it
Kitten of the Broccoli
I was raised religious, believing that the earth was specially made for humans less than 10,000 years ago, and I can't help but feel offended at this point over the how people can be so arrogant as to believe that this world somehow belongs to us by birthright, meanwhile it's clear as day we're so new to this scene that if we were all to be wiped out tomorrow, the human era would be but a footnote in the history of life on earth to whatever future archeologists dig us up.
Anjumzahoorwafie Wafie
You are right
Gb Alleq Balasabas
Gb Alleq Balasabas Prije 8 dana
This animation is smoother than any satisfying video I've seen.
Apfel_ Taartje
Apfel_ Taartje Prije 8 dana
8:46 I dunno man, you seen jurassic park?
Sand Prije dan
I dunno man, you seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
Trần Anh Thi
Trần Anh Thi Prije 8 dana
This video is so Epic, bring tear to my eyes, and I want that calendar so bad! Thank you for making this video.
Floating Thoughts
Floating Thoughts Prije 8 dana
conclusion : WE ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW :))
Tara Dee
Tara Dee Prije 8 dana
This is so fake
Camron Audsley
Camron Audsley Prije 8 dana
Jurassic Park Alive is my favorite mobile game lol
xcant god
xcant god Prije 8 dana
a wood pecker is related to a dino call verloster rapter
xcant god
xcant god Prije 8 dana
this is a lie t rex is mate by you kown
FireHeaven24 Prije 8 dana
Any one got teary eyes from this video? I got emotional from wondering what these ancient animals would have looked like and how they would have behaved
Βασίλης Τσάβος
So that's why you drew dinosaurs with feathers on your previous dinosaur video. I love this channel!!
Cleverbird Prije 8 dana
Can we take a moment to appreciate how good the music is?
BAD LAMA 18 Prije 8 dana
Damn now I feel like I can’t sleep cause I’ll never know what a dinosaur really looks like
jOhNbLaZe415 Prije 8 dana
Was so sad at the forgotten dinosaurs part. 🦖
Robert Z
Robert Z Prije 9 dana
This is absolutely stunning incredible art
ApollxHyper Prije 9 dana
Oséas Stoterau
Oséas Stoterau Prije 9 dana
This guy feels like Optimus Prime… is it just for me?
RebelGaming 1.5.1
RebelGaming 1.5.1 Prije 9 dana
It's a shame we'll never get to see these amazing creatures alive, let alone all the ones that will never be seen. These massive reptiles were amazing, and we can only hope to see what they looked like. At least we got movies like Jurassic Park and Jurassic World to help fill our imaginations, and thousands of books that can do the same.
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