"What does this say?"

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I'm a motovlogger from Phoenix, Arizona! I've been riding motorcycles since 2015. My first motorcycle I learned how to ride on was a Suzuki GS500F. After taking a motorcycle safety course and finally gaining some confidence on the streets, I decided to purchase my second motorcycle. A Honda CBR600RR. I still own that motorcycle to this day! After some time passed I decided to add another motorcycle to the family. So I purchased a Yamaha FZ-07. That's another bike I still have to this day! Again, more time passed and guess what I did. I purchased my final bike, as of now. A Honda Grom!

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A motovlog is a type of video log recorded by a person while riding a motorcycle or any motorized vehicle. The word is a neologism and portmanteau derived from "motorcycle", "video" and "log". A rider who creates video blogs known as a motorcycle blogger, and the action of making motovlogs is called motovlogging.

All content uploaded onto this channel has neither any affiliation with its uploader nor any relation to the rider portrayed in any way which includes, but is not limited to his or her likeness, residing area or personal identity.

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14. Srp 2021.



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Komentari 8 791
Marcus Jensen
Marcus Jensen Prije 2 mjeseci
For anyone wondering, the windshield says: *Before I leave* *on this journey.* *I pray you're* *watching over me* *and if my bike* *lay down today.* *I pray to God* *I walk away*
Daily Dose Of Forza
Daily Dose Of Forza Prije 6 dana
Thanks also I got last reply
Brajo Brnje
Brajo Brnje Prije 6 dana
dray& brynlee
dray& brynlee Prije 6 dana
Illinois Tyrant Patrol
Nice... 500 comment
CHΛMΞLΞON Prije mjesec
@Jake Macri then why do scientist not believe in God
Bradley Johnson
Bradley Johnson Prije dan
Not a good day
Jayiceon Tawerwiwoeowhanxk
Yeah I have a bunch of attorney doesn’t dollars no
Lost Space
Lost Space Prije 2 dana
I don't think they can legally prolong a stop by asking unrelated questions, that don't pertain to anything to do with the law
Mr MiddleFing3r
Mr MiddleFing3r Prije 3 dana
*This video wasted 29 seconds of my life*
David Prije 4 dana
Officer knew he was a chill biker
You shouldn’t have gotten a ticket the law says the sheriff has to have his hat on or he is not Abel to right tickets
Jake Mad
Jake Mad Prije 5 dana
Stupid video
Invisible Prije 5 dana
I’m blocking this kid for posting the most pointless video I’ve ever watched just so that I’ll never accidentally watch one of his videos again..
Ronald Palomeque
Ronald Palomeque Prije 6 dana
He stopped him because he has been trying to reach him regarding his vehicles extended warranty
Dr. Ward
Dr. Ward Prije 6 dana
Purpose of this video...SMH
FANDOHORIS Prije 6 dana
The fact that you have to explain your next move and ask for permission, just shows how tapped america really is.
The typical guy
The typical guy Prije 6 dana
I live in Arizona as well as you
Life After Life
Life After Life Prije 6 dana
I'll assume that "it's just a little..." were his last words because the cop killed him. That's what usually happens.
KazBodnar Prije 6 dana
Rampy 007
Rampy 007 Prije 6 dana
Why is it in the gta font lol
Miguel_Gutierrez325 Prije 6 dana
Wow my phone actually shows everything from his drivers license
UnloadedMaRk Prije 6 dana
Unless you do stupid fucking shit nothing bad will happen. But when you are stupid as shit then you get a gun pulled on you and possibly shot, it heavily depends on what stupid you do. The fast and easy thing for everyone is to do what the cop says
Bender Brigade
Bender Brigade Prije 7 dana
We are you headed
sigma_is_op Prije 7 dana
My right ear enjoyed this, my left ear didn't
Adrian Ulrich
Adrian Ulrich Prije 7 dana
So what was he pulled over for
mash toes
mash toes Prije 7 dana
This is cool
Peighton Plaster
Peighton Plaster Prije 7 dana
I wish more people would be this polite.
Anon Prije 7 dana
I swear, this guy is getting in trouble with the cops left right and center
dgeorg02 Prije 7 dana
What was the outcome?
hello adele
hello adele Prije 7 dana
I don’t know if I should be upsetti spaghetti or not
Hidden leaf Edits
Hidden leaf Edits Prije 7 dana
Cop went full adhd bro
Cannn Thonnn
Cannn Thonnn Prije 7 dana
?????????? Have NO idea what your video is about?!! Why cut right in the middle?? What are you trying to show??!
Jefferson Jackson
Jefferson Jackson Prije 8 dana
You legally don't have to tell pigs where you are heading. S/O PotBrothers At Law, if a cop asks where you heading, just say I'm not discussing my day
JAYDEE BTD Prije 8 dana
It says what does this say
paul gonzales
paul gonzales Prije 8 dana
Arizona. . SB1070
I'm a little upsetti Spaghetti my dude
Sean Moezzi
Sean Moezzi Prije 9 dana
Do not listen to this with headphones 🤮
MitoLuvsU Prije 9 dana
I love how calm he is
POVgames Prije 9 dana
TIPS FOR THE FUTURE: you did not need to provide your ID or continue the conversation until the officer gave you a valid LEGAL reason for the traffic stop. also, you are not legally required to tell the officer where you are coming from or going and therefore should not provide that information. stay safe! 🇺🇸
Anthony Getuba
Anthony Getuba Prije 5 dana
This for all state’s?
ImJKKJ Prije 10 dana
When police are doing thear job
Hvguy Prije 10 dana
Yeah I'll explain it....... Doesn't explain it
Smoke Noice
Smoke Noice Prije 10 dana
Nils Teegen
Nils Teegen Prije 10 dana
Dude stop being so nervous, it's just a traffic stop
Mototoe Prije 11 dana
Just read it?
David Gill
David Gill Prije 11 dana
“i’ll explain it” bullshit tell me why i’m being pulled over what the fuck that’s bogus
bradleythekid Prije 11 dana
lol this guy looks like trevor in that one mission where they were pretending to be cops
Chal P
Chal P Prije 11 dana
Nothing at all.. This represents nothing.
Brody1007 Prije 11 dana
That’s how you’re supposed to interact with cops
NoobyMaster Prije 11 dana
This made me furious LOL I wanna see the rest
Joshua Chapin
Joshua Chapin Prije 11 dana
"What does this say?" 🙄 *Great. I get the officer who got kicked out of the 'Zoolander School For Children Who Can't Read Good'. Now I gotta text mom & dad and tell em to make it 'brunch'.*
ytmas0n_5708 Prije 12 dana
U can do whatever u want with urself and ur property don't ask a fucking pig if u can take your gloves off
Amaree Munir
Amaree Munir Prije 12 dana
Fellow AZ person
Dragons Tooth
Dragons Tooth Prije 13 dana
Where you headed? None of your damn business.
Bellysbabble Prije 13 dana
Why is this a video
Henri Horsley
Henri Horsley Prije 13 dana
I like how respectful he was with the officer not like the idiots who get defensive and want to,"own" the cop with their half baked "witty" comments and "I know my rights" bs. Just comply and move on. Cops need to be aware of things going on in the area to better protect it so if they pull you over and ask questions just answer them, being defensive makes you look suspicious.
POVgames Prije 9 dana
you sound like a boot licker. it’s important for us to flex our rights and lay down our laws if we want to continue having laws and rights.
eduardo rodriguez perez
Lame and gay
Pepe Rose
Pepe Rose Prije 13 dana
See it's so much nicer to just be a gentle person with people. Cops realize when you're being a normal decent person and they treat you accordingly and yes that is how the world is
DyosSlup Prije 13 dana
Unknown Language
Notorious 885
Notorious 885 Prije 14 dana
...what exactly is the purpose of this video
Tactical Daniel
Tactical Daniel Prije 14 dana
It says, mind your own fuckin business officer
420 MorningStar
420 MorningStar Prije 14 dana
For those wondering the point of the video it was probably just to show how ridiculous the interactions of police officers are sometimes
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell Prije 14 dana
What was the point of this video?
Rhshshsh Rywusb
Rhshshsh Rywusb Prije 15 dana
Shows don't always shoot your mouth off to a cop shows if you give him respect then he will do the same most of the time
I❤️Quads Prije 15 dana
Dude it’s not your video you didn’t give credit I watch the guy who made it
MyQuestionable Sanity
MyQuestionable Sanity Prije 15 dana
If they don’t tell me why they pulled me over I don’t give them anything cause idk if they have probable cause to pull me over.
Chris H
Chris H Prije 16 dana
This dummy talks way too much. you never say anything, except to answer questions to a cop. You never ask why you've been pulled over. at that point, it really doesn't matter.
Dismembered Soul
Dismembered Soul Prije 16 dana
Bad cop
Frank Doolz
Frank Doolz Prije 16 dana
GTA Font
Gitfiddle 7766
Gitfiddle 7766 Prije 17 dana
This is all standard and professional. Not sure what the issue is here.
C J Prije 18 dana
Cool Baby
Cool Baby Prije 18 dana
Damn this Guy Talks a Lot...If i was the cop, Then he would have got the bullet
Michael Church
Michael Church Prije 18 dana
It says that our for father's are rolling over in graves due to the arrogant lucky few who think they can make law up as they go along. Dam i wish we all could put pants on with a back flip
Justin Charron
Justin Charron Prije 18 dana
‘Where are you going?’ Nowhere!
WickedDodgeBoys Prije 19 dana
or just start with why your pulling him over...
Jacob Ewing
Jacob Ewing Prije 19 dana
This video was sponsored by State Farm insurance
dean vanluven
dean vanluven Prije 19 dana
Apparently you can get your vehicle registration from progressive insurance? Wonder if it's cheaper than the DMV
Stephen LeFevre
Stephen LeFevre Prije 19 dana
Fuck you, delete this waste.
Earth Elucidators
Earth Elucidators Prije 20 dana
After he responded to me like that any question he asked me would have gotten the responce "ill explain it" right back at his qpig face.
Scorpio1970 Prije 20 dana
It's called acting right and showing mutual respect.
Ivan Toapanta
Ivan Toapanta Prije 20 dana
I hope you do 180mph and come to a sudden stop so all your DNA splatter all over the highway
Kevin D Ealy
Kevin D Ealy Prije 20 dana
Well, there's only one cop, no guns drawn, no aggressive attitude, and the guy pulled over is white. There's nothing else left to say
Noodles Mcbride
Noodles Mcbride Prije 21 dan
Dickhead cop. Didn’t want to tell the guy what he is required to tell him. Very quick to ask questions that are none of his business. “Where were you headed?” 🙄 This guy is why a lot of people don’t like cops. I would’ve said, “ I’ll might tell you where I was headed AFTER you tell me why you pulled me over. Sound like a deal?”
CGH Prije 21 dan
"What does this say?" "I'll explain it"
Dylan Clarke
Dylan Clarke Prije 21 dan
Worthless video
Not Today
Not Today Prije 21 dan
These guys always act like such wusses when they get pulled over. Sir may I please is it OK if I breathe.
ohrirymeow Prije 21 dan
You should never give your ID to an officer if they haven't stated which crime you've committed first. You can take this to court
Germaine WillFixIT
Germaine WillFixIT Prije 22 dana
Can't the piggies start explaining why they pulled u over while u look for your paperwork
Random Fandom
Random Fandom Prije 22 dana
I never hand over identification until the tell me the reason I was pulled over. No RAS, no ID. Reasonable articulatable suspicion
Diana O'Hara
Diana O'Hara Prije 23 dana
Seems like a just jerk and search stop
Wendy White
Wendy White Prije 24 dana
And your point is...
Dan Bruffell
Dan Bruffell Prije 24 dana
The cops attitude to me suggests he is trying to escalate the situation
Nick Prije 24 dana
Why was this even uploaded??
P Jeffery
P Jeffery Prije 25 dana
This video went nowhere.
David Nickel
David Nickel Prije 25 dana
Where you headed? Well sir, my daily date with your wife…🤔
Tyrone Moore
Tyrone Moore Prije 26 dana
That’s it let God be the pilot and you the co- pilot
Charles Torres
Charles Torres Prije 26 dana
Happy Mother’s birthday
Curt Hartley
Curt Hartley Prije 26 dana
What is the point of this video
Adam Bishop
Adam Bishop Prije 27 dana
Slippery Slope,
Dirty Diesel
Dirty Diesel Prije 28 dana
“Can you do some dishes?” Me:
alexa Prije 28 dana
The little "thanks man" was so wholesome lmaos
Lee Lorenz
Lee Lorenz Prije 28 dana
What was the point of this video?
Cat Prije 28 dana
??? What's the point of this?
TomTom Prije 28 dana
The whole way through this thinking he was gonna get shot and wasted was going to appear
Benoit Thiery
Benoit Thiery Prije 28 dana
That guy’s being so cool about being pulled over 😂 he’s so calm and at ease
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