How to Lose Weight // What I Eat In A Day for Weight Loss

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Here is what I eat in a day for weight loss! If you haven't seen my fitness journey yet pls watch it cause I explain what i've learned from getting a nutritionist!
How I Finally Lost Weight:
GoWISE Air Fryer
Instagram: @Alisha
Twitter: @AlishaMarie
Snapchat: LidaLu11
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**IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "dessert"
*also i'm NOT a doctor at all. this is simply what i eat off my weekly meal plan that my nutritionist makes for me. this is based off how efficiently my metabolism processes carbs, protein, and fats.


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11. Srp 2019.

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Komentari 2 961
John Patterson
John Patterson Prije 59 minuta
didnt she put yogurt in her milkshake?no dairy huh
Meg McAuliffe
Meg McAuliffe Prije 2 sati
can you please talk about how your diet (what you eat in a day/week) changes each week
Nicole Frisco
Nicole Frisco Prije 2 sati
PLEASEEEE make this a series 😫😭🙏🏽
fallenraven12 Prije 2 sati
Freelee the crazy hoe said she’s going to call you out, maybe report her for bullying when she does to shut the hoe down.
Sophia B_30
Sophia B_30 Prije 3 sati
hi alisha!! love this vid literally watched it so many times💗💗 i just wanted to ask what time you had breakfast and what time you had your last snack haha love you so and am so proud of you❤️❤️
Gacha Wolfy
Gacha Wolfy Prije 3 sati
Faith Lee
Faith Lee Prije 3 sati
when are we gonna get back to school vids:)
Danielle Perry
Danielle Perry Prije 4 sati
Why the heck is Freelee coming for this girl? Why now?
Driippyy Meeshy
Driippyy Meeshy Prije 5 sati
I am so glad ur becoming stronger and more healthier love you!
Driippyy Meeshy
Driippyy Meeshy Prije 5 sati
can u do a new morning routine!
Mary Hicks
Mary Hicks Prije 6 sati
I love that the shake recipe didn’t have yogurt! Every time I try to find a new shake recipe, it has yogurt😕
fun times
fun times Prije 7 sati
can u make a vid of your workout routine, love ur vids!
Nawal M
Nawal M Prije 7 sati
I am eating potato chips while watching this, haha 😂
Something Stupid
Something Stupid Prije 8 sati
I like apples
Melissa S •_•
Melissa S •_• Prije 8 sati
Quick question is schoolisha happening this year ♡♡✏✏✏
Abby Bowman
Abby Bowman Prije 8 sati
Bring back OMG awkward !!!
Roseplayz Prije 8 sati
Back to school videos?
Justine Flores
Justine Flores Prije 9 sati
Your videos are so inspirational ♥️
oren dayan
oren dayan Prije 9 sati
I tried a lot of diets but the best diet is to eat nothing ;) ;)
Shelby Inman
Shelby Inman Prije 10 sati
If you really want a helpful weight loss that is short term and has results I recommend whole 30 it is a bit extreme but after 30 days you have results and you feel way better
Claire Bellavia
Claire Bellavia Prije 10 sati
Sweet Tea and Me
Sweet Tea and Me Prije 11 sati
I love your videos so much P.s I am a small HRvidr 😘😘😘😘
Porcupine Robloxx
Porcupine Robloxx Prije 12 sati
When are we gonna see some school supplies haul🚌📓✏️
Shelby Mccloy
Shelby Mccloy Prije 12 sati
Who else loves her fitness videos
Sarah glam
Sarah glam Prije 13 sati
I lov u so much alisha ... keep up with your healthy life... and I love the murch 💝
Suka 267
Suka 267 Prije 14 sati
Please do back to school videos I go back in 2 weeks
sage harrison
sage harrison Prije 14 sati
Do more Schoolisha vids this season!!!!!!
michelle Prije 14 sati
this made me restrictive...healthy carbs are life!
Emma K
Emma K Prije 15 sati
Omg Alisha you are such an inspiration for me to be healthier. Not for others but for myself and ily your videos! You are such a great youtuber and I think we all see that you are so much happier and that makes us happier!!!! Ly 💕
Christine Hazard
Christine Hazard Prije 15 sati
needed this!! i've gained 25lbs in two years due to a stressful desk job and need to get back on track for health! need to try splits!
Peyton Vanderhoff
Peyton Vanderhoff Prije 15 sati
Can you do schoolisha
Toleen Abu Issa
Toleen Abu Issa Prije 15 sati
Not to lie the banana with peanut butter is so good
Ewa Englisz
Ewa Englisz Prije 16 sati
I love that you go to trader joes and your Foods are the foods I get so I can actually loose weight😘😘😁
Sarah Hurtado
Sarah Hurtado Prije 16 sati
Are you still going to do back to school videos for 2019-2020?
Three Days Undead
Three Days Undead Prije 16 sati
Sounds nice, but not everyone has so much time throughout the day, to basically make their day all about losing weight and eating
Sarah Weinstein
Sarah Weinstein Prije 17 sati
So I have been bench “listening” to your podcast - it is so good - I have actually sent it to most of my friends at this point cause random stuff y’all say sounds like us lol (turtle dude lol) Anyway in one of them you said to let you know if you have a channel! So I do! And I would prob cry of happiness if you checked it out lol
Hello Its Me
Hello Its Me Prije 17 sati
whats the song of the outro?
Ligita Brasienė
Ligita Brasienė Prije 18 sati
Itsjustyourgirl Sneha
Itsjustyourgirl Sneha Prije 18 sati
No schoolisha anymore?
Caroline Byrd
Caroline Byrd Prije 20 sati
I’ve been watching Alisha since the beginning it’s so cool to see her grow even to where she now has merch! 💓💓
Abigail Stoyanova
Abigail Stoyanova Prije 20 sati
u and remi should do a collab where u turn her into u and on her channel she turns u into her
Marguerite Tran
Marguerite Tran Prije 22 sati
Khadijah Fasih
Khadijah Fasih Prije dan
cornelia bien
cornelia bien Prije dan
I eat like a waffle with whipped cream, chocolate starts and mac & cheese for a day btw I'am excrisesing 2 times a day
Joshua Hawkins
Joshua Hawkins Prije dan
School-lisha??? ❤️❤️
Hannah Obeng-Mireku
Jay Cov
Jay Cov Prije dan
Isabel Dalsimer
Isabel Dalsimer Prije dan
yes pleaseeee keep doing fitness and health videos they are AMAZING
Jenny Alvarez
Jenny Alvarez Prije dan
this seriously helped so much. You’re so iconic❤️ thank you so so much. I love youuu
Emely Martinez Bonilla
“Dessert” 💕
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