How to Lose Weight // What I Eat In A Day for Weight Loss

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Here is what I eat in a day for weight loss! If you haven't seen my fitness journey yet pls watch it cause I explain what i've learned from getting a nutritionist!
How I Finally Lost Weight:
GoWISE Air Fryer
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Twitter: @AlishaMarie
Snapchat: LidaLu11
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**IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "dessert"
*also i'm NOT a doctor at all. this is simply what i eat off my weekly meal plan that my nutritionist makes for me. this is based off how efficiently my metabolism processes carbs, protein, and fats.


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11. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 3 718
Skittles_R Yum
Skittles_R Yum Prije sat
When she was eating the almond butter and the banana she looked like she was desgusted
syd swims
syd swims Prije 13 sati
my favorite fruits are watermelon and cantaloupe
Noura Zahry
Noura Zahry Prije 17 sati
Marguerite Petersen
Marguerite Petersen Prije 18 sati
lmao 3:42 ashleys like yeah I heard this uh huh
Vanessa Yawata
Vanessa Yawata Prije dan
“i don’t have dairy” **uses whey protein for shake**
Arushi Harkawat
Arushi Harkawat Prije 3 dana
Just saying that you '"are allowed" to eat this or that makes it sound like the most restrictive diet ever yet you're saying it isn't? I'm just confused
Theresa G.
Theresa G. Prije 4 dana
It's so weird she has beer in her frig. I would never imagine her drinking beer!😄
Summer Leigh
Summer Leigh Prije 4 dana
I have re-watched this video so many times just because of that salad
Carter Nichols
Carter Nichols Prije 5 dana
Merrrrr -Alisha Marie 2019
Lily Orlando
Lily Orlando Prije 6 dana
my face and voice is like MERRRRRR
Sophia West
Sophia West Prije 7 dana
Apple and watermelon
Paige Birchall
Paige Birchall Prije 8 dana
Anyone else just has a huge drink of water when she talks about it, no just me ha
Misk Ismail
Misk Ismail Prije 8 dana
Why are her tomatos 🍅 so big in the salad 🥗??
Leila B
Leila B Prije 9 dana
Loved this video but what if u don't like salad? Is there like an alternative?
Chelsea Pascoe
Chelsea Pascoe Prije 10 dana
You should post a video where you show some of your favourite workouts!!
Eugene Song
Eugene Song Prije 10 dana
Is there another alternative for the almond butter????
Ming Ling Wong
Ming Ling Wong Prije 10 dana
Hey Alisha, can you try to make your own splits, to reduce the plastic waste.
Jacinta Anthony
Jacinta Anthony Prije 11 dana
Whey protein?? Isn’t that dairy??
Aspen Leigh
Aspen Leigh Prije 11 dana
Alisha, Steak is SO SO SO bad for you.. Having it every night or every other night is terrible. Over time it blocks up arteries in your heart that can lead to / increase your risk of a heart attack. Please be careful .
Sydney Michelle
Sydney Michelle Prije 11 dana
last time i watched you was in 6 grade omg your so much different but yet soo much the same !!!
Robyn lifestyle
Robyn lifestyle Prije 13 dana
are you on weight watchers
Jakaylee's World
Jakaylee's World Prije 13 dana
Favorite Fruit: Pomegranate
Nigel Wright
Nigel Wright Prije 13 dana
Alisha you are amazing
SkinnyKICK Lemon Cayenne Water Drink Mix
Love that one shoulder top!
Avvni Narayan
Avvni Narayan Prije 15 dana
Hey Guys, I am a new HRvidr, I just uploaded my FIRSTTTTTT video, please help a sister out and watch it or maybe comment as to how I could get better at youtubing? thanks .x
Nicole Derakhshan
Nicole Derakhshan Prije 16 dana
Emily Larkin
Emily Larkin Prije 17 dana
What I eat in day please
Hannah Gottshall
Hannah Gottshall Prije 17 dana
Khanda Amin
Khanda Amin Prije 19 dana
My teacher looks like Alisha and her personality is like Alisha's.
Tasi Goff
Tasi Goff Prije 19 dana
Bananas are my favorite
Bad Keke
Bad Keke Prije 20 dana
What i can eat if i can't buy splits ???
Kelly Collins
Kelly Collins Prije 20 dana
What advice would you give to someone who can’t afford for a nutritionist? like what are some good tips on being healthy ?
Claire Cartwright
Claire Cartwright Prije 20 dana
it makes me sad to hear so many “can” and “i can only have” in this video. A nutritionist and meal plan should be educating and guiding you, not giving you restrictions and rules. It’s all about balance and meals plans are important! But there needs to be room for flexibility or else you will never be successful or happy with what you are eating
Shamyah Nolan
Shamyah Nolan Prije 21 dan
Can you plzzzzz do more videos like this
Izzie Joan
Izzie Joan Prije 21 dan
5:10 why does protein powder not have a line before it. Hahaha that was so random. When u know ur a real fan🤣🤣🤣🤣😭🤣
Bricklyn Tripp
Bricklyn Tripp Prije 22 dana
Do you count calories and macros? How many calories do you eat a day?Or do you intuitively eat? Maybe you can make another fitness video about these things!
Karina Abbott
Karina Abbott Prije 22 dana
Save the turtles!!!
Vivienne Hodgson
Vivienne Hodgson Prije 23 dana
me waching this but also eating cheezits at 12:00 am in bed
Alan McTaggart
Alan McTaggart Prije 24 dana
9:02 omigoshhh
Danielle Ambrose
Danielle Ambrose Prije 24 dana
BTS ARMY FOR LIFE Prije 24 dana
Where's ur belt from?
Andrea Macías
Andrea Macías Prije 24 dana
I think you shouldn’t do diet videos if you have an eating disorder or something like can be really bad for the people who is also suffering an ed
Kawtar S.
Kawtar S. Prije 24 dana
from 12:43-12:45 you sounded exactly like Jordyn Woods!!! omg, btw loved your video!! it was really inspiring
Fancy Gypsy heart
Fancy Gypsy heart Prije 24 dana
I’m trying to get a person to help me who would you recommend
ARMYprinncess Prije 25 dana
Please where is the white lace shirt from
Taylor Lorraine
Taylor Lorraine Prije 25 dana
Kayley Arkell
Kayley Arkell Prije 25 dana
You are the only person one HRvid that I hit the notifications I love you 😘 You are my favourite person on HRvid ps I love your outfit
Britney Gray
Britney Gray Prije 26 dana
Gemmiz Prije 27 dana
im legit eating pizza rn
stefano nutini
stefano nutini Prije 27 dana
A friend of mine revealed her own secret to me about precisely how she have to shed her excess weight by using “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) weightloss program. Precisely what I found is it’s really working. I have been attempting to cut at least 3 lbs for a while already nonetheless it is occurring right now. Proud of the good results I’ve gotten at this point. .
Ellie Ali
Ellie Ali Prije 28 dana
Reply to my comment if you like Alisha and like if u like Ashley
Ellie Ali
Ellie Ali Prije 28 dana
kaylanicole62 Prije 29 dana
4:11 video starts
Andeigh Alfalfa
Andeigh Alfalfa Prije mjesec
i feel like this video and your meal plan are replicas of remi's. maybe you guys see the same nutritionist? and yeah, like another commenter commented, its not like you "can't" have chocolate, its that you are choosing not to. like whatever you put or don't put into your mouth is your choice.
sherocks54 Prije mjesec
Go vegan
Snail Fingers
Snail Fingers Prije mjesec
Mango is my fav fruit
Julie Cho
Julie Cho Prije mjesec
Finally a diet where I don’t starve myself
Julie Cho
Julie Cho Prije mjesec
I tried your smoothie and it’s amazing thank you so much💜
#Rainboomer Prije mjesec
Taylor Packer
Taylor Packer Prije mjesec
Ferrari GT3 458 Reassembly!
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