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Alright ladies, how many of these scenarios could you relate to? Being a girl can sure be challenging, huh? Are there any hilarious yet frustrating girl problems we forgot in this video?
Leave a comment below and let us know! Then go ahead and share this video with your girlfriends to give them a laugh! And don’t forget to subscribe to our HRvid page so you never miss any content!
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28. Srp 2020.



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Kennedi Steward
Kennedi Steward Prije 8 sati
Hi I'm Kennedi
1m__ x
1m__ x Prije 8 sati
Good prank
Beginners to Pros
Beginners to Pros Prije 9 sati
When Lana hits the person behind her It is super Duper funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Hayven Willemse
Hayven Willemse Prije 8 sati
Hayven Willemse
Hayven Willemse Prije 8 sati
Marwa Dewidar
Marwa Dewidar Prije 9 sati
She first says some sugar and then says a dash of salt
Alice Playz
Alice Playz Prije 9 sati
So that’s what feels like being a girl Sorry my bro commented great vid
Joanna Prije 10 sati
Come watch new vigil Hi guys in the regard some works I love you someone any doing that
debbie torres
debbie torres Prije 10 sati
Home Tutor
Home Tutor Prije 10 sati
Margaret Kurtz
Margaret Kurtz Prije 11 sati
I’m good how are you doing
Ferrah Prije 11 sati
Joanna Prije 10 sati
M. Abubakar
M. Abubakar Prije 12 sati
anIta richard
anIta richard Prije 12 sati
I’m just saying is it “ Beauty is pain” or “Pain is beauty” because i say it Beauty is pain
Zuheil Otero
Zuheil Otero Prije 12 sati
Amber Knirr
Amber Knirr Prije 12 sati
I love are video
Nur fatihah humaira lovely unicron heart
T.T .......... i like be nice
vita arrington
vita arrington Prije 13 sati
I love your videos 1 2 3 go I've been watching them since I want to you make me laugh and smile
Diana Mwongela
Diana Mwongela Prije 13 sati
I love you 😘♥️😘
Yan Zhang
Yan Zhang Prije 14 sati
Betty is so lazy.
pranjoli mukherjee
pranjoli mukherjee Prije 15 sati
hey guys
Janeah Nelson
Janeah Nelson Prije 15 sati
Wøłfý Ğåçhă
Wøłfý Ğåçhă Prije 15 sati
These situations are so relatable to me like if its relatable to you
Grace Tresvalles
Grace Tresvalles Prije 15 sati
So funny
FrozenSpirits *
FrozenSpirits * Prije 15 sati
@Frozenspirits * @triggered insaan R O A S T. THIS
Waheeda Sayed
Waheeda Sayed Prije 16 sati
Michelle Nkwenge
Michelle Nkwenge Prije 16 sati
Hey. We like your school hacks send me some primary 3 , 2 and baby
Home Tutor
Home Tutor Prije 10 sati
Ayan Malik
Ayan Malik Prije 17 sati
123 go is amazing
Maria Li Na
Maria Li Na Prije 17 sati
Noora Alkhalifa
Noora Alkhalifa Prije 18 sati
Mehri Azimi
Mehri Azimi Prije 19 sati
I love 123go to but why don't you show your real sound is it bad is doesn't matter just practice your sound!!!
Hao Phan Thi
Hao Phan Thi Prije 20 sati
Hay do
Wuwu zela
Wuwu zela Prije 20 sati
Maryam Adnan2014
Maryam Adnan2014 Prije 20 sati
Nicola Farquharson
Nicola Farquharson Prije 20 sati
Love u guys 😘😘😘
Fariha Azeem
Fariha Azeem Prije 21 sat
Me too
Rani Kr
Rani Kr Prije 21 sat
This video is so funny🤣🤣🤣
Mia Lopez
Mia Lopez Prije 22 sati
At 3:54 No it’s on my phone 11 Pro
Mia Lopez
Mia Lopez Prije 23 sati
At 3:46 The girl has an iPhone 11 Now she has the iPhone 11 Pro how is this possible by editing
Rory Tang
Rory Tang Prije dan
People! Social distancing, please!
Lisa Mitchell
Lisa Mitchell Prije dan
Viviana Enriquez
Love thisssss videooooo
Kayla Curtin
Kayla Curtin Prije dan
I’m sorry is no one gonna foment on the black face. It was a planned filming weather they were saying it was accidental or not bro it’s not cool.
nancy dokey
nancy dokey Prije dan
Tamala Berrong
Tamala Berrong Prije dan
The real Doge
The real Doge Prije dan
3:38 don’t I know it that makes me laugh 😆
The Jesus Family
The Jesus Family Prije 10 sati
Ikr! So funny!!!!....
•Alastor• Prije dan
Taylor Barbee
Taylor Barbee Prije dan
🍙🍔🍧tOh my gosh like I love your videos so me and my friend my friend in babysitter she will you are going to do when somebody outlife hacks life
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Prije dan
El a.a.sllspspssñlslpspslsslslñslañaññññ.laña.ñññlewqodsqmomdowls
Fran Smith
Fran Smith Prije dan
Nathalie Salama
Nathalie Salama Prije dan
so true
Dave Allwood
Dave Allwood Prije dan
I love your ideas👍😘😀
runaislam25 Prije dan
Come watch new vigil Hi guys in the regard some works I love you someone any doing that
Hei På deg!
Hei På deg! Prije dan
I love 1 2 3 go
Boi Han
Boi Han Prije dan
Being a girl is so hard
Graeme Snowball
Graeme Snowball Prije dan
Not pain is buety buety is pairn
MN Niiji
MN Niiji Prije dan
Rwweeedd 2 cst e v wq44gt MBA
Cassie Prije dan
نور حسين
نور حسين Prije dan
LoL 🌹
نور حسين
نور حسين Prije dan
Wow 💗
Rawaa Doully
Rawaa Doully Prije dan
Hi wow love you too much hope you are too good
Damiyah moody
Damiyah moody Prije dan
123 go
Olivia’s Cheerleading Channel
You are so dum
Cassie Prije dan
6:05 she says to add coffee beans but there are no coffee beans on the list!
Olivia’s Cheerleading Channel
Stop wereing your merch because it is very offensive to poor people
Tong Tro
Tong Tro Prije dan
You bye
Laura Dwyer
Laura Dwyer Prije dan
Tv cxx xx xx TV TV
Zoe Evans
Zoe Evans Prije dan
TY-Nicholeeaa Prije dan
Hi 😂😂
Mubarak Hassan
Mubarak Hassan Prije dan
One like one new video on 123 go
Gabriela Hernandez
Are you the one that’s in then will get the picture that landed have
Ramidi Aruna
Ramidi Aruna Prije dan
Poor Alena
Aimee De Waal
Aimee De Waal Prije dan
But are you sure they all work course there is a thing that is called photoshop
Aimee De Waal
Aimee De Waal Prije dan
I love you all
Guys just so you know the face mask recipe is fake and chocolate doesn’t stain your skin you probably know this but I know there are some people that need to know
kassem nizam
kassem nizam Prije dan
Betty said the lipstick are all the same and when she found it it was the SAME AS THE SECOND ONE
To toys and beyond
6:05 she says to add coffee beans but there are no coffee beans on the list!
Jane Wakefield
Jane Wakefield Prije dan
Nicks Fosh
Nicks Fosh Prije dan
hi there I’m sorry to hear about your new phone
Kaycie White
Kaycie White Prije dan
I love every hack and vid :)
Jenald lacerna
Jenald lacerna Prije dan
Oh no road to 8M subscriber yehey
Shahnaz Begum
Shahnaz Begum Prije dan
قاقاباثتلتاتتينيتيايتطتبتب ايايايليل لابايغف اتباع العقل المستقبل
angelita dizon
angelita dizon Prije dan
Adeline gomez
Adeline gomez Prije dan
Can yall do a voice reveal plssss
Ayesha Irfan
Ayesha Irfan Prije dan
Gjylsyn Asllani
Gjylsyn Asllani Prije dan
Corrin Family
Corrin Family Prije dan
"Dont I know it!? Can i get back to stuffing my face now? 3:33" XD she is like ohhhh yeah😎 ok can I get back to stuffing my face?
G F Prije dan
123 go is the best hacks show in the universe
G F Prije dan
They are the best
Arshi S
Arshi S Prije dan
Video Assamese
Rachel Shapland
Rachel Shapland Prije dan
You are my second best you tuber
Akash Das
Akash Das Prije dan
Really horrable situations
Fe Cabalum
Fe Cabalum Prije dan
Stupid 123 go
faty bozova
faty bozova Prije dan
Dora Palomo
Dora Palomo Prije dan
Hello i AM You biggest fan
faty bozova
faty bozova Prije dan
Arnold Msipa
Arnold Msipa Prije dan
Wow omg😯😯
Aubrey Villamor
Aubrey Villamor Prije dan
so cool and funny pranks
Rahman Chowdhury
Rahman Chowdhury
arwa najla
arwa najla Prije dan
I love to be a girl 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Rama Chalise
Rama Chalise Prije dan
Suravi chalise
Aryanna Ramsey
Aryanna Ramsey Prije dan
Ankit Meghani
Ankit Meghani Prije dan
Lily Haynes
Lily Haynes Prije dan
Are these videos for kids if they are what you’re saying is very silllyyy
nancy dokey
nancy dokey Prije dan