When The Assist Is More Beautiful Than The Goal

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👍 When The Assist Is More Beautiful Than The Goal ⚽🔥


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5. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 5 996
Eber Hardt
Eber Hardt Prije 10 minuta
This shitty Messi to Suarez Penalty is the unfairest and arrogant ugly Goal ever... Absolutly no Sportsmanship.
Tom Poynton
Tom Poynton Prije 32 minuta
This should just be a Kevin de Bruyne video
HOOLITH Prije sat
There's one missing... Double sombrero Bernard - Atlético MGx Grêmio
Saraf Saraf
Saraf Saraf Prije sat
God is Great ! :)
Jose Parcenary
Jose Parcenary Prije sat
Suarez seems to be the main beneficiary!
Leo Freitas
Leo Freitas Prije 2 sati
Ronaldo insubstituível
LucasFF .NP5
LucasFF .NP5 Prije 2 sati
Do Marcelo Cirino na final da CDB
Eri Nya
Eri Nya Prije 3 sati
uh. youtube recommendation have done it again.
Vilmar Simson
Vilmar Simson Prije 3 sati
Missed the Bergkamp assist against Juve
Gilberto Hikari
Gilberto Hikari Prije 3 sati
Elizabeth Hart
Elizabeth Hart Prije 3 sati
Homeboy at 1:48 really going through it those voice cracks hahaha
Leonardo Melo
Leonardo Melo Prije 6 sati
Song track 4:00 ?
Abdull Official
Abdull Official Prije 6 sati
One is beauty on the other Am confused to make a choice which assistant is the best
Danillo Oliveira
Danillo Oliveira Prije 6 sati
Colocaram do Neuer mas num colocou nenhuma do ronaldinho, NA video. where Ronaldinho in list? NA video.
Emmanuel Onwusiribe
Emmanuel Onwusiribe Prije 7 sati
ClearSkies Prije 9 sati
The greatest players a like gods, they toy with their prey.
Kings Man
Kings Man Prije 10 sati
This title was misleading coz there was no Ronaldinho
Карина Михайленко
Some banging assists in thereMe- 2019
Max Molli
Max Molli Prije 11 sati
Ma gli assist di Totti o comunque di giocatori italiani no eh? Mah!
Love to play
Love to play Prije 11 sati
Ben Tj
Ben Tj Prije 11 sati
hate it when the scorer doesn't give credit to the assist
O O Prije 11 sati
Football fans have a collective IQ 15
where are you from!? guys!!
Christian Suarez
Christian Suarez Prije 12 sati
Please see one more... Is amaizing!!
Christian Suarez
Christian Suarez Prije 12 sati
Wow!! Incredible and beautifulls assistences. But where is James Rodríguez?? Here is this magic player.
Siyanda Hadebe
Siyanda Hadebe Prije 12 sati
Where are the Liverpool wingbacks?
Siyanda Hadebe
Siyanda Hadebe Prije 12 sati
Where’s Iniesta?
Siyanda Hadebe
Siyanda Hadebe Prije 12 sati
Cesc Fabregas to Schürrle?
Siyanda Hadebe
Siyanda Hadebe Prije 12 sati
Why isn’t Özil here?
Siyanda Hadebe
Siyanda Hadebe Prije 12 sati
Where’s Rooney’s assist for DC United 😭
Luca Vengels
Luca Vengels Prije 13 sati
Who is this goal from draxler and raul
Andrew Wolverton
Andrew Wolverton Prije 14 sati
When the assist is so beautiful you don't call the offsides
София Кошик
София Кошик Prije 14 sati
Lemme guess: you found this randomly in your recommendations
Richard Tsutsa
Richard Tsutsa Prije 14 sati
I hate when they add music to these videos
Jacob Morningstar
Jacob Morningstar Prije 14 sati
Colin Deal
Colin Deal Prije 15 sati
Some of these are amazing assists, but the assist is often much more spectacular than the goal anyway. And even is some of these clips it is the pass that leads to the assist that is by far the most beautiful or skill expressive moment in the play.
pranay forever
pranay forever Prije 17 sati
Me: I don’t even watch football. Me after one minute thru: why don’t Americans call it football? Me after 5 mins mark: still watching!!!!!
christer kårdal
christer kårdal Prije 17 sati
You missed out one of the best assist in recent history, Ødegaard's latest against Alavés
Isa Flow
Isa Flow Prije 17 sati
Falto el mejor en asistencia Ronaldinho ud como que no saben de fútbol
stefan naumo
stefan naumo Prije 18 sati
Where is berbatovs assist to ronaldo for united....?
Wagner Prije 19 sati
Ronaldinho Gaúcho o melhor de todos.
Mothercityguy Prije 19 sati
Zimp A
Zimp A Prije 19 sati
so many selfish players celebrate their own instead of showing some recognition to the person who gave the assist.
rj benjamin
rj benjamin Prije 19 sati
ros22ta05gno87 Prije 20 sati
Damn! Where is Redondo's assist to Raul vs Man Utd in CL 2000?
Wykthor69 Prije 20 sati
u should search for "gremio 0 x 1 atletico bernard 2012". It was the assistence!
Anderson Pereira
Anderson Pereira Prije 20 sati
Que foda! Só assistência monstruosa
Dublu7 Vlog
Dublu7 Vlog Prije 21 sat
Wtf where is Ozil The best assist and playmaker in this era :)) lool
ikenna nwone
ikenna nwone Prije 21 sat
I miss this guy tho.
Kerim Kaya
Kerim Kaya Prije 21 sat
Waited for Pogba against Kamerun
EL YAGO ALBA Prije 21 sat
Firmino el 9 mas 10 del mundo que jugador
Sebastian Teigland
Sebastian Teigland Prije 22 sati
Where is Berbatov?
Mukesh Sharma
Mukesh Sharma Prije 23 sati
5:17 WTF
Hasan Magic
Hasan Magic Prije 23 sati
Oh my God
cache ton
cache ton Prije 23 sati
Al final muestran al creador de todas esas jugadas
сказачный прогноз
mod games
mod games Prije dan
5.17 is insane ✨
Muhammad AThaillah
Knp umpan2 receh punya barca di masukin
rac giulian
rac giulian Prije dan
Sick video. Does anyone know the names of the songs for the video? Id appreciate a list!
assaad nehme
assaad nehme Prije dan
I'm here before it becomes recommended
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