Which of the Sidemen knows Ethan the best?

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6. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 5 280
ThatDuckTho Prije 2 dana
8.04 does Ethan say the N word???
Zakiry Prije 3 dana
They should make a twitter for the shit Harry says what can't go in the videos
W Karpiey
W Karpiey Prije 4 dana
If I lived in London I would like to date Ethan, for real, hit me up boo
Abbie Haughton
Abbie Haughton Prije 6 dana
Tobi 9:59-10:03
Ahigith Chowdhary
Ahigith Chowdhary Prije 6 dana
Let's just not tell tobi that the colour cod is all black
Yeet Prije 7 dana
Rah JJ that was smooth 18:48 😂
Mike Graber III
Mike Graber III Prije 8 dana
Technically if it was a color it would be black because black is a color
Oliver de BRIEY
Oliver de BRIEY Prije 9 dana
27th of jean lololololHGAAGHAGSHSGAHSGAHAGS i can't even 2:29
Blood0cean Prije 9 dana
And vikk claimed he was 5 8 when ethan is 5 7.....
Suga! Kookie!
Suga! Kookie! Prije 10 dana
17:16 look at Josh’s hand that’s in the railing and look at the shadow, it looks like praying hand
Fusion Tv
Fusion Tv Prije 10 dana
Lmao 16:40
Mastaneh Vahidi
Mastaneh Vahidi Prije 11 dana
I’m a 16 year old girl and the same height as Ethan. Oop 💀💀💀
Pencil Shavings
Pencil Shavings Prije 11 dana
Fluff Y
Fluff Y Prije 13 dana
JJ's excuse be like: "I'm colorblind"
Callum Keates
Callum Keates Prije 14 dana
N*gga flip is what harry said
Siobhan Kewley
Siobhan Kewley Prije 15 dana
I would like Ethan to speed bump me
Mega Mike
Mega Mike Prije 18 dana
Everyone: June 20th Harry in private school: jEWn 4983249872348032749
George Bryant
George Bryant Prije 20 dana
KSI needs to realize he says dates the US (wrong) way fml
Beth Richardson
Beth Richardson Prije 23 dana
At 17:20 when I actually did say awwww! BC Ethan-regardless of his weight, is wonderful and lovely! Personality and humor!!!!
Mike Graber III
Mike Graber III Prije 25 dana
No technically black is a color
Big Wardy
Big Wardy Prije 26 dana
How many times did Ethan take to pass his theory test
Jose Villanueva
Jose Villanueva Prije 28 dana
The all have small weewees
Vicente Vasconcelos
Vicente Vasconcelos Prije 29 dana
i dont even know ethan and i was thinking about jennifer aniston lol
Sensational Sahil
Sensational Sahil Prije 29 dana
My bday is also June the 20
10k subs without videos
Lets all wear black and not tell tobi
Alessandro Vigano
Alessandro Vigano Prije mjesec
I am six days before birthday
Zeeshan Hussain
Zeeshan Hussain Prije mjesec
I played along and got more than Harry lol
Keri Sartorius xx
Keri Sartorius xx Prije mjesec
2:33 Harry !! That’s my birthday ❤️😭!
Sajad Sadeqi
Sajad Sadeqi Prije 16 dana
Keri Sartorius xx 27th of Jewn
Amelia Williams
Amelia Williams Prije mjesec
When I watched this and y’all said star sign I was so confused because in America we call it zodiac sign.
ELLIE Prije mjesec
5:48 wtf is josh doing in the background 😂
Jade Fernandes
Jade Fernandes Prije mjesec
Im year 10, and 5’6. Ethan..😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kristijan Car
Kristijan Car Prije 10 dana
@Glenn The Braintree JJ is 5'10 during the day, but 5'11 in the morning/doctor's appointment time. So we can say something like 5'10.5. Logan Paul is close or a legit 6'2 and the height difference shows. Jake Paul is deffo not 6'1, he's closer to 6'0, maybe even less whilst there is no way in hell Deji is 5'9/5'10, he is 5'6/5'7.
Glenn The Braintree
Glenn The Braintree Prije 10 dana
Kristijan Car don’t think JJ is 5’11, he’s probably 5’10
Kristijan Car
Kristijan Car Prije 10 dana
But nobody talking about JJ claiming 6'0, he is 5'11 at the very best.
Kristijan Car
Kristijan Car Prije 10 dana
I was the same height at 14, but grew to only be 5'9, however I'm a legit 5'9, just my right leg is shorter than my left leg by 1.5cm.
Glenn The Braintree
Glenn The Braintree Prije 10 dana
I was ur height in year 10
Struan Donald
Struan Donald Prije mjesec
Fuck off
Yuvanesh Silvanathan
Simon snakes hiss way to the lead. Again.
Rachel Whitaker
Rachel Whitaker Prije mjesec
Ethan’s birthday Is same as me dads and 4 days before mine
Son Fan
Son Fan Prije mjesec
Rachel Whitaker Jj’s birthday 19th of June Ethan’s 20th of June mine and my grandads 21st of June
Jéster Prije mjesec
Harry gave himself some secret points ecpecially for "Poo"
Taylor Russell
Taylor Russell Prije mjesec
We have the same birthday 🥳
Ludmila Prije mjesec
Ethan is 5’7.. how tall is Vik then? 5’5 or 5’4?
Omar Gallegos
Omar Gallegos Prije mjesec
Wtf is speedbump? Describe it lmao
Jubinator Prije mjesec
You havent seen the Blind date havent you? HINT: its in that video XD
LeRoc44 Prije mjesec
Me and Ethan have the same birthday!
George Griffiths
George Griffiths Prije mjesec
ethan turns so serious when it comes to his working out
Aliya Prije mjesec
Let’s all wear black and not tell Toby
Kieran Wagwan
Kieran Wagwan Prije mjesec
Becca msp
Becca msp Prije mjesec
If Josh was a rapper his name would be French Montana
Chloe louise’xo
Chloe louise’xo Prije mjesec
Harry never fails to make me laugh 😂😂😂
Lovisa Maanmies
Lovisa Maanmies Prije mjesec
16:44 That was very wholesome? I thought so anyway
Mr. Ginger
Mr. Ginger Prije mjesec
Ethan birthday is 2 day before mine 😀😁
Sophie Norbury
Sophie Norbury Prije mjesec
we have the same birthday and nandos order i am scared.
Katie Hurlstone
Katie Hurlstone Prije mjesec
mate I’d marry Ethan I acc love him, he’s my fave x
koltin spamms
koltin spamms Prije mjesec
Yo dude im sad ok so i want to get a iphone and i live with my grand parents i tell them that i was the sidemen case they said ight the go on there and say oh the case are nice i say yea but iphone though and they go welp have great time with that 😑😑😑😑like really my dude
Camilla Leigh
Camilla Leigh Prije mjesec
kittycat7732 Prije mjesec
Aw 4 people! That’s so cute
kittycat7732 Prije mjesec
Tbf he’s one day off a cancer
kittycat7732 Prije mjesec
Same star sign as Ethan and KSI ☺️☺️
MrMystery99 Prije mjesec
Deeply concerned that Harry can't spell June
Rich Butter
Rich Butter Prije mjesec
19:54 Harry looked so sad
Joa Jolie
Joa Jolie Prije mjesec
stop touching your face fatass lol
A MYsteRY Prije mjesec
"I like black things" No wonder Ethan is part nigerian
Johnny Thompson
Johnny Thompson Prije mjesec
tobi.exe has stopped working 17:32
Goran Gosevski
Goran Gosevski Prije mjesec
Omfg its like me and Ethans body tranformation is the same, and has been hapening in the same period of time, i was 100 kg gone down then down to 79 just like he mentions it in this video, then bild some muscle and now im back to 82 Jokes aside its realy proud check out my facebook youll see what im talking about
savvfxix Prije mjesec
Congratulations 👍🏼
Dani Petrov
Dani Petrov Prije mjesec
Is everyone gonna ignore Ethan saying the n-word 8:05
Specially reBELLYous
He said think I’m 78