Who Is Responsible For Climate Change? - Who Needs To Fix It?

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This video is part of a series about climate change supported by Breakthrough Energy - a coalition founded by Bill Gates, that is working to expand clean-energy investment and support the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero carbon emissions.
Also a special thanks to the team at Our World for helping us out with data and research!
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Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have released over 1.5 trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide or CO2 into the earth's atmosphere. In the year 2019 we were still pumping out around 37 billion more. That’s 50% more than the year 2000 and almost three times as much as 50 years ago. And it’s not just CO2. We’re also pumping out growing volumes of other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. Combining all of our greenhouse gases, we’re emitting 51 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents each year.
And emissions keep rising - but they need to get down to 0!
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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Check out the Sources here: Also, since this seems to be relevant in the current climate here is a medium post on how Kurzgesagt handles sponsorships:
vedant mhatre
vedant mhatre Prije 2 dana
@gonzostwin1 everyone needs to
Zargolien Zog
Zargolien Zog Prije 10 dana
wrong Indian map at 4:12
The Generalist
The Generalist Prije 10 dana
@Noel Joseph If you are not a true believer no money for you. If you don't get the results he wants no money for you.
John Stevens
John Stevens Prije 10 dana
@Ryan Ziolkowski if you don't believe me ask other experts and research it more, i don't like people having misinformation :)
John Stevens
John Stevens Prije 10 dana
@Ryan Ziolkowski and its effects are seen throughout the world, Australian Bush fires, lowest amount of Arctic ice recored in hundreds of thousands of years, and each year breaks another horrible temperature record
Black Hermit
Black Hermit Prije 4 minuta
Achieve what's available. To hack is to hack.
Dander Spat
Dander Spat Prije 7 minuta
*Question:* Why do Marxists want to fix your weather ? *Answer:* They don't They want all your money and your Constitutional Rights ...... STUPID
ThanksIfYourReadIt Prije 24 minuta
Sooo… What if we just shrug off the disaster? If we claim we can live in vacuum and mars, then im sure we can deal with some silly climate change. I bet you to 100% certainty that fixing the problems of climate change is much easier then fixing the problem that causes climate change.
nomissiontodifficult Prije 38 minuta
we barely get snow in Belgium...
Griffi Prije sat
Y’know why this is al happening cuz there are a lot of people if Thanos snapped they’re would be less people so less co2 i don’t know where this is going
cm 73
cm 73 Prije sat
3:11: I never knew that south korea shares a border with china... 🙈
usa and eu are full of hypocrites just blaming china for everything
Tim Thoughts
Tim Thoughts Prije 2 sati
I applaud your effort and insight and have extreme respect for the way you present facts and use logic based and well thought out arguments. Indeed I agree it is the responsibility for every country to do the best we can right now and focus on eliminating the problems of the old world without getting so wrapped up in pointing fingers at who's responsible. And really, that comes down to us too, every single person who's had the chance to watch this video and grapple with these ideas. If we can all do our best to reduce our own emissions then we have a shot at lowering the overall global average. If this works in tandem with governments vying for technological and political advantages by being at the forefront of reducing emissions, then perhaps we can secure a better future for the humans to come after us. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into your videos. Hopefully you can continue to inspire as many people as possible through real science and fact based research and arguments.
Reynaldo Rodríguez
Reynaldo Rodríguez Prije 2 sati
Such an important video
Václav Tichý
Václav Tichý Prije 2 sati
How about a video about the book Factfulness? :) You could then start using the four wealth categories from Hans Rosling's model in all future videos (instead of developing and developed). Thank you!
Necla SAYIN Prije 2 sati
Kurzgesagt: iklim değişikliğinden kim sorumlu? Ben: Mikail aleyhisselam :)
lionanime 12
lionanime 12 Prije 2 sati
So technology is the key
Toby G N
Toby G N Prije 3 sati
I really wanted to support your Channel since you make so great video so i earlier this Day Bought your ant Explorer notebook 😁 - from Denmark
Toby G N
Toby G N Prije 3 sati
Rennan Silva
Rennan Silva Prije 3 sati
where are the subtitles in Portuguese?
Sb singh
Sb singh Prije 3 sati
Nuclear is the way
Yunus Emre YILMAZ
Yunus Emre YILMAZ Prije 3 sati
This videos should be viewed in the next UN meeting. Millions of scientists haven't been able to convince world leaders to act. Maybe this will.
Chandan Kumar Chowdhury Roll- 76
It's funny how leaders of the big economies jump to action hearing of war but not so for climate change, which is such a deadly important issue.
Hangry Chris
Hangry Chris Prije 4 sati
its not a crisis, those have ends, were just gonna die
Galaxy Pickle
Galaxy Pickle Prije 4 sati
동네힘센사람 Prije 4 sati
There is only one difference. While the West is at least trying to fix it, the selfish, wicked and cunning "country responsible for the COVID 19 crisis that starts with C and ends with A" does not care about climate change at all.
Onboard Basil
Onboard Basil Prije 4 sati
9:22 Except China has expanded it's renewable energy sector quite a bit recently. I mean the largest Hydroelectric dam and largest wind farm are both in China.
Michael Sijo Chiramel
In short we're doomed. The vedio tells how we are doomed
최최성수 Prije 5 sati
hey, kurzgesagt... i'm korean and i enjoy your video always! well, my father contact with rona infected, and my family will check whether we infected tomorrow, so.. um i hope i can upload my comment in your next video. sorry for my terrible english speaking.... then see you later, my little duck
BlueBerryPie Prije 5 sati
it's kinda equal if i understand the most responsible countries, has the most money and people to fix it, while the other countries are not much responsible, but not rich also. So all of the countries have to try their hardest by what they can, but not judge.
Lockedman101 Prije 5 sati
UK watching people blame China and USA: *looks back nervously*
Onboard Basil
Onboard Basil Prije 4 sati
@Lockedman101 Sounding a bit like Ted Kaczynski there
Lockedman101 Prije 5 sati
By that I mean the UK started the industrial revolution which resulted in people blaming China and the USA
Ze EGG Prije 6 sati
Looks like the problem is us humans (
_emanuel_ 901
_emanuel_ 901 Prije 6 sati
Guten Tag Leute!!!!!!!!!!
Mads Laursen
Mads Laursen Prije 6 sati
an idea to another video what if every elektron disappeared
xphobus Prije 6 sati
Hotter is better !!!
TheAdvertisement Prije 6 sati
xphobus no it’s not
Odin Loves You
Odin Loves You Prije 6 sati
Why blame only one group, when you can blame everyone?
richie martinez
richie martinez Prije 6 sati
Learned so much! thanks Kurzgesagt!
cow cow
cow cow Prije 6 sati
Chinese population doesn't count that much because many of them are actually poor people and farmers, just a proportion of the people are accounted for the total emission.
Isaac Wentling
Isaac Wentling Prije 6 sati
Funny, I actually got a Ronald Mcdonald Trump ad before this video started
ajoeschmo Prije 7 sati
Oh this question is easy, Carole Baskin.
Barbara Perschke
Barbara Perschke Prije 7 sati
problem is its not a thing so were fighting a fake problem
TheAdvertisement Prije 6 sati
Odin Loves You Not the first idiot we’ve found.
Odin Loves You
Odin Loves You Prije 6 sati
Let me guess, covid-19 is also fake?
Maxsinss Prije 7 sati
2:00 *India On Top*
Simone Bottino
Simone Bottino Prije 7 sati
I want to give you a hint about the responsible: Human being
J Prije 8 sati
A slight warmth of like 1°C (our projected for 2100 is a 0.7-0.8C increase) would do more good than harm Canada and Russia are two of the biggest countries in the world by landmass and they're infertile frozen desserts where people struggle to live without imports Africa would become far more desert like except for the coasts which will be tropical paradises. I support global warming, also we're not the reason it's happening the greenhouse effect is greatly exxagerated.
TheAdvertisement Prije 6 sati
J Alright let me explain this. First of all Global warming is natural, however it’s supposed to happen extremely slowly over thousands of years. We’re increasing it but an insane amount. Go look at a picture of Venus, it’s like that because it warmed up like the Earth, and since it was closer to the Sun had a much worse Greenhouse effect. You don’t want Earth to become like Venus do you?
ANTHROPOGENIC climate alarmism is a religion. 0.15% of global warming are due to CO2 - 99.85% are caused by changes in total solar irradiance, space weather and vertical particle forcing. After hundreds of hours of research into this topic the conclusion for climate science is devastating: it‘s a pseudoscience, a dogmatic religion driven by ideological subversion. Also there is a mistake in your data / not well researched: the US military is EXCLUDED from the US CO2 emissions. It almost doubles the US carbon footprint. Now - pollution is bad, everything Elon Musk suggests to do are great ideas and we support those. But fighting CO2 will NOT have the effect promised - even if we drop it to zero. Also - historically our planet is CO2 starved. The cambrian explosion happened on much higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Same happens now - the earth is greening quickly since about 30yrs - thanks to the richer CO2 levels that have been accumulated in the ground. Source: NASA. There is no reason scientifically defendable about climate alarmism. Nature is establishing a new equilibrium - even without us planting millions of trees...
TheAdvertisement Prije 6 sati
VORTEX INSTITUTE Wow you just jumped all over the place from one bullshit argument to the next. You contradicted yourself so much I don’t even think I can argue it’s so convoluted.
Richu Saji
Richu Saji Prije 8 sati
At 4:09 India's flag is shown wrong....
Nikhil Gowda
Nikhil Gowda Prije 8 sati
@kurzgesagt there's a mistake @ 4:09, you've used the wrong flag for India
Super Aussm
Super Aussm Prije 8 sati
Too bad Republicans suck that fossil fuel dollar and have zero interest in tomorrow and only todays profits.
Happy Waves
Happy Waves Prije 8 sati
Everyone knows it No one does it ( I am planting a tree everyday :) )
Gabe Prije 8 sati
I personally think using carbon-per-capita to be a largely disingenuous figure. It ignores the reality that "lifestyle carbon" isn't distributed equally per person. A country shouldn't get less heat because they've got millions of people locked up in prisons or subsistence farming. The figure seems to be more misleading than useful.
Michał Kawka
Michał Kawka Prije 8 sati
unia europejska to nie jest kraj xD
Happy Waves
Happy Waves Prije 8 sati
You made the indian flag wrong :(
Nicolas Sicot
Nicolas Sicot Prije 8 sati
Why there is not the Franch subtitles on this one? 🤔😢
CM Marcy
CM Marcy Prije 9 sati
7:11 that is not nigerian flag.
Your garden Faery-gnome
Im trying to find a video in this channel where the narrator mentions "you're better off if everyone else is better off" so if anybody remembers the title of that video that would be great if you'd let me know!
JInxer Prije 9 sati
you know who i am feeling bad for the most ? the next generations cuz i think they will never see the green lands and the fresh fruit ever in thier lifes and it will be something for rich people only humans need to change like allah said " The Almighty changes the fate of no people unless they themselves show a will for change" alra'de 11 / thunder 11 "اللّهَ لاَ يُغَيِّرُ مَا بِقَوْمٍ حَتَّى يُغَيِّرُواْ مَا بِأَنْفُسِهِمْ" الرعد ١١
1 Video
1 Video Prije 9 sati
Just turn off all the factory for 2 weeks or more and give all of those juicy products for free to us, idc about the lack of economy, just do it, damn.
TheAdvertisement Prije 6 sati
1 Video Yes that is totally going to fix global warming.
Samuel Wang
Samuel Wang Prije 9 sati
This shows the prisoner's dilemma Why? Well you, as a country, can either cooperate by lowering emissions or defect by not. If everyone cooperates, everyone saves the world If you cooperate but others don't, you lose money If you defect but others don't, you get benefited without working If everyone defects, we all die So, everyone will defect
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox Prije 9 sati
restoring the ecosystem and planting trees is one step (looking at you brazil) and continous resource energy is another (would also be good to stop contaminating water)
TheAdvertisement Prije 10 sati
The simple fact is these things have probably been worked out long ago. The leaders just won’t listen because they don’t want to have to do anything...
Fabrício Akira
Fabrício Akira Prije 10 sati
one way to help is to eat less meat, not to take plastic bags in supermarkets, to walk more or by public transport, to spend less energy. You can also help!
Rahul pramanik
Rahul pramanik Prije 10 sati
Why there are birds in your videos?
dave8323 Prije 10 sati
Nothing will change until capitalism is overthrown
Math Man
Math Man Prije 10 sati
USA and China need to stop 😟
bzqp2 Prije 11 sati
"They need to be brought down to zero" lol
Devansh Gahlot
Devansh Gahlot Prije 11 sati
The flag of India at 4:06 is incorrect. Atleast review. -_-
arguS Prije 11 sati
Wrong flag for India @4.12 mark...was that so hard?
G.L SHUBLA Prije 11 sati
Can nuke stop Black hole
TheAdvertisement Prije 6 sati
Odin Loves You The nuke would probably break down first. Is there even anything for it to hit in the black hole? Best case scenario it just goes through.
Odin Loves You
Odin Loves You Prije 6 sati
let’s try it. “you never know if you don’t go, you never shine if you don’t glow” -All Star
TheAdvertisement Prije 10 sati
professional content stealer
unless we All start dying of heatstroke everyone's gonna say that it's helping us or some lie like that
Jill Mehta
Jill Mehta Prije 11 sati
I would like to know how stars are created in nebula - from birth to death
Carlos Alvarez
Carlos Alvarez Prije 12 sati
What is climate change exactly?
TheAdvertisement Prije 10 sati
Carlos Alvarez Different “greenhouse gases” (mostly CO2) are being released into the atmosphere. They trap more of the sun’s rays, making them bounce back to Earth a few times when they hit that layer instead of being released into space. This creates a greenhouse effect that has been gradually warming up the planet.
Aadya Gupta
Aadya Gupta Prije 12 sati
"Part of a series about climate change" where's the playlist? It would be easier for us to follow up if a playlist was there.
TheAdvertisement Prije 10 sati
Aadya Gupta They haven’t made it yet lmao.
Nikhil Shobhan
Nikhil Shobhan Prije 12 sati
At 4:03, you've shown the Iranian flag instead of India's.
BlazeGamingUnltd Prije 12 sati
4:08 Kurzegesagt: "India's contribution..." Also Kurzegesagt: *Iran is India*
nhat pham
nhat pham Prije 12 sati
Hey where Viet nam
Alex O
Alex O Prije 12 sati
I am responsible
Syed Sahil
Syed Sahil Prije 12 sati
4:08 , you clowned india's flag
Real M
Real M Prije 12 sati
Climate is always changing. Why is climate change of concern now?
T T Prije 4 sati
@Eli Duggan and how does that affect animals and earth? I think a lot of us just don't understand
Odin Loves You
Odin Loves You Prije 6 sati
because it came more rapidly than it was supposed to, and if life fails to adapt we could die
TheAdvertisement Prije 10 sati
Why is She So Pretty? The Earth would naturally warm up, but we’d have literally millions of years before that ever became of concern. Because of our release of greenhouse gases, the Earth is not warming up much faster and that timespan has shrunk to only a few centuries at most before the planet is uninhabitable.
Why is She So Pretty?
Why is She So Pretty? Prije 10 sati
I'm so confused people act like it's the end of the world and is global warming apart of climate change?
Eli Duggan
Eli Duggan Prije 10 sati
@Kent Horvath What do you mean - I don't think belief in climate change is at all related to arrogance or moral superiority. Can you explain the relation between the two?
smelly cat
smelly cat Prije 13 sati
I can't believe this is somehow a political issue in the US
TheAdvertisement Prije 6 sati
smelly cat ikr
Big Time Rush
Big Time Rush Prije 13 sati
Aluraine Prije 14 sati
Trust nothing funded by Bill Gates.
Odin Loves You
Odin Loves You Prije 6 sati
Why? He is very nice
firemettle Prije 14 sati
on patreon can you buy the bird rank once and get the bird in the vid or do you have to keep the monthly sub
Parimal Saraf
Parimal Saraf Prije 15 sati
Hey @Kruzgesagt - In a Nutshell, you showed Iran's flag for India at 4:08. If possible, please change the flag. Thank you (^^)
Parimal Saraf
Parimal Saraf Prije 7 sati
@Tatu Mäntylä Okay, I did not know that.
Tatu Mäntylä
Tatu Mäntylä Prije 13 sati
It's not possible to change HRvid videos in such a way
Danny Shot
Danny Shot Prije 15 sati
With technology slowing down we are in for a hell of a ride thank god I will be dead before I have to deal with all this "political bs". It's just so stupid how we are so divided cause of 1%'s thinking they are god's not even lived a second in our shoes.
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