Why do blood types matter? - Natalie S. Hodge

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It’s often said that despite humanity’s many conflicts, we all bleed the same blood. It’s a nice thought, but not quite accurate. In fact, our blood comes in a few different varieties. Natalie S. Hodge defines the four major blood types and sheds light on why some bloods can mix while others cannot.

Lesson by Natalie S. Hodge, animation by Brad Purnell.

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29. Lip 2015.



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Komentari 2 952
KnightShaberz YT
KnightShaberz YT Prije 3 sati
I got A+ in blood test, and one thing i need to ask is, my younger uncle had B+ blood type, were my grand parents blood types is A and O, are there a factor from one of my grandparets's older generation have B blood type ?
Robert Kattner
Robert Kattner Prije dan
Why are there different colored people? Who cares.
Marco and Polo
Marco and Polo Prije 2 dana
Trường Minh Lao
Trường Minh Lao Prije 2 dana
Prudent check before blood transfusion
mimirenomeron Prije 2 dana
Me and my niece has the same blood type in our family.
SUBODH RATHOD Prije 3 dana
SUBODH RATHOD Prije 3 dana
Can i use this video for my channel in hindi language....?
SUBODH RATHOD Prije 3 dana
Can i ask something...
qsxef 1
qsxef 1 Prije 4 dana
اللي من شعبة 230 يعطي لايك.
Jairus Alpuerto
Jairus Alpuerto Prije 4 dana
my blood type is AB but I don't know if it's negative or positive
Mohona's COSMOS
Mohona's COSMOS Prije 4 dana
Pureblood? Half blood? Muggle born (mudblood) or squib?
abdelaziz kurdi
abdelaziz kurdi Prije 4 dana
O not sure weather my blood is + or -
electriKal_ shoK
electriKal_ shoK Prije 4 dana
My parents have type A and B and yet my brother are type O
pp dam
pp dam Prije 5 dana
اللي يتابع عشان الرفلكشن لايك
RIYA SINGH Prije 6 dana
I m AB-
Taliane Tchik
Taliane Tchik Prije 6 dana
How come the proportion of O blood type is way higher than A, B or AB? I mean, since it is recessive, shouldn't it be rare?
Tyler3978 Prije 3 dana
Just because it's recessive doesn't mean it's rare. Having 5 fingers is a recessive trait, while having 6 is dominant
toxic poop
toxic poop Prije 8 dana
Do animals have different blood types?
Reeanna S
Reeanna S Prije 8 dana
SS soldiers knew their blood type, but not their polarity! Tattoo
Don Schultze
Don Schultze Prije 8 dana
So if one parent is AB and the other parent has O+ how do they have a child with has O- ?
Elizabeth Jaco
Elizabeth Jaco Prije 9 dana
Just to be clear: O is not recessive. It’s actually a lack of antigen A and B antigen
FrostedCrim Prije 9 dana
Blood of Jesus
lisas yadom
lisas yadom Prije 10 dana
in ecuador there are a lot of o blood in my class there are 6 people and in the school aroung 150 people or more im a plus blood cause im not from ecuador im from iraq and my mom is a plus and my father is ab plus
Royal Iron
Royal Iron Prije 10 dana
What happens when a person with type AB makes a baby with someone with type B does the baby come out as type B?
licha danisha
licha danisha Prije 11 dana
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Paul Barrett
Paul Barrett Prije 11 dana
I'm B-, and so is my mother. Does this mean that my father can be any of the others? I dont know his blood group.
Ronna Tradewell
Ronna Tradewell Prije 13 dana
I am B positive. Really. Kinda rare
Sophia Wang
Sophia Wang Prije 14 dana
What if mye mom’s blood type is O and my fathers’ blood type is AB? Am I AB?
the khasa
the khasa Prije 11 dana
U will never be AB, either A or B but AB is impossible if your dad is AB and mom O
Rubab Mubarrat
Rubab Mubarrat Prije 15 dana
I got B- on my blood test. Felt sad that day.
Sindhu Nair Choudhary
Sindhu Nair Choudhary Prije 15 dana
I am O+ while my hubby is B+ and both our son and daughter are O+ ...after seeing this video I need an explanation 😃
Alien Ai
Alien Ai Prije 16 dana
I thought it was so mosquits could have a variety
Roger Sledz
Roger Sledz Prije 17 dana
Roger Sledz
Roger Sledz Prije 17 dana
Thank you so much for uploading this video. It is helping me get through the pandemic!
Roger Sledz
Roger Sledz Prije 17 dana
Thank you so much for uploading this video. It is helping me get through the pandemic!
Bitsy Willmott
Bitsy Willmott Prije 18 dana
Addison Anderson, you are excellent. I've known my blood type since a college biology lab but I am sure it should be on every birth certificate, it has been ours since we were in the womb. My Blood Type A+ is important to know...A's have alkaline stomachs and cannot tolerate acids. Learn about the particulars...and you won't succumb to purple pills. To thine own self be true.
Aradhya Gupta
Aradhya Gupta Prije 20 dana
Yeah but why are there 31 different blood types and what about positive and negative of a blood type
Aradhya Gupta
Aradhya Gupta Prije 20 dana
But no one wants to B blood 🥁
Janet Martin
Janet Martin Prije 20 dana
when I saw my test results turned negative of HSV2 after using the herbal medications I got from great Dr, Umoru on HRvid. May God bless you sir...
William's Visual Effects
Ask god fr
lemohwahabi Prije 22 dana
Rh blood can be plus or minus is in fact golden blood (50% of the population have this condition)
Mary Power
Mary Power Prije 23 dana
I am AB+, my husband is O+, our 2 daughters are A- and our 2 sons B- So where did we get them?🤔
Tiểu Linh Nguyễn
Tiểu Linh Nguyễn Prije 24 dana
My entire family is O
David Vincent
David Vincent Prije 25 dana
My Dad is AB- and my Mom is A+ and my brother is O+...
David Vincent
David Vincent Prije 25 dana
the onr
the onr Prije 25 dana
Why does ab blood type are less than any blood type,could anyone give me information?
Diganta Handique
Diganta Handique Prije 25 dana
I got a AB in my blood test
tokoloshe Prije 27 dana
I might've missed something but I'm O+ while my dad is O- but my mom is A+?
Smile Club
Smile Club Prije 27 dana
For Mosquitoes: A- Italian Dish B- Mexican Dish AB- Continental O- Indian Dish
Lionel Feuga
Lionel Feuga Prije 27 dana
I'm O+ but my mother is A+ Does that mean i'm adopted ? xD
Phúc Khang Tran
Phúc Khang Tran Prije 27 dana
Thank you very much ;-) be well!
Nikola Majerle
Nikola Majerle Prije 27 dana
My parents are A and B and Im O because there’s a 25% chance to become one of each that way I guess.
Clint MacArthur
Clint MacArthur Prije 27 dana
AB+ :D
snubbedpeer Prije 28 dana
Why do we have more than one blood type to begin with, it doesn't seem to offer any advantage?
moksh ahuja
moksh ahuja Prije 28 dana
My father has B- blood group and my Mother has B+ blood group And I have O+ blood group Please tell me what to make out of it 😨😨😱
Infinightsky Prije 28 dana
I got AB+ and I'm very lucky.
Alice Kusanagi
Alice Kusanagi Prije mjesec
I identify my blood as type Z++++++. It's the best blood to ever exist, everyone that has it, can fly and become invisible. If you disagree, clearly, you are bloodphobic.
CleverLuffy Prije mjesec
Whats my blood type ;-; I can survivw for 5 days without food
Axelaugust Prije mjesec
i cant survive 2 days without food.
Suhana Sayyad
Suhana Sayyad Prije mjesec
I’m AB-
HAH TM Prije mjesec
How about bombay blood group or hh? Anyone can explain.
CATTO LEONCE Prije mjesec
𝚆𝚑𝚢 𝚝𝚑𝚘
John Staggs
John Staggs Prije mjesec
A- or A Rh Negative is only 4 - 6% of the population.....
Lisharyanti K Limaran
My Dad is an A, n my mom is a B, but im an O. Hmmm
Axelaugust Prije mjesec
cb7pwn Prije mjesec
even dumbed down to its simplest form, i still dont understand lol
Mark Graham
Mark Graham Prije mjesec
The actual phrase is: We all bleed red!
GeneLAD Prije mjesec
I actually have a friend whose father is an OO and mother is BO. She has an AB blood type. *cries in mexican telenovela
JUAN Prije mjesec
I literally want to know my blood type but I don’t know how to find out. I already asked my parents so many times what it is, but they said they’re not sure if it was O or B. It’s not on my baby book or birth certificate, not on any blood test forms etc. I want to ask for a blood type test kit but they’ll probably be like “Why would you need one?” or “You asked too many times”😢
Anne Pacquiabas
Anne Pacquiabas Prije mjesec
My mom has AB+ and my father is B-. My sister is AB+ , why is mine O+? HAHAHAHA
Jody Johnsen
Jody Johnsen Prije mjesec
This really needed an introduction including when each blood type originated.
Joe mama
Joe mama Prije mjesec
The nervous pear selectively exercise because toast nutritionally cure over a cold zebra. mean, dependent range
SG1754P Productions
SG1754P Productions Prije mjesec
O and AB?
Sandhya Nagarajan
Sandhya Nagarajan Prije mjesec
There is one another possibly the animation is missing.. if the parents are A or B then the child can still be O
Amber Bell
Amber Bell Prije mjesec
type O gang
Emily Prije mjesec
im ab plus
Yachiyo Riri
Yachiyo Riri Prije mjesec
I am type O+ but my family all have type B. ¤__¤
R.ItsNews Mcpe
R.ItsNews Mcpe Prije mjesec
O is Rare
ji seo
ji seo Prije mjesec
Ipsita Karnad
Ipsita Karnad Prije mjesec
I have O positive blood
upen rai
upen rai Prije mjesec
i hab blood type O btw
upen rai
upen rai Prije mjesec
hol'up u forgot golden blood type that can be donated with all the other blood types
Murshida Najnin
Murshida Najnin Prije mjesec
GokuTheGamerGirl Prije mjesec
thank u so much for sharing this information with us ur videos always helped me understanding about the human body
Ligo Manoban
Ligo Manoban Prije mjesec
Hey my mom is A+ and father O+, but brother O+ instead of A+..How?
Metro Lights
Metro Lights Prije mjesec
The video makes distinctions between blood types, but fails to answer the actual question posed. Why is it important to have different blood types at all. Why do we need different blood types, and why did evolution allow for different blood types. My guess is that some blood types are better at processing meat vs vegetables or survive in different climates...
Janice Torres
Janice Torres Prije mjesec
Dogs have 13 different blood types wow!
تشجير 🌱🏕️♻️
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم 💎💎♥️♥️💚💚
Rod Ming
Rod Ming Prije mjesec
I remember in 6th grade when I sign my friend's slam book. I thought blood type is related with surname lol. The previous signer wrote "type O" and his surname is "Ong" so I wrote mine as" type M" ....
Cooper D's FunTV
Cooper D's FunTV Prije mjesec
What if it it’s o- and o+
Botan Prije mjesec
Can it be possible For someone to have O group even if neither of his/her parents are O?
super6simpsons6fan Prije mjesec
So my mother is A+ and my father is O-. How is it possible that I'm O-?
Sergio Prije mjesec
WTF? There is no O type, it's 0 type! (zero type) It's not a type of blood, it's the absence of antigen, that's why it's zero and no O.
if the o blood types doesnot have antigens than doesnot they get attacked by wbc?and why every children of same parents doesnot have the same blood type?
Queen Feena
Queen Feena Prije mjesec
My blood is type o and I have a daughter with type o and a son with type a both with the same father, does that make my partner type a? And if so how did we get a daughter with o like mine? If type a is dominant over o?
Only Baby
Only Baby Prije mjesec
I have O+VE blood group that makes me a universal donor. Let's go baby!
Brent Lyman
Brent Lyman Prije mjesec
If the O allele is recessive and requires both parents have O type blood why is it the most common blood type in the world, based on the ethnic chart??
oldgermanstien Prije mjesec
Viewers do not use this video as a reference for facts. There's incorrect information in this video. I'll list one; there are others. Its amazing how they even put up a link for the "full lesson" what is there to learn if there is miss information. My child is O+ the mother is A- and I am O+ according to there miss information the O should of been canceled out by the A; resulting in my child being either A -/+.
- g a l a x y -
- g a l a x y - Prije mjesec
no one : literally no one : me : *having no heck of a clue what my blood type is yet still watching this and still having no clue what it is lmfao*
TheChuckwagonLite Prije 2 mjeseci
That beeping sounds like my microwave buttons.
•{Tweedle}• Prije 2 mjeseci
My mom is type A but my dad is type O and my blood type is Type O I think soooo i got no clue what’s going there
Salt Prije 2 mjeseci
Im O+ You're welcome
Joey Byington
Joey Byington Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm o- so I can use my blood to save anyone else but only o-'s can save me I need a match or I'ma dead
Antony Decosta
Antony Decosta Prije 2 mjeseci
Together we can change this!
Gabriel Carnero
Gabriel Carnero Prije 2 mjeseci
This is so confusing but fun
Risky Uglyface
Risky Uglyface Prije 2 mjeseci
My mom is an A+ and my dad is 0+ but I am also O+ why is that I thought a I'd dominant and" I am surposed to be am A" explain
Attacus Atlas
Attacus Atlas Prije 2 mjeseci
B- here. Any B- out there? so that I don't feel so lonely 😂
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