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If there's one stroke you're very likely still struggling with in your tennis game then it's likely the serve. You've been working on your serve technique for long time and yet you're nowhere close to the technique and power that the pros possess.
A tennis serve is technically the most difficult stroke but there is one single cause from which many other challenges arise - and that's the Continental grip.
As soon as you decide to use a Continental grip in your tennis serve, everything that you knew so far about the serve that made sense is not correct any more.
You can't orient towards the court and you can't swing towards the target. The Continental grip changes everything by 90 degrees and instead of still persisting with the common sense approach to serving, you'll need to change.
You'll also need to develop more power in the pronation move as only then will you be able to make the best of the Continental grip.


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petaludas88 Prije 5 dana
too much talking and repeating
Richard Lai
Richard Lai Prije 9 dana
This is definitely the best explanation that I can find. Thanks.
Kepri Prije 9 dana
First time I see this coach really hits. You are really good. I can see the ball curve so much.... Thank you!! Subscribed!!
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia Prije 9 dana
Thank you, I see my problem now. I was hurting my side lower back on serves cause I was facing the target.
King James
King James Prije 9 dana
Thank You Boss.I have been struggling with my serve for last 4 months. i always knew i was facing parallel to baseline at moment of contact. Your video was instrumental in me changing my serve orientation. tennis is learnt in mind (mental image of the short) rather on court.
Alfredo Garcia Proveyer
Excellent and very clear explanation.
NamesAreRandom Prije 11 dana
What is confusing and basically incorrect is saying the arm and pronation itself generates the power. It's not, it's the whiplash action (also known as snap) where the arm straightens and that momentum is passed on to the wrist. It is the same action used in lots of sports (throwing a ball, throwing a punch, skimming a stone, etc). He has less power with his wrong hand because he doesn't do the whiplash correctly not because he has a weak arm. It's not an obvious motion as essentially one joint reaches the end of it's range of movement and momentum is passed it on to the next one. Think of the slightly sexist but often accurate boy vs girl throwing a ball - one has learned subconsciously to do this, the other does more of a lob and has a lot less power. The serve is very similar.
Server10 Prije 12 dana
Incredible tutorial!! Subscribed
darin gumucio
darin gumucio Prije 13 dana
This is an enormously helpful video!!! Great insights! Thank you!
Thomas Lehmann
Thomas Lehmann Prije 15 dana
A really good teacher! I can´t imagine a better explanation of the service procedure, because he keeps it as simple as possible. This video got more value than 100 exercises with a tennis trainer demonstrating his abilities. Thanks for that, I´ll use it for a friend of mine.
got2bharmony Prije 16 dana
Brilliant video, you could pay large amounts for coaching and never receive instruction half as good as this. Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge and teaching skills with us all.
Rosita Torres
Rosita Torres Prije 17 dana
Love it. Excellent pronation explaination
King Trawal
King Trawal Prije 20 dana
Excellent explanation
N T Prije 22 dana
Best advance serve explanation on HRvid. Can’t wait to get out in court to work on my new serve.
Mike Rocheleau
Mike Rocheleau Prije 26 dana
fortunately when I started in high school I read a tennis book by Laver 2 weeks after I started and it said to use the continental grip. Thank God I did. Didn't have to break years of bad habits.
helmeteye Prije 29 dana
That kid toward the end must have had a fun ride going up that street.
cliveburks Prije mjesec
Thanks appreciate your insights. I tried out what I think you are advocating. I found however it put too much strain on my elbow joint. So I now just focus on a smooth flowing action using about 80% power to increase chance of getting first serve in then repeat at 75% ish power for second serve. I play left handed apart from the serve which I do right handed as I throw right handed but left handed for everything else. The problem with this is my right arm is not warmed up and has less feel but I am working on that by playing right handed in my net. I am a reasonable standard county standard for my age having won a big clubs over 45s tournament in the past. Like a lot of players I enjoy tennis most when I play better than previously. Any helpful comments welcomed
Hawkins Prije mjesec
15:30 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jeroen Kooij
Jeroen Kooij Prije mjesec
Best explantion of the serve I have ever seen. Well done and thank you.
Esko Haapaniemi
Esko Haapaniemi Prije mjesec
I tried this exercise outside on my lawn today. Does not work yet for me. The explanation is very very good. Tomorrow I shall try this on tennis court. Hope to see some trainee about 70 years old or so practicing with you. We are a bit stiff. When a younger person starts tennis, it is a lot easier. When you start at 69 years old, it is quite difficult. Maybe when I am 80, this serve goes well enough. ;)
Luka Prije mjesec
Karthick Mayan
Karthick Mayan Prije mjesec
Finally landed on the most required video after going through a lot of other training videos. Great explanation for every level of players. Time to implement this serve now 👏👏👏
Tad Ficus Catus
Tad Ficus Catus Prije mjesec
Best serving video I have ever seen.
Tad Ficus Catus
Tad Ficus Catus Prije mjesec
Dropping tennis redpills.
Tad Ficus Catus
Tad Ficus Catus Prije mjesec
Did the serve evolve to use the continental grip? What was the reason for that?
chuckm1961 Prije 29 dana
More power and more control.
Marika Nokelainen
Marika Nokelainen Prije mjesec
THANK YOU! I tested what I learned from this video today and finally found the correct way and felt the difference.
Ping Prije mjesec
this is the best tennis teaching video i have ever seen in my life
Dirk Petry
Dirk Petry Prije mjesec
Very well explained. Thanks!
Umut Kara
Umut Kara Prije mjesec
Perfect! The best video I have ever seen.
Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious Prije mjesec
Definitely what I’ve been missing, thank you ,
agreen182 Prije 2 mjeseci
Super helpful!
Nasir Rizvi
Nasir Rizvi Prije 2 mjeseci
Holy shit! Greatest tennis coach alive.
Kevin Huang
Kevin Huang Prije 2 mjeseci
Nice.. But it's easy to adjust for badminton players..
El ayachi Hadek
El ayachi Hadek Prije 2 mjeseci
Does the same apply to smash?
El ayachi Hadek
El ayachi Hadek Prije 2 mjeseci
Thanks, great break down.
Evandro Manara Miletto
Evandro Manara Miletto Prije 2 mjeseci
The best explanation ever! Thanks Thomas!
Naren N
Naren N Prije 2 mjeseci
Awesome practical way of taking us through our mental picture to reality. Thank you.
kevin liang
kevin liang Prije 2 mjeseci
third time watching this, still learn a lot. thank you so much. clear up so much of my confusions about serve!
Akira Tam
Akira Tam Prije 2 mjeseci
Thank you so much for this analysis! So very helpful!
DOA / Extream Refah
DOA / Extream Refah Prije 2 mjeseci
Great teaching and thanks
KoDizme Prije 2 mjeseci
Ashwin Kumar T
Ashwin Kumar T Prije 2 mjeseci
Best theory i have seen
donnys world
donnys world Prije 2 mjeseci
Outstanding demonstration!!
Patrick Prije 2 mjeseci
Fantastic explanation Tomas, top quality.
EricDavid Prije 2 mjeseci
Great video!!!
KK S Prije 2 mjeseci
Hi Thomas. Your explanation of the Service, is the easiest I find to understand. I am going to try this out as I have an awfully bad service, with all the beginner faults that you mentioned. Thanks very much. Great Tutorial for beginners.
Don Prije 2 mjeseci
The serve is the easiest shot to hit in tennis because you control the ball.
Rajesh Singh
Rajesh Singh Prije 2 mjeseci
Good for the beginiers
Jovan Sukara
Jovan Sukara Prije 2 mjeseci
@Nikola Amidzic
mosatsoni Prije 2 mjeseci
You've been served
Sanje k
Sanje k Prije 2 mjeseci
This is brilliant, thanks so much
Mikko Kärkkäinen
Mikko Kärkkäinen Prije 2 mjeseci
This guy clearly knows the stuff he is talking about, well explained ✌️
Henrik Ask
Henrik Ask Prije mjesec
he is the best
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood Prije 3 mjeseci
Not enough good things can be said about Tomaz.
Aka Ebbassouan
Aka Ebbassouan Prije 3 mjeseci
Une bonne analyse il faut toujours savoir exactement ce qu'on fait et pourquoi on le fait j'ai vraiment aimé cette capsule Thank U guy
Tim Medlin
Tim Medlin Prije 3 mjeseci
I am a professional tennis instructor and coach. Tomaz is the best I have ever seen. Thanks for your videos.
sheltomo Prije 3 mjeseci
watching videos like this actually makes me angry at my past HS tennis coaches!!!! All those years that I was playing tennis with horrible technique and no real proper form!!! I would have been so much better if i had of learned the proper technique right at the beginning.
Mrs. Calabrese's Teaching Channel
Also throwing the ball has to be consistent, right?
Harinikaran Prabhakaran
Harinikaran Prabhakaran Prije 3 mjeseci
Gives very good understanding for the begineers
S-B Prije 3 mjeseci
I have got so much better in just a month by watching your videos. Thanks a bunch!
Renan Eich
Renan Eich Prije 3 mjeseci
I Have a question: - I've always noticed that most advanced tennis players will have some sort of elbow pain/problems. I never had that in 2 years of playing, but i've ALWAYS felt shoulder pain, because of the serve. I'm now very happy because this continental grip serve will solve my shoulder pain, but i'm worried it fucks up my elbow instead
Renan Eich
Renan Eich Prije 3 mjeseci
15:28 - Don't worry, i've been training since puberty for this!
Cameron Walters
Cameron Walters Prije 4 mjeseci
Brilliant Advice. Best I've found regarding the serve
Bernd Klumpp
Bernd Klumpp Prije 4 mjeseci
Man, don‘t give your address to my tennis Trainer I fired yesterday because of your videos: he is really angry with you! You are way better than every trainer I had so far. Great job, Thomas!
Catholic Animation
Catholic Animation Prije 4 mjeseci
Thank you. Thank you . Thank you.
Martin Kirkov
Martin Kirkov Prije 4 mjeseci
I started serving as a pro, very natural. Never hit a serve like they do in the movies. Hated it so much.
Aaron Woods
Aaron Woods Prije 4 mjeseci
This guy explains it sooo well. Love the way you explained forehand vs continental. Thank you.
James Yoh
James Yoh Prije 4 mjeseci
Best video on serve that I have seen on HRvid so far.
Tan Nguyen
Tan Nguyen Prije 4 mjeseci
This video definitely helps me a lot to understand how to make a correct advanced serve. Thanks a lot
Djasirmun Purba
Djasirmun Purba Prije 5 mjeseci
Penjelasan nya cukup jelas
Dwayne Villariza
Dwayne Villariza Prije 5 mjeseci
This is the most helpful tennis serve video on youtube. Commended
Eduardo Di Gioia
Eduardo Di Gioia Prije 5 mjeseci
Great video, thank you! I'll train it soon ;)
Prabal Pegu
Prabal Pegu Prije 7 mjeseci
No exaggeration, you're absolutely correct!
Henrique Frank
Henrique Frank Prije 7 mjeseci
Wow this guy knows how to teach the basic stuff that no one never teach
Paul Mizzoni
Paul Mizzoni Prije 7 mjeseci
Great job at conveying the theory behind the serve, especially with English not being your first language! Thank you very much
steve brown
steve brown Prije 7 mjeseci
this is excellent. My boy is learning tennis and just can't get his serve right even with a trainer....this will help him and me a lot. Thank you!
natesw0rld Prije 7 mjeseci
That was so helpful- thanks
Sam Shrivastava
Sam Shrivastava Prije 7 mjeseci
Great video.
youtubing182 Prije 8 mjeseci
So fucking repetitive
DR A Prije 8 mjeseci
Great video
Peej Read
Peej Read Prije 8 mjeseci
Does the elbow have a discomfort when starting to use pronation on the serve?
jakehands Prije 8 mjeseci
He’s got lots of balls
Marc Streiff
Marc Streiff Prije 8 mjeseci
So much nonsense in this video.... Maximising serve potential begins with biomechanics & its correct movements. The service motion demands you utilize your entire biomechanical structure. Study a Federer service motion. It directly reminds you of Pete Sampras's service motion.
Joe Ogborn
Joe Ogborn Prije 8 mjeseci
It could take six months to change grips physically take 12 months to adjust mentally
Mat P
Mat P Prije 8 mjeseci
Excellent video!! Fantastic Info, wish I found this at the beginning.
Stuff Duff
Stuff Duff Prije 8 mjeseci
Very clear bro! Cong
Daryl Graham
Daryl Graham Prije 8 mjeseci
Sonny Climpson
Sonny Climpson Prije 8 mjeseci
Deepak checks
Deepak checks Prije 8 mjeseci
Wow I need this guys as my coach. Take my money. .
Claudio Prado
Claudio Prado Prije 8 mjeseci
There is something that I don!t like and it is that he repeat and repeat the same thing to many times it is boring,
Олег Коновченко
EXACTLY!!! Perfect Master!
Kestral Zoe
Kestral Zoe Prije 8 mjeseci
Super clear for me. Now I can logically get why some pro moves are supposed to be what they look like.
Steven Flynn
Steven Flynn Prije 8 mjeseci
Serving in tennis is like pitching in baseball. Like Nolan Ryan said you throw the ball with your legs, that is how you generate speed. You complete the motion by throwing the racket at the ball but the trick is not to hold the racket so loosely that you are not ready when it comes back! If you were a good baseball pitcher you will probably not have much trouble being a good club player. He who serves best usually wins at the club level.
tae912 Prije 8 mjeseci
Mind. Blown. Concept breakdown by this guy is just Brilliant.
Benjamin Yip
Benjamin Yip Prije 8 mjeseci
All them other coaches and even professional tennis players talking about continental grip and pronation but you are the first that mentioned the proper anatomical biomechanical term internal rotation of the shoulder and demonstration... I have been waiting a long time for this video. Well done
Marcelo Santos
Marcelo Santos Prije 8 mjeseci
Thank you. Great tips to serve.
Demetrius Prije 9 mjeseci
I finally get it with this video!
Nilton Costa
Nilton Costa Prije 9 mjeseci
The best great explanecion. Congratuleicon
ryanrego808 Prije 9 mjeseci
Good way to get tennis elbow
MrOpticfreeze Prije 9 mjeseci
It Cracks!
It Cracks! Prije 9 mjeseci
Isn't the internal rotation of the arm driven by the rotator cuff? :p
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