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Not long ago, Germany's car industry was a driving force of innovation. Today, it’s struggling to keep up. Its hesitant embrace of electric vehicles could prove an existential mistake. Because around the world, the market for e-cars has picked up speed.
Nowhere is the penetration of electric vehicles as deep as in Norway. Electric or hybrid models already account for 65 percent of all new cars sold there. By contrast, that figure is just seven percent in Germany. Norway has seized the moment, leading the way in new technologies and a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Electric cars are cheaper in Norway because they are exempt from taxes on cars powered by fossil fuels. They’re more comfortable navigating through traffic because drivers can use bus lanes. And with an abundance of publicly accessible charging stations, they’re also practical. China’s gigantic car market is also going electric. By 2025, Beijing wants about 20 percent of cars sold annually to be plug-in hybrids or battery-powered.
It’s the dawn of a new era in the auto industry. Why isn’t Germany doing more to keep up with the competition? Former Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann has this explanation: When you have a recipe for success, it’s hard to throw it away and start from scratch. "What’s needed is a new mindset. Jobs will be lost, but new ones will be created," he says. Analysts lay a portion of the blame on successive governments in Berlin, which have coddled the industry and resisted change. And they accuse current leaders of failing to present ideas on how to tackle an impending crisis. Thousands of jobs are at stake.
Uwe Cantner chairs a government advisory panel on research and innovation. "Trying to preserve jobs at all costs, in areas where world markets are dictating developments, is the worst mistake you can possibly make," he warns. The markets have made up their mind. The world is ready for a new era of automotive technology. Will German carmakers step up to the plate?
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3. Ruj 2019.



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Adnan Qayyum
Adnan Qayyum Prije dan
The Germans seem obsessed with computers and gimicky technology in cars whilst the cars are becoming substandard. The Japanese on the other hand are upping their game and improving quality.
James E Stubbs
James E Stubbs Prije 9 dana
First of all the German car industry will have to start building quality cars instead of the absolute garbage they produce now. This from a guy who's owned 4 Mercedes Benz. Fun drive, then they fall apart and are endless money pits. Maintenance horrors and whores. My last? Timing chain failure @ 69k miles. Interference engine? KABOOM. Instant junk. What a joke. Piece of crap.
Angela Vrillante
Angela Vrillante Prije 10 dana
go #zero carbon foot print :))
JuleFlash Prije 11 dana
The moment when you start watching the video and realize that you live in Norway , hahaha ..
Stefan Gabor
Stefan Gabor Prije 11 dana
Yes, Germany has real reasons to worry for the future. The only one that would probably do OK in the future will be Mercedes and this tanks to its investments in Tesla.
m k
m k Prije 13 dana
German car industry is wat behind the curve on electric cars. It’s Tesla, the Japanese and even the French car makers that lead the way
Tib Syy
Tib Syy Prije 13 dana
"Nobody can beat Germany when it comes to technology for diesel and gasoline engines..." Toyota and Honda exited the chat! LOL! Japanese making the best and most reliable engines! What's the similarity between tour guided Safaris, law enforcement agents, and the Colombian drug cartels? They ALL use TOYOTAS because of their reliability! German cars are endless money pits! HAHA Dream on German car industry, you soon gonna be extinct!
youme1414 Prije 14 dana
The "Dieselgate" has cost the German giant automaker a lot . The only way to save that industry is to go electric vehicle.
SR TJ PASER MANIA Prije 14 dana
listerone Prije 14 dana
The same Marxists outlawing the internal combustion engine are also outlawing coal fired,oil fired and gas fired power plants as well as nuclear plants.Can the world's industrialized nations possibly generate enough power under those conditions for all their present needs *and* 100 million huge batteries needing a charge every night?
petrzalkai Prije 16 dana
Battery cars are lame, i wouldn’t buy one.
426dfv Prije 16 dana
the word "emission free" is so wrong. Where does electricity come from? Coal fire/Gas/Nuclear power plants have emission too! Carbon Dioxide emission probably never reduced, in fact, it probably went up becoz of the low cost ownership.
Pal Kaposi
Pal Kaposi Prije 16 dana
crxdelsolsir Prije 16 dana
Germany accepted more than 1 Million migrants in 2015 and the skill sets were so wrong that the shortages still exists. Some would argue they wrong migrants in so many ways (culture, values etc). As of Dec2019 Germany is trying to source skilled workers from overseas. As of today, Germany is struggling to maintain the industries built by their innovative and highly capable predecessors. A Germany that cannot maintain let alone innovate in the same level as their ancestors is a Germany starting to crumble. When the German skills are drained and replaced with incompatible people with incompatible skills, poor/slow/inability to innovate then Germany will be no more.
Irgendein beschissener Alias
Will germany survive?
Ahmed Eltaib
Ahmed Eltaib Prije 17 dana
It's easy to hit the top, but it's very hard to save it.
jharris947 Prije 18 dana
0:51 Are you sure? You'd spend more time looking at a display that size than you would looking at the road
Jack Holiday
Jack Holiday Prije 18 dana
Nokia, Kodak, Sony, ... and the biggest problem: Merkels - Socialism! We really have a big problem.
Eyjafjallajökull Prije 18 dana
A Pantograf type recharger could be the answer for charging on the move, for Ev's 🤔👍
P. Sand
P. Sand Prije 18 dana
Internal combustion is here to stay, electric is only a passing fad/dream.
Jean Valjean
Jean Valjean Prije 18 dana
And what does Norway do with all that oil it produces? Yes, it sells it to others to burn. Very clever way to save the planet indeed. :))))
Henry Ortiz Jr
Henry Ortiz Jr Prije 18 dana
This is a huge opportunity for tthe German auto industry. Instead of making unreliable, poor-quality gasoline and diesel vehicles, they can now make unreliable, poor-quality electric vehicles !!
Sam Nas
Sam Nas Prije 19 dana
This is such BS, i cant believe people fall for this. The Norwegian govt. Only speaks about improving the environment when it benifits the lining in their pockets. Norway has been poluting the oceans with their poison farm raised salmon for generations but all of a sudden its cars that are the devil. Electric cars are just as harmful to the environment as petrol or diesel. To produce an electric car and its batteries (lithium ion) is an extremely harmful process to the environment. Way worse than producing a petrol car. Governments only blame the consumer for driving a petrol car because they can tax them higher. They couldnt care less about the environment. Instead of forcing people into this electric car agenda, start addressing the actual main issues affecting the environment, such as heavy industry, farms (cattle, fish, pigs, chickens) they are the number one most harmful to the environment. But that will never happen because lets face it, its easier to blame the poor fellow driving his 1.2 liter turbo diesel volkswagen. He is not a multi billion dollar industry so lets tax that guy. Also lets not forget that most of the electricity in the world right now is supplied by fossil fuels. Having an electric car doesnt help the environment. It makes it worse for both the consumer and the environment. Electric cars cost more, live less, are way worse for the environment in the short term and is extremely inconvient to live with as it takes forever to charge and unless u live in a country were they get most of their electricity from solar, thermoelectric or hydroelectric. It makes no sense.
Hugo Mota
Hugo Mota Prije 19 dana
They had to follow the example of the Swiss Watch Industry, that suddently faced anniliation due to the Quartz Movements but when finally accepted the reality, repositioned the usage of Mechanical Movements and start making quartz themselves with the marketing being on point with the idea of continuing the traditional watchmaking, and now with the lesson learned they responded faster to the smartwatches, embracing it and repositioning again, instead of being stopped again.
Xing Honey
Xing Honey Prije 19 dana
Renault Zoe is the current European market share leader of EV sales fighting LEAF and Model 3. Reason: It is purpose built city car with max AC charging 22kw capability which is often free at the supermarkets and 50kw DC charging for occasional long journeys. VW started in 2020 with ID3 and offers 7.2 kw AC charging and 50kw DC charging on the similar base variant. That is not a logic used to lead in the Industry. People are ready for buying EVs but not for OEMs trying to control the ways of charging.
gerard lales
gerard lales Prije 19 dana
Some Viet Guy
Some Viet Guy Prije 19 dana
Go green, buy a donkey cart.
Huy Pt
Huy Pt Prije 19 dana
Cheating and bribing instead of real hard honest work is formula for success
Mardig Bidanian
Mardig Bidanian Prije 20 dana
People say technology isnt advancing fast but in a World where German car makers risk going bankrupt or losing out . That says it all
danar j
danar j Prije 20 dana
I hope german cars fade away forever. they are manufacturing pile of junk
desihaha Prije 20 dana
Germany is already building robust electric and cell fuel vehicles. It is attention to details and making durable equipment where Germany and Japan excel. Scheafler is about to release production model of paddle cars and Ute.
David Lumley
David Lumley Prije 20 dana
"we know how to build a diesel engine"... and then lie about emissions. Who needs a car that is limited to 155mph? answer nobody. Over engineered and overpriced and still burning fossil for as long as they can get away with it.
Ben Coles
Ben Coles Prije 20 dana
My last car was a VW. I wasn't impressed with the quality and reliability so I'm sticking with Japanese now.
Anzay Warid
Anzay Warid Prije 20 dana
The advert during this video about the wastage happening due to paper towels is mindless. It is trying to promote bamboo fiber kitchen towels that are more absorbent than paper and last longer. But if the world were to switch from paper towels to bamboo fiber, imagine how much more bamboo will have to be grown to satisfy the needs of the world! Bamboo will become even more of a cash crop and will have to be grown in massive farms which will need more forests and woodlands cleared to do so. Kitchen towels made of cloth are the best solution as they are washable repeatedly, and don't cost that much to wash either.Paper towels in domestic kitchens should be banned, but bamboo is not the answer.
Ebenezer Scrooge
Ebenezer Scrooge Prije 21 dan
It's crazy. Too many cars ( big and small). Too many people (consumers). We are doomed.
pxidr Prije 21 dan
Nice introspection of German auto industry. And during this time, Tesla is building its Gigafactory on German soil. It's almost provocation for German auto manufacturers...
Gregory Bilotto
Gregory Bilotto Prije 21 dan
What no one discusses is how all of this electricity will be produced for vehicles. Most electricity worldwide is produced by fossil fuels. A surge in electricity will require more fossil fuels. What are the plans to develop alternative sources for electricity production? Perhaps a better alternative would be to make public transport free or nearly free.
Xcepter Prije 21 dan
so shifting the pollution from the cars to the power plants is really worth .... why don't we start at the basics ? Have pollution free energy and after we can have electric vehicles ? On the other hand nobody is really paying attention for heavy cargo ships that are running on heavy oil or aeroplanes that are burning tons of kerozin at every single flight ... cars are only 3% of the whole chart ( one of the smallest ) and somehow we are targeting the smallest factor .... jump on the big power plants that are running on fossil fuels, or the massive cargo ships, etc first ... Ohh wait a minute that would make everything way more expensive :D I will accept electric cars once the energy they use will be green, until that does not happen there is no difference between an electric and combustion engine in the cars .... on the other hand cobalt, lithium etc minerals mining are heavily rely on child and slave workers ....
Thomas Galih Satria
Thomas Galih Satria Prije 21 dan
So that 75% electric cars only downs 9% of pollution which only carbon?
Rick Timmons
Rick Timmons Prije 21 dan
Ralph Corsi
Ralph Corsi Prije 21 dan
Electricity rates in Germany have risen to extremely high rates due to their closing of Nuclear power plants and investment into solar and wind which is very expensive. And, now you want the people to pay even higher costs by switching to electric cars? Wake up. It’s not practical. Norway can do it because it is flooded with its own oil, which will be used to create the electricity to power their electric cars. Not many countries are flooded with their own oil.
Gx Prije 22 dana
Amazing documentary, very enlightening this is change is going to be revolutionary.
Araceli Lozano
Araceli Lozano Prije 22 dana
Germany needs be prepared for the future in the cars market, innovating with the technology, because there are others countries, that are doing a best way the electric cars, as China and Norway, politics hurt the develop cars, because they aren't opened new rute. China has the biggest market with electric cars.the new era is in united state doing to happen and getting better the quality of the germany engineering. Working hard in the innovation. Lately are producing hight amount of cars.
listenmullahsb Prije 22 dana
German car manufacturers put profits ahead of innovation, they deserve to be brought down a pig or two now, they had the advantage of making reliable combustion engines but they have left it so late now Chinese manufactures or anyone with money(Tesla) can make electric cars superior to anything Germany can produce at the moment. There was a time BMW was known for its amazing 2.5 litre unline six, those days are gone.. BMW makes forgettable cars now
Co. Durham
Co. Durham Prije 23 dana
norwegians can afford new electric cars.
savagex466 Prije 23 dana
I think Germany is in fine ship shape considering ... They lost ww 1 and ww 2 and are still one of the biggest powerhouse countrys in the world ...
Marcus S
Marcus S Prije 23 dana
Will Germany's car industry survive? Do humans have huge egos? E-cars are not green at all when you consider the entire recourse and production process and so-called renewable electricity production.
Gene Green
Gene Green Prije 23 dana
Time for the world to shift to human-powered vehicles!
Michael Heider
Michael Heider Prije 23 dana
Look at the new Porsche factory. No people = no labour cost . Tesla is German now. Germany is way ahead of US (without tesla) Doing just fine
herpaderp herpa
herpaderp herpa Prije 24 dana
we are not banning fossil cars all togheter, its just new cars. So the usedmarket will be the only place to buy fossil powerd cars
Van Xz
Van Xz Prije 24 dana
Benz/BMW/Audi will be Nokia of next decade. Their profit from Chinese market would soon be taken place by new EVs. See the blooming new EV brands in China now. Barbarians are at the gate.
july 4th
july 4th Prije 24 dana
better than S Korean, Hundai. They use H. hopefully some might mistake as Japanese cars. But they are horrible. lots of accidents cause of engine burning.
uj313 Prije 24 dana
Why don’t you report Porsche which is also German company and doing a lot better and producing a best electronic car!!
JoachimderZweite Prije 25 dana
My dad who was a rich businessman used to say if you want excellent design go to the Italians and if you want perfect instruments go to the Swiss but if you want to get something done give it to a German. He ran his business from Kensington UK but the only UK product that came into his flat was the occasional order of fish and chips.
Harrick V Harrick
Harrick V Harrick Prije 25 dana
What nonsense, all brands are switching to electric which is (relatively) a more simple concept, makes cars just a bit easier to mak, with a bit less need for repairs and service, with at least as healthy a possible profit margin. It gives us all a new goal.. to (learn to) get to point where we can make all parts that go into such an e-mobile ourselves. It offers chances to make a car for which no animals are hurt or used, which would make it appeal to again a few percent of the people. A choice for electric cars will make our lives healthier, it makes us less dependent from mineral oil and foreign entities that are its main suppliers. It (helps) give(s) us a cleaner world (even though there is a bit of a contradiction: nature also NEEDS CO2 to grow - that is, the world of plants does. It might be for that very reason* that God and/or Evolution has made us. Anyway, we are symbiotically dependent on plants. The world of plants regulates big parts important aspects of our climate, like temperature and moisture.
Vincent Conti
Vincent Conti Prije 25 dana
Will bratwurst go out of fashion??? Will stupid questions never end??? Will their be a fifth Reich???
MA A Prije 25 dana
I want to add something about Norway 🇳🇴. Normal People are not any more environmentally friendly than any other citizens in the world 🌎. This unprecedented shift in the buying of electric vehicles is all about they Money 💰. New car sales in Norway are notoriously expensive because of to far to high sales tax and registration tax on cars. Combustion engine driven cars can cost customers 3-5 times as much as in the rest of Europe, because of the taxes. People wanted change lower taxes on new car purchases to give us the same opportunity to buy higher end cars for the same amount of money the rest of Europes consumers benefit from. That wasn’t popular among politicians across the political landscape, but they understood riots could be the result of not giving in on some of the points. Some party’s in Norway are very for new green technology and therefore they pushed for electric vehicles tax exemptions and toll road exemptions that was a huge hit. People could buy bigger and better cars than they would ever be able to under the high tax on new vehicles. That is what fuels the electric car adoption in Norway the want and need to save as much Money as possible from going into government hands. To have more in your own wallet. It has nothing or little to do with being environmentally friendly among normal Norwegian’s. If the tax exemptions are removed and the price on electric cars sky rockets I believe many Norwegians will think twice about buying an electric and are more likely to adapt to a hybrid car. That has the best of both worlds, long range when out in the country side and electric in the city. Electric vehicles have to little range and the quality isn’t on par with german engineering and vehicles right know. So again the reason its happening is because we know in 5-7 years when that electric car we buy now has obsolete technology, we can dump the car at a car destroying company and get 250 Euros and know that it wasn’t that bad of a purchase, because it was much cheaper than anything else.
Muhammad Hadrami
Muhammad Hadrami Prije 25 dana
Not really the Rest of the world. In my country for example there's not so much plan for it and let's not talk about execution.
marine drive
marine drive Prije 25 dana
The ex BMW guy in China is totally conflicted. He says he is not antidemocratic but then goes on to say how great the Chinese antidemocratic system is. The CCP is an authoritarian and tyrannical government, which has a long history of human rights abuses.
Sabestian Ray
Sabestian Ray Prije 25 dana
Car mechanics are about to become bankrupt
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Prije 25 dana
CO2 in atmosphere is not a problem and never will be one. a false religion of global warming.
ASMR-Everything Prije 26 dana
What is the best awd in the world today? Yup it’s electric tesla awd system .. your oil lubed rear diff and transfer case can’t beat 4 computerized electric motors on all 4 wheels ..
Subir Das
Subir Das Prije 27 dana
13:30. Former BMW executive mentioned something important which means modern world leader always do meeting and presentation but never come to a solid decision. But in China totally opposite. So it's really need to be changed. Europe need not so much talkative person, need productive person to stay in this Business.
Ryan Mahato
Ryan Mahato Prije 27 dana
This happens when Old minded people are in charge of the top managerial positions.
Kanna Sai
Kanna Sai Prije 27 dana
Vw is just as evil like hitler..they killed so many people financially...!! hope they go bankrupt....,
Kanna Sai
Kanna Sai Prije 27 dana
Vw sold me a dieselgate car and fu+#ked up with software fix.. I’m never buying a German car again..!!
System Error Message
System Error Message Prije 28 dana
Will germany's car industry survive? Wiithout watching the video and suffering through ads the answer is yes! Germany makes overpriced crappy cars that people will buy no matter how bad it is made and how much of a money pit it is designed to be. They have huge profit margins so even with the downsizing they will be totally fine thanks to the huge markup of their cars. Some countries may know the truth about shoddy and planned obsolescence of german cars designed to be money pits for maximum profit while some countries will stubbornly think german cars are the best even when customer support is poor and pay through the roof to own them rather than invest the money to better the business and not treat their employees and those under them like crap. Many german brands also outsource. German cars sold in asia are made in china. They have a documentary of their china engine factory on youtube! I've ridden in different vehicles. I find ford to be the most comfortable workman's vehicle. I've not tried korean and i find that they compete with german in quality at half the price and actually listen to the customer and give a good service but people will still be stubborn and waste their money on overpriced german moneypits. The demise of the combustion engine is not near. For remote areas fossil fuels are the only choice where electricity is scarce and barely reaches. In the 3rd world the initial high cost of EVs and lack of infrastructure makes selling EVs there hard. Damn it DW your documentary is terrible. im unsubbing.
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson Prije 28 dana
Are EVs the future? Most likely. Are todays EVs good enough for the future? Not yet. Has the charger network reached a critical mass to propel the industry to dominance? Not yet. Has the electrical power grid been upgraded enough to keep up with demand? I do not know the state of other countries' power grids, but the US grid needs serious upgrades just to meet current demands excluding the power demands of EVs. Is hreen, renewable energy the future? Definitely not ... nuclear is the future in combination with battery storage and/or natural gas and coal peaker plants. What is the real, long term future of transportation? The sad future is virtual transportation due to ever increasing human population unless we get "lucky" and the vast majority of humans are wiped out by war, disease, famine, or some other massive catastrophic event(s).
Wim Schoenmakers
Wim Schoenmakers Prije 28 dana
The German car industry is screwed big time. In a few years we all drive Chinese electric cars or a Tesla.
Perkumpulan Marga Wu Ng Gouw 吴氏德
Danke. sehr gut
Rob Val
Rob Val Prije 29 dana
So the essence is that perfection takes you to the top, continuity keeps you there, and there and there..........and there.
Rob Val
Rob Val Prije 29 dana
Meanwhile B.L. couldn't even get their petrol engines to run in the mornings, let alone electric ones. lol
Rob Val
Rob Val Prije 29 dana
A certain Australian authority on cars said of the VW emissions scandal that the fines resulting from it created a loss of investment and hence R&D that would cost the company dear, are we starting to see the effects of that now?.......This suggests to me that the German Government may well have been complicit i the cover up, even it's instigation.
listenmullahsb Prije 29 dana
German perfectionism is the big problem here... unless the western anti-china plans come to fruitition, most German car manufacturers will be obsolete in the next 30 years.
Hilda Elson
Hilda Elson Prije mjesec
I’m not surprised. A country that still prefers cash.
Andre Fouche
Andre Fouche Prije mjesec
Crypto currency is the EV of banks.😀
mrFoxYou1 Prije mjesec
TESLA is coming for YOU GERMANY!!!
Jithin Jose
Jithin Jose Prije mjesec
nalied it.
Wesley Holmes
Wesley Holmes Prije mjesec
He is a communists. Part of the new wourld . it will kill jobs like no outher
Wesley Holmes
Wesley Holmes Prije mjesec
Wourld ourder wonts to just flip a switch and stop the wourld from moving around . CONTROAL. CONTROL .
Wesley Holmes
Wesley Holmes Prije mjesec
There will be no wourld order in the US You are still run be the THE NEW WOURLD OURDER GERMANY.
albert johnson
albert johnson Prije mjesec
electric cars a shit.
muruganandam muppudathi
Be it diesel driven or electric driven. I just code the ECUs.
Patricia Brun
Patricia Brun Prije mjesec
Germans will certainly excel building cars. Electric too. Why nobody talks about it too? We know during decades that oil was going to end one day. China, the UK, US, France, Italy and other countries will build cars too. So what? There will be enough market for everyone. Unless someone has the brillant plan of keeping us inside, because a new virus is found out.
rokid bay
rokid bay Prije mjesec
Norway is a very,very small country,that invested very can't compare Ger with Norway.....
Jamie Wright
Jamie Wright Prije mjesec
China rips off all suppliers and workers well all the above they burn anyone and everyone that's why they get shit done cheap there just bad buisness
Wal Sakaluk
Wal Sakaluk Prije mjesec
Diesel ICE won't go away. Every tech has its niche.
Paramesh Bharadwaj
Paramesh Bharadwaj Prije mjesec
The next ford and cheverolet in Asia ?
fenderbender12 Prije mjesec
Where does the power for an electric car come from. German Environmentalist, "the wall outlet naturlich,"No further questions please."
Lawrence Fox
Lawrence Fox Prije mjesec
good job norway ,go electric .still need electrric messerschmitt kr200 and regenorative braking and onboard solar panels.
Kenny Cartwright
Kenny Cartwright Prije mjesec
Same issue in America
São João do mundo
São João do mundo Prije mjesec
No body forgetting about Dieselgate fraud yet.
rabcam1 Prije mjesec
i predict a future, where you wont be able to insure a diesel, or petrol car,,
Rashidul Karim
Rashidul Karim Prije mjesec
Germany’s car industry WILL survive. Germany just knows how to build awesome cars. Flamboyant: Italian, Reliable : Japanese, Engineered to perfection : German. The fact that Germans own Rolls-Royce and Bentley shows their corporate abilities also. This title was more of a click bait to analyse the current automotive situation in Germany rather the survival possibility of German car industry.
Mackson MIGUEL Mackson
The ones that resist innovation are bound to become a memory.
Mackson MIGUEL Mackson
@Gjoa1906 thanks
Gjoa1906 Prije mjesec
Mackson MIGUEL Mackson Nice hair..
aboed11 Prije mjesec
I think it is wise for german auto manufacturer to follow toyota's step. They keep their internal combustion while make it cleaner and environment friendly (e.g PHEV). They will also have their EV's line up while on the other side they also develop their fuel cell technology with mirai. Toyota are prepare for future change.
Michael Hapgood
Michael Hapgood Prije mjesec
United Stares already has emission free vehicles. Natural gas
Exclusive Prije mjesec
Germans don't want to build electronic
serespecialist1 Prije mjesec
What many fail to acknowledge is gas is the greenest product known! It’s so amazing how much energy such a small product can produce in energy! One volcanic eruption produces more CO2 and CO then all the cars driven since the beginning of industrial revolution! Put it into perspective!!!!
Dot Peat
Dot Peat Prije mjesec
Electric car technologie is already dated and should be abanded, just continue with the fuel cel and dump TESLA!
The Fall of General Electric