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Not long ago, Germany's car industry was a driving force of innovation. Today, it’s struggling to keep up. Its hesitant embrace of electric vehicles could prove an existential mistake. Because around the world, the market for e-cars has picked up speed.
Nowhere is the penetration of electric vehicles as deep as in Norway. Electric or hybrid models already account for 65 percent of all new cars sold there. By contrast, that figure is just seven percent in Germany. Norway has seized the moment, leading the way in new technologies and a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Electric cars are cheaper in Norway because they are exempt from taxes on cars powered by fossil fuels. They’re more comfortable navigating through traffic because drivers can use bus lanes. And with an abundance of publicly accessible charging stations, they’re also practical. China’s gigantic car market is also going electric. By 2025, Beijing wants about 20 percent of cars sold annually to be plug-in hybrids or battery-powered.
It’s the dawn of a new era in the auto industry. Why isn’t Germany doing more to keep up with the competition? Former Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann has this explanation: When you have a recipe for success, it’s hard to throw it away and start from scratch. "What’s needed is a new mindset. Jobs will be lost, but new ones will be created," he says. Analysts lay a portion of the blame on successive governments in Berlin, which have coddled the industry and resisted change. And they accuse current leaders of failing to present ideas on how to tackle an impending crisis. Thousands of jobs are at stake.
Uwe Cantner chairs a government advisory panel on research and innovation. "Trying to preserve jobs at all costs, in areas where world markets are dictating developments, is the worst mistake you can possibly make," he warns. The markets have made up their mind. The world is ready for a new era of automotive technology. Will German carmakers step up to the plate?
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3. Ruj 2019.



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Komentari 6 164
Rahul Deshmukh
Rahul Deshmukh Prije 7 sati
With electric cars many industries bases on casting ,forging , machining , lub oils , assembly plants , cutting tools will collapse . German Economy can be badly affected .
Project Yeti
Project Yeti Prije 23 sati
Merkel is a despicable woman.
mandeep tuli
mandeep tuli Prije dan
I time to go electric
Roy Prije dan
Sie können alten Hunden keine neuen Tricks beibringen
Roy Prije dan
I only need an electric scooter for most of my travelling but here in the UK we aren't allowed so I just have to stick with my polluting VW diesel !!!
bujashaka Prije dan
supporting some companies but not others, distorts competition, democracy, fair rules. 1 reason i avoid paying taxes. if i can get paid in cash it's better.
bujashaka Prije dan
battery technology stays behind. when they can store energy for 800km drive at least, pure electricity. i can consider.
bujashaka Prije dan
it's best diesel engine, yeah for the profitt. durability, no.
Robert Prije 2 dana
Try selling a electric car in West Texas
Dee Proff
Dee Proff Prije 2 dana
Aryrix 1
Aryrix 1 Prije 2 dana
Okay I'm 90% European cars are reliable over there. Over on the other side of the pond, most people know you Europeans cant make cars. They depreciate so fast. The 3 big American brands aren't to good themselves. But European stuff falls apart and is more expensive. And complicated. I had a bad experience with Volvo.... Also, Germany is trying to be more eco friendly all around. They are getting rid of nuclear plants. Replacing with solar panels and turbines. France almost completely relies on nuclear energy and produces less carbon emissions than Germany. You have to destroy entire areas to build turbines and panels farms in any subsequent numbers. And panels dont last for ever. Eventually they wear out and then all those electric chemicals in them go into junk yards. Nuclear energy is much better. Just my opinion. Dont freak out please.
Vincent Conti
Vincent Conti Prije 3 dana
The interviewer is an idiot.
Vincent Conti
Vincent Conti Prije 3 dana
I think maybe those Krazy Krauts are waiting till there is something really viable...they are so cunning!! Uber alles!! It's a joke!
Vincent Conti
Vincent Conti Prije 3 dana
The dawn of a new era?
GermanDabs Dean
GermanDabs Dean Prije 3 dana
I love seeing german electric cars fail internationally
Richard Petersen
Richard Petersen Prije 3 dana
Klima is scam taxmoney, in vest you need to buy car every 4-5 years is this good for Klima. Electric car is not so green like you think. 1 phones every 1 year is this good for Klima? Kapitalisam is no solution for Klima. Business money money and money is no solution for green klimate. Communist idealogi is better then capitalisme for climate. Sistem is wrong period!! Remember in the 1970 all round the word news told us new iceage is coming people frizing to death. Hope this planet some wil nuke and and this horrible teater game lies what a shit hole of world is this wi liv in. No human need 10 cars no human need 10 houses and so on no one ned to go hungry in bed, so esxuse me please hipocrats. Wars wars wars is this green climate.
QuadQ Prije 3 dana
No, Tesla ( by miles the market leader not even mentioned here ) is light years ahead, billions of total hours of real time driver less road data, even more driven - you have simply no chance to compete. Elon has help from other worlds anyway.
Kurt Wollermann
Kurt Wollermann Prije 4 dana
vw has the electric car that won pikes peak and audi has the e-tron there shouldnt be a holdup to release them to market
Kurt Wollermann
Kurt Wollermann Prije 4 dana
my last good german cars were 1962 and 1992 and after that they went downhill my 1984 audi coupe was great as well but as they get newer they get impossible to repair yourself
Terry Moore
Terry Moore Prije 4 dana
Germany is finished. Compensation for the most polluting vehicles which hid emissions on purpose could bankrupt the German car industry.
John Balladear
John Balladear Prije 4 dana
Are the Germans worried about Tesla which has a massive reported $12 BILLION debt on its Balance Sheet and still climbing? The future is electric? Which car manufacturer is making profit from electric car manufacture? Only 2700 of the 150,000 or so cars sold in the UK in July 2019 were electrics or hybrids, the worldwide sales of ICE SUV's is rising significantly; just goes to show how important the public feels Climate Change is!
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez Prije 5 dana
No such thing as emission free if power stations run on coal(30%in the US)
Kervens Alexis
Kervens Alexis Prije 5 dana
Electric cars are stupid
Velvet Casuat
Velvet Casuat Prije 6 dana
Fascism is what happened .
pegrathwol Prije 7 dana
As long as German automobile manufacturers can produce something as sublime and thrilling as the Porsche 911...they'll do just fine.
Kay Uwe Böhm
Kay Uwe Böhm Prije 7 dana
Why Gerdprom etc. etc. payed ? Earth gas less 1 Cent-€/kWh payed also less than OKBM BN1200 but end price in germany much higher not needed if directly gas shipped in 1000bar CNG pebble tank exchange system like for gas bottles connectable 3 in 20' ISO container frame for whole world about 2m 2-3t CNG from LNG ? CNG fuel station 250 000€ in china 2500€ possible to sell as adding but arrange new 700 bar CNG cars !
Ganesh80hits hits
Ganesh80hits hits Prije 8 dana
Elon musk single handedly went head on with German car industry
John Balladear
John Balladear Prije 8 dana
Practically nothing is said about charging when on the road, only the convenience of parking in your garage at night, hooking up and going to bed. If all the public charging bays had electric cars in them with the owners in bed asleep and all their cars charged already would they set the alarm and crawl out to move their vehicle in the night to some other parking place, not likely. The same at the shopping mall or any charging area, you leave the car to charge but don't return from shopping/workplace/flat until several hours after the car is charged preventing others from using the facility. Or, you live in an apartment with no garaging or a house fronting the street and have to cruise the streets looking for an empty charging bay and then leave your car overnight in the one you find, having to walk some distance to your home, maybe alone.. Or, you are out of town and come to a service station and all the chargers are busy so you have to wait not only for one to become free but then also for yours to charge too. Could take a while and be very awkward if the journey is time critical. Or, as now already, ICE vehicles park in electric charging bays as do vehicles without passes in disabled spaces. Or, you may not find a charger at all and run out of power whilst still looking for one or you decide to wait at a charging point for one to become free, how long do you wait? If you are lucky you may be able to whistle up a mobile charger, at a price! You have four car owners in your home, they all come home from work around the same time and want a charge from your single (slow) charger, let the arguments begin and the car swapping all evening. The UK Grid has stated that when all vehicles are electric it will require thirteen more power stations to service peak time in the evening and power "shaping" via your Smart Meter to even out the delivery. THAT is what your Smart Meter is actually for, graduated payment. You run out of charge trying to find a charging point, no emergency can of electricity to top you up. Just how many charging points are going to be needed in any one location and at what point is convenience overtaken by cost? And how will this affect the local grids, quite a distortion on the current set up. Probably MIT is working on this, let us hope so.
Mariano Alippi
Mariano Alippi Prije 8 dana
The centralizacion and decentralization at the same time, for Germany, it all depends From the honesty of the centralizer, who is not stopped by interests of some monopoly, Germany has the best engineers in the world, I think they have to look for the technologies that facilitate as quickly as possible to quickly understand the abstraction of the engineering of the industry of the electric car, I think that Germany must create a revolution more than ever educational, centralize it to decentralize to the maximum and achieve a great blow of innovation, Germany has the genetics, but he need the green political artists who can give enough fluidity to make things happen have a waist dance the best tango ever danced.
Hans j. Hobein
Hans j. Hobein Prije 8 dana
bla bla bla, China is the biggest e-power producer in the world, as in hydro and coal fired, enough for millions of e-cars. Lets dam up the rhein , mosel, elbe , open all the coal mines, plant thousends of wind mills, e-plugs at every shopping center. Than bitch about the price, pollution and watershortage , but you do that already. Lets have ships, planes and trains solar powered !!!
trevor francis
trevor francis Prije 9 dana
who ever comes up with ev to travel 1000 kil charge rate 15 mins will win
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez Prije 9 dana
its really not that simple, #1 problem for tesla right now is battery supply and they have the biggest battery factory. if these companies dont make their own batteries then their price will make them less competitive to those who do.
Andrew McKay
Andrew McKay Prije 9 dana
I don't care let the Chinese do it the White woke Germans Will be replaced by migrants and Muslims
Lester R. Ryan, M.D.
Obsolete, poisonous Germancars? No worry. There is always Poland.
PuraCarlura Prije 9 dana
The fossil-based car industry will fall. It is not a matter of business competition or political opinion. It is a matter of climate-binding laws and justice.
Beatrice Nkundwa
Beatrice Nkundwa Prije 10 dana
German industry has united populations.
Radu Ro
Radu Ro Prije 10 dana
Remember Nokia and Kodak ?
handy240 Prije 10 dana
The problem with germany is the lack of equilibrium in a long term strategy. They either go extreme towards the diesel, while now they want the drastic change to electrics. The world is grey not black white. It will end with massive job cuts in factories. Many car factories have already been closed in Europe. Many more will close. Opel for instance , is finished. The future of the mass car industry is in China. A worse technology may win. Just think of the lithium toxic seas in Chile. The electrification of the personal transport started as an idea in the heads of priviliged rich people, and will end with rising costs of mobility for the poorer working class. Good proven diesel engines now are beeing marked as unecological, while just 5 years ago they were the holy grail in eco friendliness. I will drive my 3.0 diesel until it falls apart. I will NOT buy electric because of a trend.
Der Bender
Der Bender Prije 10 dana
Yes they will, just after a lot of losses and painful changes, somehow it’s the German way, take a look at the last 150 years.
P Maitra
P Maitra Prije 10 dana
Mercedes-Benz will survive. BMW needs to quit making overpriced fragile components that make the cost of ownership exorbitant. Learn from GAZ Volga on how to make a durable vehicle.
KAL vdS Prije 12 dana
Face palm alert! While the ICE is on the way out, EVs are simply not the green future that we are being told, far from it. The future is the electric motor, not Litium Ion or batter powered vehicles. While hydrogen is complex to extract, hydrogen fuel cell technology is the real clean green alternative to fossil fuels and is going to be far less complex and expensive to impliment than developing EV's.
outsideworld76 Prije 12 dana
The electrification of the car will take much, much longer. In 2030 most people will still drive cars with internal combustion engines. Electric is too expensive and the infrastructure for all this electricity isn't in place. It's a total fantasy.
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez Prije 9 dana
" Electric is too expensive" model 3 is priced slightly above average (40-60K USD, could be cheaper (model 3 sold as low as 35k USD) but tesla wants to make good margins to build more factories) but has a much lower maintenance cost. " infrastructure for all this electricity isn't in place" does germany not have outlets and electricity or is it a 3rd world nation? infrastructure will need to improve to handle capacity but that is work that should already bee done with the natural expansion and replacement of the grid, you think oil rigs, gas stations, and refineries all poped up as soon as the first car was made? no it took time and money like everything else that improved our civilization, people shouldn't be afraid to build infrastructure.
Wielie0305 Prije 13 dana
Tesla model 3 best sold car in the Netherlands in 2019 with nearly 30.000 units...
Gert van der Horst
Gert van der Horst Prije 4 dana
It's subsidized heavily, people buying second hands supporting people buying new 100K Euro cars.
michael edwards
michael edwards Prije 13 dana
german cars will have the same fate as british motorcycles, the market evolved and then japanese bikes came along, the rest is history, although brit bikes are now becoming collectable
Mardig Bidanian
Mardig Bidanian Prije 13 dana
The lady at round the 3.50 minute mark is actually describing a "supply side " arguement . By producing in this example the electric car at a steady price then the demand will be created . She backed it up with the example of the smartphone but can be applied to many other technologies. At a point people didnt even know what dishwashers , microwaves and ACs were and now millions of households have them
TheDownloader86 Prije 14 dana
Germans makes the best combustion engines? This document is not objective at all :D.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary Prije 14 dana
Does the documentary explicitly make this claim? :P
Aneesh chopra
Aneesh chopra Prije 14 dana
Is the EV lobby so damn strong that nobody serious talks about hydrogen powered cars as a real time alternate?
Zack Georgly
Zack Georgly Prije 14 dana
Producing hydrogen is still too expensive, somewhat dangerous and cannot be produced in quantities large enough to provide a viable alternative at least yet.
Paul G
Paul G Prije 15 dana
The comparison with norway is a bit outbof context. Norway has A TON of money from the petrol industry, so obviously its easier to spend billions for such a project. Also the CO2 emmission from Germany is coming a lot from their electric production.
LTZ_ Prije 13 dana
Germany has like €20 Billion in leftover money from 2019. It was the most successful year for the Germany economic wise. They have more than enough money to electrify the country they just don't want to.
Sralaine 007 o-007
Sralaine 007 o-007 Prije 15 dana
I guess Everything is in Politics and Politicians are in everything and everyday. DW is Great for What is matter to be hurt and See......✌️💪👍
Walt Williams
Walt Williams Prije 15 dana
At 6:55 . He should have said the German car industry is playing it safe.
George Tufeanu
George Tufeanu Prije 16 dana
Yes ! Germany always survived ! I’m not worried about German engineers minds. They always survive ! In the end there was/is never someone who makes better cars than them.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Prije 16 dana
Trolleys have no emissions
Ro ck
Ro ck Prije 16 dana
That is why I got my old OPEL. Flawed but buying sonething new in companies that squeeze their tech staff does not yield a better car. Plus I do not need a car to outrace anyone. I do not really need my car much.
Leif Andersson
Leif Andersson Prije 16 dana
Strange, The three strongest car brands are Toyota Mercedes Benz Bmw I drive Mercedes Benz and have been since 1992. Have had E class w123 w124 w210 w211 and now 2018 E220d. Let me tell you, They are still ahead!!!
Jack Grimes
Jack Grimes Prije 16 dana
A very well made video - astonishingly omitting any mention of Tesla's lead, why? if you don't even recognise your main competitor, you will not be able to compete. Germany seems to be severely hung up on the idea that EVs are all about their impact on climate change. That's not all there is to it, although it is a very good and powerful side effect. They are missing the point that the main driver is technological progress and it's not in isolation to other current developments.
O E Prije 17 dana
Billion of batteries ... Hahaha Is that eco??? Pollution or chemical soil ... I prefer Pollution...
Happier Prije 17 dana
We will see, I heard that EVs cause more environmental damage when recycling the batteries.
C Dun
C Dun Prije 17 dana
The electric cars coming out of Germany are not nearly as good as the ones coming out of America. The Taycan is horrible compared to the model S. They made it in order to keep it soundsing with fake audio like a gas engine etc. It’s a gimmicky car. Porsche and the rest need to embrace electric not just convert. We need all these companies to succeed at this transition and if they try to make cars that are electric but gas like they will fail.
Mel Royale
Mel Royale Prije 17 dana
I have measured air pollutants from traffic fumes in my city, and have found none. How is this possible. The UK government web page lists the UK automotive industry has reduced particulates to almost zero. So we are abandoning internal combustion engines for what ? To replace each of the 28 million vehicles on the UK's roads @ £30,000 each, will cost £750 billion. Some say to power the peak demand will require an extra 60GW capacity. Drax Power station is 4GW. So we need 15 more Drax sized power stations, current price £23 bill each, which then adds a further £300 bill to the costs. When the UK military budget is only £44 billion, we see just how impossible it is to do this. Once electric cars are sold to more than 1 million people ( and it won't be to those who cannot afford £30,000 for a car !!! ) we will begin to see just how impossible they are to own and to drive. There is a place for electric cars. But don't kid yourself you are reducing air pollution by turning your back on internal combustion engines, because air pollution from traffic is almost zero in the UK
Perlito Cabauatan
Perlito Cabauatan Prije 17 dana
i dont believe that the ICE will be phased out. it will be improved greatly with new and effective technologies. research - no such thing as an emissions-free car. it is about the braking system.
Insomniac Resurrected
Insomniac Resurrected Prije 17 dana
Peak oil will do away with electric cars too.