WINCHESTER (2018) Ending + True Story Explained

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The real life Winchester Mystery House in San Jose is considered the most haunted location in the world, and is the subject of the new film WINCHESTER starring Helen Mirren. We'll be explaining the ending as well as how the movie compares to the real life case.
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9. Svi 2018.

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Komentari 1 741
metalhead 4life
metalhead 4life Prije 2 dana
I loved the story of this! Never even heard of this til this video lol crazy
Mou chan
Mou chan Prije 5 dana
You’re review of the movie was more interesting than the actual movie.
macsmith2013 Prije 8 dana
Sounds weird, but I might actually watch this for Dame Helen Mirren alone.
Olivia Serfass
Olivia Serfass Prije 11 dana
I went there before but it was so expensive we had to lie saying that my little brother was 5 ( he was six) so he could get in free.
Preeya Mishra
Preeya Mishra Prije 12 dana
Found this movie explaination is good. Among so many ghost stories
She actually believed it fully when a fortune teller told her so, thus the unusual construction to confuse the spirits.
Illuminate Gaming
Illuminate Gaming Prije 20 dana
You should do different genres love watching these
Jimmy Prije 21 dan
Love your channel, I have a toddler and don't have time to go to the movies and channels like this are great, can help me weed through the junk not worth renting or buying.
YungAndVicious Prije 22 dana
*so it's basically Hotel Transylvania*
Ryan Vang
Ryan Vang Prije 26 dana
Reilly moorhouse
Reilly moorhouse Prije 27 dana
I’ve been to the house and it’s not as big as it’s made out to be in documentaries and in the movie and there is only one “door to nowhere”
Thomas Stewart
Thomas Stewart Prije 29 dana
I learned the story a different way- she built the stairs that led to nowhere and the rooms on the ascending stories to trick the spirits that followed her into getting lost and that she slept in a new room each night to prevent being taken by them
soroush Prije 29 dana
anyone else watch these because the movie is too scary?
master chief
master chief Prije 29 dana
i know the history of the house but i never know there was a movie about it
4 & 20 Black Birds
4 & 20 Black Birds Prije mjesec
You don't get the concept of blood money or curses?
Peep Productions
Peep Productions Prije mjesec
Watch Buzzfeed Unsolved to find the video of the two in Winchester Mansion
Mingler Is Awesome
Mingler Is Awesome Prije mjesec
I actually went to the house but thankfully before I knew it was haunted
Mingler Is Awesome
Mingler Is Awesome Prije 27 dana
iwnl Nahz well I was a little kid and I thought it was just a old house known for how it has weird construction
iwnl Nahz
iwnl Nahz Prije 28 dana
Mingler Is Awesome Why would you go there if it wasnt haunted? That’s the main point isnt it? A big haunted old mansion
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett Prije mjesec
The movie US has a comercial that shows the death of all the clones
A Very Gay Butterfly
I quite liked this movie
Florence Garneau
Florence Garneau Prije mjesec
I watched the movie and to be honest I was kind of disappointed! I was hoping to be scared to death but I actually laughed sometimes! Anyways your video was great and I love your channel!!
Inell Lumba
Inell Lumba Prije mjesec
If you yourself cannot release, he will come to take a piece
CommanderAlien Prije mjesec
Ghost just here for that free real estate
li jin
li jin Prije mjesec
can you turn on the subtitle?
sand storm
sand storm Prije mjesec
This video scared me.
Nikki M
Nikki M Prije mjesec
Going to the Winchester House has been one of my goals! It is such an amazing and creepy story!!!
Nick Frutos
Nick Frutos Prije mjesec
Fact, there was an only on photo of Sarah Winchester. The house was designed and built due to the fact that ghosts would get lost in the house.
Chastity Shell
Chastity Shell Prije mjesec
Commander Derp
Commander Derp Prije mjesec
"This bullet killed me for 3 minutes!" Sir, that's a complete cartridge.
Sig Urther
Sig Urther Prije 23 dana
Apparently he was so grief stricken, that he found the shell and reloaded the primer and powder. Then had the live cartridge engraved. So, being dead for three minutes seems to make some people a little kookoo bananas.
M Ma
M Ma Prije mjesec
Man for a movie based in real life its fucking WILD
Logan Pixler
Logan Pixler Prije mjesec
"Claiming the people that made the guns as guilty as those that pulled the trigger. I don't get it, but whatever." It's propaganda. It's literally a propaganda film that is not subtle at all.
Rafay Malik
Rafay Malik Prije mjesec
8:21 did he just say (the ghost that has been fucking with Henry)
Fazlur Prije 2 mjeseci
Doesn’t the ghost butler pour the drink when they eat food? So Sarah Winchester and her niece were like “Ooooh! A floating drinks, it’s happened again”
WK X Prije 2 mjeseci
The house kalashnikov would build...
Onlymadeto Watchadultcontent
Hello Neighbour
DefiningReality Prije 2 mjeseci
The only thing I can think of right now is that someone saw Iron man and wanda's story and felt like it would make a good horror movie .
Ricardo Miranda
Ricardo Miranda Prije 2 mjeseci
I would like to go to the Winchester Manson, but to me is the most stupid, and dangerous idea I ever heard. Because there is still angry spirits in the Winchester Manson.
Ricardo Miranda
Ricardo Miranda Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine you got lost in the Winchester Manson you would chased by thousands of spirits.
Lainey Bug
Lainey Bug Prije 2 mjeseci
I find myself wondering if the psychic had a cousin or something that was a contractor out in San Jose & just took a shot at it...
bearded meme dragon
bearded meme dragon Prije 2 mjeseci
the house me and my family rent was a coal miners home in the late 19th century. when we turn the lights off and go to bed, you can hear the wooden boards creaking and weird bird clicking but it doesn't sound like a bird. A N D our house is just creepy.
decoy soy
decoy soy Prije 2 mjeseci
same with my nanas house but it doesnt have any history its just a house. and whenever i turn the lights off i see things moving towards me and its terrifying. i have gone there much since i was a kid because its that scary xD you can hear the fridge door open and close from down the hallway and floorboards creeking and footsteps in the hallway and its just creepy.
Basman Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't know if this is normal but 11:57- 12:06 there is no visual did this happen to anyone else or just me?
fashi0nFREAK1 Prije 2 mjeseci
I want to know a) how much they had to bribe Helen Mirren or b)what kind of blackmail they had on her to make this HORRIBLE movie. I'm sorry, the Winchester House deserves so much better than this.
KIDD koala
KIDD koala Prije 2 mjeseci
*block *block *block *block, the sound of the Winchester
Phoenix Wolf
Phoenix Wolf Prije 2 mjeseci
I went through there when o was 13. Didn’t feel anything.
Astromorph CaptainofTinyS.H.I.P
Just realized Crypt TV commented on this and another video. Great job man, great job.
vazak11 Prije 2 mjeseci
Huh, very cool!
HamburgersAndBeer Prije 2 mjeseci
These ghost could have just teamed up with the two Portagonists from "The Sentence" (at least I hope that was the right title)
Kyle Magaro
Kyle Magaro Prije 3 mjeseci
I have at least 5 Winchesters, never heard this story.
Ice King
Ice King Prije 3 mjeseci
I just saw biddibad fnaf character
BigRussianBoi71 Prije 3 mjeseci
Okay, this some bullshit
Julia Sanchez
Julia Sanchez Prije 3 mjeseci
When I first watched this movie my grandma (who is from San Jose) mentioned how when she, as a kid, would visit one of her friends she would always pass by the Winchester house.
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