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WINCHESTER (2018) Ending + True Story Explained

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The real life Winchester Mystery House in San Jose is considered the most haunted location in the world, and is the subject of the new film WINCHESTER starring Helen Mirren. We'll be explaining the ending as well as how the movie compares to the real life case.
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9. Svi 2018.



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Komentari 1 746
vazak11 Prije 10 sati
Huh, very cool!
HamburgersAndBeer Prije 3 dana
These ghost could have just teamed up with the two Portagonists from "The Sentence" (at least I hope that was the right title)
Kyle Magaro
Kyle Magaro Prije 4 dana
I have at least 5 Winchesters, never heard this story.
Ice King
Ice King Prije 5 dana
I just saw biddibad fnaf character
BigRussianBoi71 Prije 9 dana
Okay, this some bullshit
Julia Sanchez
Julia Sanchez Prije 9 dana
When I first watched this movie my grandma (who is from San Jose) mentioned how when she, as a kid, would visit one of her friends she would always pass by the Winchester house.
Scarlett Key Cagas
Scarlett Key Cagas Prije 9 dana
Architect: So, how many doors do you want? Sarah: yes
It’s yo Boi
It’s yo Boi Prije 12 dana
I’ve been there before when I was a twitch con 2018
Avengers Assemble
Avengers Assemble Prije 14 dana
Bro we need ed and Lauraine warren
Blurry Prije 14 dana
Fshudhiyiwuh i took a tour to the house. At least i’m short lol.
Antoine Robinson
Antoine Robinson Prije 14 dana
Can you do triangle I've watched it and I understand the premise, but I can't figure out the true starting point. if not to much trouble can you please incorporate it in your rotation.
Bjorn Blomkvist thomson
Rheanne Soller
Rheanne Soller Prije 16 dana
Winchester well better call SAM and DEAN winchester
Vini Vidi Vici
Vini Vidi Vici Prije 16 dana
I went to the house when I was eleven and had a great time. Didn't see any ghosts but it was still fascinating. Hope to go again soon!
Annae Williams
Annae Williams Prije 16 dana
looks like could be a decent gothic story. thanks.
Eating Stardust
Eating Stardust Prije 16 dana
The south well rise again
gonzalo esquivel
gonzalo esquivel Prije 18 dana
The house is pretty gay I went on their midnight tour and it sucked ass
a113sabertooth Prije 19 dana
Moral:Don't make guns
Struan Prije 21 dan
Laudanum is the alcoholic tincture of opium- usually opium mixed with brandy
Emi Lia
Emi Lia Prije 22 dana
Tbh this movie was better than most of the horror movies nowadays
pahz place
pahz place Prije 25 dana
In a nutshell, this woman basically manipulated this doctor all along. I'm not too sure if I should erase my comments prior to seeing the movie, but after watching the movie and seeing her in action, it was obvious that based on her 20 year experience with all that she had experienced and being in the know when it came to who, what, where and why (when it involved who fell victim to the Winchester gun) she chose her niece confirms this at the dinner table. It's one thing if they innocently crossed paths and connected and from his experience and her experience the outcome went in a direction that was favorable for both. But she planned this all along. Which is why doors were always open, being she knew that he would sneak around being that he would be curious to see her operate outside of a face to face in order to evaluate her. Even the man that came to his home was a give away, as he knew how much he was in debt and played on his desperation. I'm sure that she already knew how he felt about himself, as she was asking him questions vs allowing him delving into her mind or even answer any of his questions. The typical study and dissect whomever you plan on using in order to be 20 steps ahead of them lolololololololololololol...........and all along all that she probably wanted him for was to use his connection to the spirit world to save her family, as she was all about manipulating the angry ghost to move on in peace. Which I found to be strange as none of them died peacefully and suggesting something as such was like the worst thing that you could do to someone that was not only angry, but was motivated to complete whatever task that they had.
pahz place
pahz place Prije 26 dana
Taking a road trip to see god knows what may be cute and everything, for some......but things that are happening in others lives are meant for their own personal experience. It's one thing if they share it with you without an ulterior motive......... Everything isn't for entertainment/to be entertained or to be curious enough to stick your nose in to investigate, know or to gain whatever "knowledge".
pahz place
pahz place Prije 26 dana
Lololol @ the commentator not understanding why the ghost feels that whoever made the rifle is just as guilty as the one who pulled it. That's like saying, you don't understand why or how someone can suffer based on the initiative of someone doing or saying something that is deplorable and or untrue. Which is exactly why the wife wanted to move on to make something like roller skates. But what was done, was already done. She was married to and supported the man that was behind these ghosts death and for the remainder of her life (20 years and counting) she would have to deal with them and their shemanighans. I've always believed that those who saw spirits and had to deal with them were in service for reasons that catered to being attached to and or maybe have done some kind of ill wrong doing of sorts. As I can only imagine what living and having to deal with seeing strangers that aren't in real time.....and whatever else comes with having this kind of vision/experience. Everything comes full circle. Truth be told with this doctor, it wasn't even like he was innocent in his involvement. As he was there to deem her insane for monetary gain 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀before even knowing anything factual! But he met his match, not because he wasn't a believer (because that doesn't mean a thing) I think it was due to his arrogance, as he tried to toy with a grown womans mind in the same light that he had done in the past with the female that he was pleasuring himself with, but instead she shut him down. To me, using that same silly trick was so that he could confirm to himself that he had some type of power over her mind (poor paychology) when in all essence, she was way experienced (by way of all that she knew as well as experienced with said ghost for the past 20 years) ........which in a nutshell was beyond his understanding. Most folk get so caught up and engrossed in their title and jobs that they forget that there are powsra in existence beyond their understanding. So when things don't make sense (complimenrs of their quality of thought) they'll try to shift and shape it outside of its original form vs seeing it for what it truly is..............but often times they'll refuse to because in their minds they have to prove and show that they're better/all knowing and in control, compliments of the level of life that they live that's on paper 👀
pahz place
pahz place Prije 26 dana
I don't know what it is with folk always trying to make sense of others lives (via what they've told them) and things that they do not know. It's like they have to recreate it in ways that cater to their mind (quality of understanding) vs just receiving what the person is telling them, based on it was they themselves that experienced it.
Obadiah Harmston
Obadiah Harmston Prije 28 dana
There used to be another floor, but it was destroyed in an earthquake.
-jk Prije 28 dana
I know it’s old , can you do sixth sense please!!!!
Lil' Connor Peterson
Im sorry but I hate when movies and shows have people hallucinating from opioids. Its just completely ridiculous. I spent more than 3 years as a heroin addict, overdosing a few times, and I never ONCE hallucinated while high. I just wish media portrayed drugs realistically
Bass Fishing with the AntiChrist
When government hangs you from the neck until dead, you don't blame the rope makers wife.
Anna Stephens
Anna Stephens Prije mjesec
I visited the Winchester Mystery House today and since I'm not supposed to be watching horror movies at all I figured I'd watch your ending explained. Thanks for uploading this!
I Cant Walk
I Cant Walk Prije mjesec
This movie is extremely accurate, i wad there. I was the cgi ghost
Rory Foran
Rory Foran Prije mjesec
are we all just gonna let it go that he randomly dropped the F-bomb?
Cx WoNDeR Prije mjesec
Buzz feed unsolved anyone?
Jazzie Huggins
Jazzie Huggins Prije mjesec
Winchester.. Any relations to supernatural.. 🤔
fab Prije mjesec
I have been there. She was also obsessed with spiders and I think the number 9?
Ethan John
Ethan John Prije mjesec
Five bucks to all those who go to the Winchester mansion with me
Zach Rodriguez
Zach Rodriguez Prije mjesec
Could you do an ending explained for the 2014 film: Automata?
Stoner Trooper
Stoner Trooper Prije mjesec
You should go when they do their halloween event nights. It's awesome. I was born and raised in san jose so that was always one of my favorite legends from there
FIRST name LAST name
FIRST name LAST name Prije 2 mjeseci
I love Winchester rifles
Yandere Princess
Yandere Princess Prije 2 mjeseci
As someone who works at the WMH, I appreciate you not calling Sarah insane/crazy :) I'm always scared to watch these videos for that reason.
Elias Galeano
Elias Galeano Prije 2 mjeseci
Sam and Dean?
Nina Dmitrieva
Nina Dmitrieva Prije 2 mjeseci
Хочу перевод на русский
AL-X BERLANGA Prije 2 mjeseci
For me it was good until the third act, kinda ruined the movie for me. Also the CG ghosts looked fake as shit.
Dying Meme
Dying Meme Prije 2 mjeseci
I went to the house the same day the movie was revealed and I was like o damn!
Nae O’Connor
Nae O’Connor Prije 2 mjeseci
I found this movie underwhelming. I feel it had potential but badly executed
Brenick Andrew
Brenick Andrew Prije 2 mjeseci
Civil war ended in the late 1860s and if this is from 1906 the spirit could not have died 20 years earlier. Am I missing something?
ligma boi
ligma boi Prije 2 mjeseci
Demons or ghost
Brian Silva
Brian Silva Prije 2 mjeseci
she should use screws
Erika Prije 2 mjeseci
The tour is super cool!!! Sarah’s room gave me and my sister the willies, we couldn’t tell if it was because of a ghost or just the atmosphere but it was really interesting that we both felt it at the same time. We were also able to go down into the basement which was wild. I hope to do it again someday!
Scout that dieded
Scout that dieded Prije 2 mjeseci
i went to it in 2014
Scout that dieded
Scout that dieded Prije 2 mjeseci
pretty weird like the door that gose to a 1 floor drop to the garden
Scarygold Prije 2 mjeseci
Our family friend just got married at the house lol
the wings of death
the wings of death Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah i dont understand the whole go after who ever made the weapon instead of the person who used wrong
Lunestia Crescent
Lunestia Crescent Prije 2 mjeseci
I wonder if anyone has ever been "brave" enough to sneak off during a tour and use a Ouija board in the WM...
ZGM_ Solace
ZGM_ Solace Prije 2 mjeseci
"Lets go to the Winchester and wait it out"
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow Prije 2 mjeseci
The people who she was afraid of haunting were the spirits of Native Americans who had been killed and displaced by her company’s rifles.
GREEN -Brawl stars
GREEN -Brawl stars Prije 3 mjeseci
What is with spouses and dying
Floxers Add
Floxers Add Prije 3 mjeseci
I went to that house
Nicodemus Prije 3 mjeseci
Seven floors originally!?! Da-da-da-damn!
MR Meme
MR Meme Prije 3 mjeseci
So is it bad to use a winchester in video games? Because it will add VIRTUAL GHOSTS or CG Ghosts?
Abigail Nyp
Abigail Nyp Prije 3 mjeseci
7:21 jumpscare
Abigail Nyp
Abigail Nyp Prije 3 mjeseci
4:30 Jump scare
Flashbang1586 Prije 3 mjeseci
I want to slap who ever wrote this movie with a history book. Ghosts mad about being killed by a rifle that wouldn't exist until 2 years after the civil war. Jesus Christ.
Poisoned_Web Prije 3 mjeseci
Damn this movie makes me want to buy a Winchester even more now
itslilmike04 Prije 3 mjeseci
If you see this you gay
``Zoenix`` Prije 3 mjeseci
Is... Is anyone going to say it?
Myna Imrie
Myna Imrie Prije 3 mjeseci
Mooble Prije 3 mjeseci
I love the winchester stuff because I only live ten minutes away from the house
Lawrence Bledsoe
Lawrence Bledsoe Prije 3 mjeseci
Do vice the movie
Sam Clemens
Sam Clemens Prije 3 mjeseci
The Winchester house is dope
david arriola
david arriola Prije 3 mjeseci
Rose Red is a film that was based on Winchester. or was that Red Rose...
Henry Williams
Henry Williams Prije 3 mjeseci
That prist Blok cinda looks like my uncle but with heir
MyStiC Prije 3 mjeseci
Ghost adventures did an episode on this place
Johana Gonzalez
Johana Gonzalez Prije 3 mjeseci
I went to California and almost went to the Winchester house. Unfortunately it was too cold to go😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Asiangamer 61542
Asiangamer 61542 Prije 3 mjeseci
My asia-russian friend went to the waaaaaangchester! Im asian, (indo-china-taiwanese)!
Mr. Ghostly
Mr. Ghostly Prije 3 mjeseci
I recently took a tour of the Winchester home and learned that some of the oddities have reasons behind them,for example,the oddly sized risers are there because Sarah developed arthritis and had a hard time walking up stairs to smaller but longer risers have been installed
Depressed Demon Chesire
Depressed Demon Chesire Prije 3 mjeseci
The most first horror movie IVE ever watched was whinchester i havent watched any more horror movie That was my first one and still is
McChicken Prije 3 mjeseci
Im really just now starting to notice, but how come in every horror movie the protaganist is either a male doctor/teacher, male police officer, or a girl next door style character?
maybetoby Prije 3 mjeseci
This makes me want to go out and buy an actual Winchester lol
Trippieredd 14000
Trippieredd 14000 Prije 4 mjeseci
It looks like the woman from indouis
Mary joy Gelizon
Mary joy Gelizon Prije 4 mjeseci
If i toured that place i would bring a shotgun an m16 and kevlar vest
Nitzel Prije 4 mjeseci
that ghost that appeared when sarah (sara?) was in that trance did that jedi dash thing from phantom menace
tominosawyer420 Prije 4 mjeseci
growing up in san jose i had to watch this shit
Patrick Gutierrez
Patrick Gutierrez Prije 4 mjeseci
7:51 - 7:59 its the same kind of message that was in look-see you must let go
if you reply you will suck my cock I mean it
I'm a white whore
John Gervais
John Gervais Prije 4 mjeseci
Why do company boards in movies always hate someone moving them away from weapons? Diversifying business isn't a bad idea!! They still make money, why should they care??
Andre Bobbitt
Andre Bobbitt Prije 4 mjeseci
His delicious poison 😁
SadBoy10_209 Prije 4 mjeseci
I’ve been to the house. Very cool place, I had not haunting experience there, but the tour also was at 1pm so yea
Under Bridge
Under Bridge Prije 4 mjeseci
God. I hate when movies still get drug effects so wrong. Opiates don't cause hallucinations. Even strong hallucinogens won't make someone see "ghosts." If you are so fucked up you are seeing apparitions the walls would be melting and everything else in the world would look crazy. And if this guy was going through opiate withdrawal he wouldn't be capable of doing shit for a while.
w rsg23
w rsg23 Prije 4 mjeseci
Republic of China
Republic of China Prije 4 mjeseci
Does anyone hear that weird tick in the background? Like actually put on earphones or headphones amd start from the beginning
Rosemary Williams
Rosemary Williams Prije 4 mjeseci
Drugs having the opposite effect than expected...😱shocking💉👻💊
Rosemary Williams
Rosemary Williams Prije 4 mjeseci
Rich people and big expensive houses were only 3-4 people reside at a time😒 maybe your home wouldn't invite creepy if it was a hut. ...😜just a thought. P.S. l love the history of this house.
Andre' Benjamin
Andre' Benjamin Prije 4 mjeseci
That was a random ass F-bomb at 8:21 lol. Caught me off guard
box'O cereal
box'O cereal Prije 4 mjeseci
kirby anthony Musa
kirby anthony Musa Prije 4 mjeseci
So currently the it's probably 1:5000 room per ghost ratio, accounting world war 2, korean war, vietnam war etc. It's for m1 garand and m14 winchester rifle only. Lol!
Jelani S
Jelani S Prije 4 mjeseci
Hiding in the comments
Jelani S
Jelani S Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey do you like real life horror stories? I sure don't.
Opaline Ambee
Opaline Ambee Prije 4 mjeseci
Although this is a good movie it is not all the way true to the real story, Sarah Winchester built this house and its rooms to keep the spirits away from her. And to confuse them from following her. She did not invite them in or build the rooms for spirits.
Moist Madness
Moist Madness Prije 4 mjeseci
Please stop giving me the Willies
Sherlock Gnome
Sherlock Gnome Prije 5 mjeseci
I want to watch that zombie christmas musical
Veronica Muha
Veronica Muha Prije 5 mjeseci
I went there once on my birthday for a school field trip, and one of the chaperones brought an EMF detector. It started going off in Sarah's room. It was causing too much of a ruckus between us kids, so she had to turn it off, unfortunately. Just a cool experience, thought I'd share.
A Flick
A Flick Prije 5 mjeseci
Thank you for saving me from that abortion of a film. Lol
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