World's largest toy popper

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Like this video if you want me to build a fl3shlight of steve harvey's mouth. ;D
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World's largest toy popper made of urethane rubber, and silicone. Giant toy.


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14. Ruj 2019.



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Komentari 18 510
Sagolel4797 Prije 7 sati
Have you tried giving this big one to one of those million hydraulic press channels?
Cali native Quiss
Cali native Quiss Prije 7 sati
I remember these thing back in the 90'z Wow now i want some of those again getting in trouble n elementary for having these💀
That Review Guy
That Review Guy Prije 12 sati
Is iDubbbz outta content? I think not this shits fire
Anwii The French
Anwii The French Prije 14 sati
Been hanging out with the aussies to much got him saying bruv haha
Wasert Prije 14 sati
Try to get a bunch of muscle man and challenge them to turn inside out the biggest of them all.
Malik Muhammad
Malik Muhammad Prije 16 sati
ha, more plz my good sir!
Sherman Thompson
Sherman Thompson Prije 18 sati
4:02 run it over with the front wheel of your car then back up.
Cody Ashley
Cody Ashley Prije 18 sati
It about looks like a condom
Kayden Miller
Kayden Miller Prije 19 sati
Why would u put your bare foot in it?
Jersey_ Sniper007
Jersey_ Sniper007 Prije 21 sat
7:40 me in math class
FlensHammer Prije 22 sati
You should partner up on this with the slow-mo-guys
James Davis
James Davis Prije 23 sati
Who is "we" ?
Mariano Abundiz
Mariano Abundiz Prije dan
Is that abstract painting for sale?
Majeed Idrus
Majeed Idrus Prije dan
what's the song at 6:28
Patrick Rapan
Patrick Rapan Prije dan
Edupps > Mark Rober(aka. Chomo)
Many Legs
Many Legs Prije dan
So this is how they get prolapses
AFROPUFF 4223 Prije dan
Yo idubbz i dare you to make an explosive eye popper with some gun powder😈😈😈
Pitohui Prije dan
I remember a friend who had one of those back in the elementary years and she put in on the back of her palm and when it popped, it sort of slapped her and she had a circle bruise there. I legit have a fear of those because of that memory
DeadassMusic Prije dan
El Camino deleted scenes
Tori Webster
Tori Webster Prije dan
Well I hope that it doesn't go to the Moon and back.🤨
Juls Radeke
Juls Radeke Prije dan
Its so hard to tell if it’s sarcasm or not
ILLumi ._.
ILLumi ._. Prije dan
What if he put it on his head and it fucking made a dent in it 😂😂😂
Pingu SaysNootNoot
It looks like a Condom when you Invert it...
MagmaSlendy Prije dan
Aiden's vlogs
Aiden's vlogs Prije 2 dana
Waldo Prije 2 dana
this video soothes my autism.
alex ojideagu
alex ojideagu Prije 2 dana
This video has an almost limitless supply of "That's what she said" Jokes
Haji Lulung
Haji Lulung Prije 2 dana
This nigga Ian is one mental breakdown away from making biochemical weapon in his garage
joseph kony
joseph kony Prije 2 dana
I know I'm late to the party here but I'm pretty pissed off he didn't try setting it off on his bare stomach
Eric Bowling
Eric Bowling Prije 2 dana
You look like the tech Ingredients channel presenter...
Koji Prije 2 dana
I thought I'm watching vat19 video
ALL DOR Prije 2 dana
sell the canvas. 200 million
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez Prije 2 dana
Is he the guy in the vine who says "i have crippling depression"?
xEn3my Prije dan
Ghost of starman WD
Ghost of starman WD Prije 2 dana
HRvid (see’s the word TOY) HRvid: its free real estate
starvin marvin
starvin marvin Prije 2 dana
0:10 imagine putting that on your back
Braden Barnes
Braden Barnes Prije 2 dana
To stop it from suctioning a tinny hole in the center to let in air would work great
Aimbot Gaming
Aimbot Gaming Prije 2 dana
Make it biggr and use a machine to invert it
No One
No One Prije 2 dana
I stopped watching idubbbz maybe a year and a half ago and this is the first video I've seen since coming back......what the fuck happened
James Hazard
James Hazard Prije 2 dana
Who else came from iFunny
Hunter James
Hunter James Prije 2 dana
U probs could have made the bigger one with the soft mix from the first popper
Zebubby/chilling Nimbus
Julio Zarate
Julio Zarate Prije dan
Zebubby/chilling Nimbus
What’s the questions
Julio Zarate
Julio Zarate Prije dan
Zebubby/chilling Nimbus ???
BatFan Is On The Internet
You could possibly use a soccer cut in half
Lakerliter 10341915
Lakerliter 10341915 Prije 2 dana
Why do have that suit
818Spencer Prije 2 dana
what kind of shoes are those?
Gonzalo Córdova
Gonzalo Córdova Prije 2 dana
Nice video, but how the fuck you will clean all that.
Rolands šimkus
Rolands šimkus Prije 2 dana
nice shoes
Haider Alawad
Haider Alawad Prije 2 dana
You were meant to put a hole in the top
Patrick Rapan
Patrick Rapan Prije dan
Gold diggers tactic
J D Prije 2 dana
Make a kickstarter i will fund that shit..
Ya Nan
Ya Nan Prije 2 dana
I want one now
Slick Daddy
Slick Daddy Prije 2 dana
"I'm gonna break my fuckin foot........... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" LMAO!!!
Luis's Shitposting Channel
4:47 I laughed so hard in here LMAO
AnyWhat Prije 3 dana
But can i use it as helmet? Can i make armor of those after the apocalypse? What if "this thing" VS Bullets? All those are some ideas popped up in my head while I was watching.. I will be greatful-ish if you answer 1of them Thank you & welcome for getting my full length view of your pointless yet fun video. Best regards... HRvid commenter
Reuben Duron
Reuben Duron Prije 3 dana
Lol did you put your own electrical in
monoqqr Prije 3 dana
why not make a diy condom made out of these artifacts
Kaleb H
Kaleb H Prije 3 dana
Click bait.
Shaun Campbell
Shaun Campbell Prije 3 dana
2:43 someone:picks up a diamond before Ian does. Ian:
Ultra Nyan
Ultra Nyan Prije 3 dana
Best kid friendly channel on yt
Pikachu Prije 3 dana
*uses $2 camera*
Scott Day
Scott Day Prije 4 dana
Lukex33 Prije 4 dana
This isn't a squirrel video
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Pimple Popper by ZURU
World's largest toy