Would You Ride The Night Train To Chechnya?

bald and bankrupt
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🇷🇺 I decided to head south to the snowy peaks of the Caucasus that divide Europe from Asia. But before I could board my train to Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, I had to work out what exactly a bloody 'put and platform' is. Fortunately a one legged local helped me...Yes I'm back in Russia!

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5. Stu 2019.



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bald and bankrupt
bald and bankrupt Prije mjesec
Don't forget to check out my blog for all the behind the scenes stuff and more!
Old Bagira
Old Bagira Prije 6 mjeseci
Russia is safer now than in most European cities
JimmieOakland Prije 6 mjeseci
" I meant to say 'mineral waters'." Instead of what?
Дмитрий Шикин
You didn’t buy the most premium place. But places are better and more expensive ofc
Captain Cabinet
Captain Cabinet Prije 6 mjeseci
anyone know if he speaks with an accent when speaking Russian and do people know he's not from there?
Wooksley Prije 6 mjeseci
Oh wow, a British person who speaks Russian, usually it’s the other way around lol. You’ve got balls going to Chechnya btw, I wouldn’t.
The Unknown
The Unknown Prije 6 mjeseci
wow gov don't pay him thats crul
The Casual Citizen
The Casual Citizen Prije 6 mjeseci
Like Pushkin? You could write Eugeny Onegin. I love that story. That was my introduction to Russian writing. It was made as a movie as well.
Tony Rome
Tony Rome Prije 6 mjeseci
If only you had little Fidel you could put him in a secret spot
J Denn
J Denn Prije 6 mjeseci
night sue ellen
Scott Prije 6 mjeseci
He's leeeeavin' (leavin)... on that midnight train to Chechnya (Leavin on a midnight train) Said he's goin' back (Goin back to find) to a colder place and time
Joel Jacobson
Joel Jacobson Prije 6 mjeseci
Bald and Bankrupt: Gimme a first class cabin with no one in it.
300096586 Prije 7 mjeseci
Thanks for the video. This is my favorite video of the entire series. The night time. The snow. The friendly people. The small, cozy train car. It just seems all very.. magical. Maybe that's a lame way of putting it but it was enjoyable even if only watching.
Human 2.0
Human 2.0 Prije 7 mjeseci
It’s funny also a bit depressed to see the guy said his country is a dictatorship and then laughed out loud like it was a fucking joke.
17 jay Money
17 jay Money Prije 7 mjeseci
Visit Germany bro !!!
Scheisty Prije 7 mjeseci
Bald's giggle. I would not be able to sustain myself if we were drinking and something made him giggled. I'd be done.
super soaker
super soaker Prije 7 mjeseci
Is it me, or does the guy from Azerbaijan look like Robert De Niro?
Jacobsen1987 Prije 7 mjeseci
Isn't it Chechenia?
Marco Digital
Marco Digital Prije 7 mjeseci
Love your videos. As someone born in the Soviet Union I’m actually jealous you get to go around travelling these magical places
Jen Smith
Jen Smith Prije 7 mjeseci
Ha why do I feel so nervous seeing his South America videos but so relieved when he’s back in Russia
Michael Mayer
Michael Mayer Prije 7 mjeseci
"Good night, John Boy!"
maori1714 Prije 7 mjeseci
5:09 That old man speaks Spanish?!?!?!?
Dice DSGHQ Prije 7 mjeseci
Russians seem so nice.
federico ferrari
federico ferrari Prije 7 mjeseci
3:05 we do that same hand gesture here in Italy too, I've always been curious about Caucasus but now I wanna find out the connection between Caucasians and Italians even more.
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer Prije 7 mjeseci
....A warm berth on a cold night. Looks like fun.
MrAnQ2 Prije 7 mjeseci
Mr. Bald i love the way u spell... i hav the same great mind as u... @4:44,, u spelled, 'depends' DEEPENS... LOLOLOLOL!!!
Craig Kaschan
Craig Kaschan Prije 7 mjeseci
Thankyou for sharing your adventures answering so many questions. 👍🇦🇺
Young Prince
Young Prince Prije 7 mjeseci
He should get some type of compensation for that leg he loaned the Union 🤐
Liam Flex
Liam Flex Prije 7 mjeseci
This guy is really out living life while I’m just lying in bed at 5pm
savageproduction186 Prije 7 mjeseci
Currently I’m just traveling to see the sights, but afterwards, maybe a stint in the military, then try and do what this guy does, risking my life to see more of the world
Dianna Fernandez
Dianna Fernandez Prije 7 mjeseci
Think Bald misses his stash of coco leaves 😎
Samuel Palmer
Samuel Palmer Prije 7 mjeseci
Mystery solved Путь = way or direction платформ = where you get on the train. So you board on a platform going in the direction of Moscow for example. Happy trails!
Goodoc Prije 7 mjeseci
*i don't wanna go on the night train, mom! it smells like vodka and piss!*
Crusader of the Low Lands
For a minute there I thought I was having a stroke and kept misreading China.
80MileKyle Prije 7 mjeseci
*Bald and bankrupt* "First class cabin with no people please"
Monir Prije 7 mjeseci
I love how this is basically a story of, be nice and be friendly and learn a bit of the language ... And you can pretty much go anywhere
Chris L
Chris L Prije 7 mjeseci
1:45 killed me
Robert Hargabus
Robert Hargabus Prije 7 mjeseci
Please someone tell me what does da vai mean?
Osmanika Prije 7 mjeseci
The guy saying he wouldn't forget eagle was very endearing
KIMV Prije 7 mjeseci
I wouldn’t take it cause I’m gay so...
Netties Kid
Netties Kid Prije 7 mjeseci
I love the Russian people. I must admit I miss them. I haven't taken a trip to Russia since I was in my 30s (I'm now 50). I need to go back at least once more before I'm too old to enjoy myself.
Richie Hops
Richie Hops Prije 8 mjeseci
Subhan'Allah! I'd love to go to Chechnya!
Robert Hargabus
Robert Hargabus Prije 8 mjeseci
Robert Hargabus
Robert Hargabus Prije 8 mjeseci
What does Davao mean in English
Thad Meister
Thad Meister Prije 8 mjeseci
I wouldn't step my foot there.
Rob Fenton
Rob Fenton Prije 8 mjeseci
For me this video shows the importance of speaking the native tongue of the countries you visit. Imagine if bald couldn't speak Russian, who would have he communicated with? He would have sat by himself, wouldn't have got help finding his train, and so on
luke taylor
luke taylor Prije 8 mjeseci
I love this shit!
яetsu Prije 8 mjeseci
this title isn't adressed to gay people obviously
Dylan Pearson
Dylan Pearson Prije 8 mjeseci
Absolutely no one: Me sneaking out of my house at 2am: 3:18
Beatle1283 Prije 8 mjeseci
Beautiful countries but stricken with post communism and corruption at high positions of power. Eastern Europe deserves better after so many years of strife.
Lionel Starkweather
Lionel Starkweather Prije 8 mjeseci
First class in romania sounds more like what he is looking for, but the trains are 40 years old and there were no repairs made
Bläck Börz OG2tone
Bläck Börz OG2tone Prije 8 mjeseci
And its funny when you guys say its safe in chechnya then you dont know my country 😂😂😂
Bläck Börz OG2tone
Bläck Börz OG2tone Prije 8 mjeseci
Im from chechnya
Stelios 300
Stelios 300 Prije 8 mjeseci
At this point im ready to hug someone in Wuhan
Mateusz Grochowiec
Mateusz Grochowiec Prije 8 mjeseci
in Poland we have platform and 'tor' (railway) calls too
sonic slaughter
sonic slaughter Prije 8 mjeseci
That looks like a way more comfy train ride than any I ever went on in Eastern Europe!
Saroop Moughal
Saroop Moughal Prije 8 mjeseci
The mystery gets deeper....
John John
John John Prije 8 mjeseci
There! I finally clicked it.. fuck
sky 77
sky 77 Prije 8 mjeseci
Yes way not
LoudSoda Prije 8 mjeseci
It seems so weird that he’s just talking to strangers. You’d get shot in my city if you did that.
Omega Man
Omega Man Prije 8 mjeseci
aromashev Prije 8 mjeseci
"Было прекрасно с тобой тратить время" means it was wonderful to waste my time with you, hehe
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman Prije 8 mjeseci
New friend . . . . *Novichok*
bm phil
bm phil Prije 8 mjeseci
They have Jack Daniels in far Russia.....
Mamy čiukas
Mamy čiukas Prije 8 mjeseci
2:30 por guy 😟
Steinernevl Prije 8 mjeseci
This is the kind of shit I love
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Prije 8 mjeseci
Dude Google must be watching me.
Sergey Prije 8 mjeseci
Чувак явно от спецслужб. Скажи Ам нот суппозед то би хир элайв.
Austin Prije 8 mjeseci
dope lenin flag
Rapolas Gedvardas
Rapolas Gedvardas Prije 8 mjeseci
Been in Piatigorsk when I was 10 years old. Lovely city and district. Mineral water sanatorium and view from the building to the Mountain Elbrus was amazing. Want to go there again :)
TheUltimateBro Prije 8 mjeseci
Funny how your voice deepens when speaking russian
G M Prije 8 mjeseci
Lmao they have those little shooters of Jack Daniel's over there too?
Fleece Johnson
Fleece Johnson Prije 8 mjeseci
how many languages does he know? he's accent sounded really good
hiendar Prije 8 mjeseci
I was so happy when you mentioned Pyatigorsk, the town was great back then. Now it's pretty much horrible, we have fantastic landscapes though.
Taner Gadime
Taner Gadime Prije 8 mjeseci
To answer the question your video proposes, NO, because I wouldn't give my money to a country/region that has thrown gay men into concentration camps
Siodenesse L.
Siodenesse L. Prije 8 mjeseci
Why does the title sound like a movie
LaLaish Prije 8 mjeseci
can someone explain the danger of Chechnya, donno this place
TheHehe1223 Prije 8 mjeseci
I rode an overnight train in Russia once. This fat racist guy calling himself The Machine robbed all of the passengers.
The Major
The Major Prije 8 mjeseci
Is there a single video in which bald and bankrupt doesn't mention the word Soviet?
Chad Mower
Chad Mower Prije 8 mjeseci
How many languages do you speak?
Admiralex91 Prije 8 mjeseci
Half Life 3 looking fine
Stan Kolodin
Stan Kolodin Prije 8 mjeseci
I once took a train from Красноярск to Уфа, and the train stopped on that very platform. We stopped there for 30 - 45 minutes, I almost bought a knife for keep sakes.
S0mb0dy Unkn0wn
S0mb0dy Unkn0wn Prije 8 mjeseci
Что-то все слишком милые.
Mr Lesir
Mr Lesir Prije 8 mjeseci
After watching the hostel films I’ll never travel through these places
Bme098 Prije 8 mjeseci
>"They probably keep prisoners in there who knows. Maybe sexslaves." >"Hello :)" Lol
Samuel Holliday
Samuel Holliday Prije 8 mjeseci
I quite like the question
Luci K
Luci K Prije 8 mjeseci
Prayers to the guy with a missing leg, hope better things will find his way.
Anonymous Prije 8 mjeseci
Maybe we can watch BRAT, for the hundred time! hah
Filmed by Edmund
Filmed by Edmund Prije 8 mjeseci
"I can watch Brat for the 100th time" ... Ok, you got my sub :)
Speez71rm Prije 8 mjeseci
I love tough FUCKERS from places unheard of with stories that seem whack to most! Great vid
Corey The Lyricist
Corey The Lyricist Prije 8 mjeseci
He took the midnight train to Chechnya
Cresent and star
Cresent and star Prije 8 mjeseci
Just wake up and some old land milking me for my seed
Prije 8 mjeseci
"And there's a woman in a veil" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aaron Coelho-Irani
Aaron Coelho-Irani Prije 8 mjeseci
Went from full Russian to full English in a matter of seconds
ABID ANJUM ANSARI Prije 8 mjeseci
It was so beautiful 😍
Phlm Prije 8 mjeseci
Why did HRvid suggest me this? Why did I click?
HaltsMaul Prije 8 mjeseci
Jederzeit. Amytime. Evrerywhere.
Bertrand Russell
Bertrand Russell Prije 8 mjeseci
Lol, dude what is so complicated about it. Like the guy said there are two sets of rails on any given platform. There could be two trains on one platform, one on either side, i.e. one on either путь. Hope this helps clear up the "ancient mystery" :)
J.Foont B.
J.Foont B. Prije 8 mjeseci
I would not even in day time.
soullegend5 Prije 8 mjeseci
Russian first class is a fucking joke lol
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