Would You Ride The Night Train To Chechnya?

bald and bankrupt
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🇷🇺 I decided to head south to the snowy peaks of the Caucasus that divide Europe from Asia. But before I could board my train to Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, I had to work out what exactly a bloody 'put and platform' is. Fortunately a one legged local helped me...Yes I'm back in Russia!

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5. Stu 2019.



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Komentari 2 856
shin chi
shin chi Prije 15 sati
First class in romania sounds more like what he is looking for, but the trains are 40 years old and there were no repairs made
Bläck Börz OG2tone
And its funny when you guys say its safe in chechnya then you dont know my country 😂😂😂
Bläck Börz OG2tone
Im from chechnya
John Wilson
John Wilson Prije dan
At this point im ready to hug someone in Wuhan
Mateusz Grochowiec
in Poland we have platform and 'tor' (railway) calls too
sonic slaughter
sonic slaughter Prije dan
That looks like a way more comfy train ride than any I ever went on in Eastern Europe!
Saroop Moughal
Saroop Moughal Prije 2 dana
The mystery gets deeper....
john john
john john Prije 2 dana
There! I finally clicked it.. fuck
sky 77
sky 77 Prije 2 dana
Yes way not
LoudSoda Prije 2 dana
It seems so weird that he’s just talking to strangers. You’d get shot in my city if you did that.
RespectProcess Prije 2 dana
aromashev Prije 2 dana
"Было прекрасно с тобой тратить время" means it was wonderful to waste my time with you, hehe
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman Prije 2 dana
New friend . . . . *Novichok*
bm phil
bm phil Prije 2 dana
They have Jack Daniels in far Russia.....
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Prije 3 dana
2:30 por guy 😟
Steinernevl Prije 3 dana
This is the kind of shit I love
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Prije 3 dana
Dude Google must be watching me.
Sergey Prije 3 dana
Чувак явно от спецслужб. Скажи Ам нот суппозед то би хир элайв.
Austin Prije 3 dana
dope lenin flag
Rapolas Gedvardas
Rapolas Gedvardas Prije 4 dana
Been in Piatigorsk when I was 10 years old. Lovely city and district. Mineral water sanatorium and view from the building to the Mountain Elbrus was amazing. Want to go there again :)
TheUltimateBro Prije 4 dana
Funny how your voice deepens when speaking russian
G M Prije 4 dana
Lmao they have those little shooters of Jack Daniel's over there too?
Fleece Johnson
Fleece Johnson Prije 4 dana
how many languages does he know? he's accent sounded really good
Filmed by Edmund
Filmed by Edmund Prije 8 dana
"I can watch Brat for the 100th time" ... Ok, you got my sub :)
Speez71rm Prije 8 dana
I love tough FUCKERS from places unheard of with stories that seem whack to most! Great vid
Beeza Prije 8 dana
He took the midnight train to Chechnya
Cresent and star
Cresent and star Prije 8 dana
Just wake up and some old land milking me for my seed
Craig Blanche
Craig Blanche Prije 11 dana
"And there's a woman in a veil" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aaron Coelho-Irani
Aaron Coelho-Irani Prije 11 dana
Went from full Russian to full English in a matter of seconds
It was so beautiful 😍
Phlm Prije 11 dana
Why did HRvid suggest me this? Why did I click?
HaltsMaul Prije 12 dana
Jederzeit. Amytime. Evrerywhere.
Bertrand Russell
Bertrand Russell Prije 12 dana
Lol, dude what is so complicated about it. Like the guy said there are two sets of rails on any given platform. There could be two trains on one platform, one on either side, i.e. one on either путь. Hope this helps clear up the "ancient mystery" :)
J.Foont B.
J.Foont B. Prije 12 dana
I would not even in day time.
soullegend5 Prije 12 dana
Russian first class is a fucking joke lol
Capitano Prije 12 dana
So relaxing
Mc Redneck
Mc Redneck Prije 13 dana
if i could speak the language ? FUCK YEAH!
Lost In Time
Lost In Time Prije 15 dana
This guy is a fucking legend for doing these videos. Gives everyone a great raw insight to the daily lives of people in these places.
lesROKnoobz Prije 15 dana
Jesus Christ his voice becomes the fuckin' deepest thing in the universe when he speaks shitstain.
lesROKnoobz Prije 15 dana
I'd sooner eat my own shit than do anything anywhere in Chechnya. Fuckin' shithole
Yevgeny Hecht
Yevgeny Hecht Prije 15 dana
Usually "platform" contains of few "put's". Platform is a place when you wait for your train, while "путь" is a railroad itself. That's how I understand.
Peterhernandez Prije 15 dana
Dont go Bolivia again please....
Kevin Cline
Kevin Cline Prije 16 dana
No matter what. Drink with the people. You will be accepted everywhere.
Chris Jenkins
Chris Jenkins Prije 16 dana
Please take me on your next travels. I want adventure :)
L G Prije 17 dana
Watch with captions it’s hilarious “Luke Who washes Loops
Роман Бочаров
So there is no difference (in terms of equipment) between 1st class and a four-seater room. Good to know, thank you!
Baza3 Prije 17 dana
Eagle ? Eagle yes, eagle yes yes blyat eagle khekekhe
True lover
True lover Prije 18 dana
Come to Pakistan
Joseph Guerrieri
Joseph Guerrieri Prije 18 dana
One of the adventures I ever had with half and bankrupt
Harry77 Prije 18 dana
Such an amazing man.
John New
John New Prije 19 dana
That one legged guy said eagle better than you did bald! Eagow... Eagle?? :p
John Francis
John Francis Prije 19 dana
Why you speak Russian
William Wallace
William Wallace Prije 19 dana
Good night Mary Ellen
Aaron Lapaul
Aaron Lapaul Prije 20 dana
Does your video get demonetised if you say ‘terrorist’?
Superkozel Beast
Superkozel Beast Prije 20 dana
понравилась тебе россия? я живу в Англии, кстати))
Baxter Beats
Baxter Beats Prije 26 dana
"Diktator HuEHueHiue"
L Georgiou
L Georgiou Prije mjesec
What about going to Georgia or Armenia, Bald?
Jimi V
Jimi V Prije mjesec
9:20 near death experience
Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler Prije mjesec
Wait... They show borat on russian trains?
Area Portal
Area Portal Prije mjesec
That volumetric lighting from the fog is fucking beautiful.