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royksk Prije dan
This should be televised again. It is still all revealing and relevant 🧐
bedstuy rover
bedstuy rover Prije 4 dana
I believe Ronnie Barker could have challenged sir Humphrey.
Michael Naisbitt
Michael Naisbitt Prije 7 dana
Loved the minister of HEALTH sitting there coughing his guts up typical government jobs for the boys
Catherine Kyngdon
Catherine Kyngdon Prije 10 dana
Absolutely brilliant!!
Danny B
Danny B Prije 11 dana
Maybe the Voynich manuscript was written in this type of language, and that is why its indecipherable.
Ruti Sharoni
Ruti Sharoni Prije 14 dana
If anybody thougt that the contents of this sitcom is just hilarious for the benefit of the audience well, wake up: this the raw truth about how a government works, no matter in which country, unfortunately.
Mind Flux
Mind Flux Prije 15 dana
It amazes me this was filmed in front of a live audience! Which adds new dimensions on all the actors, especially Nigel Hawthorne's, speeches
Shawn Kristoferu
Shawn Kristoferu Prije 16 dana
I have the entire DVD & watch the whole thing once a year. And laugh all the way. My favorite character is Sir Arnold who is smoother than silk but more treacherous than Attila the Hun. Best scenes are when Sir Humphrey tells the Minister or Prime Minister, this is the most courageous thing that you have done. Right there Hacker gets a panic attack.
scott left
scott left Prije 17 dana
This turned out to be a training series.
anthony rose
anthony rose Prije 17 dana
And people today think we’ve ‘progressed’! I wish they could name just one comedy series that has passed the superlative heights that this one achieved over 30 years ago! Surely, when compared to today’s mundane offerings it’s undeniable that we’ve actually been regressing instead!
oneraceonedestiny Prije 14 dana
Massively regressed. Today we have Mrs Brown's Boys.....
Gordon david McClure
Gordon david McClure Prije 19 dana
England will be alienated in the future. Karma makes its rounds no matter how long. Scotland Wales Barbados the rest will follow for independence. Down with the crown.
Jesusandbible Prije 20 dana
politics is 90% verbal smokescreens.
beatonthedonis47 Prije 21 dan
The current Johnson adminstration is so incompetent and ridiculous it can't be parodied.
Wonder Why
Wonder Why Prije 21 dan
Unfortunately we will never see clever comedy on tv again. Pure drivel awaits.
Nagy Bianka
Nagy Bianka Prije 23 dana
UK crashes into record recession after 20.4% slump with more to come in 2021 It has been confirmed the UK has crashed into a recession following the record slump in the second quarter after the country was forced into a shambolic lockdown by prime minister Cummings/Johnson. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the economy shrank by 20.4% between April and June as household spending ground to a halt and construction and factory output slid to an all time low. The decline follows the 2.9% contraction in the first quarter, after the obvious no deal Brexit ambitions of Cummings, Johnson and Odey, leaving the UK technically in a recession, its first since the financial crisis 11 years ago, and considerably worse. The ONS said: ‘This is the largest quarterly contraction in the UK economy since ONS quarterly records began in 1955, including the "poor man of Europe" period in the 70's which was the motivation leading up to the whole UK joining the EEC, and reflects the ongoing public health crisis due to recent 10 year planned reduction of national health services in favour of dividing available funds between reduced health care for the population and private health care firms' shareholders and the almost total closing down of NHS hospitals and surgeries to accomodate the Covid crisis instead, and the confusing forms of voluntary social distancing that have been attempted to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.’ Of the major economies, only Spain has fared as poorly as the UK in the first half with a 22.9% decline. The US, which fell by 11%, along with France, Italy and Germany have all performed better, even most emerging countries around the world have performed better than the UK under Johnsons' farsical management and what appears to be deliberate sabotage of the UK economy. There were some signs of hope, with GDP rebounding 8.1% in June as lockdown measures eased, but this proved to be elusive and only temporary. Jonathan Athow, ONS deputy national statistician for economic statistics, put this rebound into context though: ‘Despite this, gross domestic product in June still remains well below its level in February, before the virus struck,’ he noted, mostly due to the ever decreasing Brexit confidence compounded by this dreadful pandemic . Premier Miton fund manager Jon Hudson said the figures underlined the damage caused by the UK failing to lock down sooner. ‘Having drastically underperformed all our European neighbours, today’s GDP figures show the heavy price the UK has paid for the 2016 referendum decision and subsequent missmanagement of the negotiations' he said. However, UBS Global Wealth Management chief economist Dean Turner drew comfort from the June bounce. ‘We expect pent-up consumer demand and Brexit stockpiling to drive a strong recovery in the third quarter, although this momentum will quickly fall away as the outlook for the labour market deteriorates,’ he said. 'the UK economy is unlikely to return to its pre-referendum level before the end of the decade, and will probably never fully recover.’ Unemployment has soared, with 750,000 jobs lost since the UK went into lockdown in March and a further million set to go within the next two months, mostly from northern constiuencies where many Labour voters that "lent thier vote" to the tories are eagerly awaiting the prommised "leveling up", good luck with that !. Rishi Sunak said the ‘hard times are here for ordinary workers’ and has warned there will be many more job losses in the coming months as the furlough scheme unwinds and treasury funds are diverted towards the city of London and Brexit mitigation programmes. ‘Hundreds of thousands of people have already lost their jobs, and sadly in the coming months many more will,’ the chancellor said, but the upside will be lower house prices for first time buyers and massive inward investment from foriegn companies snapping up cheaper businesses and assets here in the UK. ‘But while there are difficult choices to be made ahead, we will get through this, and I can assure people that only a few will be left without any hope or opportunity, mostly the least valuable to our economy such as semi skilled and unskilled workers in the north but I will still try hard to protect the most economically viable in the city for the future of our country'. Turner said the economic reading contained few surprises added that he believes UK assets are currently overvalued, leaving room for further sell offs during coming months as values drop. ‘In this environment, we continue to maintain a preference for eurozone equities relative to UK and US stocks, and expect sterling to weaken further versus the US dollar over the next 12 months, parity with the dollar is widely expected during 2021 making the Euro the most likely purchase this quarter and next,’ he added.
Winter Now
Winter Now Prije 23 dana
6:54 A real cross section of the nation - man, this show was really ahead of its time.
Colin Harris
Colin Harris Prije 23 dana
Never use 3 words when 20 will do
Kim Philby
Kim Philby Prije 24 dana
Good God!What sharp mind wrote this brilliant script and dialogues!
podulox Prije 26 dana
podulox Prije 26 dana
Makes Monty Python appear simply
Gail Crowe
Gail Crowe Prije 27 dana
the scripts were brilliant.
Maureen Harrington
Maureen Harrington Prije 29 dana
if the BBC wanted to redeem themselves they should rerun all episodes of this
BedsitBob Prije mjesec
Some day, when I'm ready to resign from my job, I shall use Sir Humphrey's speech from Party games.
Jonnny Ren
Jonnny Ren Prije mjesec
If we ever have a British Prime Minister that has the same command of the English language as Sir Humphrey I will definitely move to Britain and work so hard to become his own civil servant.
SpetsnatzLegion 336
SpetsnatzLegion 336 Prije mjesec
Scrabble nerds are creaming their pants over these speeches
alelooooooya Prije mjesec
3:8 haha
Shaochong Zhang
Shaochong Zhang Prije mjesec
Seriously Appalling
World in Union
World in Union Prije mjesec
This IS a serious show.
Marv Watkins
Marv Watkins Prije mjesec
Sir Humphrey was such a plain speaking fellow.
Marv Watkins
Marv Watkins Prije mjesec
Kafka would be proud of Sir Humphrey as a role model for all bureaucrats and 'public servants' everywhere as the model and gold standard of bureaucratic excellence.
Jon908584 Prije 23 dana
Derek Faulds had a very difficult role.His portrayal of the educated idiot was priceless. Jon Nettleton as Sir Arnold the grasping self centred big wheel stole many scenes and was sheer perfection.
Xpalzin Prije mjesec
The episode "The key" is possibly my favorite episode
TD Games
TD Games Prije mjesec
but Winnie the Pooh Have Master in Chemical Engineering? Does hacker have it? Hahaha
Weeping Angel
Weeping Angel Prije 2 mjeseci
I knew doing a law degree would come in least I can understand "Yes, Minister" haha
Magnús Másson
Magnús Másson Prije 2 mjeseci
Why stupid laughter from audience? It destroys the video. BBC has always been a stupid institution.
Adrian Ridgway
Adrian Ridgway Prije 2 mjeseci
2020 and I can't believe we don't have any decent political satire like this any more.
ian mclachlan
ian mclachlan Prije 2 mjeseci
Too close to the truth, so no longer permitted.
Vim Fuego
Vim Fuego Prije 2 mjeseci
I find it difficult to believe that the ability to speak this quality of English so easy to eradicate in just two generations.
John King
John King Prije 2 mjeseci
Satire died when the last episode of The Thick of It aired way back in the autumn of 2012. That is a fact.
Victor Muckleston
Victor Muckleston Prije 2 mjeseci
the civil service, self serving waffle to blind you with words and say and do nothing, just like the WHO in 2020. god help us all.
kevin scott
kevin scott Prije 2 mjeseci
Davide Bertoletti
Davide Bertoletti Prije 3 mjeseci
You mean you’ve lost your key.
Marv Watkins
Marv Watkins Prije 3 mjeseci
Sir Humphrey would make a perfect PM. This would be especially true during press conferences and when giving national speeches, especially when campaigning.
Marv Watkins
Marv Watkins Prije 3 mjeseci
Doublespeak is always the best policy for public and interagency consumption.
Marv Watkins
Marv Watkins Prije 3 mjeseci
Political hypocrisy forever!
John Walsh
John Walsh Prije 3 mjeseci
'Present Interlocutor'!
Donald Piniach
Donald Piniach Prije 3 mjeseci
The best comedy is a direct reflection of the absurdity we participate in, unthinkingly. But then, a pregnant phrase forces a new insight into the world that restarts our dimmed cognitive abilities. Then we laugh, because it is our foibles.
babagana lawan dalorima
babagana lawan dalorima Prije 3 mjeseci
Nobody makes sitcoms better than the Brits.
Akane Cortich
Akane Cortich Prije 3 mjeseci
I've seen this in action. It is the reason the public service moves at snail pace. Every person is intimately engaged in arse protection. The most important thing is the Process, outcomes don't matter. And it is absolutely true. You never tell a minister anything they don't need to know. So they can have plausible deniability.
Diogenes the Cynic
Diogenes the Cynic Prije 3 mjeseci
Utterly mesmerizing. I wish we had the audience to make such a thing today.
Dzmitry V. Krukau
Dzmitry V. Krukau Prije 3 mjeseci
Lurker1979 Prije 4 mjeseci
To be a fly in the writers room when they came up with these speeches for Nigel Hawthorne. lol
Mark Dyer
Mark Dyer Prije 4 mjeseci
Would this work in any other language? Do others - besides these "Little Islanders" laugh at their own pomposity?
PMKKO Prije 4 mjeseci
PTCello Prije 4 mjeseci
They should translate some of these into German. That would be hilarious.
Fast H Racing
Fast H Racing Prije 3 mjeseci
In Germany the civil service just follows ORDERS
John Nayler
John Nayler Prije 4 mjeseci
Pure class from the first to the last episode
Sting Lp
Sting Lp Prije 5 mjeseci
Best ever " Humphrey", " Yes" , I have been thinking" " Goood "
John Johansen
John Johansen Prije 5 mjeseci
I wish they'll soon republish this series. Actually it's still very relevant,
Bob Dobalina
Bob Dobalina Prije 5 mjeseci
This is why we need a revolution and all this lot must lose their heads.
Andrew Yonathan
Andrew Yonathan Prije 5 mjeseci
how to write essay 101
Schaden Freud
Schaden Freud Prije 5 mjeseci
R.I.P. Nigel Hawthorn. Even though Humphrey represents everything I hate about government, especially bureaucrats in general and the fact that he is as deep state as it gets, I still like the character. Unlike the real deep state players, I could never bring myself to hate Sir Humphrey. Even though I did get joy whenever he would get foiled.
Kriss P
Kriss P Prije 5 mjeseci
Policy administration administration policy of policy administration?
Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn Prije 5 mjeseci
Paul Marshall
Paul Marshall Prije 5 mjeseci
A Sesquipedalian promenade through the delights of the Queens native tongue.
Joppe Peters
Joppe Peters Prije 5 mjeseci
The funny thing about this series is that it couldn't be made today because present society has become too politically correct and less democratic. The honesty and forwardness of that time isn't possible today.
Michael Naisbitt
Michael Naisbitt Prije 5 mjeseci
Couldn’t do this show today because although still relevant the TV stations and the produced would be bombarded by cries of the “OFFENDED MAJORITY “. Who would mainly be uni students the uneducated and the politicians of the new world. We are doomed with today’s crap
Thepourdeuxchanson Prije 16 dana
No, I don't think anyone today would be offended, because there is nothing offensive. I do think that a lot of people might find Sir Humphrey's effortless command of the English language incomprehensible, because education is very poor now compared to the time the series ran.
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior Prije 5 mjeseci
Anyone else notice Mr Pots’ first name is Jack 😬
Stella Ashton
Stella Ashton Prije 5 mjeseci
lisa sommerlad
lisa sommerlad Prije 5 mjeseci
The perpendicular pronoun. I remember that from decades ago. Just beautiful.
Jack Jewell
Jack Jewell Prije 6 mjeseci
It's ron dennis
wadefite Prije 6 mjeseci
i suspect it is totally accurate.
Charles Crowell
Charles Crowell Prije 6 mjeseci
Best at political doubletalk.
Phred Flypogger
Phred Flypogger Prije 6 mjeseci
Who else could possibly do Sir Humphrey?
Stephen Phillip
Stephen Phillip Prije 16 dana
The writers did produce a new series in 2013 with new actors but (IMHO) it just didn't work. I'm biased of course as none but the original cast could deliver YM/YPM with the polish and aplomb they did. The writing in the new series was fine but the acting and delivery was just too... false, forced and frantic and it flopped.
Anuradha Inamdar
Anuradha Inamdar Prije 6 mjeseci
I am from India, & yes minister used to be beamed on Indian television called Doordarsan , it was a most enthralling comedy.
Suvonil Das
Suvonil Das Prije 6 mjeseci
Can you tell me which year? I have vague memory but can't recollect the year.
Eliyahu Oren
Eliyahu Oren Prije 6 mjeseci
Great! Thank you for upload.
play time
play time Prije 6 mjeseci
just imagine.... Trump.... thats a comedy series wanting..
John Eng
John Eng Prije 6 mjeseci
Today we have Benny Hill as prime good
Max Tickner
Max Tickner Prije 6 mjeseci
I came to view comedy....NOT FACT.........
Rui Vilas Boas
Rui Vilas Boas Prije 6 mjeseci
This was an absolutely genius script, played by great actors. I'm from Portugal, and I bow myself to the British Comedy and Culture and all what it gaved to the world. Thank you!
Purple Nymphe
Purple Nymphe Prije 6 mjeseci
The woman at 7:08 is exquisite!
Tom Evans
Tom Evans Prije 6 mjeseci
Absolutely exquisite.
Terence Jay
Terence Jay Prije 6 mjeseci
Eleanor Bron
Craig McVay
Craig McVay Prije 7 mjeseci
Health minister and he's puffing a cigi
bagariddum Prije 7 mjeseci
compare and contrast with absolute shite of "Mrs Brown's boys"
Khamsin Shamal
Khamsin Shamal Prije 7 mjeseci
It is uncomfortably spot on regarding politics. Pure genius. 👍🏼😊
Nalla P
Nalla P Prije 7 mjeseci
I foresee all sorts of unforeseen problems such as? If I foresee they wouldn't be unforeseen :-D :-D
duncan yourmate
duncan yourmate Prije 7 mjeseci
Politics 101 , the original version ,still used widely ,
Aussie Dad Reviews
Aussie Dad Reviews Prije 7 mjeseci
“You mean you’ve lost your key!”
Anonymous European Driver
Epistemological.. What are you talking about? 🤣
hannannah1uk Prije 7 mjeseci
This is what Priti Patel is up against.
Mr Sheffner
Mr Sheffner Prije 7 mjeseci
6:58 The Delightful Eleanor Bron
Mr Sheffner
Mr Sheffner Prije 7 mjeseci
2:29 This is where Humphrey’s expensive education pays off: he can bamboozle the ordinary citizens with fluent aplomb. An absolutely vital ability for politicians and bureaucrats.
tom black
tom black Prije 7 mjeseci
Doing the right thing in government is wrong....thats a truth ergo ....we need a democracy
Willy Peeters
Willy Peeters Prije 7 mjeseci
The only way to stand politics is to ridicule it and who better than the British... You just watch it for the language and the British accent... The acting was superb... That said, Fawlty Towers is still my all time favorite British comedy series...
Wf Coaker
Wf Coaker Prije 6 mjeseci
3:20 and thereafter. Lol
paul Whelan
paul Whelan Prije 7 mjeseci
The script writers on this show were truly brilliant.
Beiki Prije 6 mjeseci
Some of it came straight from people in the civil service.
Bald Bearded Bloke
Bald Bearded Bloke Prije 7 mjeseci
It is very sad that most of the comedians and crewmembers of this show are dead.
Stadtpark90 Prije 7 mjeseci
Adele Steele
Adele Steele Prije 7 mjeseci
How they managed to get those line out was absolute genius
Wf Coaker
Wf Coaker Prije 6 mjeseci
Some of Sir Humphrey's monologues are tongue twisters lol
Markus Gorelli
Markus Gorelli Prije 7 mjeseci
I am bemused to say that I understood almost every word. [Civil Servant(resigned) from a former British Colony] Edit: Even though our civil service has a high percentage of women in the upper ranks and different cultures form its make-up I am not aware that this has had any demonstrable effects in either improvement or deterioration of the civil service as it now stands. Indeed, after the perusal of submissions from commenters self-identifying from different countries (mostly ex-British), I have come to the conclusion that irrespective of gender, race, nationality or culture, that the British Civil Service wherever it is implemented is able to eventually subsume all these variables to generate a monstrosity in inaction, ineptitude and apathy wherever it is established. Given that this is indubitably better than unending wars - All Hail the British Civil Service against which all our Civil Services are modelled! 😎
huangec Prije mjesec
Ohh, I see what you did there... LOL!
jon doglegs
jon doglegs Prije 6 mjeseci
You can either have homogeneously inbred retardation, or you can have frankensteins monster 😂
Lane Hacker
Lane Hacker Prije 7 mjeseci
Ehm.. what ?? First line somehow ,then i get lost...
TooSlowTube Prije 7 mjeseci
UK Governornament: Freedom Of Information Request (The Campaign For The Freedom Of Information) Spoiler alert: This is serious!
TooSlowTube Prije 7 mjeseci
UK Govornament ... I'm sorry - I have a cold.
TooSlowTube Prije 7 mjeseci
UK Government COBRA meeting - leaked footage COVID-19 : The Four Stage Strategy - The UK government’s four stages of fighting coronavirus explained
Cbricklyne Prije 7 mjeseci
"Vere Sayrious!"
Tom Greene
Tom Greene Prije 7 mjeseci
However , as with Covid 19...they wheel out the experts when the going gets difficult.
UrSoMeanBoss Prije 7 mjeseci
this is so accurate, it hurts
Keith Geddes
Keith Geddes Prije 7 mjeseci
Just remember how old this is, the word play, the realism..the writers were in the know..nothing changes.
Keith Geddes
Keith Geddes Prije 5 mjeseci
We know...Rumpole is on a lot too and the courts ARE/WERE the same..and his wife expecting Rumpole to get the higher position as her daddy did keeping interrupting the speech...YES RUNMPOLE...then realising it wasnt him/./its over the top but priceless first time feel like saying...shaddap you silly...
blxtothis Prije 7 mjeseci
Quality comedies such as this are sadly long gone from Mainstream TV, replaced by vulgar, infantile, right-on, insipid and childish garbage.
Nick Gunning
Nick Gunning Prije 15 dana
Compare this with "Mrs Brown's Boys..." or don't; you might feel like severing an artery!
Reality Matters
Reality Matters Prije 2 mjeseci
That is the result of free market thinking gone to far.!
jimjam jimjam
jimjam jimjam Prije 3 mjeseci
Mark Letts
Mark Letts Prije 8 mjeseci
We need a modern version of this.....
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