YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Carter Son [Official Music Video]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Carter Son {Official Music Video]
Still Flexin, Still Steppin OUT NOW!
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Directed by E.Buckles (
Edited by - Chaz Smedley and David Camarena
VFX by - Kiko Valle
Additional Edit and VFX - Louie Knows
Commissioner - Shadeh Smith
Color- Calvin Blue
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14. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 80
YoungBoy Never Broke Again
38 BABY 2 out now 🐍
Rhyin M Kosh
Rhyin M Kosh Prije 5 dana
I am your most biggest fan🖤
Rhyin M Kosh
Rhyin M Kosh Prije 5 dana
I am your most biggest fan I got your pillows I got your sheets I got your hoodies I got two of the chains
The Kayden's Webb Show
Bro Yb Song go hard af
Zi'Hia Jackson
Zi'Hia Jackson Prije 11 dana
I am a bigfan love your music
N O Prije 20 dana
YoungBoy Never Broke Again it shit
8Shot Entertainment
8Shot Entertainment Prije 6 sati
Still A Banger 2020💚🔥🔥🔥
Eric Crook
Eric Crook Prije dan
AI YoungBoy 2 is Platinum now🙌🏾
Avaunt ortiz
Avaunt ortiz Prije dan
This album to nice I don’t care this not no new school type of album this a new school type shit if yk yk 💯#dojacat🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas Prije 2 dana
4ktrey 🤑🤮🤢🍏🍐🥝🥬🥒🥒🥬🥝🎾🪀💚📗💹🈯️✅❎❇️🟢
Pablo Bolanos
Pablo Bolanos Prije 2 dana
This album is hard just like 38 baby 1
Tru Matthews
Tru Matthews Prije 4 dana
People mad a yb cuz he a hood nigga who got to rich white people level they did the same with boosie saying he sounds the samw hw aucks when he was coming up yb will go down on tupac level when he dies
Jermaine Martin
Jermaine Martin Prije 4 dana
This song is HARD.. STR8 HARD
Josiah Drew
Josiah Drew Prije 6 dana
No but you the best
Tysavage yb
Tysavage yb Prije 8 dana
why this sound like a song that shuold be in a movie
Jay Banks
Jay Banks Prije 7 dana
Nu Nu
Nu Nu Prije 9 dana
He don’t get the stuff he deserve because who he is he really bout what he bout
James Dion
James Dion Prije 7 dana
Exactly sum these other rappers be fake
MonKilo Gaming
MonKilo Gaming Prije 10 dana
Coachalot Prije 12 dana
He copied NFL TOON
Coachalot Prije 7 dana
fxrnand1 thank you for understanding
fxrnand1 Prije 7 dana
Coachalot ight believe what u want😂
Coachalot Prije 7 dana
fxrnand1 he still copied NFL TOON
fxrnand1 Prije 7 dana this carter son leak was posted 10 months ago and nfl toons came out 8 months ago
Coachalot Prije 7 dana
fxrnand1 nope im serious...he copied him
_ YungFo41745
_ YungFo41745 Prije 14 dana
What he mean about thre carter son? Parents?
Mr Blackman Nigger
Mr Blackman Nigger Prije 15 dana
0:09 my fav bit
amazonia20 Prije 16 dana
Seriously talented! Wicked song.
Cheudra Sky
Cheudra Sky Prije 16 dana
So underrated 😫
Markenn Wiz
Markenn Wiz Prije 17 dana
King YoungBoy dope 🎻🎧🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🌎🌎🌎💴💴
Doc Heats
Doc Heats Prije 18 dana
Hi Nba young boy 😀😀
Hunter Inman
Hunter Inman Prije 20 dana
Dis song go hard it's my favorite
Gary Katuur
Gary Katuur Prije 24 dana
That sample... Savages, You're my chocolate.
Briiaa Mariee
Briiaa Mariee Prije 24 dana
Jaydeyoungon. Bitch made
Briiaa Mariee
Briiaa Mariee Prije 24 dana
Sup slime
jesse angel
jesse angel Prije 24 dana
The biggest rapper out of Louisiana since Wayne. He’s gonna be great
Jakare Swepson
Jakare Swepson Prije 26 dana
YBA polo g
YBA polo g Prije 29 dana
Who's here when I'm broke and inspired coming too.
YBA polo g
YBA polo g Prije 29 dana
Bella Bella
Bella Bella Prije 29 dana
Was he talking about the police when he said “ they don’t want us toting guns ,but they let the fucking killers tote “
Dalayni Murphy
Dalayni Murphy Prije mjesec
Best Rapper of all times idc!💚💚
imdifferent Prije mjesec
Like if this song underrated
Jakare Swepson
Jakare Swepson Prije mjesec
Jakare Swepson
Jakare Swepson Prije mjesec
Dollyana Reed
Dollyana Reed Prije mjesec
April 2020 🔥 #quarentine
Antonio Warlick
Antonio Warlick Prije mjesec
Y Kodak can’t drop nothing gangsta like this? 🔥🔥🔥
Dxmmy Prije mjesec
Who bumping during quartine 🐍?
Grégory Lapiate
Grégory Lapiate Prije mjesec
The all album was something. Nba is not a rapper! He's a G to the street! 🖤
Frankie Otey
Frankie Otey Prije mjesec
I like it
Brandon Reynolds
Brandon Reynolds Prije mjesec
“I’m a hustling mother f***er”
Cory the goat
Cory the goat Prije mjesec
Nic Well
Nic Well Prije mjesec
His mom a crack head also
Nic Well
Nic Well Prije mjesec
Yb you a bitch 100
Nic Well
Nic Well Prije mjesec
This dude illiterate racist an trash how fools get rich off sh*t like this. Sound like a male version of Bhad Bhabie
deonsupreme Prije mjesec
Found the virgin
deonsupreme Prije mjesec
Thatway Jay
Thatway Jay Prije mjesec
Y every body hate on youngboy he don’t due nun to nobody some one else always staring sum
INDIS Entertainment
INDIS Entertainment Prije mjesec
City rolling - NFL toon
Jay Banks
Jay Banks Prije 7 dana
@Kareem The dream ikr niggas need to know their facts
Kareem The dream
Kareem The dream Prije 10 dana
INDIS Entertainment youngboy had a snippet of this way bf NFL toon released his song
quwan000 Prije mjesec
Easily one of yb best tracks fr
Jessica Allen
Jessica Allen Prije mjesec
you are a pussy
Princess Mariee
Princess Mariee Prije 16 dana
Jessica Allen ‘ Yall be weird as fuckkkk.
Lucifer Prije mjesec
Not even a fan of this man but he has no bad songs💫
Youngboy Never Broke Agaim Tv
Why is this song soo underated?
Christopher O'Brien
Christopher O'Brien Prije mjesec
Amazing beat great platform telling his story talking about how things are in his environment, to be true to art it is best if it is a projection of your knowledge however limited that knowledge maybe at anytime which is based on information which in turn provides choice or possible. Being a human being is unique because we are the only form of life on this planet that kill for ideas in other words the more knowledge the more choice , every educated person knows that all ideas or beliefs are all subjective or a projection as in a point of reference just like my name or anyone’s name for that matter. The world is bigger than the environment of a poor man or a rich man, the point that I am trying to make is this , don’t arm yourselves with drugs or guns but with knowledge and the world will become a bigger place knowledge is power . The world is not out there but inside of you, anything you experience of the world is what you are.
AK SLIME Prije mjesec
If yall see this subscribe today. AK SLIMEZ
AK SLIME Prije mjesec
This remind me of a Wayne type flow and beat. Or is that the whole point since its called Carter son. Either way this some heat 🔥🔥🔥 #NeverBrokeAgain
Derrick Hogg
Derrick Hogg Prije mjesec
Yahir Ramirez
Yahir Ramirez Prije mjesec
Trippy Emiliano
Trippy Emiliano Prije mjesec
Sounds uh lil like city rollin
Jay Banks
Jay Banks Prije 7 dana
Yeah NFL did a remake to this song
Boddah Prije mjesec
the sample used for the Song Is "You're My Chocolate" by "The Savages"
Beautiful Butterfly
Beautiful Butterfly Prije mjesec
Young lyrical genius
Ashley Singleton
Ashley Singleton Prije mjesec
His eyes get me every time 🥺😍🤤🔥
Cory Adams
Cory Adams Prije mjesec
This song gave me a black lightning type vibe😔
V Mitchel
V Mitchel Prije mjesec
Jay Banks
Jay Banks Prije 7 dana
Smh this song was a unrealized song since 2017/2018 plus you can hear yb voice at one point of nfl song KNOW YOUR FACTS
tj king
tj king Prije mjesec
I like NBA YoungBoy in my name is Harmony I’ve been liking you for a year
Jay Miller
Jay Miller Prije mjesec
i love this song on god
sewdz Prije mjesec
They stole this beat frm Marlo and Lil baby
Ferdinand Lozin
Ferdinand Lozin Prije mjesec
I just noticed this he remade one of koly p beats
Chris Scimone
Chris Scimone Prije mjesec
This beat old as hell koly p remade it too
Beautiful Love
Beautiful Love Prije mjesec
His eyes tell his story alone
lil sauce god
lil sauce god Prije mjesec
they do really
jsa suus
jsa suus Prije mjesec
This song sucks
my new profile ig
my new profile ig Prije mjesec
Came out alright but I'm blinded by the life I can't see though!!!
Adrian Rivera
Adrian Rivera Prije 2 mjeseci
This nigga really came from nun
Chase Your Dreams
Chase Your Dreams Prije 2 mjeseci
Got juveniles onna block 30 stick hanging out the glock bandana tied round da clip🔥
lambert good
lambert good Prije 2 mjeseci
Nizz Ley
Nizz Ley Prije 2 mjeseci
Picture me new 3D denim I'm city rolling, but did I mention it's my own clothing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jay Slimeyy
Jay Slimeyy Prije 2 mjeseci
Top 25 best YB songs
Danesehia Campbell
Danesehia Campbell Prije 2 mjeseci
I love nba star I do like u
We Live TV
We Live TV Prije 2 mjeseci
He’s really sounding like he’s from the Tupac generation in this🐐💨
Matthew Young
Matthew Young Prije 11 dana
We Live TV he better though
MoreElevation Prije 2 mjeseci
This shit so fire
VibezzLaterry Jr
VibezzLaterry Jr Prije 2 mjeseci
2k Vergin
2k Vergin Prije 2 mjeseci
Who likes Fredo Bang? Stop D-Riding YOungboy💯😤
XxToxiiCDankxX Prije 2 mjeseci
" I make a pussy bite the pavement"
the dreamer boy
the dreamer boy Prije 2 mjeseci
Daquan McDonald
Daquan McDonald Prije 2 mjeseci
Got juveniles on on the block 30 stick hanging out the Glock bandana tied around clip. Dat shit paints a picture
Lewis Moore
Lewis Moore Prije 2 mjeseci
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Who is listening this every day This video lovely 1:43 💞💓 👇👇👇👇💝
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