Zeljko Joksimovic - Lane Moje (Serbia & Montenegro) 2004 Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest
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We are already counting down to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. We do that by looking back to recent editions of Europe's favorite TV show. We start with 2004, when the contest was held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Zeljko Joksimovic represented Serbia and Montenegro in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Lane Moje'. He came in 2nd position in the grand final.


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19. Lis 2011.



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Tuomas Teräväinen
Tuomas Teräväinen Prije 8 sati
First time: nah, it's ok Second time : hey, this Sounds good 32nd time: lane mojeeee!
Sümeyye ESEN
Sümeyye ESEN Prije 16 sati
I'm that kind of person who never likes a song by the first listening and needs to listen it over and over to actually feel it. But when I was watching eurovision 2004 in my spare timewithout paying attention at all I was mesmerized by this song. It's beautiful.
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Πολλούς έλληνες δεν έχουμε εδώ?
MsBuvica Prije 2 dana
Најтужнија српска поп песма, подсети ме на преминулу мајку нежну као лане... :(
Грга Питич
Грга Питич Prije 2 dana
Победила Руслана из Украины,но победа это была пирова.Серб это класика!!!!!!Желько - я за тебя!!!!Руслана это гамно и отстой!!!
Seda Arslan
Seda Arslan Prije 2 dana
10 numara şarkı sanırım 2. İdi kesinlikle 1.’Liğe oynayan şarkı
Vüsal Qasımov
Vüsal Qasımov Prije 2 dana
Amazing song.Tijana Milosevic is one of the best violinist in the world in my opinion.
Vojin Radisavljević
Nije zasluzio 2.mesto
Luis Ayala
Luis Ayala Prije 3 dana
Best song ever in esc, from Spain.
Unplugfish Prije 3 dana
i remember it like it was and my parents where watching this...i was 12 then....a innocent child...yeah i am turkish, but this song was the definitely best fucking performance i've ever seen. esc died for me that day.
Mimi Maya
Mimi Maya Prije 2 dana
Memories must be forgotten because it's making us feel sad 💔💔💔time is running , life is going we are growing
P L Prije 4 dana
Красивая песня с любовью из россии и финляндии потомучто я финка-русская.
Dmitry Glavatskiy
Dmitry Glavatskiy Prije 4 dana
I'm from Ukraine, but this great song also deserved winning, I voted for it, magnificent!
orhan ural
orhan ural Prije 5 dana
Velika legenda! To je vrh, to je to!
lili ivanova
lili ivanova Prije 5 dana
Поздрави на всички бъдете живи и здрави и многощастливи 😍🤩💯
K.t. Tuna
K.t. Tuna Prije 6 dana
Hi from Turkey. I come here from time to time. I love this song, it reminds me of my roots and Danube.
Diana Telegrafi
Diana Telegrafi Prije 7 dana
❤️🌏❤️🌏❤️🌏❤️🙏❤️🙏🍁❤️Amazinggggg 💐💐💯❤️Fantasticcccc ❤️🍁🙏💯❤️Souuuuuuu Beautifulllllll❤️Loveee youuuuuu ❤️Foreverrrrrr ❤️🍁❤️Everrrrrrr ❤️💯🌺❤️❤️Zeljko Joksimovic ❤️🌏💯🌺🌏💯💯🌺🙏🌺💯🌏🌺💯🙏🙏🙏🌺❤️
kormoon Prije 7 dana
Esther Bekiari
Esther Bekiari Prije 8 dana
Balkan legend! ❤
Aleks Prije 8 dana
Our EX-YU countries were soo good back in those times at ESC Marija Magdalena, Lane moje, Lejla, Molitva, Nije ljubav stvar. Everyone of them shoud have won!
Нонна Крутинь
Красиво!!! Первое место!!!!!!
Fresh T
Fresh T Prije 9 dana
2004 Kad me dido naucio plivati i ta pjesma svirala na plazi u Budvi.. 😪💛
Anja Celic
Anja Celic Prije 9 dana
I just have to say W O W !
Super Sej Kaj
Super Sej Kaj Prije 9 dana
This was robbed of the victory
veronika pavlova
veronika pavlova Prije 10 dana
Sandra Dušanić
Sandra Dušanić Prije 10 dana
the violinist is amazingggg
Ibrahim Taha
Ibrahim Taha Prije 10 dana
Thank you for the best ESC Song ever👏👏👏
Roel Verheggen Flute
Roel Verheggen Flute Prije 11 dana
One of the most beautiful songs EVER! Many greetings from The Netherlands ❤️
Drima1405 Prije 11 dana
Djetinjstvo pred očima 😍❤
gullit pg
gullit pg Prije 11 dana
Bačić Prije 11 dana
When Eurovison was good contest for artists :( I miss you old years
Dasha Palamarchuk
Dasha Palamarchuk Prije 11 dana
He should’ve won Eurovision!
Dusan4666 Prije 11 dana
2020 . Again and again ,all roads lead to this song. Zeljko is amazing.
Ulf Johansson
Ulf Johansson Prije 11 dana
they should make a competetion and see who can scream the loudest! and the winner wins money! and btw ppl who sing songs shouldnt have music in the backround
Παναγιωτης Συριγος
outstanding song,artist and perfomance with love and greetings from greece to our serbian orthodox brothers!!1
shabrour Prije 12 dana
Most beautiful song in Eurovision ever !!
Vladan Dimitrijevic
Vladan Dimitrijevic Prije 12 dana
I sad se nadam da su pobedili.....15.05.2020
schiiiiz Prije 12 dana
Best Eurovision song ever!!!!
Anila Licaj
Anila Licaj Prije 13 dana
Hello shume kenge e bukur love it
Birophelia Prije 14 dana
🌼 2020 hala dinlerim.
Иван Миленковић
DeSeRT RoSe Prije 16 dana
Jesusandbible Prije 17 dana
I return regularly to hear this song, it is so amazing, both the song and the performance, bravo. Came so close to winning.
Aynur Agayeva
Aynur Agayeva Prije 18 dana
Masterpiece! 💫
Rizespor 53
Rizespor 53 Prije 18 dana
The best song. If we are listening still, this song is a some of my hearts.
F Stan
F Stan Prije 18 dana
I heard about a place called Montenegro in the Turkish series "Sefirin Kizi" I did not know that place before. I don't understand a word but love love love love love this music, voice, musicians the set all and all in perfection. Thank you for uploading
Ваня Лазарова
I love this song! From Bulgaria!♥️
Kebab Master
Kebab Master Prije 19 dana
Still in my all time esc top5 list. This song could easily won in 2010´s decade... Greetings from Finland&Turkey
Yaroslav Yankov
Yaroslav Yankov Prije 19 dana
Aideee Balkaniii 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬❤️
Everlasting Q
Everlasting Q Prije 21 dan
Nastja Klemenc
Nastja Klemenc Prije 21 dan
He looks a bit like Zachary Levi
Irena Kovacic
Irena Kovacic Prije 23 dana
Ljepse od ovoga nemoze
athinoula 217
athinoula 217 Prije 23 dana
Ύμνος 🙏🏼
Brankovic Dubravka
Brankovic Dubravka Prije 24 dana
Za mene je Zeljko pobjednik Eurovizije zauvijek! 👍💞 Poslije njegovog nastupa sa ovom pjesmom ne pratim vise Euroviziju!
Eri Greca
Eri Greca Prije 25 dana
If we ever unite again under one flag this should be out anthem I'm talking to the crazy balkan people.
Eri Greca
Eri Greca Prije 25 dana
He IS THE REAL WINNER This song is MAGICAL Respect from ALBANIA!
Chris Chrossy
Chris Chrossy Prije 26 dana
Never forget this Song, and never understand he didnt win...
# 1 song in Eurovision history Greetings from Hellas orthodox brothers.
Pointgreece Prije 6 dana
Serbia is your home too. Come as a brother not friend.
murat ergun
murat ergun Prije 27 dana
Real won!beautiful
Владимир Антонович Канов
We sadly live in a world where this didn't win
TheFreakyable Prije dan
Mihaylovich wtf
Mihaylovich Prije 7 dana
Around that time the world took a wrong turn to outright satanism, remember Lordi won in 2006. It depicts the moral decline of posthumans. This is not humanity anymore.
odissefs grammatikopoulos
Love our brothers Serbia,from Greece.
Галина Карташова
SILVER Prije 29 dana
I wanted this to win, I downloaded it and listening since then.
cesur zayek
cesur zayek Prije 29 dana
Agron Sejdiu
Agron Sejdiu Prije 29 dana
Svaka ti cast majstore
Chinare Baha
Chinare Baha Prije 29 dana
Noel McMahon
Noel McMahon Prije mjesec
i love this masterpiece and it should have won the Eurovision song contest
God is Love
God is Love Prije mjesec
😍👌🏻❤️beautiful song
Melly Yuniarti
Melly Yuniarti Prije mjesec
I don't know why im crying listening to this even tho i don't know the lyrics.
Jsksks Jsksksl
Jsksks Jsksksl Prije mjesec
Najljepsa pjesma posle "Jejla".
The Elf
The Elf Prije mjesec
The Elf
The Elf Prije mjesec
Y/m,ja nein rammstein
The Elf
The Elf Prije mjesec
Super 😇🥰🥰🥰
Edip Özmen
Edip Özmen Prije mjesec
Beautiful Serbia real winner 🇹🇷❤️🇷🇸
C L Prije mjesec
Serbisch-Orthodoxer ČETNIK
What a shame Serbia did not won... Europe wanted to win Ukraine with politican Ruslana...but we made revenge to them in 2008 with Molitva!
Martius Prije 27 dana
@Serbisch-Orthodoxer ČETNIK yes, but Serbia won 2007.
Serbisch-Orthodoxer ČETNIK
@Martius 2008 was the Eurovision in Belgrade.
Martius Prije 27 dana
Del mon
Del mon Prije mjesec
Many Greeks here. That means we have a good taste!!!
Δημήτρης Κωνστας
Ντροπή σας να την κλέψετε την ρανερ-απ από τον Σάκη. Δεν έχετε καθόλου τσίπα
Ultra Turk64
Ultra Turk64 Prije mjesec
I don't understand anything but the instruments and the melody is similiar to Turkish, love and greetings from TÜRKİYE🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 to Serbia and the whole world, very nice song
Pointgreece Prije 6 dana
Our music is mixture of Greek, Italian, Slav, Turkish melos. Our couzine too. Many turkish dishes we prepare and love. In many ways we behave like Turkish people.
Milutin Milosevic
Milutin Milosevic Prije mjesec
Povlačim svoj lajk sa pesme nekulturnog Vučićevog satrapa 20.4.2020.
George Zorkic
George Zorkic Prije 19 dana
Komentar ti je apsolutno neprimenjen i nepristojan.Ali hajde, budala koje izagravaju pametnjakoviće je uvek bilo. Teško Srbiji sa tavkim degenima.
Martius Prije 27 dana
Evo, baš smo se nasekirali.
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